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Study: Men Perform Better Than Women Under Pressure | ABC News

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A new report says women are worse at dealing with deadlines than men, which could be why so few women hold senior positions in the work place. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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Text Comments (540)
YellowBirb (11 hours ago)
If it's a situation where you need to focus on many things women will do better most of the time if it's more of a single handed thing then men will probably do better. Male brains utilize more Grey matter in the brain which basically means better single focus and Women utilize more White matter in the brain, which is the matter that connects the grey matters to each other, so basically multitasking.
Baller Shot Caller (14 hours ago)
Men are better in the relevant things and women are better in the irrelevant things mostly
Codebreaker45 (26 days ago)
Male > dishwasher
/Strawberry/ Juixce v (30 days ago)
Sexist fuckers
Georgian Wolf (1 month ago)
Women are superior in beauty... And desirability. Thats all it takes
Francis Mausley (1 month ago)
A great theme... "The woman has greater moral courage than the man; she has also special gifts which enable her to govern in moments of danger and crisis. If necessary she can become a warrior.” ~ Abdul-Baha, Baha'i Faith
Francis Mausley (6 days ago)
Should you wander near bear or lion cubs, the fiercest parent - the female who hunts for the family, will very soon be on hand. Their moral courage will make them strong advocates for world peace in politics as unlike men, they are disinclined to foolishly give up their sons to warfare.
Anglo Saxon (6 days ago)
You are kidding me,in a crisis men act to rescue and protect,women can't run away fast enough.In a crisis women are useless.
Louie Anderson (1 month ago)
Women are idiots. Do not compare gender of retarded to us.
Daniel Clark Clark (1 month ago)
Men are the best
Vedant Patil (26 days ago)
@Watermelon Bunny u really are a motherfucker,feminist like u should really die,u bitch
ILovePokemon (29 days ago)
That kid named Joe i swear i’ll put your period back on kid your momma so slutty she taught her kid to become a feminist then abandoned her so now she thinks women are so cool and strong like a dumb ass like go Fuck your self with a tampon you rapist
Watermelon Bunny (1 month ago)
And women are even better
Ahmed Rizwan (1 month ago)
She is so angry and getting triggered hahahahaha
H1dden Gl0ry (1 month ago)
Such a good day to be a lesbian
Daniel Clark Clark (27 days ago)
@H1dden Gl0ry good for u.
H1dden Gl0ry (28 days ago)
Daniel Clark Clark clearly.
Daniel Clark Clark (1 month ago)
Are you a flap licker ?
Neil Ft (1 month ago)
Men: i gotta get out here and handle my biz Women: I gotta get out here and find a man because i cant do this on my own
Shree 420 (11 days ago)
@Watermelon Bunny : that is funny because it is so damn true and your not agreeing to this fact inspite of knowing that it is true makes it even funnier
Vedant Patil (26 days ago)
@Watermelon Bunny fuck off ,u fucking feminist
Neil Ft (1 month ago)
@Watermelon Bunny Thats up to God....not you. Beat it
Watermelon Bunny (1 month ago)
Hahaha thats funny cuz none of that is true and you ass is gonna burn in hell hahahahaha
David Cross (1 month ago)
Men do everything better
Shaggy got edges (2 months ago)
She was Just no having it lol
WISE MAN CHRONICLES (2 months ago)
Men are built to fight. So ofcourse something that's built to fight is going to be better under pressure.
Watermelon Bunny (2 months ago)
men are not better then women. Women are not better then men. And there is not one damn human being on the planter who can me different
Anglo Saxon (6 days ago)
@Watermelon Bunny Men ARE much better than women...DEAL WITH IT.
Vedant Patil (18 days ago)
@Watermelon Bunny I agree to u that women should be treated equally ,but mens r better
Daniel Clark Clark (28 days ago)
@ILovePokemon you must be a bitch it's taken your brain over a week to come up with a reply. There is a reason why bitches have as well as brains smaller feet. It's so they can stand nearer to the sink lol.
Daniel Clark Clark (28 days ago)
@ILovePokemon if I was an employer id defo employ lots of bitches, why not they are much cheaper lol. There is how ever a reason why woman are paid less, it because men are the best. There should be a higher min wage for men paid for by a max wage for woman.
Daniel Clark Clark (28 days ago)
@ILovePokemoncalm down dear, what is it time of the month. the trouble is with sexiest jokes is bitches can't take it lol. Dont get wrong bitches are much better than men at washing up and ironing for sure. No sweety I dident say bitches are better in anther post xx.
