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Female Marine: Women Are Physically Inferior To Men & Shouldn't Be Allowed In Infantry

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Freddy is Ready (1 day ago)
The slimey weak lazy bitches. They are weak, pathetic, lazy, whiney, moaning slackers. Dont let the bitches in. Whats the war gona do, stop while they bleed for a week
wendeln92 (2 days ago)
I just don't get the point of the last question regarding the choice vs being ordered.........when the hell did men ever get a choice as to where and how they will serve? When guys were drafted into the military nobody took him aside and asked him if he want to serve in a combat role or a support role, he was ordered and that was it. F*ing women want equality BUT they want to be treated differently. Also, put them on the "front lines" in female only units. Down-size their equipment if that will help them perform better, but why the hell should they get all the "support" roles and let the guys go out and get killed and maimed. So if a guy joins the military he has a very huge chance of being in combat and all that entails, if a woman joins, she is almost guaranteed to get a "supporting" (i.e. usually less risky) role but wants the same pay and to be treated as an equal?????? What a load of crap.
Hugh Mungus (4 days ago)
Women should not be on front line fighting, rather they should be having children and raising the next generations.... the whole of civilization was built on men competing for women to propagate their genes.... competing by fighting and, as tribes grew to cities, by going to war.... i dont get it.... if women dont have babies then the species dies out... if men and women dont provide stable homes through marriage then societies decline .... ffs its just common sense!
Borussia Doormat (4 days ago)
Didn’t she watch Kick Ass 2? Women can chop guy’s heads off with butterfly knives
Wayne T (4 days ago)
I don't want to be with a woman at the front line. Why? If I get shot can you carry me and run fast with your heavy bag and weapon?
Mario s (4 days ago)
vallenshield100 (4 days ago)
shit port quility
Apneistefou (6 days ago)
When I was in the infantry, we had 1 women for like 200 dickheads like me. Lucky me and my squad, she wasn't in our team. We had some exercises that we had to carry the basic infrantry package like backpack 15kg, rifle 4.2kg, bulletproof vest 10kg. She wasn't able to carry her stuff. So people had to carry her backpack and riffle during the long walks. What a pain in the ass.. but that being said, some guys were weak. PS : The army from my country is mendatory for men, not women.
BeanRice.38 (7 days ago)
*The title says facts*
Moses Malone (9 days ago)
Pretending that men and women are not physically different is insane.
Manuel Mondragón (14 days ago)
i dont understand how people forget about evolution. Do you think, after at least, 7000 years of military development the epigenetics are the same for this topic between men and women? The Global Nosense.
Anon Non (16 days ago)
Obviously females are physically inferior to men, if they weren't we wouldn't separate sports by gender. This doesn't mean that some women aren't stronger than some men. I dated a girl who was a power lifter and a Muay Thai fighter. She could lift more than most men and kick most guys asses, but she was an anomaly.
how’s your day (16 days ago)
brie larson mad
how’s your day (16 days ago)
hoes mad
Some Random Anon (17 days ago)
Women belong in the kitchen. Why go against the natural law & order of things?
William1987GTA1 (18 days ago)
Thank...fucking...god I got out before this crap happened. When she gets promoted and has her rank punched into her collar for the first time.. "Somebody go save Becky shes down!" Lol 11M and proud to have served with my brothers, and protecting my sisters. The way it should be.
Niall Hogan (19 days ago)
Women should look at photos of World War One
Ramír Delgado actor (19 days ago)
Said by a woman.
Jay Means (19 days ago)
anyone ever seen that footage of a sherman tank commander crawling out of the turret missing a leg after it had been hit by a panzer ? Ladies front line combat is a horrible thing
Darryl Pope (20 days ago)
This female Marine is dancing around the questions. I did four years in the Marines from 1974 - 1978. It was very tough.
HandyMan101 (20 days ago)
Exhibit A for why women should not have the vote.
A S (20 days ago)
Even in fields that don’t require physical strength women still aren’t able to compete... the number of chess grandmasters in the world that are men vs women is a prime example of that. The simple fact is, men have testosterone... the key phrase in that is test. Men like to test themselves, we compete and try to prove ourselves more so than women who prefer social interaction and cooperation. Competition is in our evolutionarily defined nature. No amount of feminist indoctrination will change that.
Colormeimpressed3000 (20 days ago)
All citizens of Israel are required to serve in the military. I think the minimum is two years. Their military is one of the best in the world. This man v women debate is for lightweights or people with an agenda to push.
