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Who is Manipulating Facebook? - Smarter Every Day 215

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Thank you Facebook for being so open to this discussion. Thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this series. Get 3 months free with 12-month plan at https://www.expressvpn.com/smarter Click here if you're interested in subscribing: http://bit.ly/Subscribe2SED ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ An update to about my barber's instagram account. It has been taken down. It's possible the username has been changed. We're not sure at this point if Facebook took it down, but it is no longer communicating with people in the community. This is the third video in a Smarter Every Day series on social media manipulation. Manipulating the YouTube algorithm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PGm8LslEb4 Twitter Platform Manipulation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-1RhQ1uuQ4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION Facebook statements on the Internet Research Agency: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/04/authenticity-matters/ Mark Zuckerberg: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/mark-zuckerberg-the-internet-needs-new-rules-lets-start-in-these-four-areas/2019/03/29/9e6f0504-521a-11e9-a3f7-78b7525a8d5f_story.html?utm_term=.fe93ab549667 Follow NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence : https://twitter.com/STRATCOMCOE Check out "Robotrolling" https://www.stratcomcoe.org/robotrolling-20191 NATO (Our interview took place on NATO's 70th birthday). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO Renée Diresta is a Mozilla Fellow in Media, Misinformation, and Trust, where she researches unintended consequences of algorithms and works towards helping machines make better decisions. Renee also writes about disinformation and the changing face of information war — check out her essay “The Digital Maginot Line” (https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2018/11/28/the-digital-maginot-line) — and is a contributor to Wired Ideas (https://www.wired.com/author/renee-diresta). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweet Ideas to me at: http://twitter.com/smartereveryday Smarter Every Day on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SmarterEveryDay Smarter Every Day on Patreon http://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Smarter Every Day On Instagram http://www.instagram.com/smartereveryday Smarter Every Day SubReddit http://www.reddit.com/r/smartereveryday Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery https://www.ashellinthepit.com/ http://ashellinthepit.bandcamp.com/ If you feel like this video was worth your time and added value to your life, please SHARE THE VIDEO! If you REALLY liked it, feel free to pitch a few dollars Smarter Every Day by becoming a Patron. http://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Warm Regards, Destin
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SmarterEveryDay (27 days ago)
This is the third video in a series I'm doing on social media manipulation. Facebook is an extremely interesting case to study. They're the largest social media platform in the world and one could argue they've felt the pain of this stuff more than any other platform. I find it to be EXTREMELY interesting that they're transitioning to an ACTIVE position on misinformation as opposed to REACTIVE. I think it's super easy for the public to dismiss what facebook says because of their branding/trust issues.... but regardless of what you think about the company, they are one of the most attacked platforms in the world. Therefore, they're the most experienced people at countering this threat. At times it seems like they're getting their butts kicked, and at others it seems like they're winning. Facebook is not blameless, but directing all of our conversational energy towards the platform itself avoids a major issue, namely the people using the platform to do harm, or to inauthentically promote/discredit something. The case of the fitness coach was disturbing. This is a well-known individual with millions of followers. She was clearly benefitting from inauthentic followers and commenters. Someone sympathetic to her clearly wrote the comments. The evidence was very damning in my opinion.... but ultimately I made the decision to blur our her page because attribution is difficult. What if someone purchased face comments on Smarter Every Day and said nice things, then framed me as the one who bought the comments? These are the types of things that undermine the very notion of social media integrity. Another thought here. If you don't use facebook, you may be tempted to leave an anti-facebook comment. Totally cool. I'm not a heavy facebook user myself. I don't post my videos to facebook often because of their intellectual property policies. That being said, I've noticed that the tone of many of these comments has a "superiority" feel to them, with most of the disdain directed at the platform facebook itself. I think this is extremely interesting because its possible platform manipulation has affected how you feel about these platforms themselves. The people I met are trying very hard to make a high integrity platform, but it's clear they are fighting a huge corrupt industry, and in some cases a literal disinformation war. My language will be more charitable in the future.
Scott Gartner (7 days ago)
My biggest problem with Facebook is that you CAN'T DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. I "closed" my Facebook account long ago (more than 8 years ago) and still today every time I accidentally find myself clicking on a link that leads to facebook it bugs me to reopen my account (it knows who I am due to cross-pollination agreements with companies I still use, like Google, Amazon, etc.). Hopefully my password is complex enough that it can't be taken over by bad actors, but how would I know since I don't use it? It would be much better for them to allow me to actually close and delete my account than leave it in "limbo" forever. But, of course, then they can't include my information in correlation with other people, hence I stop making money for them, so they won't do that.
