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MAGIC At Pokemon Go Community Day - Larvitar

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MAGIC At Pokemon Go Community Day - Larvitar SUBSCRIBE Follow me: Facebook: www.facebook.com/jameswisemagic Twitter: twitter.com/james1wise Instagram: instagram.com/james1wise #magictricks #cardtricks #pokemongo Music by Kevin Macleod, Bass Rebels, The Last, Killerx, Draconex, Nexmark, HYPEER, Alasen, Argofox Intro from ravenprodesign.com
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James Wise Magic (10 months ago)
Gotta catch em all!
Joseph Wang (8 months ago)
Dude! I live in Dallas TEXAS as well, i'd love to meet up, i'm an ecommerce entrepreneur who's started learning magic!
James Wise Magic (8 months ago)
Joseph Wang Yeah definitely! Its always awesome meeting people in real life that love performing magic!
JFMusicPro (9 months ago)
3 of spades
9 of clubs
Kelly (10 months ago)
Hmmm lm guessing nothings in the box my gf thinks its the 9 hearts.
Kelly (10 months ago)
Fantastic James!!! My uncle was a magician and lm glad you posted this in discord!! What a treat Ty!!!
James Wise Magic (10 months ago)
Kelly Thank you Kelly! It was a treat to perform for everyone. Anytime we are out raiding, dont hesitate to ask to see something. Its always fun!
RICH e. Phleaux (10 months ago)
Ace of diamonds!!!
J Ru (10 months ago)
Why you guys still playing this?? Wasn’t this in 2016?
Kelly (10 months ago)
J Ru oh pgo is STILL ALIVE!! Millions of ppl are playing monthly still one of the most money generated in profit games on the market. Come bk theyve created ALOT of new things to keep us challenged.
James Wise Magic (10 months ago)
J Ru We play it because we enjoy it. The non pokemon fans that only played it because everyone else was playing it stopped. But the game still has millions of players everyday. Pokemon Go events are still being sold out. The game is still very much alive.

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