Charlotte Katakuri (2 months ago)
In other news... water is also wet.
sdry (2 months ago)
I hate women too but aww the kitty cat and the toaster ! Amazing show ABC. Keep it up.
Gavin Payne (2 months ago)
Needed a study to figure this out lol
fairymairah (2 months ago)
Interesting ! ! ! !
blink _ (2 months ago)
Im a good gamer too!
joe sar (2 months ago)
Women are really weak both physically and mentally me and my beautiful wife is in a open relationship and a month ago I was at this girls house I know and I'm a 32 year old man and a retired firefighter and 3 months ago my nurse practitioner diagnosed me with osteoarthritis in my thoracic spine so I always have chronic pain in my middle back and this stupid bitch wanted to wrestle and I told her no because it will hurt my back and she came at me to wrestle and I beat her ass in wrestling while I was in chronic pain she is one of those girls if you ask her if she believes women are equal to men and as strong as men she will say no us women are far more superior then men and stronger then men and when I beat her ass in wrestling she was telling every one she took it easy on me lol
Vedant Patil (26 days ago)
True af
joe sar (2 months ago)
No woman are not better at anything then us men including handling pain that is why when women hit a man 20 times it doesn't effect him but he hits a woman one time and she is knocked out
Vedant Patil (18 days ago)
@Summertime Sadness Del Rey listen bitch,u don't have any idea how much pain we have to go through after getting a punch on balls ,and speaking of pain while birth so listen ,u think that u have greater pain tolerance than man even if man never experienced it,and the pain is much more reduced at the second time and speaking of cancer , the work of radium was equally contributed by her husband so stop giving the whole credit to her ,plz bitch live on facts not emotions
Give birth then, dickhead. Get a period and we'll see who has a higher pain tolerance. While you're at it, get cancer and don't get treated since Marie Curie discovered the various uses of radium. Think before you speak idiot.
Argie (2 months ago)
Im a Guy, I cant even think or concentrate when under the slighest bit of pressure
king morons (2 months ago)
men are superior in every single ways at biological and psychological point of view
LYNXX (3 months ago)
Lmao people say women made washing machines WOMAN ARE WASHING MACHINES
Snicker Doodle (4 days ago)
Mister Alva J Fisher invented the washing machine
Vedant Patil (18 days ago)
@Watermelon Bunny bitch plz u seriously think a women can beat a man,sis stop watching those stupid movies or animesh and live in reality
ILovePokemon (29 days ago)
That kid named Joe do you think ball shots hurt your obviously not a boy
Watermelon Bunny (1 month ago)
LYNXX (1 month ago)
That kid named Joe lol surprisingly I already have
Tangchi Prathomo (3 months ago)
People already knew that since the beginning of time.
ILovePokemon (29 days ago)
That kid named Joe somebody tell you to shut up every comment i see you in i think your actually you are stupid you think kicking people in the balls hurt you think everything online is true what the fuck do you have to say for your self nothing just like how you are nothing like your IQ nothing like your life nothing you are nothing to this world until you shut up and stop scrolling through the internet all day you hoe get a life.
Watermelon Bunny (1 month ago)
Oh yeah you would actually know that if you were a women
Shenaj Nuredini (3 months ago)
Why r ppl fighting again.. I bet u 100 euros that this video is only to start a fight in the comment.. tbh we r equel so stop FUCKING FIGHTING
AlexF 21 (3 months ago)
In other news, water is wet
Ethan P. (3 months ago)
So maybe men hold the world record for pretty much everything...the best a man can get is apparently better than the best a women can get. But that doesn't make you better than women; statistically, you are probably a pathetic person who has accomplished nothing in your life. Now stop looking up why "men are better than women" on youtube and go do something with your life.
Dank Louai (24 days ago)
so men are better than women.
Adam Thew (3 months ago)
What about the other 50 genders?
HumanOddity69 (3 months ago)
ABC is so desperate that they are mixing in cat videos now lol
Oliwally (4 months ago)
In every major business, entertainment and science industry, males perform better than females.
Kameron B (4 months ago)
Lmao she got a little heated
protest youtube (4 months ago)
why do you have to gibber around and apologize to state a scientific study?
