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Gag Reel! Day [9] vs. Janet Varney in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers

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All the hilarious outtakes from the Janet Varney episode of Spellslingers, as Sean "Day[9]" Plott tries focus and play Magic: the Gathering. Check out the original episode here: https://youtu.be/K6qFxUcplQ4 And get your Spellslingers shirts here: http://bit.ly/SPELLS_Shirt_DrawWell http://bit.ly/SPELLS_Shirt_ItResolves Regardless of who wins, in the words of Sean Plott: May you go forth. May you fight the good fight and defeat all the Blues. And of course, may you draw well. GLHF, everyone, and don't forget: Magic the Gathering is for winners. Don't do drugs, kids. Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (164)
lazygamer (1 year ago)
"Sit there and look realll pretty" *Sean gets dmg over 500*
Kaiser Meyers (1 year ago)
2018 and finally pushing to the 3 year mark with no new spellslingers :(
gadriel combs (1 year ago)
More Spellslingers please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buruzu (2 years ago)
more spellslinger PLS! :(
anonymous Gaming (2 years ago)
it sucks u guys stop these
Night Hawk (2 years ago)
I'm sry,but wasn't there suppose to be lightning coming out of there fingers and the deck shows up😂😂😂
Dylan Bogusz (3 years ago)
Did you guys kill this series?
Mike Forgie (3 years ago)
Bring this back
Notreal76 (3 years ago)
"...but when I eat a bowl of cereals, I eat the shit out of it." "You’re a Hero!" Funniest conversation ever.
Mike Parker (3 years ago)
GIVE US MORE!!!!!!!!
Syntax (3 years ago)
Where is this series?
Jay Peters (3 years ago)
Alisethera (3 years ago)
People talk about how bad blue is just for blue messing with you. My friend has a blue deck, one of my strongest creatures has protection from blue (mistcutter hydra) but is doesnt matter because his playstyle with it is to spam the 1/1 flying tokens.
ENJager (3 years ago)
2:34 THAT VOICE!!! That voice...I love it.
ENJager (3 years ago)
Janet Varney is just such a darling!
Drew Ingram (3 years ago)
So...when do we get an episode for Battle of Zendikar?
Alex Biersner (3 years ago)
when will the new episodes of Spellslingers start?
Alex Biersner (2 years ago)
Such a great channel, Geek & Sundry. Looks like I'm going to be bungee watching some shows in the near future
Jeremiah Feather (2 years ago)
It's been a year. We need more Spellslingers!
Alex Biersner (3 years ago)
awesome, can't wait!
Geek & Sundry (3 years ago)
+Alex Biersner We start filming early next year!
john meskill (3 years ago)
so is this not a thing anymore?
Christine Kirby (1 year ago)
Christine Kirby (1 year ago)
I think it really depends on if Wizards of the Coast want to find it again
john meskill (1 year ago)
Pretty sure its gone forever
Josef Panes (1 year ago)
Let's hope it starts sometime this year then. =(
Xpyto (3 years ago)
They said they will start filming early next year!! Hope is not lost.
Line Frederiksen (3 years ago)
Anybody know when the next episode of Spellslingers is up? It's my favorite show here on YouTube, and I think it has been way too long now!😫
Christine Kirby (3 years ago)
It will come back. This is the end of the season.
Edward Nammur (3 years ago)
When are the new episodes? :c
kellyloganme (3 years ago)
Hope Geek&Sundry's medical plan covers injuries from dramatic podcast poses like that neck-strain. . .
superguy2569 (3 years ago)
When is more Spellslingers coming back???
Afi John (3 years ago)
Was Janet's episode the last episode for Spellslingers this season ?
Christine Kirby (3 years ago)
+David Freeman I'm sure it will be back on in the summer :-)
David Freeman (3 years ago)
+Christine Kirby Also, ventured here for this info. Sadness.
Christine Kirby (3 years ago)
Munchalat (3 years ago)
Wheres the next episode
Hotshot Gamer (3 years ago)
When's season 4
YoursTruly Eminence (3 years ago)
doombringer4519 (3 years ago)
are there any more of these coming out for this season?
Mathias Mägi (3 years ago)
More Spellslingers
Trevor D (3 years ago)
No more spellsingers? How come you took it off the weekly schedule? Im bummed!
Donovan Simmons (3 years ago)
Where art though oh humble Spellslingers?
where is a zendikar vid
will there be more Magic? i miss it already(
john meskill (3 years ago)
when is the next episode
Twizter 17 (3 years ago)
When are they going to make a new video? It's been so long!
Jonas Lindesjö (3 years ago)
when is the next episod comming?
Helene Sondresen (3 years ago)
i hope there will be a video with Battle for zendikar very soon :D
Nick Wright (3 years ago)
where is the next spell slinger? I have been waiting for like 3 weeks now. it would be fun to see Will Wheaton on the show. he has stated that he knows how to play and you have been on his show. .. makes sense. also try to get the professor from tolerian academy and wedge from the manasource
Nick Wright (3 years ago)
almost forgot Evan Erwin from the Magic Show would be extremely fun.
