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Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Battle at Gettysburg

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From July 1 to July 3, 1863, Gettysburg was the site of one of the largest battles of the American Civil War, the deadliest by a wide margin, and one that is widely considered the closest the South came to winning. On top of that, on November 19, 1863, it was the location where Abraham Lincoln delivered the most celebrated speech in American history, referenced by such great people as Martin Luther King. But such an historic battle has more to it than our history books often care to mention, so clearly Gettysburg is worth getting to know better. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Greatest Military Blunders of World War II https://youtu.be/f27dvVsZUpo?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKajPA6HFawry8Y3my_VX5Q Top 10 Greatest MILITARY ACHIEVEMENTS That Changed the Face of War https://youtu.be/No0JmyPFDz4?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKajPA6HFawry8Y3my_VX5Q Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-interesting-facts-about-gettysburg.php Coming up: 10. The Whole Battle Started Over Shoes 9. The Oldest Soldier Of The Civil War Volunteered In The Middle Of It 8. Lee’s Heart 7. The Northern Commanding General Was Brand New 6. One Of The Heroes Of The Battle: George Custer 5. The Soldier With the Horrifying Fate 4. The Horrifying Aftermath 3. No-Casino Campaign 2. Lincoln Was Really Ill While Delivering His Address 1. Many Thought The Address Was Awful Source/Further reading: http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/gtburg.htm http://books.google.com/books?id=w1Gx0zhpGcwC&pg=PA26&dq=John+L.+Burns+Gettysburg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=fpd_T67oNYHm9AShxYzpBw&ved=0CEQQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=John%20L.%20Burns%20Gettysburg&f=false http://www.gatehouse-press.com/?p=517 http://www.brotherswar.com/Gettysburg-3g.htm http://www.rocemabra.com/~roger/tagg/generals/general38.html http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM4KZC_Gettysburgh_National_Park http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Gettysburg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gettysburg_Address http://www.abrahamlincolnsclassroom.org/Library/newsletter.asp?ID=115&CRLI=163 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c7/Thure_de_Thulstrup_-_L._Prang_and_Co._-_Battle_of_Gettysburg_-_Restoration_by_Adam_Cuerden.jpg/1280px-Thure_de_Thulstrup_-_L._Prang_and_Co._-_Battle_of_Gettysburg_-_Restoration_by_Adam_Cuerden.jpg http://www.loc.gov/static/managed-content/uploads/sites/10/1863/11/nov-19-lincoln.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/oldshoes.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/john-burns-e1485207391315.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e2/John_Burns_of_Gettysburg.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/2c/5b/41/2c5b418607003b84500e8f6ec0317310.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/General-Robert-E-Lee.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c9/Edwin_Forbes_Pickett%27s_Charge.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/George_Meade_-_Brady-Handy.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0b/Joseph_Hooker_-_Brady-Handy--restored.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/76/Battle_of_Chancellorsville.png https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/Meade-Sedgwick-Tyler.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fe/Abraham_Lincoln_seated%2C_Feb_9%2C_1864.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/56/Pickett%27s-Charge.png https://c1.staticflickr.com/2/1678/24468645840_20c024354b_b.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/69/Battle_of_Gettysburg%2C_by_Currier_and_Ives.png
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Text Comments (481)
HemlockRidge (10 days ago)
Congratulations on pronouncing "Gettysburg" like a native. GetUZberg.
Mr Westie (12 days ago)
Strange there are no photos of the huge amount of dead people and horses?
observer17 (30 days ago)
Heart attack? Prove it.
Seth Reed (1 month ago)
Battle over shoes? How ironic...
William Fletcher (1 month ago)
Thanks for making this post. I am a middle school teacher and show this to all my students. It’s a great example of what happens when you don’t research your facts before you film (#10 is a myth). Thanks for helping my students learn the consequences of not researching and "fact checking" multiple sources.
Buster Biloxi (15 days ago)
Myth #10 is a myth? A myth of a myth? Lordy!
purple puma gaming (1 month ago)
I can confirm this
Oscar Trent01 (1 month ago)
If Gen. Longstreet would've gotten into position on the morning of the 2nd day as Lee had expected the confederates would've WON that battle... But instead of following his own artillerys route that had been sent ahead of the marching men ... Coming to a opening in the tree cover that could be observed from little round TOP. instead of following in his artillerys path to the right around a hill to stay unobserved . Longstreet turned his entire 2 divisions around and back tracked until reaching their starting point...? Adding hour's to the march and arraignment battle preparations ... To take another farm road South... Longstreet NEVER gave a satisfactory explanation WHY he didn't follow his artillerys detour...