Arnold Diaz (20 days ago)
In other news: water is wet
STRAIGHT (21 days ago)
Will be an opportunity for ,,feminists,, and woman to give a break to....man...kind,beside getting a test of their own medicine feminism and equality side then we, man will get the simple ...RESPECT we deserve from woman.
ecentballer1 (21 days ago)
The only thing woman in marine infantry would solve would be the lack of woman overseas. ( If you get what I'm talking about 😁)
Badboyteddybear (21 days ago)
BUT women expect the same pay for equal rank but the men are doing more demanding work and deadly work so women should be paid less.
Wobba Fett (21 days ago)
some women are stronger than men, those are what they need in the infantry, unusually strong physical women
Wobba Fett (21 days ago)
892 she hulks disliked 😂
Mellivora Capensis (21 days ago)
I wouldn't want to be in battle along side women, because I'll end up staring at their asses and end up getting shot.
3 KIDS (22 days ago)
This marine officer doesn’t really answer the “why not” question. She skirts around the actual facts..... facts that we all know exist between men and women but the virtue signalling members of our society try to pretend don’t exist.
Charles Hopkins (22 days ago)
No let's have an all-female unit that we put on the front lines and a battle that we don't care if we win or not. That's a good idea. but man getting their ass shot off because of the male-female dynamic and because there was soldiers that became so-called soldiers through lesser standards is b*******
She just said to have become infertile, which is an absolutely horrible thing, and the reporter just kept going on like she said "I've bought 2 chicken and eggs"?
Tabora (24 days ago)
as a future US Marine, I aspire to be better than my recruits. There are plenty of women who are able to perform as well as men, but if you do not WANT to perform as well, then you deserve to fail. you either push hard, or you fail and you get dishonorably discharged from the corps. dont let a few unfit females bring us down. we are strong, we are marines.
lama for life (24 days ago)
Yeah well you can but we men just do it better and you're just trying to boost your ego and she's just stating simple facts
Greg Small (25 days ago)
incorrect video name clickbait
Greg Small (25 days ago)
Anthony Johnson (1 month ago)
Wonder what the female eqivalent of an uncle tom is.
Anthony Johnson (29 days ago)
@Joshua Chamberlain Nah just some bullshit female white knight trying to be popular with the guys by reinforcing their lame ass sexist beliefs so their tiny dicks don't feel threatened.
Joshua Chamberlain (29 days ago)
Someone telling the truth
wayne brown (1 month ago)
Man I am going to open up a can of worms but I have been keeping my mouth shut for 23 years. I am not going to say what state but this is what happens when women take on jobs that over the years have been men only. I am talking about a police academy and how it changed over the years so that more women could pass the physical test. When this state police academy started you had to be so tall, bench press your weigh for one rep, one rep on the hip sled at 1 1/2 of your weight, and pass a obstacle course that had 2 walls first was 4 feet the second 8 feet. You also had to drag a dummy that weigh 165 up a hill well when they started hiring females most of them could not pass the physical test. It cost around a 1000 dollars to send a person to the academy and police chiefs and mostly sheriffs were sending letter to the academy that they were not happy about this and something needed to be done. In this state the sheriff's are very powerful people and what they said got done. So the academy got rid of the height requirements and the weigh lifting because that is were most of the females failed they never even made to the obstacle course. Well then they changed the course by having the 165 pound dummy dragged 50ft on level service. Then somehow the 8 foot wall had a well placed hole so that you could put your foot in and get over the wall.( to this day it is in the same place and never fixed and that was 23 years ago) Then they changed the time requirement not once not twice but 3 times. Then they changed the morning physical run and hill sprints you could walk. Then the instructors were not allowed to yell at the recruits they had to change the hole damn thing and now the state academy is a damn joke any one can pass it no let me take that back. My class started with 101 and looking at my picture (man I miss my flat top with a fade now I have no hair) it looks like 45 to 60 made to the end. The only thing they did not change was law and shooting I forgot self defense was tamed well down. The hardest part now is the driving and for a lot and I don't know why because the academic teachers told you what to write down for the weekly tests. The yelling at recruits had a purpose their job was to tear you down and build you back up into a team. I am not saying women cant do the job because there are some that I worked with that I would rather have them back me up then some of the men but they are few and far in between. I got into a fight with a guy that was 6'8 311 drunk construction worker. I got a arm bar and held on for dear life because my female back up just ran in circles picking up all the things that were flying off my uniform. She did do a all call and I just held on to the arm bar kicking the back of his knees to get him down until real help arrived. It took 5 of us to get him in my car and that was the very first night that I had a eye witness camera in my car. Most of them burn gas or stay on day shift. I do want to say that I think they make great negotiators, interrogators, crime scene , and detectives. Man I am staring at the comment button I am going to get tore up but I got to get this off my chest and this female Marine that I have great respect for agrees
Gremlin9821 (1 month ago)
Send those bitches to the front lines. Let them actually die for their country. Perfectly fine with bitches dying for me lol. They aren't worth much more than that.
