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Joss Whedon Fights a One-Eyed Monster in "Scary Smash" - Written By A Kid Ep. 1

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A monster, a milk truck, a S.Q.U.A.T. team leader named Gerald, and an epic 7 day battle -- all from the mind of 5-year-old Brett. See WBAK Ep 2 "Goth Boy" here: http://youtu.be/vZz6LDY-6dU Go behind the scenes with "Scary Smash" here: http://youtu.be/QUtcIbzbTn8 Find out how "Scary Smash" found its cast here: http://youtu.be/oSwKY5B0zcw "Scary Smash" styles: http://youtu.be/Cr5A_s51ds4 Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://full.sc/GTVYfM Join the conversation about "Written By A Kid" on our forums at: http://geekandsundry.com/forums/categories/written-by-a-kid Click "See More" for more info on Scary Smash! Created By WILL BOWLES & JOSH FLAUM Executive Producers SHERI BRYANT FELICIA DAY KIM EVEY Supervising Producer DANIEL STRANGE Producers JOSH FLAUM WILL BOWLES Original Story by BRETT BALIGAD Directed by DANIEL STRANGE Starring: JOSS WHEDON as Gerald KATE MICUCCI as Lady DAVE FOLEY AS The Milkman Editor DANIEL STRANGE Animation EVAN LARSON Costumes ROBIN VANE Photography MAARTEN DE BOER Cinematography MARTY DE BOER Additional Photography KRYSTEN KABZENELL Music GEOFF MANN Makeup ASHLEY ADAMS Visual Effects DUSTIN BOWSER MIKE BRUMIT JON SIMS DANIEL STRANGE JENNA WATT FRANCIS WONG Opening credits KEVIN IVERS Theme song by GREG BENSON Additional Guitar by DOUG BENSON Post-Production Supervisor BRENTON MURRELL INTERVIEW UNIT: Director DANIEL STRANGE Casting DINA BUGLIONE Director of Photography TODD BANHAZL Production Design ADRIENNE GOODRICH Production Coordinator LINDSEY KOENS Sound Mixer LEONARDO NASCA Production Assistant COLIN SHERMAN Special Thanks HD Films Victory Studios Todd Roy Kristin Holt Greg Benson Maurissa Tancharoen Sara Stephens German captions by Tobias
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Text Comments (1508)
Krumple Themal (1 month ago)
Still better plot and consistency than any Hollywood movie in the last 10 years.
jane gray (1 year ago)
I lost it at the squat team part 😂
alyxiuta (1 year ago)
Omg I miss this so much why'd they stop making these?
Christopher Williams (1 year ago)
5 years later, I'm just realizing that's Joss Whedon
dekyed (2 years ago)
Bring this series back!
Awin Snow (2 years ago)
I want these to come back so much!
Ayu Syahirah (2 years ago)
Martin Head-WWE Team (2 years ago)
Booo!!!! This is suck😣
Ruby Annas (2 years ago)
2:26 Rhett and Link! lol
NaeElise (2 years ago)
great 10 out of 10
carefree4all1 (2 years ago)
This show proves... ...kids are the best drug.
Jennymk01 (1 year ago)
Shine N. Hatfield (2 years ago)
This will never fail to make me laugh super hard.
Jennifer B (3 years ago)
aw, the kid is actually pretty funny : )
The Royal Xs (3 years ago)
I shit my self when he said they had to shower for 7 hours and they would look like raisins
Willow Sticks Bunny (3 years ago)
2:26 XD Rhett and link burning! no more videos on gmm! XD
Tokka (3 years ago)
I watched it again straight after the first time, so funny, first time watching I was wondering why they were all squating, it took me the second playthrough to realise Brett said S.Q.U.A.T team
Eryn McVay (3 years ago)
Rhett and Link are in the S.Q.U.A.T team!
Maria Ramos (2 years ago)
Unicorns. Exist. (2 years ago)
John Robenault (3 years ago)
1Joss Whedon and Rhett and Link in the same video! What!!!???
Alex Montanus (3 years ago)
The gun at 2:55 is the gun from aliens
주종식 (3 years ago)
2:26 Rhett and Link I love your YouTube vids!
Bruno Marques (3 years ago)
God i miss this show
Lilia Haberlach (3 years ago)
I love how Rhett and Link are in the background when all the "squat' team died!
Pedro Ruivo (3 years ago)
Anyone notice that at 2:26 Rhett and Link from GMM are burning?
natalie kennedy (4 years ago)
me to
mulisa panini (4 years ago)
Lol Rhett and Link were one of the burning S.Q.U.A.T team members.
Sir Cerolean (4 years ago)
Better than fucking Michael Bay
lamar sinclair (4 years ago)
-_-  2:27
kind and cool (4 years ago)
In some of their videos there is rhett and link from good mythical morning  XD
Neo Magi (4 years ago)
Re-watching after Catan Junior: Table Top Episode!
drinkyourtea (4 years ago)
at 2:26 did anyone else notice Rhett and Link from Good mythical morning? I sure did
Sheyla Pelaez (4 years ago)
RuhigerSturm (4 years ago)
Kids are the best
Gildarts Winters (4 years ago)
And yet, this story is so much better than a ton of the fanfiction out there.  Written by grown adults no less.
chingchonghuang (4 years ago)
Anyone gonna mention Kate Micucci's cameo?
Kira Widhalm (4 years ago)
Rhett and Link are a part of the swat team 2:25
GamePhysics (4 years ago)
I lost my shit at SQUAT-TEAM! xD
madswurld (4 years ago)
Any other mythical beasts notice rhett and link are in the squat team? Lol
Flower (4 years ago)
The first house the guy went to is that daycare girl from rasing hope
Izaac Wopz (4 years ago)
LOL. This is a million times better than using drugs.