Steven Carmello (2 months ago)
One of my ancestors was a union soldier
Logan Askin (2 months ago)
it was a myth that they were there for shoes.
Michael Battista (2 months ago)
Patoemac not po toe mac
One Smooth Stone (3 months ago)
Seriously?? You discredit yourselves w/these repetitions of proven myths as fact, eg. Lee's infarction.
Claud Wolf (3 months ago)
One place to visit on my bucket list! By that I mean having enough time to go over the ground myself and not be rushed. Have you done one on the Little Big Horn?
john john (3 months ago)
Jeb stuart gave lee a heart attack
Let’s tear down all those confederate statues. Because slavery was the CENTRAL issue in the civil war right? At least that’s what my Marxist professors tell me. Tear them all down. Burn their history. Eliminate any recognition of their sacrifices. It’s only right
MadCityTraveler j (4 months ago)
That Shoe thing again. Give it a rest. It's totally false.
David S. Sharpe SCPLS (4 months ago)
Number 10 is incorrect. Lee was looking to combine his army at Gettysburg because he was to strung out and then. Was worried about where the Yankees were. Remember Jeb Stuart was gone and Lee was moving blind thru enemy territory.
Christopher Kau (4 months ago)
Your #10 fact, is a myth. They were not moving in for shoes, they were moving in because lee was trying to bring the war to northern soil, and gain a big win, plus cut off washington from its army, and all roads led in a big wagon wheel straight to gettysburg, and as kee moved north so did the north and they met in gettysburg.
Mummerlife (4 months ago)
Kurt Sherrick (4 months ago)
One thing your right about is 25 to 30% of the Confederate Army was shoeless. It was the same at Chancellorsville when Thomas Jackson's men marched all night then fought the first day and again marched all night actually about 20 miles not 12. They spread out a two mile attack line and then marched through two miles of forest then attacked the West Flank of the Union Army and chased and fought the Union Army all day the second day and won. Another fact you leave out about three battles is the Southern Army was 30 pounds under weight and the average weight of the Civil War soldiers was 130 pounds healthy. Also the Southern Army was infected with all kinds of diseases and they still marched and fought like demons.
Kurt Sherrick (4 months ago)
You are a terrible Historian please stop. Fredericksburg had the most troops fighting than any other battle of the War. The South wiped out charging Union Troops. Fort Donelson in Tennessee was the first major battle the North won almost two years after the start of the War. Lincoln was a tyrant and Booth knew who and what Lincoln was a blood thirsty mad man.
Jeffrey Robinson (4 months ago)
1) that was a war of 1812 musket not an eighteenth century rifle, both the north and the south used a lot of flintlock muskets and percussion muskets during the war. 2) Hooker was not replaced for lording battle of Chancellorsville but for bucking Lincoln’ orders, he wanted to march in Richmond while Lincoln wanted him to go afterLee in Maryland.Hooker said if you don’t like the way I run the army find someone else. Lincoln did. Mead was new to command of the army but was a very experienced Corps commander of V corps. And it was one of the best second only to I corps and II corps
Lib Dnal (4 months ago)
Don't care for a LIMEY narrating US History!
Buster Biloxi (15 days ago)
Don't care for a Southern White Boy breathing the air of this earth!
Stu Bloom (4 months ago)
Gabor Boritt was not a journalist at the address. He was a professor of history at Gettysburg College more than a century later.
quiflington (4 months ago)
My grandfather fought in the Civil War. He didn't talk about it much. I guess it was pretty bad.
A A (5 months ago)
No shoe factories exist in the United States today. Scary stuff
Edward Lorden (5 months ago)
I understand that dumping on General George Custer is a favorite pass time, but, not all the facts of his involvement were given here. Like Meade, he had taken on the mantle of Command just days before the action on the East Cavlary Battlefield the third day. Considering that he did take on a larger force, commanded by a much more experienced officer and that he did stop JEB Stuart from rooting around in the rear guard of the Army of the Potomac. It prevented a fairly straight line into Washington, DC by the Confederate cavlary. He kept the South from being able to call any part of the battle a victory.