Ryu's Bubbles (5 months ago)
I believe that statement is part of the feminist agenda in some crazy sense. Hear me out, I’m talking to males here. They don’t want us to have any power man. NONE.They want as much as they can squeeze from us because they innately know men hold it all. Whether they admit it or not. Whether they outright believe it or not. It’s just universal truth that men are the dominant sex. (This doesn’t mean women are any lesser than men mind you.) Now, with that thought in their head let’s talk about sex. Sex is one of the most dominating things you can do to someone, you literally shove your body part inside her body. YOU are the “fucker”, she is, and always will be, the “fuckee”Think about that man. Sex for a female is scientifically more pleasurable for them than it is for us. They are getting huge penises, in my case at least, shoved inside their bodies. Under any other circumstances that would hurt but this is a vagina. Vaginas are made to take it, and so it makes sense that it would be just OVERWHELMINGLY pleasurable. It would have to be or else it would probably hurt! If he knows what he’s doing and there is some solid chemistry between the two, she’s gonna be moaning and maybe screaming if she’s a wild one. I don’t let it bother me that women try to take a mans power because they envy that power they know they can never achieve. I think it’s in her nature to try and obtain as much power as she can and instead of logic, force, and great leadership like men do, they tend to use words, slander, and manipulation. School yard GIRL bullies gossip and spread rumors to show aggression, and then are never friends again (they hold grudges like crazy.)The boys have a fist fight and then get over it and are friends the next day. With status and money, yes women can achieve more than a lot of men. But at the end of the day, were animals man. Those instincts aren’t going away no matter how badly the radical landwhales want it to. Females are generally submissive and men generally dominant. (There are exceptions people don’t piss yourself) Guys, don’t listen to that bitch blab on and on about nonsense. We are taking it back to the roots here. People are leaving the radical left in droves, CNN has lower ratings than Ancient Aliens, and the dems are embarrassingly desperate to postpone any republican progress. Signing off, Johnny Bender.
Angstykooks (5 months ago)
I'm a girl but ik this is true... I'm not going to lie to myself like most of the females in this comment section.
White Goat (5 months ago)
men think women feel simple
Jakepaul Is GaRbAgE (5 months ago)
For the love of god people. There is no superior gender ok no race gender species or anything is superior to another. God didn’t creat a superior gender. He created us equally.
JACKAG LAW (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure, humans are superior to dogs.
prince sethi (5 months ago)
During this protesting and marching....the most chill people were the news people so let us all be like them like just so chill and calm.
Meep Meepers (2 months ago)
Because they are with the ones who cause it
Varun Tomer (5 months ago)
women cannot digest their critisizm.
Jerry The Sheriff (5 months ago)
which study is that btw?
Tyler Gilbert (5 months ago)
Well humans have fought in war for over 3,000 years and men fought in almost all of them and woman rarely fought in them.
v c (6 months ago)
Men are not better, men are different but, not better. With out Women most men could not have been great.
Shree 420 (11 days ago)
Same goes for women
Peace Hope (6 months ago)
the comments here are so derogatory and rude. it's a shame that people here think that people with dicks are better than those without. women have done INCREDIBLE things and really haven't gotten the best opportunities in some countries to show their potential. all i see in the comments are sexist stereotypes, not science. men and women are EQUAL, and there's no better or worse. p
Gage Westerhouse (6 months ago)
Blame it on science. Well science is pretty convincing.
mike deleon (6 months ago)
Men are better at every aspect but women play a very important role as well.
Snicker Doodle (4 days ago)
The play the role of ungrateful entitled nagging previlaged gold digging fake smiling child bearing mother in laws.
Actual Loli (7 months ago)
All the sexism in the comment section is making my head hurt. Why can’t people stop hating and seek therapy?
GameCubeWeekly (6 months ago)
smartest person in the world=kim ung-yong iq aka a male richest person in the world=- jeff bezos another male Strongest person in the world= brian shaw a male Best cook in the world=wolf gang puck also a male
chirp chip (1 day ago)
@Than it's important to remember that women were oppressed for a long time before the 19th century, so it only makes sense that they wouldn't have gotten to create anything meaningful. They are still weaker, but there's a reason there aren't many female creations.
Mgtow Caleb Loughry (13 days ago)
^ Than has a point.
Than (1 month ago)
@Watermelon Bunny it's not an insult. it's completely fact.