anthony perkins (1 month ago)
Nathan Oldland (1 month ago)
Always said that if the sh1t hit the fan I'd choose 2 female IDF soldiers at my side any day.
Joshua Chamberlain (29 days ago)
@Nathan Oldland dick head
Nathan Oldland (29 days ago)
@Seamus Donaghy I've 'dated' one of these girls and they can spit olive pits at a higher muzzle velocity than an Ak-47.....!
Nathan Oldland (1 month ago)
@Seamus Donaghy I've always wanted a Hatori Hanzo, M41a pulse rifle and Slave I.........get what I'm saying........?
Truth Speaker (1 month ago)
This discussion applies to Policing as well. The disparity in the training is an absolute joke as well. Women do half of what the men are required to accomplish. Feminism has pushed its way into forcing Police services to hire them. So now male cops have to protect civilians and the female Police officers at the call.
BodhiZaffa (1 month ago)
If I ran a country, I would never allow nor would I have any respect for any man that would allow a woman to go fight a war and get blown in half. This is not about woman being inferior. its about respect for the woman. They are the most important thing in the world. They ensure our survival. "When I look around the world today, the picture from the papers that comes to mind is: A woman's regiment in the Soviet Union for sharpshooting. Or a woman's battalion of grenadiers in Spain. All I can say to the representative of this type of equality: I would not be a man if I wanted to tolerate such a thing. I experienced the war. I know how hard it is. I know how many men's nerves have been shattered by the war. I have often seen them return by the dozens, doddering. Completely ruined and broken. The idea that a girl or a woman has to take it upon herself. I could have no respect for the man then. Either they take responsibility for this or they shall resign. As long as we have a healthy male gender no female grenadiers and sharpshooters should be trained. That's not equality, but in reality, inferior rights for woman because it is harder for women than for men. For her it is much more terrible than for men. I could say just as well that I am for arming children in the future and sending them to war. But we don’t do it." -Adolf Hitler
Sea Shell (1 month ago)
Everyone knows women are not physically equal to men... if they don't say so they are lying or in denial. Women were created to carry the new generation into the world, men were created to protect their families. Modern Feminists are destroying society. Men and women are equal in worth as humans regardless of their abilities/inabilities, but men are generally physically superior. As a woman, I just don't understand modern feminists - why do they want to be men? Physically inferior does not mean intrinsically inferior.
Airman Johnston (1 month ago)
Ok weres the safety officers here!
Airman Johnston (1 month ago)
There sending they to there deaths people you dumb SJWs are so DUMB ITS COSTING LIVES
Joseph Celestine (1 month ago)
I love that soldier's honesty!
mark bridle (1 month ago)
There goes her promotion
Mick Williams (1 month ago)
At last a woman who talks sense .But to be fair there are many more women who have the same view but are too scared to say so.Not surprising of course as women who go against the Feminists are seen as sc*m when if its the other way round.My 3 Daughters all despise Feminists and most definitely are NOT too scared to admit it .Its about time all decent women stood up to the Feminists instead of pandering to them .
Alan * (1 month ago)
Oh sure, but if it were a blue collar job it will be fair.
Viking Power (1 month ago)
Let them go in front, especially when the army are going trough enemy’s mine fields.
Harsha Subasinghe (1 month ago)
She's the real Captain Marvel. Not that man hating cuntface Brie Larson.
T W (1 month ago)
This young lady is what I would consider a "strong woman". Big difference in what the PC culture is misrepresenting.
