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Approach Anxiety Magic #8 (ft. StuartEdge)

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"How do I approach people to show them magic?" I tell them, "It doesn't matter what you say, as long as you say something." Check out Stuart's Channel: http://youtube.com/stuartedge SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/1hXH68w TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/DisturbReality 2ND CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/evancloyd INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jarek120 PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! http://www.DisturbReality.com Business Inquires: [email protected] ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (1332)
Matthias Herbosch (1 year ago)
2:13 made my day 😂😂
Throw a card at someone "hitting them in the back and Say U Wanta Swee a Mogic Track! If they say why just say a Cuz I wanna U toooo!
Bruno barros mello (2 years ago)
2:13 OMFG XD
Liam Reid (2 years ago)
i skipped to 2:15 so many times xD
me too
geoinxx (2 years ago)
Omg the last one i was laughing my ass off before going to sleep and my mom got mad i was no my phone but damn
RZKAZI NETWORK (2 years ago)
Go like a russian mafia in a russian accent "Pick a card or I"ll have to kill someone"
Jesper Meessen (2 years ago)
the last one got me dying XD
Shivansh Kumar (2 years ago)
the last hahahahaha
MiyagiOfficial (2 years ago)
That one at 2:15 got me Rollin' whoever came up with that one is genius lol
Taysiir diouman (3 years ago)
if you pick a card i will give you something
LuckyJoe 315 (3 years ago)
That scream is going to be my notification ringtone
LuckyJoe 315 (3 years ago)
That scream is going to be my notification ringtone
TheAllstarplaya688 (3 years ago)
U gotaa do these again!!!
Blai Mcgowan (3 years ago)
Brandon Goin (3 years ago)
Say to a guy in a gay voice and rub up against him and say pick a card
Borna Turk (3 years ago)
Alex Slemp (4 years ago)
Favorite approach was at 2:16, complete laughs
Anthony Hutchison (4 years ago)
Do you like pokemon? Well heres the next best thing pick a card @disturbrrality
Darius Ezekiel (4 years ago)
that scream !  XD
Christian McDonald (4 years ago)
did anyone notice the guy is still there at 1:24
A1otOfPeop1e (4 years ago)
The last one was great 😂😂😂
Apollys (4 years ago)
pick a rectangle LOOOLOLOL idk why I'm laughing so fucking hard
Johnny Liu (4 years ago)
"pick a card in a stupid voice" ??????:'D
Abood's Content (4 years ago)
that scream one and the gay voice one were hilarious  Gj BRO ,
Stark (4 years ago)
Kyle Tessier (4 years ago)
the funniest video involving magic haha
Jahači Magije (4 years ago)
crawl to she and say  notice me senpai : pick a card ! :D
AidanIsThisGuy (4 years ago)
Just go up to someone and scream "PICK A CARD!!!!" as loud as you can
Franco Buzzetti (4 years ago)
Rae Omega (4 years ago)
I want to be part of one of these!
IronFistNayem (4 years ago)
Gay Stuart Edge at 1:41 will forever make me laugh. He sounds like an evil witch!
ZOGI (4 years ago)
Go to a person and say: Pick a card or I will shit in my pants
real shady (4 years ago)
Nicholas Salazar (4 years ago)
That scream was funny
Frazer Wolf (4 years ago)
so funny!!
Steven11525 (4 years ago)
That last one is just too funny
elelegido877 (4 years ago)
funny man 
Elendor (4 years ago)
DAT scream at the end ,fell of my chair XD
John Chua (4 years ago)
Dont say anything Just go towards someone and tap their chest and fan the cards and say pick a card in a way like your mouth is sealed or something.. =)
Daniel Seth Andal (4 years ago)
If rejected, you'll say "Damn it dawg, just pick a damn card Homie, or else my otha' niggas will crack yo' ass up dummy!"
Rojas (4 years ago)
(to a guy, in a gay voice) "Hey big boy, how bout you pick one of my cards or Imma pick you :3"
Axel Nyberg (4 years ago)
That last one though xDD
sergio adamov (4 years ago)
Wear a ninja costume then get them to pick a card after jumping out of nowhere and then exit in a seemingly awesome manner
Bryce Peacock (4 years ago)
Nicolas .Vanegas (4 years ago)
Move into someone like James Bond in his movie intros... but instead of a pistol use de deck of cards and say: Pick a card (or whatever you want to say)
Jay Neish (4 years ago)
The last one was pretty funny
Brandon W. Butler (4 years ago)
then pick a card
Brandon W. Butler (4 years ago)
go next to someone and keep clearing your throat like you want them to notice you then if they turn around jump up and down going "Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!" OPTIONAL:you can also act like a little girl
Victor Fdz (4 years ago)
Denis Leonardi (4 years ago)
hobonobleXD (4 years ago)
*sad voice* My dog just died............. *with excitement* oh well Pick a card
hobonobleXD (4 years ago)
*sad voice* My dog just died............. *with excitement* oh well Pick a card
CarpetPlaysYT (4 years ago)
act super anxious, then reach in your pocket while screaming "that's it!" and remove the cards. giving the illusion your on a psychotic rampage but ending with the cards
CarpetPlaysYT (4 years ago)
pick a card or I'll pick a dingleberry
Nofil Imran (4 years ago)
Ask a girl Will you sleep with me and if they say no, tell them maybe picking a card will change your mind.
Jeremy Collins (4 years ago)
Fake a seizure and when someone walks up to help stop seizing and tell them to pick a card.