PeePeeJones (8 months ago)
"I sound like Donald Trump'... No, you sound the way you WANT Donald Trump to sound.... Classic ABC journalism hahahaha
dead pool (8 months ago)
Urban Clementine (8 months ago)
Funny how statistics get my fellow ladies panties in a twist. I’m sorry, but you can’t debunk statistics. Again, they are just statistics, it’s not worthy getting upset over.
I Polaris I (9 months ago)
Women's brains are actually smaller... Seriously, check it
Shree 420 (11 days ago)
Yeah , ask them where to go out for dinner 😂😂😂😂
Pastel Cat (4 months ago)
yo sorry i havent had any form of sugar since 11 days
JACKAG LAW (4 months ago)
@Pastel Cat Me fuck, wa wrong wid dis man?
Live Free (9 months ago)
Cortisol is the stress hormone, testosterone cancels out that hormone. Women dont make testosterone, so the panic and scream when they see a spider.
Nome Confidencial (9 months ago)
Women have better verbal skills, and use gossip and bonding to strategize against and destroy men they don't like.
Shree 420 (11 days ago)
@lil something : and they got higher heart-attacks than women
saif saif (2 months ago)
@lil something lol 😂😂😂 If....man are heartlesd creatures then why the hell are you here you should be a slave And men can love still women are twice as likely to kill their child why not make a Teach women not to kill their kids movement
kshitij924 (6 months ago)
lil something yes we are and we are proud of it.
lil something (8 months ago)
Men are heartless creatures
A2Kaid (9 months ago)
Women need to be put in their place. Man is the superior sex.
Reeyan Shaikh (9 months ago)
Men are soldiers men are scientists Men invent everything Men do anything and they say I can do more Women fight for equal rights only when it profits them Make their boobs bigger . Make their ass big and they have done the greatest person
Camryn VB (9 months ago)
Then explain why men end up in debt more often and don’t pay off their student loans as fast? I thought so.
Shree 420 (11 days ago)
Because we pay the bills , buy you dress , makeup products and handle your shits
Hot Kitchen (6 months ago)
+Camryn VB Because many women don't even pay anything out of their own wallets. Men do. You're a burden to men, then still have the nerve to complain about them getting in debt and so on.
Norbert Ruiz (6 months ago)
Women always try to take money from the man that's why That happens
Norbert Ruiz (6 months ago)
Damn you're here too? Men are in debt cause you know gold diggers
dollar c.g (8 months ago)
@lil something so when you dont know how to answer someone you with a reasonable answer you call him a virgin. Pathetic
Rich Guy (9 months ago)
Damn right woman are awful at deadlines
ILovePokemon (29 days ago)
Camryn VB Nigga Idc i’m Asian and i will be racist to a dumb ass like you NIGGA also we do want to admit something about you your dumb thats facts
JACKAG LAW (4 months ago)
@Camryn VB Nigger* not Nigga, if you're gonna use it, use it right.
Camryn VB (8 months ago)
King Drae lmao no nigga. They don’t want to admit I’m right about something.
Drae (8 months ago)
@Camryn VB You're going to multiple comments to try to disprove them, only to be disproved later. Just stop. So many people have already made a fool of you.
Camryn VB (9 months ago)
Rich Guy *men
Puro (10 months ago)
"This comes from some scientists".... The same American scientists that put out bullshit like "there is a wage gap" or "science proves that there are more than 2 genders"? I would be careful calling an American for a scientist..
sikid4000 (10 months ago)
It's funny because women do actually have smaller brains.
Vedant Patil (18 days ago)
Bro in spite of having little brains,their ego r higher than any of men,their complaining skills r much more developed ,their skills of living the life without facts and considering themselves r really developed ,and have higher chance to be successfully in their life by showing cleavages ,boobs and asses ,and have greater developed stupidity cuz they think they can defeat a man,and u think woman has git nothing🤣🤣
Jackal (2 months ago)
Camryn VB What? All the most famous artists are all men LMAO. The best video game designers, men. The best writers are men. Painters, drawers, etc. all men.
sikid4000 (6 months ago)
@Adam C A man who is the same size of a woman still has a bigger brain. No matter what.
Adam C (6 months ago)
But men have bigger brains than smaller men too....
Coniver Divide (9 months ago)
@Camryn VB well men literally have invented almost everything in the modern world, most political leaders are men and men are often more physically superior, its literally genetics that men are stronger than women
Anime Tiddies (10 months ago)
No this isn’t true women are stronger and smarter then stupid men we invented everything stupid males
1000 subs with no videos (5 months ago)
Naw males aren’t stupid. I love man and female. Not the wrong way though. Women also make mistakes
James Pagous (6 months ago)
Mr steal yo memes seriously is that sarcastic
kshitij924 (6 months ago)
Mr steal yo memes your dad shouldn’t have had fucked your mom, than we don’t have to deal with turds like you.