Does this "brett" grow up to be brett ratner?
Haven Dream (4 years ago)
Like if you saw Rhett and Link in the SQUAT team xD
mrscary3105 (4 years ago)
That was funny!
Kilinoe Garcia (4 years ago)
Kilinoe Garcia (4 years ago)
During the part when all the officers were on fire.
Elyeolxion (4 years ago)
anybody else seen rhett and link? 
Kristen Lippert-Martin (4 years ago)
i saw rhett and link!!!
Matthew Jones (4 years ago)
"There was a stream of milk to the ocean." That kid has the heart of a poet.
Jacob Wood (4 years ago)
I just watched this again for the first time in a long time. It's just as awesome as I remember it.
Ulf Bengtsson (4 years ago)
I'll never forget the Squat Team. We still make reference to that from time to time.
James Goobs (4 years ago)
This video Alone caused me to subscribe to G&S almost 2 years ago.
Camri Wyrick (4 years ago)
2:26 I saw Rhett and link
XthegreatwhyX (4 years ago)
Stellar cast!
Katlaadal (5 years ago)
So funny!!! SQUAT TEAM!!! Hahahahahahahaha!
bamboosa (5 years ago)
Really. We were living the stories on the playground, in the alleyways, the shadows and the parks in the days before most nice suburban folk spread the pharmaceuticals among their collective selves. Really, Joss, this isn't smart, or heartfelt, or alternative to media crud. Get the folk off of the pharmaceuticals (including, of course, the kids) and let them shine. Rich kids, c'mon, you can do better than this. When did you stop playing?
Matt .S (5 years ago)
i know he is little but smasheded
My ALL TIME favorite Video!  I want to be a member of the Squat Team!
jayla duhaney (5 years ago)
And then he was dead.
TheJumboBurrito (5 years ago)
I see Raj's former girlfriend from TBBT! The person who decided to bail on him!
R Brophy (5 years ago)
That was so awesome! Wow! Just wow. <3 <3 <3
Matt Anderson (5 years ago)
This is awesome!
Nichola Sobota (5 years ago)
Annatar (5 years ago)
Ah, crap, Joss Whedon... So this will get one critically aclaimed season we will all love and then be cancelled...? :'(
Matt Anderson (5 years ago)
yeah, just like buffy and angel and dollhouse... hey wait?
DrBaStArDoS (5 years ago)
Best story ever. The S.Q.U.A.T team rules.
Jared Michael (5 years ago)
Rhett and Link are S.Q.W.A.T. guys. LOL
iMonikah (5 years ago)
+john ander what is wrong with you? Why would you say this on a video made by a child?
Mora Meep (5 years ago)
Better than any Michael Bay movie.
M Metropolis (5 years ago)
Kate Micucci1!!!
C JK Deck (5 years ago)
...drunk history XD
eulalius (5 years ago)
Do 10 hundred push ups!!!
Micah Harper (5 years ago)
haha thumbs up if found rhett and link
tkreft1128 (5 years ago)
Straight up, if I had Joss Whedon and Kate Micucci protecting my neighborhood from monsters my market value would motherfucking skyrocket.
Deard Feard (5 years ago)
Guy:What happened when they came back? Kid:They said: ,,We're back!,, Guy:Oh,ok... :D
maelon7 (5 years ago)
Did anybody else notice Rhett and Link as two of the five 'squat' team members that got hurt at 2:25?
TheThinkingMan (5 years ago)
Most amazing story ever! So awesome!
megafox2x2 (5 years ago)
im mad she walks in the bathroom walking straight then when she comes out she squates XD
Lance Jensen (5 years ago)
Can I join the S.Q.U.A.T. team?
Humanlegacy333 (5 years ago)
Better than cowboys vs. Aliens
Jake Bodony (5 years ago)
The milkman has nothing to do with the story?? Haha
ghostonwater (5 years ago)
This is y we need education
AngelofDarknessHD (5 years ago)
Hello fellow atheist.
Carly L. (5 years ago)
I lost it when she signed the contract as 'LADY'
Sara (5 years ago)
awwh, he's so precious!
Redlegos444 (5 years ago)
how did you get the lady that plays shelly on 'raising hope'?
Joseph Daly (5 years ago)
The first person to join was on the big bang theory
Jottan (5 years ago)
its still a better love st---wait..its not a love story!
TessaPawz lpstuber (5 years ago)
HappyTheRed (5 years ago)
I love the first part where the milkman gets crushed 3 times xD.
Joe Cannabyte (5 years ago)
crazyboutcrafts101 (5 years ago)
oh wait i just realized the sQuat team. LOL
crazyboutcrafts101 (5 years ago)
ShadowstormProducts (5 years ago)
Was that a Felicia Day cameo?
Geoscrewed (5 years ago)
The 10,00 pushups got me... couldn't stop laughing
Devyd (5 years ago)
well, don't cry over spilled milk... wait a minute he died?! cry then. CRY!!!
Queen Queerness (5 years ago)
i would pay to watch this
MiracleMira (5 years ago)
some of these kids should write for the big budget Hollywood movies - they'd be a lot more original. Also Whedon is the man haha even if he id die in the end :)
ComebackShane (5 years ago)
Why the fuck you gotta pick on the Milk Man and kill him....damn lil ruthless kid!!
Tanner (5 years ago)
I love these episodes please keep making them lol.
tiboss0908 (5 years ago)
then then it was dead
Joshua Flaum (5 years ago)
Super happy to hear it!
Anna Le Saint (5 years ago)
Felicia Day!!!!
Roxie Cruise (5 years ago)
SweetElf (5 years ago)
This is the most hilarious series in the history of the world and I would watch it all day forever.

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