Kevin West (7 days ago)
I learned a ton, and you're right. A few years back when I left Facebook I had a superior mentality because I "wasn't easily swayed, like other people who use Facebook", which is just not true. It was refreshing to know these guys and gals are working toward creating a safer Facebook. Love your videos, God bless!
Kirsch kern (7 days ago)
Facebook itself is based on Manipulating the mind of a human who use Facebook. Now Facebook must taste its own "Medicin"!
James Ryzlot (9 days ago)
You really sold out on this video - you should be ashamed
James Ryzlot (10 days ago)
Why did they ban Laura Loomer - in their view she is dangerous - why not ask about that JR
AKEWSD (3 hours ago)
What is Google doing? Youtube has more mess
Giovanni Flores (6 hours ago)
Facebook is manipulating Facebook. When all the "fact checkers" are lefties and all the "moderators" are lefties anything too conservative for their liking gets flagged. Every day you see the "mistaken" action of conservative pages being taken down.
Jeff Schell (8 hours ago)
Also look at Cambridge Analytica. They took data from what was supposed to be a university study on psychology where people filled out personality tests on Facebook. Cambridge Analytica then took this information and created targeted ads and posts that heavily influenced Brexit in the UK and to some extent, the 2016 US Election. I tend not to use Facebook for much myself and don't put too much stock into "sponsored" news posts or those shared by others, without independently confirming said story on at least 3 different trusted news sources.
S Winter (17 hours ago)
Facebook are the last people you want to talk about manipulating Facebook. All they have to do is call you dangerous and you are donzo!
tysdaddy970 NTBFW (1 day ago)
Would it be a legality if I filled out a person of trust on a video idea? I could even make it tid bit of real history of my reasoning be advertised to a paper or journal and the computer business will follow protocol on a mind of men who are now mined. Is this a riddle in the middle production type of domain power I feel suppressed and well a bit of the matter I feel are unique. Call my character coach and ask if this is funny or scary? Lol it's a research on the counter destin to make my chess move is not my choice is how I see my thumbs. Want me to put on a suit of change and show what had already been decided or possibly decided....metric can seal the beast and make space dissapeared in conscious frontal lobe. Cut it a d see the projection of my lights be forced out of the Christian church. Not to destin just his board has eyes a d I'm a man who has been visited not by flesh demonstrations to be nullified or undermined in webs or bars?
Barb Mulvaney (1 day ago)
Gregory May (1 day ago)
“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” --William Casey, past CIA director.
Gregory May (1 day ago)
9:38 EVERYTHING IS CO OPTED. The government and the mainstream EVERYTHING is a MASTER at creating fake "opposition" and then working both sides of the "issue", steering the narrative where they want it to go. Every topic, every group is worked this way.
Gregory May (1 day ago)
Who decides what is and isn't "fake news"... so much propaganda in the "real" news", that to many real people that use facebook and other social media, feel that finding TRUTH outside "traditional" or "trusted" sources is a necessity. The real news is not reality, but pushing agendas. Posting OUR research and our journalism, "alternative journalism" has grown and should not be flagged and treated as fake news, which I see happening.
Gregory May (1 day ago)
Gregory May (1 day ago)
Facebook, and social media in general, and human-obsession with it, has turned humans into bots.
Gregory May (1 day ago)
The creators of misinformation is best done by the government agencies assigned to do that, and work with the social media platforms to create algorithms to suppress, shadow ban, or alter views, numbers, hide, promote what ever material / posts they want to control.
Gregory May (1 day ago)
"Global" = World-problem.
Clint Ellish (1 day ago)
Facebook HATES Republicans. Its NO secret. You are nothing more than a Mouth Piece for Large Business.
Douwe Feitsma (1 day ago)
Sad to see that these great videos only get 700k views. The YouTube algorithm is broken and doesn't take 'quality' in to account in steering the audience.
Ed Roberts (2 days ago)
Great series! Would love another one on Reddit. Has opened my eyes and made me smarter today! @smartereveryday how do active accounts get hacked like your barber? Is it safe to just have a facebook account I don't use?