Black Panther (7 months ago)
Mr steal yo memes you're dumb
dollar c.g (8 months ago)
are you retarded?
Awkward Extrovert XX (10 months ago)
Shree 420 (11 days ago)
@Shakeel Baloushi : haha , was about to reply the same
Shakeel Baloushi (1 month ago)
Tips from their dad's hard earned money
farshan at (10 months ago)
men are better.. physically stronger, better on average iq level, and complains less under pressure
Baller Shot Caller (14 hours ago)
Dont respond to her shes trolling
ambellina miles (2 days ago)
ok first of all, girls are stronger then guys and you should know this by know. are you trying to start a fight or something?
Hyper 0_o (10 days ago)
lil something men are dominant and women are the breeder
Hyper 0_o (10 days ago)
lil something male and female don’t compete in fighting or any other sport because men are physically superior
Shree 420 (11 days ago)
@lil something : yes , and one of those THAT THINGS you are talking about it PERFORMING IN STRESS SITUATIONS
Homophobic mother fucker (10 months ago)
To do with the video, I agree men do handle pressure better!
A walking meme (10 months ago)
when everyone denies the study but would exept it in a heartbeat if it was the other way around u sexist cunts
Peace Hope (6 months ago)
A walking meme no we fucking wouldn't. men and women are EQUAL. E-Q-U-A-L. no sex should be considered superior to the other.
Red Pilled Dude (11 months ago)
Men is the dominant force Women is the breeder
Vedant Patil (26 days ago)
@Just_a coUCh P0tAt0 very true
The Tribe (26 days ago)
Fake account, probably some Femsoyboy trying to make men look stupid.
H1dden Gl0ry (28 days ago)
Huw Thomas Nah. You just keep giving me reasons to dislike men.
ILovePokemon (29 days ago)
Just_a coUCh P0tAt0 exactly if they back off and let us die Im moving back to Loas
ILovePokemon (29 days ago)
Actual Loli How are men breeders? XDDDD i never seen a man give birth
Alex Hines (11 months ago)
Women are not superior than men. Third Wave Feminism just tells them they are.
Hot Kitchen (6 months ago)
Yeah, have you ever heard a man describe himself as "strong"? They don't, because they believe they are. Chicks declare they're strong in order to convince themselves and anyone listening, but it sounds insincere. The more women say they feel strong or are strong, the more likely they don't really feel that way at all.
Anju Rustagi (6 months ago)
@A walking meme both parents are required. Without the father figure it is most likely that a hoe/asshole is raised.
Lord Of frog (6 months ago)
A walking meme men are better caretakers lol single mothers are failing most times
A walking meme (10 months ago)
Alex Hines men are superior in ways and woman are superior in ways, like men are stronger physically and woman are better cartakersb
Kiki Green (1 year ago)
News is programing your personality... Anybody with any life experience knows this is a lie
Hot Kitchen (6 months ago)
+lil something You can just tell someone is a virgin when they go around calling others virgins. A really bitter one at that.
Anime Tiddies (8 months ago)
lil something oh? Did I stump your dumb ass? Yeah that’s right don’t reply back pussy
Anime Tiddies (8 months ago)
lil something first of all I am not a rapist. How am I a rapist. Nah you a rapist. All men should put a restraining order on you because fuck feminist.
lil something (8 months ago)
@Anime Tiddies Yes please stay a virgin because we need less rapists and "owners" into our society. You should be given a restraining order by every woman.
Anime Tiddies (8 months ago)
lil something rather be a virgin then being abused by women
Lleyton H Habimana (1 year ago)
Shohan Tutorial (1 year ago)
Come on feminist fucking get over it. Men are physically stronger than women and giving birth is a show of durability not strength.
demon of woman
she doesn't deserve to be around that prestigious man, I mean had I bee around I would have killed her
Watermelon Bunny (1 month ago)
At least she knows how to spell....