Nick Wright (3 years ago)
also Jeremy from mtgheadquarters
Burak Toygar (3 years ago)
I love her
Zachary Allspach (3 years ago)
Did spellslingers get cancelled again?
Sheriff K (3 years ago)
Where's the next episode, it's been like 3 weeks.. o_0
Robert Hathaway (3 years ago)
Why no episode this week? I also noticed that it's not listed on the schedule anymore. Is this show not coming back?
wade cochrane (3 years ago)
So is spellslingers done since their is no more core sets
CarrotVision3D (3 years ago)
You should invite the guy from the Tolarian Community Collage YouTube channel
Cherrick (3 years ago)
Janet was the best yet. Please have her back on all the things.
TheSims Lover (3 years ago)
Janet!!! She's so beautiful!
BoxMusic (3 years ago)
Is there no longer spellslingers?
Dandantheicecreamman (3 years ago)
i want to play magic with u
baisus13 (3 years ago)
sean plott is the only reason is still visit g&s
felipe cejas (3 years ago)
where is the new one
ThegreatMizuti777 (3 years ago)
Can someone, anyone, confirm in any capacity if this was indeed the last episode of the season? It's not on the schedule anymore, but then again TitansGrave still is. There is nothing in any of the video descriptions and I spent the last however long looking through the relevant twitter accounts, but there seems to be nothing. Is a 'This will be the last one for a while, hope to see you next season' or a 'episode delayed, but season not over' so hard? EDIT: Actually, scratch that, it DOES say so... In the description of the video on the website. Just not on youtube, apparently, the uninformed masses can fumble in the dark. So, I guess I will answer my own question: Yes, the season is over!
Deadpool Kyle (3 years ago)
Sean...you must drink more 5 hour energies! and I loved Janet on the show! Thank you @geekandsundry
Zack Salstrom (3 years ago)
where is the new spellslingers vid, is the season over?
Doug Jones (3 years ago)
I was hoping for some more instructo-pods this year. I'm sorry to see they weren't produced. Now, I have 39 episodes that I have to watch over and over until next July....
Ram M (3 years ago)
when does the next episode come out?
Eliot Chi (3 years ago)
there is going to be a fourth right? please?
Mishari Alatwan (3 years ago)
Is spellslingers over?
Matthew (3 years ago)
Hey Geek&Sundry what brand card sleeves are you all using? I have a couple games I'd like to protect from kid fingers.
masamune2984 (3 years ago)
Seconded. Those glossy sleeves are amazing!
Roman Penna (3 years ago)
Magic is mostly just tells....yes
Ken Colborn (3 years ago)
this has further cemented my like of Janet Varney as a person. If she ever comes to the Philadelphia area, I will gladly buy her a cheesesteak. Heck, I'll even throw in some fries and a drink!
Grayson Christian (3 years ago)
I was surprised at the lack of Legend of Korra jokes in this episode
Spiritx1992 (3 years ago)
She mentioned air bending if that counts lol
Grayson Christian (3 years ago)
I really want to see them play a game of Commander
irishboy9780 (3 years ago)
OneEyedJack01 (3 years ago)
Waiting to see Sean play Aisha Tyler.
matt606 (3 years ago)
Bonus? or BONER......christ you're pretty Janet.....
Frank Jackson (3 years ago)
close your eyes, and suddenly you'll hear Korra.
Regina Van Buuren (3 years ago)
This is hilarious.
hellspawn879 (3 years ago)
I'm sorry but when the player doesn't know what their doing I can't stand watching it
hellspawn879 (3 years ago)
+Christine Kirby good point
Christine Kirby (3 years ago)
+Emmet Berlin I think Janet's got a pretty good handle on it. Also, since she's a comedienne, expect banter. 
hellspawn879 (3 years ago)
+Robert Hathaway of course that's all well and good but I'm just saying it makes for better content to have more experienced players preferably male, nothing against women it's just that whenever they have women playing, even experienced, it seems like there's more banter then I can handle
Robert Hathaway (3 years ago)
+Emmet Berlin Everyone has to start somewhere. I'm sure you didn't know everything when you first started playing.
hellspawn879 (3 years ago)
+Christine Kirby yeah i can tell, it would be a lot more entertaining if they had people that were experienced
Danceofmasks (3 years ago)
Whoa, the flirting is real.
FinalBossTV (3 years ago)
Janet Varney. <3
TheHedstrom (3 years ago)
+FinalBoss.tv FinalBossTV <3 :o
Anathema Nu (3 years ago)
She's a lot more personable in this video. Sean's comment in the left panel at the end was hilarious.
wetnoodl (3 years ago)
she is so very pretty *swoon*
Falonefal (3 years ago)
Sean likes Jaaaneeet, Sean likes Jaaaaneeeet, nana na na naaa na.