Oma Cool (2 days ago)
I despise fb as they frequently mindfuck us all.
Oma Cool (2 days ago)
Face book doesnt like me so im done w that. I just want all of my info deleted .
Andrew Tucker (2 days ago)
I don't understand how anyone trusts Facebook at all
Ups and Downs (2 days ago)
Also destroying conservative accounts that actually show facts and not emotions
Nils Fredrik Gjerull (2 days ago)
What about false-flagging legitimate content you disagree with? What messure do Facebook use to protect against that?
Hypo Thebai (2 days ago)
"...polarizing, sensational click bait." Sounds like most of cable news to me.
Waizwaid Arenosa (2 days ago)
Oh no, not this masturbator. He can only annoy me but never teach me anything.
TMHonfire102 (2 days ago)
So after watching this video It seems "Facebook is Manipulating Facebook." Who would have guessed that one.
jojo (2 days ago)
The whole video was a "hard engineering problem." Deepthroating youtube, facebook, and twitter all at the same time is extremely impressive...
videos online (2 days ago)
this engineer is naive and politically correct
ChaosTherum (2 days ago)
The funny thing is that this wouldn't be a problem if Facebook hadn't tried to manipulate us in the first place and just stuck with a chronological timeline.
Colby Dutton (2 days ago)
"Speaking of protection..." that could have gone a different way
uksuperrascal (2 days ago)
Hi - I have just looked at my Facebook news feeds most recent - 19 May 2019 @ 01:58 and there is not one single info icon on any post ?
Amira Lozse (3 days ago)
well, Destin, those people at FB HQ did a very good job in manipulating YOU!!!
Jeremy Rovny (3 days ago)
Matt Ringen (3 days ago)
Anyone else see him casually blitz 260+ Mbs down and 160+ up? Bravo. When one works with 4k 60fps, one doesn't have a 1/2" supply line to an 8-burner range top.
Rocket League (3 days ago)
Charge a dollar to start an account
Hariom Tiwari (1 day ago)
15:14 !!! x=O x=O
Chris Perry (3 days ago)
Don’t try your Jedi mind tricks on me! I look at this as folks who want to be manipulated being manipulated. Younger folks who’s brains are still in concrete thinking are easier to manipulate, but they should have a parent to help them understand.
Ben B (3 days ago)
All well and good that FB ‘provides’ links and info such as little i’s in the corner of a story or ad, but how many people actually read those?!?!?! It’s not enough! People are LAZY! They want it easy! Which is sad to me but there has to be more done!
AlienDog (3 days ago)
In the interview with Tessa Lyons, she basically said reducing is showing the user mostly things Facebook wants them to see. This is the reason i don't use Facebook anymore.
CulturalCompass (3 days ago)
Another great video, thanks much
Question Everything (3 days ago)
Religion is manipulating your mind.
Aranak777 (3 days ago)
Trudeau did the thing of the double protest and finance the 2 of the green versus the pro pipeline i thank you very much to try to be unbiased
Pat Howell (4 days ago)
Excellent series. Thanks for all of the hard work. How have I missed this channel? Glitter bomb led me here :) Just sub'd
Dee Marty (4 days ago)
Why do you interrupt yourself? Autism?
not a channel (4 days ago)
Press like if you are easily manipulatable.
John Grimes (4 days ago)
KYC know your costumer on the blockchain would get rid of fake people
Jonathan Bellemare (4 days ago)
When the guy say 30000 peoples are working on that, it can't be possible... Facebook has actually 30000 employees for the whole company.
Wayne The Seine (4 days ago)
Who is watching Facebook and policing their political manipulation? 30,000 people reviewing content..... your content meant only for those you include in your circle....your photos, you thoughts and those of family and friends.....without your permission. In regard to the calls for regulation....people are more concerned with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being bad actors as opposed to online bots etc. Their power to influence elections and thereby influence society is frightening. We have witnessed their heavy handed censorship and assault on freedom of speech.
Skreeet Beeet (4 days ago)
Thanks I learned a lot about the platform
The best way to solve the problem: break up big social media companies. They are too big, they have too many users, they will never have sufficient staff and technology to regulate 2 billion users.
Mark Lorenz Lising (4 days ago)
Facebook siding with the government to manipulate people.
Faizal (4 days ago)
Who are these 1k Dislikers? I mean why?
