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Criss Angel Color Changing Deck - Tutorial

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Text Comments (649)
Sam Plautz (1 day ago)
The way I remove the card is put the deck in my pocket and say "actually, I got one more for you." Then I just leave the double back in there
MultiTasker 732 (4 months ago)
As I wanted
The LEGO Cuber (4 months ago)
I predict that there are a lot of double lifts
Tupapa'u Huru Huru (5 months ago)
One day at the pub i saw a guy coming by to drink a beer. He asked the set of cards we usually use to play belote. It was the only one set of cards in that pub and they were all dirty i remember them good. The guy came at the table right on my side i was having a drink with my gf at of that time. He started playing alone with the cards while drinking his beer he had a t'shirt and short for it was summer time so he couldn't hide any other sets of cards on his arms or anywhere. He was started showing cards for himself it was normal set all cards nothing special then he mixed them and show them again and boom all the cards when in perfect order 1 2 3 4 5 and so on of the same color. He mixed them again and show them now they were all kings then same thing with queens and aces then he mixed them again and boom all mixed up then again all in order. I was like 50cm of him on his side. I had never figured out how the hell he did that and right under my noze... i didn't sleep that night trying to understand how the hell he did that and still to this day i wonder how it is possible to do so. Can you do that on cam or do you anyone capable of doing it?
Ömer Emre Alişan (5 months ago)
double backer
Output Coupler (7 months ago)
You can see that deck is gaffed from a mile away.
Patrick Boyd (7 months ago)
Held hands way way too long. Super gay
B1SQ1T (8 months ago)
The whole deck including the QUEEN is now GREEN ooooooooff
alternativegrunge91 (8 months ago)
Adrian Herrera (9 months ago)
When he said "Adrian look I did it" I freaked the Fuck out since my name is Adrian
nice kp (10 months ago)
OMG I'm so foooled
13 MM (10 months ago)
I know I'm a little late but. Wow so many negative comments, this trick fools everyone. Jarek keep it up. Your a great teacher.
pritish (10 months ago)
That's awesome. You are too good sir.
cookiesw (10 months ago)
I cant get a double lift clean every time
Tony S (1 year ago)
I believe... In u 2
rabbit white (1 year ago)
This's insane
Hirzi Iskandar (1 year ago)
is there any body understand with this trick ? cause i don't
ZFad3101 (1 year ago)
It didn’t work I tried it and it didn’t work. So do I need to work on it?
Marinko Oluić (1 year ago)
6:34 and its an double backer
MikeOnTheBox (1 year ago)
I was wondering why in your performance you placed the 10 over the Q totally unnecessary and fishy...
RahUL Trivedi (1 year ago)
to get it...haha...he just..had one red card in entire deck ...and rest all were green ...he was showing the back of that red card ..to make us feel that ...entire deck is red...and he did it very smartly
RahUL Trivedi (1 year ago)
easy for me
Tyler Fales (1 year ago)
666thousandth ciew
Jari Sipilainen (1 year ago)
1 card was double back green red. for start it was bottom of deck you flash it too much so everyone see its red. too much!.then you move next to choosen card and you could do double flip.to show choosen card is red. even its green like rest of deck. only one gimmik card needed. this is how i see it on first time
DinoHat (1 year ago)
thats so cringey lol
Joe Clavette (1 year ago)
Wow, just in time for the holidays
Cm Punk (1 year ago)
Where did u get the green deck
wualeska spencer (1 year ago)
¿What? 😵
Rory Kelly (1 year ago)
the card was the ace of hearts not jack of diamonds
aesthetic josh (1 year ago)
I'm a very big fan of u can I know where u have your YouTube pic I want to put my username on instagram as u do u have instagram maybe we can talk?
SKRIII X (2 years ago)
I have been doing close up magic for around 2years and I really hate it when people expose magic tricks on YouTube! it just ruins the brother hood of magic😑 it reveals how our secrets are done witch is not a good thing I disagree with people who expose it, all over social media guys the best way of learning any type of magic is through books/DVDs learning from YouTube is pretty bad
Nihar Ranjan Palleyi (2 years ago)
i was so much confused
Petr Chromcak (2 years ago)
That's amazing card trick thanks for tutorial...
pidot is here (2 years ago)
that trick is amazing
Shane Morris (2 years ago)
I love the psychology behind this trick. Awesome tutorial!