Peace Hope (6 months ago)
Ultimate Online Business. . . r u joking? that "prestigious man." go back to school, learn how to spell "been," and come back to us when you've learned some real shit.
she needs to die
I hate that woman
so awkward! especially with that stupid woman
Steve Daniel (1 year ago)
Men r better than women
Codebreaker45 (26 days ago)
Watermelon Bunny (1 month ago)
Prove it
Idk Anymore (1 month ago)
Steve Daniel 👏🏽nobody👏🏽is👏🏽better
H1dden Gl0ry (1 month ago)
Devito D women weren’t given the chance to build or invent anything, we were oppressed until the late 20th century
H1dden Gl0ry (1 month ago)
have fun never getting laid
_ (1 year ago)
I've seen it all now.. ABC News actually reporting the truth about the sexes?? Wow
GamingTechReview (1 year ago)
Both men and women are equel. The only difference I see is guys have a pines and women have a vagina. Both men and women have nipples. Otherwise we are all humans and we are better together then by ourselves.
Ian T.J Brodrick (1 year ago)
In other news water is wet.
Baller Shot Caller (14 hours ago)
Wet isnt wet
Codebreaker45 (26 days ago)
Water isn't water
Wet isn't water
JACKAG LAW (4 months ago)
Water isn't wet.
kmk 9400 (7 months ago)
Not it isn't
Dipayan Roy (1 year ago)
this lady is so fucking sexy.
a9 (2 years ago)
women are too emotional to deal with pressure, if anything goes wrong they generally point fingers at the nearest man in their lives.
Hyper 0_o (10 days ago)
1K Subs 4 Maa'Quchii cause y not!!! Not that emotional but rights a paragraph about women superiority and men are physically and mentally more fit for survival
Daniel Cherisme (13 days ago)
@1K Subs 4 Maa'Quchii cause y not!!! Your actually incorrect
/Strawberry/ Juixce v (15 days ago)
René La You salty asshole, What is gay about my content? You’re just jealous cuz you have 2 subs dead channel. Also If you really hate women that much you are probably gay. Edgy 11 year old
René La (15 days ago)
/Strawberry/ Juixce v You called me gay? Not trying to be immature but look at the stuff your posting 😂
René La (15 days ago)
/Strawberry/ Juixce v are you really that big of a virgin that you have to insult everybody who commented something which doesnt apply to you? Grow some balls faggot. And learn proper english you uneducated kid.😂
Are you kidding me this topic has no value lol is this a joke
lil something (4 months ago)
@JACKAG LAW Ever heard of a condom, smartass?
JACKAG LAW (4 months ago)
@lil something Atleast he doesn't have to worry about sti, you might want to check out those sores on your 2incher.
lil something (8 months ago)
@HarvardRadRes Virgin
Annette Howes (3 years ago)
Nor is feminism painful or death. I for one am very proud of who I am and can handle being under pressure. By no means will I let any person defeat me, to reason is one thing and to give up is another. I make choices for the best and if need to adjust where needed.
Duke Nukem (3 years ago)
That cat didn't jump up, it was launched in the air by a invisible demon, obviously.
Maga Mma (3 years ago)
Yes, it's true, a men perform a lot better under pressure than women. But not emotional, weak men, those mummy boys, also known as pussies. A pussy won't ever be able to perform well under pressure.
Tangchi Prathomo (3 months ago)
Maga Mma yup. In general and from my own experience.
Swiggity Swag (3 years ago)
Men neglect their emotions though... Why do you think higher suicide rates are all men?
ensayofr (1 month ago)
Women try more to kill themselves but they do not succeed!!!! Lol check it out!! You got that wrong too
Ronald Nelson (4 months ago)
@v tamil naazan women cheat far more than men these days. More and more men get custody of their children because of the way some women are now days
Varun Tomer (5 months ago)
cause there are more preasure on men.
Raw Jew (6 months ago)
@Roy Batty That's cold as ice man lol
Yu Wadi Khin (3 years ago)
You can't rely on these studies man!
rodibremo (3 years ago)
A new report says women are worse at dealing with deadlines than men. What report???
A walking meme (10 months ago)
Roy Batty (1 year ago)
Not one written by a woman. She couldn't make the dealine.
Annette Howes (3 years ago)
No way! I have worked under many of men. if it was not because they had us women helping them, they could not meet dead lines. also the yell a lot more than women when they get fustraed. we hold our compluser better. we can lead better.
Roy Batty (8 months ago)
@lil something 😂😂😂 Anyone who uses that as an insult clearly has a deep insecurity. Nice one champ! 😂
lil something (8 months ago)
@Roy Batty Virgin
Camryn VB (9 months ago)
Skull Eater Yes.