Artificial Red (5 days ago)
FB intentionally shows you more negative content as users become more engaged , AKA advertising dollars.
Roy L (5 days ago)
Sorry to see you getting political, especially supporting polarization of media. I've lost a lot of respect for you due tot his video. Check out projectveritas on this issue.
Stu Art (5 days ago)
the solution is more data lol always more data
jubathoff (5 days ago)
You, sir, are a true patriot. Thank you for gathering first-hand information about a true problem facing our society, in a way that promotes thoughtful discussion & problem solving rather than fear and rhetoric. This is the path we need to take to bridge the schisms that make communication between people difficult on social media. The fact is, people are easily manipulated when they are in an emotionally reactive state. These AI systems want people to be as predictable as possible, which means promoting divisive and inflammatory content. Maybe you should run for office; our country needs more people approaching issues from all sides, with the same reason & attitude that you demonstrate in these videos.
mike tippon (5 days ago)
Any person who lets FB, YT or cable media influence them as to polarizing them need to get away from TV and internet for a long long time. I had members of my family at home not speaking to one another due to what they watched on cable news. One day they came home, turned on the Tv's and cable was gone!! Air tv is all I have had here since. My family is again intact. Next it was a matter of shutting down teachers influencing 10th grade students for online protests supporting that teacher's own ideology. That has zero business in a 10th grade English class. Teacher was disciplined, as many parents complained their kids were becoming out of control due to the things this teacher told them.
Parimal Udapurkar (5 days ago)
Everytime you ask for subscription I ask myself what can I do more than subscribe 😍
raven lord (5 days ago)
The biggest problem is when the platform itself has its own agenda. If the big three were absolutely neutral then it would be much easier to spot fraudulent content based upon its extreme nature. But if the platform itself has a perceived bias, then two things happen: 1) genuine content may simply be written off by the viewer as just propaganda being allowed (or even pushed) by the platform, and 2) counter content may be made by gaming the algorithm in an attempt to "level the playing field". If you fix the first problem (addressing platform bias) then these other issues will be much easier to deal with.
Mr PostNorts (6 days ago)
How come no mention of Project Veritas and the undercover videos they made about Facebook manually manipulating for the Left?
Facebook FAILED to protect my page that had 300,000 followers. I told them numerous times as the hacker was posting spam, and eventually naughty stuff. It seems they might have been financed by shares company. I lost the account and dislike the staff and owners who let me down. Facebook is ruined, my other pages are having other problems. I really want someone punished for all the problems they have caused.
James Madore (6 days ago)
anyone thats used new freedom to tell you who is manipulating you, is .
There is no knowing, only imagining.
James X Patterson (6 days ago)
you have scratched the surface of the internet issues of the future I watched all three of your videos and I have learned so much thank you
Big Jims Shed (6 days ago)
Stop using facebook be happier who said that
Big Jims Shed (6 days ago)
I'm a Christian and not easily swain
Jose Gabriel Miranda (6 days ago)
this video looks like it was generated by the facebook P.R. team.
Rodolfo Soto (6 days ago)
Facebook practically invented cyber manipulation, now they don't like when they can't control others manipulation, to top it up they also claim they are not to blame when it occurs. I don't do Facebook, I don't do twitter and I don't like or subscribe easily in YouTube.
Jason Schmidt (6 days ago)
This a fake comment, that I paid to put on here! 🤖
Lexi Stamatelos (6 days ago)
BORING!!!! lol i watched yt tho was quite boring also but i still love his other vids
aloysius yanas (6 days ago)
semore butts (6 days ago)
Ok. Unsubscribe.
videogiocatore3 (6 days ago)
Im one of those 30 thousands people for reviewing and im proud of what I do!
Furious D (6 days ago)
That explains why Conservative views are censored more than Liberal views.
helicart (6 days ago)
Facebook doesn't give a stuff about its users. It is purely a political weapon aimed at reducing democracy and freedom of speech, and building a one world govt controlled by a tech elite. Like many others, I deleted my account a year ago.
Geolab (6 days ago)
Financial commitment is the ultimate counter attack against fake accounts. If facebook is not free, say, $5 per month, it would be hard for fake acounts to work. When your account gets hacked you would immediately stop paying for it.