TigerHeli (4 months ago)
Except going to Washington was not even remotely Stuart's intention.
BroadwayPhil17 (5 months ago)
Meade, surprisingly, remained in command of the Army of the Potomac for the rest of the war. (Grant was made the commander of the entire US Army.) Pickett's Charge was supposed to be part of a coordinated attack that would also hit both flanks, with the emphasis on turning the Union right. In an era without radios, this was a pipe dream. Moreover, Lee could not see the Union positions properly, and smoke from the artillery barrage (and counterbattery fire) prevented the Confedrates from learning that their barrage had been ineffective. Lincoln did get some praise for his address on the spot from famous orator Edward Everett, the main speaker that day: "I should flatter myself if I came as near to the point in two hours as you did in two minutes."
TheBlommel76 (5 months ago)
Lee acted stupidly
Nathan Brady (5 months ago)
For all the posts about the shoes: there was a large store of shoes in Hanover, 13 miles from Gettysburg. Stuart's calvary made an attempt before arriving at Gettysburg, but was forced out of the town by Federal troops.
RollTide1987 (6 months ago)
So you lead off your countdown with a myth and confuse Hooker's handling of the Battle of Chancellorsville with Meade's handling of the Battle of Gettysburg. Just about every unit in the Army of the Potomac saw action at Gettysburg, save for some units of the Union VI Corps, which arrived at the battlefield late on the second day.
ken kennedy (6 months ago)
Just read yesterday that Lincoln was writing the speech on the train to Gettysburg and on the out was still trying to finish it! (for publication?) we'll never know.
leon dillon (3 months ago)
Lieutenant Colonel Custer was a Brevet Major General at the time of Gettysburg. His actual rank was a major and he received the same pay as all the other majors (O-4)! Sometime after April 1865, his militia cavalry was disbanded and he was discharged a major!!
Captine2550 (7 months ago)
There was no shoe factory. The Csa was passing by when a soldier spotted union troops and fired the first shot before moving down the road to the rest of a Corp of soldiers. The following morning, the battle had started.
wendeln92 (7 months ago)
This video is extremely BAD. I could sit here and type response to each one of your "interesting facts" but I just wasted over 6 minutes watching this drivel. Also, while it is possible Lee had some kind of coronary episode, the military decisions he made were relatively sound. You really need to study the battle and the war to understand what happened. That being said there are always other options for planning a battle and engaging the enemy. Also, Meade was an excellent officer, he is never given as much credit or recognition as Lee which is a shame. Also, Lee finally experienced what most of the northern generals experienced throughout most of the war - in brief, he had to rely very heavily on the ability of his officers to make decisions and carry out orders as he intended. His army was surrounded by the enemy in enemy territory. The Union army was finally fighting on its "home turf" and it knew that this battle was extremely important. Also, Lee was finally up against an officer (Meade) who understood the value of team work and he also read Lee's actions extremely well, correctly anticipating his every move. He was not an over confident, complacent buffoon like Hooker was at Chancellorsville. As someone once said, the reason the confederates lost at Gettysburg...it something to do with the Union Army. Stop perpetuating the Lee apologist BS.
wendeln92 (7 months ago)
Wow...there are so many things wrong with this video. Several of the "facts" are just helping to perpetuate myths and many are horribly inaccurate.
TCapper1 (7 months ago)
Had this argument last week. (if) the battle of Gettysburg was over shoes, than that means they walked damn near 200 miles for shoes that weren't there. hmmmmm, that's like driving 600 miles for a gas station that doesn't exist
Philip Fletcher (4 months ago)
TCapper1 : He didn't say the battle was "over shoes"....he said a group of Southern soldiers were looking for shoes (or a shoe factory) when they discovered the Union troops.
renots 365 (8 months ago)
Here's some forgotten history during the last days of June both army's engaged in a battle known as cobits charge in Westminster Maryland which the Confederates won with overwhelming Calvary numbers but it also delayed the rebel Calvary from reaching Gettysburg until day 2 of the battle with cost general Lee his eyes and eyes for any union movement.
Andrew Poston (8 months ago)
Gabor Boritt is still alive today... He was born in 1940 and WAS NOT there when the speech was given.