Campaigner (1 month ago)
The fact that having women in the infantry is even a thing lets you know that society isn't necessarily on the decline anymore; that is because society has fallen clear into the shitter. We are being taught that gender is not a dividing line anymore. Women going into the coalmine while Jeffrey, her husband takes care of the children, cleans and cooks could be the beginning of the end. That men are physically stronger than women should be an incontovertible fact. That was once considered fact by 99.9% of the population. Just wait until what could be the called the14'th women infantry regiment goes up against Iran, or some other hellhole's infantry when it really counts. In a real war, not make believe and training, will show that this model was make believe from the beginning. What would Sun Tzu think?
Drakonus (1 month ago)
Face the reality, men and women are meant to coexist, not to be equal.
David Blackwelder (1 month ago)
X Vietnam ... In a jungle war would be a big mistake ...
Gus Scott (1 month ago)
Feminism the cancer that destroys civilization.
blahblah (1 month ago)
The Russians must be laughing at us.
Darth Maul (1 month ago)
@blahblah Russia is giving the U.S a blowjob in other words right?
blahblah (1 month ago)
@Darth Maul it's our mentality they laugh at. We're so obsorbed by the dysfunctionality of political correctness and all that goes along with that unrealistic liberal doctrine. Russia doesn't have that handicap.
Darth Maul (1 month ago)
Nah bc, they are weaker than our country even with our females, plus females make up less than 1%
marcus ureilius (1 month ago)
if they have an all women special ops teams that successfully completes missions just like the men then ok I'm a believer, however until that happens its a no from me
Raziel De Melo (1 month ago)
Here's a thought: How about...the human race stops killing itself in war so we can stop debating stupid fucking empty points such as should women be doing the killing of humans or should men be the only ones with that right? Do you even fucking hear yourselves? The level of ignorance I am witnessing here is the reason Chuck Norris eventually enters the Mortal Kombat, challenges Shao Khan, defeats Shang Shung, obliterates Quan Chi, disintegrates Shinnok and his shitty amulet, crushes even Onaga, the mighty dragon king. Then we will have peace in the galaxy.
cakesandpi (1 month ago)
Australia actually put this shit in place, out of 150 women or so only 30 could pass the basic physical requirements. Another Women was trying to pass the infantry physical test. Failed to finish the 5km hike with full gear on in time and wasn’t close along with some guys failing but her superiors passed her because they needed her to, the rest of the guy who actually passed got pissed off because she was still on site even though she failed so then ended up getting rid off her. Our police force have a standard for how fit women have to be compared to men. It’s about half as fit and obviously not as strong. I would say that if women are actually feminine they would be very useful in certain situations than men might be but if they are masculine, butch women they are pretty much useless for the police force.
Marguerite Feroli (1 month ago)
Men do all things better and women for the most part pisses and moan. TRIGGARD
Marguerite Feroli (1 month ago)
Give me a break.
NuclearNuke41 (1 month ago)
A-holes: Women are bad at everything. Im sorry, but thats not true. Lets say, I was put in a ring with a professional female MMA fighter. As a dude who has never been in a fight, theres a solid chance I would be down in a minute or 2.
NuclearNuke41 (1 month ago)
@Tornike G ok.
Tornike G (1 month ago)
are you kidding me? generally, women are much MUCH MUUUCH ... ASTRONOMICALLY better than men in whining, complaining, picking fights that offer no real benefits, demanding expensive items that serve no function aside from aesthetics, coming up with thousands of unnecessary and inefficient options on a dime, saying "this is not right! it shouldn't be this way", living in a fictional reality, .etc see. lots of women are bounds and leaps above men in a variety of things! as for your example, sure. as a dude who has never been in an eating competition, there is a solid chance that a competitive eater Sonya Thomas would whoop my ass at speed eating.... granted the same year a male competitor ate almost twice her record...
Bobby Robby (1 month ago)
God commands only women to be in combat. @​
Patrick Gragg (1 month ago)
Here's a good reason at 1:46 for your stupid question why not, because women have periods! There's one right there you want other reasons you stupid fucking media whore?
Bob Stokley (1 month ago)
female marines --- BULLSHIT females are pussies
Goatzilla 0 (1 month ago)
Israel has one if not the best military in the world .. Women are part of the Israel infantry .. This is no experiment, it just works
ak g (1 month ago)
Women wouldn't be in the military if the standards were the same. Even in the US, they are now making their physical fitness standards dependent upon the type of specialty you have. Different minimums, but uniform maximums, and all scores are gender specific, as well.
ak g (1 month ago)
The numbers indicate that around 7 (likely fewer) women in every 1000 is as capable as the average man, which means that a strength test where there were 500 women only 1 or 2 would pass a more difficult test.