Skull Eater (9 months ago)
Camryn VB No
Camryn VB (9 months ago)
Zerudon1993 Other way around
DIP CAE (3 years ago)
Can you put the subtitles. Thank you so much.
Jay Draper (3 years ago)
Explain childbearing and childrearing.
Jonathan Rose (3 years ago)
This video starts by showing that men handle pressure better and then ends with a scared pussy. :P
Geek Legion of Doom (3 years ago)
Men are better 'players' ..this is true
ILovePokemon (29 days ago)
Santos Douglas true but they always fail to succeed in lying
Santos Lopez (1 month ago)
I thought they said women were better at lying and cheating
JACKAG LAW (4 months ago)
@Kaus Logic 😂🤣
Ali (5 months ago)
i wanna see a girl getting that nuke 😂😂😂
Kaus Logic (10 months ago)
Geek Legion of Doom woMEN are better hoes
Angie perez (3 years ago)
😂😂😂😂 the guy thinks he better then the woman 😒😒😒
1000 subs with no videos (4 months ago)
Zerudon1993 that’s more of a opinion that who knows what
Terry the T-Rex (4 months ago)
Angie perez Was women are objects
ThatGuyG (6 months ago)
He is
lil something (8 months ago)
@Zerudon1993 Not at everything. Men judge more than women
Reeyan Shaikh (9 months ago)
@Izzy Lebasi hey men created the cars airplames internet phones tvs and all the things you need in your life even your washing machine oven dish washer everything
Izzy Lebasi (3 years ago)
Ha! How did they find these women? They haven't met my mother or me. I love video games! And do well under pressure like taking on a stronger enemy or having a time limit. I do all my projects last minute and they come out better than if I did them a week in advance.
dollar c.g (8 months ago)
well you might be an exeption My mum work well under pressure too. The studies show how the general population works under pressure. K?
Reeyan Shaikh (9 months ago)
It is not about in pressure of doing projects or school work bitch its about your real life shit in office you know at the deadline
Rm._ (1 year ago)
Izzy Lebasi well I’m a male and I sometimes do my homework at the bus stop and some times my work will be read out in the class because I do well
Izzy Lebasi (3 years ago)
+Bassam Al-Haddad No the terms are either or. Yes finally leave!
Izzy Lebasi (3 years ago)
+Bassam Al-Haddad I'm what people call/label as a tom-boy/tom-girl. Also I can comment what I want. No amount of you stating the obvious is going to change the fact that I think they need to do more and extensive studies. My personal experience matters either way and I don't really care whether you think it does or not.
Deinnemann (3 years ago)
I do not belive it! Have you seen a mother multitasking befor?
Jo Backson (6 months ago)
A few times. Sucking my cock and cupping the balls.
dollar c.g (8 months ago)
women are more likely to abuse their children. https://www.google.gr/amp/s/amp.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/kids/why-arent-we-talking-about-abusive-mums/news-story/629b48b93abd22be2b63f1344c0c5de6
Yireh Yah Yeshurun (1 year ago)
Roy Batty 😂😂😂😂I don't mean to laugh but my Gramma is the same way
Roy Batty (1 year ago)
My mother did nothing, let alone multitask. Lazy bitch!
Anathema Nu (1 year ago)
Multiple things done with less efficiency than doing them separately.
ctrl (3 years ago)
Lies, I'm a boy but procrastinate on everything, and experience panic attacks during random points during a test
Varun Tomer (5 months ago)
it is taken on average on a particular person.
dollar c.g (8 months ago)
dude because you are an exeption doent mean that the studies were wrong.
Puro (10 months ago)
That just means you're weak.
Ian Luna (10 months ago)
Cause you're weak and suck
Lam Aesthetics (10 months ago)
That's anecdotal
Peeratat R (3 years ago)
Donald Trump confirmed
wolf 5673 (3 years ago)
not me I'm a boy but I do horrable under pressure
Red Pilled Dude (10 months ago)
darkhuman 015 (10 months ago)
Keep Right, Omega*
Ian Luna (10 months ago)
Youre one of the few
Red Pilled Dude (10 months ago)
wolf 5673 don't ever be proud of that kind of things it is pathetic you're bringing shame upon Male
Pragmatist (1 year ago)
You're a beta male, and you SHOULDN'T be proud of that.
Spyswipe (3 years ago)

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