Brian Trester (8 months ago)
the shoe story is a myth it was never over shoes. it was a skirmish that started without Lee's permission. Once committed Lee refused to retreat or with draw due to his ego and fear that it would hurt moral that he blew it into a whole battle
charles stuart (8 months ago)
Edward Everett an noted orator who spoke for over two hours at Gettysburg told Lincoln that his address was more effective than Everett's own long speech.
Joe Citizen (8 months ago)
Abraham Lincoln delivered the speech? Reread your history
A lot of what you said here is wrong.
B-Side Videos (8 months ago)
Wait wait wait ...so "Great Moments With Mr Lincoln" at Disneyland sounds nothing like Lincoln?! I've never heard about him having a high voice, who all said this?! Did YOU {the reader} know he had a high voice? That does NOT fit the picture I have of him at ALL.
Old Corps Marine (15 days ago)
B-Side Videos yeah, isn’t that something. I believe it was Sandbergs Lincoln: The War Years were I read that his pitch was high like someone who almost has to cough. Remember, Abe was tall but thin. Patton had a high pitched voice too.
JR G (9 months ago)
I have heard that the shoe thing is a myth also. Lee came North to end the war. He knew that he could not defeat the Union once they got the ball rolling, so he tried to end it here at Gettysburg. He wasn't going home until the war was ended. This was the turning point.
ManilaJohn01 (9 months ago)
The shoe issue is no myth, and people should know better than to claim it as such. Lee did not come north to end the war; he came north to 1) attempt to remove pressure from the Confederate defenders at Vicksburg; 2) to supply his army off of Union territory, and; 3) attempt to win a victory on northern soil- and Lee made it clear that the battle he had in mind was to be a defensive one where the Union would attack him.
Charles Jannuzi (9 months ago)
I don't think it was the case that a Southern army was seeking shoes. I could imagine a smaller unit of them hoping to find shoes in places like Chambersburg, Gettysburg, etc.
ManilaJohn01 (9 months ago)
General Heth himself said that Pettigrew's brigade moved on Gettysburg to secure shoes.
John Jacob Astor (9 months ago)
Charles Jannuzi it was General Heth's division and they only encountered General Bufords cavalry
Christopher Rahm (10 months ago)
Another fun fact I gleaned from a Civil War reenactor from Pennsylvania: there were no turkey vultures in Pennsylvania prior to July, 1863. They're all over the place, now.
jame4696 (11 months ago)
This is propaganda
Tim Smith (11 months ago)
Simon is a stuffy English douchebag
ChampDK (11 months ago)
Why is it that some people cant open their mouth without their fumbling around
SantomPh (1 year ago)
Am sure Custer was a Lieutenant Colonel at the time, since he was promoted to brevet major general after the battle.
NA ni (1 year ago)
This guys head looks like a egg
a a (1 year ago)
Arathor82 (1 year ago)
That myth has been debunked many times over . The reason the battle of gettysburg was fought was because Lee was looking to concentrate his forces after learning that the union army was in pursuit and closer than he thought. Gettysburg was a junction in adams county , where the roads came together. So it was purely an accident that the battle was fought.
Mark McLean (1 year ago)
Fact #1 is a total fallacy! Gettysburg was chosen due to being a major crossroad of supply lines and also from Gettysburg Lee would have a straight line shot to Washington DC!
gsxr419 (1 year ago)
Love to have someone from another country give American history lessons. Same people that listen to foreign left wing talk show hosts tell us how to live loved this.
Philip Fletcher (4 months ago)
gsxr419: Simon is just the host.....the script is written by Dustin Koski (an American from Wisconsin).
Historynerd1863 (1 year ago)
No. The battle was not over shoes. They had taken all of the shoes from Gettysburg several days EARLIER when Jubal Early passed through. John Burns was NOT a soldier. Edmund Ruffin also volunteered, but for the Confederacy, as a non-enlisted man who fired shots. Other things need elaborating.
The Irish Viking (1 year ago)
The battle started because of the roads, not shoes.
Jon Byron (1 year ago)
As a kid growing up in the early fifties way down south, we didn't get shoes till we started school.
srg miller (1 year ago)
I am English and even i know most of what he says is rubbish
Philip Fletcher (4 months ago)
srg miller: He (Simon) doesn't write it though....its actually written by an American (Dustin Koski from Wisconsin).