Sharpirate (2 years ago)
that double lift xD
Ovcharka (2 years ago)
you called zack and i was like oh shit im zack
Markus K. (2 years ago)
Great trick and video! Thank you very much
abdallah med (2 years ago)
Thanks man it's a great trick !
marlboro1771 (2 years ago)
My childhood just got ruined.
community channel N (2 years ago)
I don't under stand
Aidan McLeod (2 years ago)
Sounds like the guy who narrates the yo mama jokes
Render (2 years ago)
super simple
Martheus Kenn Banaag (2 years ago)
Cool Card Trick!!!
Kaleoliko Paalua (2 years ago)
U weren't smooth when u switched the card around...
Piffsnow (2 years ago)
4:27 Says "All these cards are different" and shows two 2s of diamonds in a row. Hum...
DJVlad Troll (5 days ago)
@ 5:40 he doesnt go card to card but double lifts the 2 of Diamonds to not expose the other....
Jack Ripper (2 months ago)
There is also two 2s of spades :D
skyfrost2030 (6 months ago)
Accidental and would most likely be because to do sandwich card trick
The Rhins Ranger (1 year ago)
Tadaa! Now that’s magic 😆
Daan Bannink (2 years ago)
Piffrock saw it as well, wanted to comment it, and then yours popped up, great eyes my friend😂
Carl Loud (2 years ago)
Why no mention of the double lift in the tutorial?
and u do the mimicry of CA
get superb and u r great
u r great man u r just great illusionist
Daniel N (2 years ago)
Dude in the intro you said I'm a cool magician your clothes are red!! I'm wearing a red t shirt what the fuck man. I'm scared
Halo Gamer 718 (2 years ago)
I've seen lots of cool card tricks on YouTube but this really tops it off
Chaos Zombie (2 years ago)
I don't understand
Chaos Zombie (2 years ago)
I don't understand
Blue (2 years ago)
When he questioned him what colors are around christmas time I said : "Red and White !" Why Green ? WTF World !
johnny bravo (2 years ago)
there are two j of diamonds? red and blue. i'm so confused 😂
Adam Mott (2 years ago)
He did a double lift at 7:07. He didn't say it, and it made it a little confusing. With the double lift, he flipped the doublesided card to blue AND revealed the Jack at the same time, but only made it look like he revealed the Jack. Then he continued to throw down the rest of the cards and made efforts to hide the double card.
IamThePanther (2 years ago)
Awesome and simple!
Jos Mrinho (2 years ago)
I love the "Adrian" part.. thanks
Turaco EU (2 years ago)
Lol you cant change the colour of someone elses deck just with this double backer. If you just began the trick he would ask why the deck has another colour than before and asked you to show the whole deck and would ruin it
Hervin Facundo (2 years ago)
Dark Logic (2 years ago)
My clothes are always red when I watch his videos wtf.
Jason Pack (2 years ago)
where'd you get your green deck?
Mark Nunez (2 years ago)
Hahahahaha awesomeeeeee! ive been searching for this kind. thank you! :)
Simon Ho (2 years ago)
This one felt obvious on the first watchthrough even, because the presentation felt really awkward. I think making it go at a quicker pace and with smoother movements, especially at the end, would help sell the effect.
Ognen Lozanovski (2 years ago)
I performed this for a friend,he fucking flipped and kept asking me how i did it,he even snatched the cards from me to check for different colored cards,thank god i palmed the double backer and put it in my pocket and he didn't notice,great party trick Evan.
XpertGamer920 (2 years ago)
2:24 red card spotted
Adrian Marquez (2 years ago)
yes u did
Marc Chiasson (2 years ago)
Never knew the use of "double back". Now I do!  Thanks
itstartedinmud (2 years ago)
i'm colorblind. what happened?
Sam Plautz (4 days ago)
My friend is colorblind and red and green both look brown to him. He cant tell the difference
Stuart Folkes (3 months ago)
Magic for the colour blind sounds like ir would be great fun. Gets deck of cards. Puts it in hands. I'm going to make these all change colour. *does nothing*. BEHOLD! Amazement all round
King Kagle (11 months ago)
Jordan Gressman The odds of that are too low. Just because you know it exists, doesn't mean anyone here understands colorblindness. Also, if someone was born with that type of colorblindness, they wouldn't say they see "in black & white", because they'd have names for different shades they called red, blue, etc.