David Christensen (1 month ago)
Our congressional men and women should not have a say in this. They need to ask the branches themselves. The USA Army should be able to field a group of men and women officers or trained personnel and make a determination based on ability and long term ability. Then have an open and frank discussion on can women be in the infantry. Let’s be honest it takes a lot of highly trained and skilled people suppling and supporting the “Front Line” knowing full well on any given day and any given time any and all personnel in the USA Army may be ordered to pick up their gun and report and preform the task asked. If the military determines women won’t preform well over the long term or short term then we must believe this, it is not a slam against women. Men and women bodies are different. If it effect them in some rolls we have to be big boys and girls and accept that. I think there is a place and a job for men and women in the USA military. Just let us be honest and adult on taking the best care of all our youth in our military. I salute every one of them. Congress has to step back and support what our military finds. It is unsafe and dishonest to say men and women can preform the same on the front line if it is untrue.
1stcommonsense (1 month ago)
Without Political Correctness, I knew butches in the Army that would whoop your fckn ass! I loved them for that! But! Most women were Nurses and CO's and the best backup you could imagine. We use to call it "going to moms arms". I wouldn't put my mom on the front line.....
matt smith (1 month ago)
I was in the Army and there was some female soldiers ( training with our unit) that was a complete joke they could not even charge the .50 cal in a firefight many soldiers would die because of letting women into combat situations.
dude dude (1 month ago)
so lets start by taking the equal word out of it this is not that ......this is very simple ...the bottom line here is men have the upper hand physically ok but thats not it either its mental men do not want to see females blown up in front of them its demoralizing and distracting to them ...in their head you are their sister mother wife aunt grandmother and when that is shot blown up etc we lse focus and morale ....men seeing other men destroyed is just part of the situation and while terrible it doesnt have that effect ......women not being in combat is not a slght to them or a put down or not being fair to them ....anyone who has served from tier1 down to the most basic soldier knows or should know it takes every person involved to make the wheel go around ....simple as that from the tip of the support to the rear support they are all vital to the mission and it success those who dont get that should respectfully get the fuck out of the service ....this total bullshit of putting women in combat needs to get fixed ...before we fuck up the service and then what ???...or all the men can quit immediately and and all the hat wearing equal this and that and all these women groups combined can now serve and watch as the entire military is slaughtered in one battle and we are totally fucked .....who will they complain to then ...also of note if your a combat vet do you want that for your sister or wife or whomever to have that shit going on in their head ....and then to have to come back and try to nuture kids etc ???/ i wish no one those things and trust me you dont want them but i certainly dont want that for any sister mother anut etc ...war is hell ...hell....in conclusion women know that i respect and love you and know you are capable of so much and yes we are equal partners on this big rock we call earth ....this is why we work we both have strengths and weaknesses together we are strong so ...be the amazing people you are and leave the combat shit to us ...its a dirty nasty worst of the worst thing ..lets us handle it we dont want women to lay down in the mud with pigs ....
Michael M (1 month ago)
Isn't this proven by world records and the Olympics? How is anyone disputing that on average, males are physically superior to women? How CAN anyone? There's infinite PROOF!
ak g (1 month ago)
Facts don't matter feelings do
Dr Evil (1 month ago)
Gretchen Carlson is nothing more than a feminist cunt, that's the reality of it.
Fitness Guru (1 month ago)
Agreed!!! It's ABSURD!! No Other Military will have women in battle, so the women will come against MEN in the other Militaries and DIE!
Brian Griffin (1 month ago)
Equal doesn't mean exactly the same. It means equal rights as a person. It doesn't mean equally qualified. Men and women have different leagues in pro sports for an obvious reason. Even if you are a man and can't measure up to the set standards of a competitive occupation, you won't make it.