GentleBen02 (1 year ago)
your first "fact" as you say, is actually a myth. The south didn't go to Gettysburg to get shoes. The South went to Gettysburg because that's where the North went. When Lee won the Battle of Chancellorsville, he was furious because he didn't meet his objective. When asked by one of his men why he was mad, he said "I didn't want to defeat the army of the Potomac. I wanted to destroy them." So he chased the army to PA with the hopes of destroying the Army of the Potomac on union grounds to crush union moral of the war in hopes that the union would surrender. I've been to Gettysburg . . . not a shoe factory in sight. Gettysburg fact Number 10: The whole battle was NOT started over shoes!!
Gandof79 (1 year ago)
your fact #8 suggesting that Picket's charge was folly on Lee's part because of a heart attack is a conclusion drawn in hindsight. Had the hour long canon barrage by some 170 guns hit the line instead of overshooting, the battle would have been likely won by the confederates, because Lee at that point still had the might and morale to accomplish such a task. you should have also mentioned that after the defeat and Lee fled, they could have been cornered by Meade and forced into a surrender, since the Potomac that they had crossed over before had now flooded and remained that way for 9 days. Effectively, the war could have ended much sooner without Lee obstructing Union forces.
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
Did you guys delete the comment that 1st Minnesota played a greater role in securing a vulnerable point in the Union's lines than the traditional 20th Maine's role on little round top?
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
You also forgot to mention it was actually the 1st Minnesota inf regt that had the greatest contribution to the Union's victory, over the traditional 20-whatever Main Rgt. Really. Research it yourself, that is beyond Wiki, Tuner & Burns, please! After all night force-march, 175 men charging into 1800 to plug an exposed opening in the right rear of Union lines, 85% cas-rating. Yup, rewrite the books! Those quiet but quit surprising Minnesotans. ;-)
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
"Tommy gun to the Gulf" Don't know if you guys realize that there is great dissatisfaction with 5.56. If fighting is close (urban) a 45 cal would be preferred by most.
Dave 208 (1 year ago)
Lee had been recklessly aggressive before. The Seven Days in 1862 are a prime example.
Charles McCarron (1 year ago)
THE largest battle of the Civil War, not "one of". NO, it had nothing to do with shoes. Heart attack, really? Cite that one! Custer was nowhere alone or even in command of the Union cavalry. He command only ONE Brigade of cavalry, there were many engaged in that battle. Yeah, very sloppy and many things have nothing to do with the battle.
Jason Pakkala (1 year ago)
The mispronunciation of Potomac is like nails on a chalk board to me. "puh-TOH-MACK"............ How about "puh-TOH-muh k"
A108 (1 year ago)
It did not start over shoes.
antares4s (1 year ago)
Too many errors in fact here.
Laura Kalin (1 year ago)
What does a Brit know about our CW? Wrong!
Philip Fletcher (4 months ago)
Laura Kalin: The script is written by an American (Dustin Koski) from Wisconsin.
Alexander Thompson (1 year ago)
Potomac is pronounced like Potomick.
Don Ricardo JR (1 year ago)
Wow, are you kidding me? You sure don't know what a "Tommy Gun " is, apparently; not for long range, but I'd be glad to have it! Fully auto .45 caliber drum-fed death machine! Where's it at?
david perry (1 year ago)
Why in the hell do you have a euro dictating an American history event ?
canyohandleth1s (1 year ago)
One question. How did the natives feel about these stupid people fighting each other in THEIR land? Must be really odd, like africans coming to Sweden and kill each other. Stupid and not worth crying over, except loosing their land to a bunch of maniacs from a totally different world. And YES i'm a native myself and have nothing against africans or any other kind of human being. It was only to point out the difference.
When a brit talks about american history like he knows it all
SKINNY STRANGER (1 year ago)
And thus it was on
Right Wing Extremist (1 year ago)
I am honored to live very close to Gettysburg. I go there very often Plus I had family who fought there. I love it there
propilotpdx (1 year ago)
Wow this guy has no idea... amazing
Karl Fonner (1 year ago)
To all the poor souls who is their lives and
Buster Biloxi (15 days ago)
What did you say? Try making sense, Bozo!