Jordan Gressman (1 year ago)
Aostr actually there is an actual type of colorblindness where you only see black and white, look it up
レックスRex (1 year ago)
+Mystifying Magic okay so its obviously a joke but there is such thing as full colorblindness
Niketan chettri (2 years ago)
see my channel
ok0- (2 years ago)
I saw the break...
armon Prodigy (2 years ago)
Good trick. ALMOST ALL of Criss Angel's tricks have a paid associate or audience. Or some are edited and filmed in a way that you cant see the secret.
armon Prodigy (2 years ago)
+Dallas Green ya
David Iskander (2 years ago)
Adrian look I did it
Nathan (2 years ago)
u didnt explain how to change the whole deck to a different color
armon Prodigy (2 years ago)
Ya he did
Jacob McCreary (2 years ago)
at 8:27 he sounded like joe swanson
spongebob1377 (2 years ago)
Tbh I still don't get it
Koegon (2 years ago)
I found a way to do it without a gimmick card, same for the phantom card and the portal :D if you're interested you can message me at [email protected] , I don't really know what I'll do with this, but it can start my magic career at least;) doing gimmicked tricks without gimmicks is one of the things I would want to do the most in magic, so here I go! :)
Carlos Rv (2 years ago)
Koegon im still waiting m8
Koegon (2 years ago)
+Sonic Rod Alright I'll check it out;)
Carlos Rv (2 years ago)
i'll message you
Dakota Livingston (2 years ago)
is there any way to put a link to get one of those double sided card
Anthony nieves (2 years ago)
i dont have a magic shop in Lakewood nj also do u do give aways
Samher Shammare (2 years ago)
duck you
Serve (2 years ago)
Ching Chong (2 years ago)
very good trick to do as a last trick so you can just put the cards away and end it there
Yo Andrey (2 years ago)
Denny DevIto (2 years ago)
Generally GREAT!! trick. Did this at a party it fooled everyone (maybe cos they were drunk ;) lol) But the more i do it the less amazing the final reveal becomes. Is there anything that could make the reveal more interesting???
Denny DevIto (2 years ago)
Thank you
TheKingLunar (2 years ago)
+James Stansfield For the final color change try using the Through the Fist Flourish. Check out Sankey's 'STOLEN INK' video if you don't know it.
Andres Sanchez (2 years ago)
My clothes actually are red!
backacha1 (2 years ago)
7:08 wtf happens to the red card ... ???
backacha1 (2 years ago)
thought there was only one double
backacha1 (2 years ago)
Yeah but theres another red card after he throws the double away
Doshi Aethers (2 years ago)
+backacha1 really bro? XD , it's a 2 sided color, Blue and red, When he turned the red card behind the jack card, it shows the blue side, but if u turn it back it get to the red side. :D
Some Random Fellow (2 years ago)
777999 subs lol
Bogdan Pirsan (3 years ago)
Dislike for the gay hand touch.
tucky helm (3 years ago)
wouldn't it be amazing if that was your.........................................................queen.........................of.......................................................diamonds.
Magical Rat (3 years ago)
I actually thought it was a red deck
Gordothemagicguy (3 years ago)
Daniele Spessot (3 years ago)
che trucco di merda porcamadonna vergognati.
VIRUS (3 years ago)
Anyone know where i can get a deck like this?
Adam H (3 years ago)
amazon or any card shop. They are called Bicycle(the card brand) and the double sided card u can try and buy it somewhere or just make it, by sticking two spare jokers together (i stuck them with double sided tape.)
That intro scared me!
Cossta (3 years ago)
Tarek Challal (3 years ago)
Plz support my channel on YouTube its about card tricks 😘😘
Soccer Cat (3 years ago)
Omg I hate the stupid V8 ad
MerenTube (3 years ago)
IndianDudeWhoDoesMagic (3 years ago)
Ittz Logic (3 years ago)
yo I found it I've been looking for this video I learned then for got it now I'm back btw I uses the jokers from both decks to make the double backer
Twilley 15 (3 years ago)
How do you make the double backer there card the tutorial was so confusing
Tom Hudders (3 years ago)
+Landon Twilley Double backer on top of their card, double lift.

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