Steven Cook (1 month ago)
A woman has the courage to admit that just because you're female it doesn't mean you can do everything that men can do. Women naturally have lesser bone strength, different muscular structures, different ways of thinking and problem solving abilities. They get too emotional too quickly. I've seen female police officers who have to work twice as hard as male officers when they are confronting people on the streets. The female officer needs a male backup. Most female officers don't do that job alone. Even when they do have guns and tasers, they always have backup close by for the female officer. What are the chances of a female officer being able to over power and subdue a 200 pound body builder on steroids? 9 times out of 10 she will fail.
ak g (1 month ago)
11 times out of 10 she'll fail unless she has a gun
Vampfan 75 (1 month ago)
I believe that if women can complete the same training as men, with the same skill as men, they should be allowed on combat missions. I was not aware that it can cause infertility in women and believe that it is necessary that women are made aware of this information before making their decision to join. Also worthy of note is that women have fought in wars in the past. In England during the time of the celts Bodecia was a celtic queen who led her army against the romans, in fact many celtic tribes had women warriors known as Shield Maidens. In France Joan of Arc led the french army to victory. There is nothing wrong with women choosing combat service and as long as they are as qualified and as well trained and their brothers in combat I say go for it.
Elder PlayGames (1 month ago)
Wait a minute. The women do NOT do the same physical exercise as the men. They have different types of push-ups and less push-ups, pull-ups, etc.. to pass. The physical requirement are NOT equal. Why is this NEVER mentioned?
midgetydeath (1 month ago)
So, if there's mass conscription of women during a war and the stress of just brushing what the men do can cause infertility... well, good thing we're so advanced in genetic technologies, I guess. Gonna need to clone a lot of eggs.
PRISM 9 (1 month ago)
You're a terrorist in syria, which situation would you prefer? 7 women running over the dunes to kill you or 7 men? It's harder to run a psychological war when you have females in the military.
Thomas Pridmore (1 month ago)
I would always put women in front
mufuliramark (1 month ago)
Did you hear the disrespectful laugh at the end there from the presenter about writing a book.
ozzy kimble (1 month ago)
women who can pass the same tests as men can go if they want. I don't discriminate. however a 100lbs woman grabbing a 200lb man throwing him over her shoulder and running 100 yrds to safety isn't going to happen. reality is she cant even drag him. marines don't leave men behind. she is a liability and not worth the loss of life period.
Les Krapps (1 month ago)
So they can try it out? this isnt a joke ladies, we arent talking about the cheerleading squad here. War is hell
Adrenaline rush (1 month ago)
Capt. Katie Petronio is gorgeous. She's probably married and has kids.
Igor Antonovich (1 month ago)
she said she lost her fertility being in military
sven erik Moeller (1 month ago)
Simple, have the feminist train as shock troops and send them out as the first wave, no matter what happens it’s a win win scenario
Jerod S (1 month ago)
Stupid media has to dumb it down for dumb Americans.....news woman asks captain: but why shouldn’t they serve on the front lines as infantry? Like everyone who has a brain doesn’t already get it
Don Spartan 2 (1 month ago)
Can't have babies cus its a dude
Wordsmith Gobshite (1 month ago)
Look I'm all for equality, if women want to be in the infantry then let them........someone's got to do the cooking
Sicao is dead (1 month ago)
There are millions of MEN that are good general shape, who are not suitable for front-line infantry. You need to be the best of the best. Physical strength is vital... as a 5'9, 150lbs man, I know I wouldn't last a minute physically. I'd cope mentally, just like many women would, but you need strength and mental power, simple.
Paul M (1 month ago)
Remember they were trying to make the boot camps coed? Anyone who has been to Marine Corps Bootcamp knows how asinine and impossible that is.
roger5173 (1 month ago)
let women on the front line..men on the front line need bj's too
stratowhore (1 month ago)
Jesus! Leave them to it and women fight as well as men or even better as shown by women in the Soviet Army during WWII, Victoria Charlotte in Vietnam, and lots of other war zones. The problem probably lies with US cultural values and the Marines as an institution.
Norwegian Crusader (1 month ago)
stratowhore women fought better than men during ww2? Nice joke
Sand Man (1 month ago)
Men and Women are beautifully different. Those differences should be embraced not fought against. Both designed for different tasks for the good of humanity.
Sea Shell (1 month ago)
Beautifully put and very true. :)
L CHAVEZ (1 month ago)
Turkish women are allowed to fight. It distracts the men when one dies or gets injured. They grieve instead of fight.
Alina McPherson (1 month ago)
I do not believe females should even be allowed to fight unless absolutely necessary. We are just not strong enough and just because we can do what a male can does not mean we should.
justin valdez (1 month ago)
Sign up for the draft!!! Oh no? Come on equality.
wheelmanstan (1 month ago)
holy crap, she basically became infernal from the training!

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