Daniel Trotter (1 year ago)
One has to wonder if Lee's alleged heart attack (he cited his symptoms as rheumatism) had been worse, and Longstreet had been forced to take command, how different the battle would have turned out. Longstreet favored withdrawing from the position the army currently occupied and interposing it between Meade and Washington, DC on better ground. That would have forced Meade to attack instead of defend, putting him in a tactically inferior position.
Shane Dufresne (1 year ago)
Just because you make a video and put it on You Tube, doesn't make it true. Most of these are legends, unsubstantiated or completely false. Back to history class for you.
patrick butler (3 months ago)
But, but,but,but he did start with saying "SIMON SAYS"
John Brazil (1 year ago)
Look me up at my Ghettysburg address. A. Lincoln...
Owen Ward (1 year ago)
The confederate could have won the battle of gettysburg if Stuart didnt have to make a huge detour around union troops which the Calvary was Robert E. Lee's eyes and ears and with better communication the south could have won and they wouldn't have had to fight blind
firstName lastName (1 year ago)
this brit should talk about how the colonials kicked the brits ass
firstName lastName (1 year ago)
Lee wanted harrisburg and philadelphia, not gettysburg
Matt Callery (1 year ago)
Borritt is a 20th century author, not an 1863 journalist present at Lincoln's address
Zachary Lee (1 year ago)
The J.E.B. in J.E.B. Stuart is pronounced "Jeb."
ManilaJohn01 (1 year ago)
Heth stated himself in his memoirs that his brigades marched into Gettysburg looking for shoes. That's evidence. Some historians choose not to believe it based on questionable logic.
Dom Jervis (1 year ago)
The Battle of Gettysburg never should have happened. If McClellan weren't such a WIMP, he'd have destroyed Lee's army and ended the war at Antietam in November 1862. Look it up. As for Lee, he should have hanged (along with all of his generals and J. Davis) instead of winding up with a college named after him, i.e. Washington & Lee. Such JUSTICE that Arlington National Cemetery was put right in his front yard!
ron street (6 months ago)
The reason that no-one was hanged, was the fact that the whole war was illegal, and against the constitution. Davis was imprisoned for two years after the end of the war, but no charge of treason was ever brought against him. Lee was exiled from Virginia as punishment for leading the Confederate forces. The only person who was hanged for war crimes was Henry Wirtz, commandant of the Andersonville prison camp.
drdavey777 (1 year ago)
"The closest the South came to winning"? I think the narrator needs to reread the history of the battle. The actions of the Union cavalry general, John Buford, on the first day pretty much dictated the course of the rest of the battle, as it left the Union in control of the best ground. The esteemed Civil War historian Shelby Foote described the Battle of Gettysburg as 'the price that the South paid for having RE Lee.'
John Jacob Astor (9 months ago)
drdavey777 the south would have won if General Ewell pursued
SantomPh (1 year ago)
this was the last time the South's major army could come close to defeating the North's major army and striking at DC. After this, the South withdrew to the borders only to find the Mississippi cut off and Sherman burning his way to the coast. Defensive battles over the next few years and then the surrender at Appatomox. Just because Buford gave the Union their edge early on didn't mean it could have gone pear-shaped; Dan Sickle's breaking of the line, the 20th Maine almost getting overrun, Pickett's Charge actually reaching the line, the mighty Confederate bombardment etc. Plenty could have still gone wrong. Heck, if the Army of Northern Virginia sent a detachment directly to DC there might have been plenty of havoc
Adrian Larkins (1 year ago)
Lincoln stared the REAL war still going on everywhere where there is mixed race and conflicting religions side by side when he said, "All men are born equal". Clearly, some are born more equal than others. Hence the shit we have today with multi racialists determined the Europeans lay down and die. I even saw a discussion on TV this week saying love is racist! How dare you prefer a white girl if you are white too. It is a sick world when we try to go against the natural order as God created it.
dutchman dave (1 year ago)
I am obviously wasting my time watching this. This Brit has no idea what he's talking about. It's all bs and false facts. IDIOT!! Most of these "facts" are misconstrued or fabricated, and the ones that are true are hardly a big secret to any Civil War enthusiast. Garbage!!!!
dutchman dave (1 year ago)
first fact is b.s. there is no evidence that Harry Heath marched his division into G-burg looking for shoes. The fact is he was looking for glory, and the shoe myth was created in order for him to save his reputation.......that way he wouldn't be the scapegoat for starting a battle before the army of N Virginia was fully concentrated.