Caleb Bertels (4 years ago)
Say "I just shit my pants." Take a card.
CombatReadyRunawayDuck (4 years ago)
1:41 LOL
YARL (4 years ago)
Say "was ap bra" in a loud shocking voice "IF YOU DONT PICK A CARD SOME ONE WILL KILL YOU AT 12:00 PM TO NIGHT"
travishot23 (4 years ago)
Say:Hey watcha doin Bruh?(goin to puberty)Pick a card
travishot23 (4 years ago)
Say:Hey watcha doin Bruh?(goin to puberty)Pick a card
Burndown Meglynx (4 years ago)
2:20 best part
Hoda G. (4 years ago)
Walk naturally, then scream out loud "OH MY GOD", fall to the ground, get up hesitantly, then say in a deep demonic voice "I'm going to disturb your reality...  Summonth from my cluster of symbols an element that calleth out to your soul...."
aisjdijasijdajsd (4 years ago)
that Maserati at the back again
Geekies (4 years ago)
Say "pick a card or someone will curse me into a toad!!! " not a good idea actually
Abdullah Ahmad (4 years ago)
That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen
Drink Kush (4 years ago)
say if you pick a card in the next 3 seconds you will win a free magic trick! (then do the trick)
DexarnioMagician (4 years ago)
say"My Mom told my cat and my cat told my dog and my do is telling you to pick a card."
bbQsauce9295 (4 years ago)
You better pick a card before recognitive monkeys approach us.
purpleurkel (4 years ago)
say "what did the farmer say when he lost his son? wheres my son. pick a card."
JediMasterCeltic (4 years ago)
say " i need a new heart, but they wont fund it unless you pick a card." then fall to the ground and hold up the card and say in a weak voice " please" 
Max Durdant - Hollamby (4 years ago)
Max Durdant - Hollamby (4 years ago)
Nick krolnik (4 years ago)
say pick a card then lets make out
Jordan Gabriel (4 years ago)
in spanish: Este truco no seria lo mismo sin ti, escoje una carta
masterjmp1 (4 years ago)
Oh god, the scream had me on the ground with my face in the floor laughing. Holy crap... Just need to breathe...
Bryan M (4 years ago)
Show the card trick tutorial that Stuart Edge just did at the end 2:40
shadi hal (4 years ago)
go up to a person and tell him ...CAN U BELLIEVE THAT THERE IS NO TOILET PAPER IN THE PUBLIC BATHROOMS HERE...!!!!! pick a card (smile).
Ella Jennings (4 years ago)
You guys are weird
Dark Nova (4 years ago)
did any1 else notice the kid dragging the club when he was doing to moon walk
Keith (4 years ago)
+xx-DarkNova-xx yes lol
Dark Nova (4 years ago)
that was an umberlla? lol
Keith (4 years ago)
you mean the umbrella? :|
willbeck2 (4 years ago)
PLEASE pick a CARD im not a bipolar BELIVE ME
Niles Ragoonanan (4 years ago)
00:25 maserati in background
DarkVenomKid (4 years ago)
GO TO A cute girl say i got a really big dick oh i meant deck well hmm why dont you pick a card please if they say no and dont pick one say but my dick will feel good ohh meant deck if they say yes and do pick one say ohh yesh that fealt very nice XDXDXDXDXDXD PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ FOR ALL THE SHITZ IN THE WORLD PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DO THIS ONE I BEG OF YOU PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Kailyn Cooksey-Garcia (4 years ago)
Say to anyone doesn't matter, " look since you good looking and I'm half as good looking as you are, pick a card."
Merry (4 years ago)
It's hard to do these video's, aren't they xD
Sahabat Saham (4 years ago)
Staring awkwardly to someone (with cards neatly spread in the hand), and when he stares back, say "What?!, Oh, you want to pick a card??? Just say it man, i'm cool, come on, pick one.."
AJEleda (4 years ago)
stuart's gay voice XD
topdawg486 (4 years ago)
Drop a card on the ground, ask a person walking by to pick it up for you. When they bend down to grab it shuffle the cards on their back then say, "Okay, now you can pick a card"
DiSENT100 (4 years ago)
say - hello sweety, your very cute when you pick a card :)
steelsmiter (4 years ago)
Yoda voice is optional, but you should say "There is no try, there is only pick a card, and do not pick a card, so PICK A CARD!"
Dat ending!!!!!!!!
Nikolai Megdanov (4 years ago)
that last one was siiiick man I laughed my ass of
Huayra53 (4 years ago)
go up to someone and say in a Jesse Pinkman voice "yo dag, i make fat stacks by getting people to pick a card
Andrei Carmelo (4 years ago)
Approach someone and said " i will kiss my butt or pick a card"
Anthony Leung (4 years ago)
Rotate your whole body continuously and stop in front of the spectator.  Then, bows deeply and says:"Pick a card, gentleman/lady."
GetDemo (4 years ago)
Scream YIPPIE KI YAY MOTHER FU- pick a card NOW!!
Dimen Choi (4 years ago)
Say if you pick diamond you become rich, if you pick clover you become lucky, if you pick heart, you become lovely and if you pick spade YOU DIE
BeyCinema (4 years ago)
My wife dumped me so now aliens with bananas are purple. PICK A CAAAAAARD
Brendan Bennett (4 years ago)
Sing "Do you want to pick card?" As if you were singing Do you want to build a snowman! :3
Frederik Nørregaard (4 years ago)
Say:"HEY YOU, yea you, if you dont pick a card then i will... Then i will... Well you dont wanna know it!

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