Josh N. (6 days ago)
• Hi Destin, 'sup bro? :) First off your channel is awesome. I just want to share a story. I was an admin for a Facebook group. with more than 100,000 members. It was a debate group, about religion and faith, and yesterday it was taken down by Facebook without any warning at all, just a generic message about "criminal organizations and terrorist groups", AFTER the group was shut down. All of us admins are sure there were no posts of that kind in the group. Is it their AI filtering system that make decisions and judgement calls for shutting down harmless groups? Is there any way to appeal? Also, we created a new Facebook group, (same name), and as your video is very informative, I want to share this video to that group. Wish you a great day, to you and your beautiful family. :)
Graeme Evans (6 days ago)
Facebook doesnt need much help polarizing people with their obviously biased censoring
Rabies Babies (7 days ago)
Why haven't you deleted this video yet? You're a huge target if people see you advertising how to shut down free speech.
Garrett Nichols (7 days ago)
Captioning not working after 1:40. Please fix!!
Tyson Yarnell (7 days ago)
these videos are blowing my mind, it's terrifying how expansive it is.
Keatrith Amakiir (7 days ago)
I'm an atheist (and bit of an anti-theist if I'm being 100% honest) and I've been a huge fan of yours for years. I only just learned you were a Christian, and I just wanted to say thank you for your stance on keeping religion as personal / private, and not a part of your channel or politics. I grew up around all Christians, and all my friends regularly "tried to save my soul" and it drove me insane that they couldn't separate their god from our friendship (I'm friends with only 1 of them still as an adult, but we lost touch for over a decade and only recently reconnected). You are awesome, thanks for the content, have a great day.
Taylor Bridges (5 days ago)
Surrendering to Jesus is the way and the truth and the life.
Kirsch kern (7 days ago)
Facebook itself is based on Manipulating the mind of a human who use Facebook. Now Facebook must taste its own "Medicin"!
D Hyde (7 days ago)
If your corporate headquarters is in Menlo Park, California, there is no way that the actions taken by Facebook employees to "balance" content in the platform WON'T be skewed by their own personal biases. The liberal, progressive, anti-conservative mindset is endemic there. Don't even TRY to deny that.
Headless Prophet (7 days ago)
Now you are being as irresponsible as those you warn about. You are over representing some nefarious 'threat' that is supposedly a unique byproduct of social media manipulation. Isn't that exactly what "those that seek to divide us" are supposedly doing? For example, suggesting that genocide in Myanmar is a result of Facebook manipulation is...well..exaggerating to manipulate your audience! Inter ethnic violence is nothing new. Manipulation of identity is nothing new. Social media is simply one more aspect of this phenomenon. Don't ignore it, but don't over represent it.
felipecsabbag (7 days ago)
Is there a center in this issue? One problem to exclude and resolve the entire social media fake side?
Dylann Co (7 days ago)
I wonder how many bots are on this comment section. I might be one, ups. Come on guys, show yourself up, rule the world computers
Shane Pleasance (7 days ago)
I have a very fake commitment to inauthenticity.
RhudeX_ kia (8 days ago)
That's my country
Yoshi Thiele (8 days ago)
wish more ppl would take the time to watch this
Alpha Ink (8 days ago)
if someone tells you the obvious truth from a script...theyre probably getting you to suspect anyone and everyone besides them, and hopefully trust every thing from then that they tell ya
Easy solution kill facebook someone needs to hack and destroy it they would be a hero
Green Brain Seaside (8 days ago)
thanks! great content
ofernandofilo (8 days ago)
continue using fake accounts :D That's how you need to use online tools. your privacy matter. fb don't.
Buddy Rojek (8 days ago)
So Facebook has fake users and eyeballs, it has counter measures but generally it is fake users so not 2 billion users . And generally if I want to politically manipulate the public I will use bridge banners and hope they tell their friends
James baraga (8 days ago)
I'm absolutely shocked that you were able to get that far with Facebook. Talking to the workers and stuff like that I'm impressed with you you go
air7tv (9 days ago)
Twitter : reusable mugs - great! Facebook : PET bottle water - u suck!
Charles Clements (9 days ago)
I am going to need more explanation because I am not mathematically inclined. I need for you to break it down and give it to me in a step by step order.
Joe Blow (9 days ago)
I am a Bot
Joseph white (9 days ago)
Wow makes me want to go and throw out the system the system which I mostly have already done and if I use it it is for very specific things
Brandom Vasquez (9 days ago)
Funny the first video of this series was on my recommendations

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