Anthony Zuk (1 year ago)
The shoes part I don't but (No pun) Yes the rebs were without shoes but during there march they procured shoes from the local merchants along the way and paid with southern currency vouchers that were worthless. They were useless. To redeem them in confederate money which was also useless in the north. I had heard Lee had a heart attack prior to the battle and it did effect his judgement as he would not listen to his corps, and brigade commanders, Longstreet, Picket, Garnett, Anderson, Euell.
craig328 (1 year ago)
What the hell does a casino in 2010 have to do with "The Battle of Gettysburg"? Much less it being an "interesting fact" about it?
Bill Carrell (4 months ago)
It's hallowed ground. Would you approve of a casino on Omaha beach?
SantomPh (1 year ago)
someone tried to build a casino near the site of the battle, which is still a major tourist attraction. Quite a rude gesture to be honest
Josh Pond (1 year ago)
Half of these are not correct :/
Terrilee68 (1 year ago)
The casino was wanted by local citizens bc unemployment in and around Gettysburg was so high due to industry shutdown and leaving the area.
jralston78 (1 year ago)
Why is dude's head like twice as big as it should be? Also interesting story, but one can never know what the real truth was unless they were there.
Deplorable American (1 year ago)
Who was the winner of this battle (the confederate or the union) at the end?
Allen Burt (3 months ago)
R E Lee was forced to leave the field, so the Union was able to turn the general invasion of the North by Lee. Lee was fortunate to get his forces back across the Potomac largely intact
Goga Octavian (1 year ago)
Bismarck, the Chancelor of Germany about the causes of the American Civil War: " "The division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the High Financial Power of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economical and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble democracies, indebted to the Jewish financiers, to the vigorous republic, confident and self-providing. Therefore, they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery and thus to dig an abyss between the two parts of the republic. Lincoln never suspected these underground machinations. He was anti-slavery, and he was elected as such. But his character prevented him from being the man of one party. When he had affairs in his hands, he perceived that these sinister financiers of Europe, the Rothschilds, wished to make him the executor of their designs. They made the rupture between the North and the South imminent! The masters of finance in Europe made this rupture definitive in order to exploit it to the utmost. Lincoln's personality surprised them: they thought to easily dupe the candidate woodcutter. But Lincoln read their plots and soon understood that the South was not the worst foe, but the Jewish financiers. He did not confide his apprehensions; he watched the gestures of the Hidden Hand; he did not wish to expose publicly the questions which disconcert the ignorant masses. He decided to eliminate the international bankers, by establishing a system of loans, allowing the states to borrow directly from the people without intermediary. He did not study financial questions, but his robust good sense revealed to him that the source of any wealth resides in the work and economy of the nation. He opposed emissions through the international financiers. He obtained from the Congress the right to borrow from the people by selling to it the bonds of the states. The local banks were only too glad to help such a system. And the government and the nation escaped the plots of foreign financiers. They understood at once that the United States would escape their grip. The death of Lincoln was resolved upon. Nothing is easier than to find a fanatic to strike. The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots. And Israel went anew to garner the riches of the world. I fear that Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and will use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that "the earth should become the inheritance of Israel."
Thomas Babb (1 year ago)
Goga Octavian You're an idiot.
JJ P (1 year ago)
No mention of the Gen Hancock and Armisted relationship?
SantomPh (1 year ago)
they were by no means the only men on the field who were opponents but close friends. The movie makes it a plot point, but in all honesty every officer there knew another on the other end. Robert E Lee was West Point superintendent at some point and definitely knew Meade, Reynolds and Buford to some extent. The one man he did not know so well but was concerned about was not there , namely US Grant who was at Vicksburg.
Ronald Shank (1 year ago)
There's so much more to Gettysburg, the Civil War, and our own National history than we really know. What IS the true history of our nation? What haven't we been told? So much has been hidden from us in the name of "National Security. " Would someone just tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, instead of half-truths and outright lies? One day, we'll know ALL of the truth! Truth will always prevail, sooner or later. ALWAYS!!!!!

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