CarlosH (3 years ago)
When I hear Janet I can only imagine Korra being there
Phill O'Donnell (3 years ago)
Oh for the day every guest Magic player is told "don't play creatures in your first main phase without a reason!"
Javo (3 years ago)
janet is amazing. i want to just close my eyes amd imagine korra but she is too adorable not to look at
baciu14 (3 years ago)
can u belive she is around 40 ?
imkluu (3 years ago)
+baciu14 I had no idea. she looks about 28.
Non mathic (3 years ago)
Janet has too much charisma for one body
Ror Livthes (3 years ago)
She seems a bit hyper. She knows she is not suppose to snort the magic dust , right?
Leelior (3 years ago)
xanderps210 (3 years ago)
Janet made an air bending joke. All is right with the world.
AlthenaLuna (3 years ago)
Nerds in their natural environments are such majestic creatures. I really love the outtakes.
Alex Heinrichs (3 years ago)
I want another episode with Janet, she's is so cool.
Yuchen Zhou (3 years ago)
@1:55 Sean should've gained 3 life.
Santiago Cruz (3 years ago)
Manuel Pako Alvarez (3 years ago)
The sad thing is that this will be the last thing we would see about spellslingers, sean plott and magic the gathering for a long time. I love magic and definitely want to see more of this shit. But I'll have to wait, BFZ it's coming soon and I love hanging out with my nerd friends playing mtg, specially commander. You should consider doing one duel of commander, just like you explain 2HG. Regards.
TheCrosshare (3 years ago)
These two must never procreate. It would herald in a child that would take over all of entertainment with superhuman wit, humour, looks and charisma.
TheHermago (3 years ago)
+TheCrosshare Indeed. It would simply be unfair!
dragatus (3 years ago)
Janet was a super fun guest and I'd love to see her return in the future. Or in an episode of Tabletop or one of the other G&S shows.
Boris (3 years ago)
This was one of my favorite episodes - I think particularly as they seemed to really enjoy each others company.
David Dunst (3 years ago)
Janet was among the best, most entertaining guests yet on the series. Thank you G&S.
jcb3393 (8 months ago)
Now you must bring back "Escape!" - she was amazing (and so was that show)
Geek & Sundry (3 years ago)
+sttommore You're most welcome :)
Nero Wolfe (3 years ago)
Sponsored by 5-Hour Energy... Until he mentions the unfortunate side-effects, e.g. hallucinations, then it's off to the lawyers!
Tashina Williams (3 years ago)
I've watched this four times now because it's so funny!! I'm in tears!! XD
Kamodomon (3 years ago)
I need more bloopers for EVERYTHING.
Shaderino Kripperino (3 years ago)
"Gavin?" "..yes?" "it's me Janet." "Oh Hi Janet how's it going right now?" "prettyyyy gooood" "Uh. Great." I have no idea why I laughed at this so hard :D
Ben Childs (3 years ago)
Are you there, Gavin? It's me Janet is one of the lesser known Judy Bloom books.
Slasler (3 years ago)
I watch this for the Plott.
Marcus Alm (3 years ago)
+Slasler I really liked the Plott development between Sean and Janet, if you catch my long shot of a joke :)
KainScion (3 years ago)
awww. i thought she was back.
thegiftedone (3 years ago)
I would like a lady like Janet Varney. Where might I pick one up?
thegiftedone (3 years ago)
They have a what with a whom?
Alex Harden (3 years ago)
+thegiftedone Suggest you pay a visit to your local university. They othern have a christian union somewhere.
Samurai Otter (3 years ago)
You need to find several different books. The first one should lead you to the others. It's in the deepest catacombs of Paris. Good luck!
thegiftedone (3 years ago)
I don't think I even know one! *desperation*
Samurai Otter (3 years ago)
+thegiftedone  It was a long and rigorous ritual that included about... 13? The minimum is 9. I sacrificed 13 just to be safe.
Dragonivon (3 years ago)
Janet Varney is a delight, we need more of her brightening up our collective day.
Christian Scott (3 years ago)
+Rubi Khan Sounds great! Where do I sign up?
cha0sniper (3 years ago)
+JasonJMist You got that backwards, unless they changed it again since the last time I checked. Regardless, I'm nitpicking, and I'm going to shut up now xD
Lasse Andersen (3 years ago)
No, just confused you said ADD and not ADHD ^^
SparkSkel (3 years ago)
Hyperactivity. And I consider that a good thing.
Lasse Andersen (3 years ago)
+JasonJMist Do you know what the H stands for in ADHD ?
Guilherme Cunha (3 years ago)
That Gavin bit at the end was priceless.
jfaulsti10 (3 years ago)
"I'm sorry; I've had a 5-Hour Energy, so I'm hallucinating."
Geek & Sundry (3 years ago)
+jfaulsti10 One must beware of the 5-Hour energy demon...
alphaprawns (3 years ago)
Janet was great, easily one of the most hilarious guests.

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