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Sun-EL Musician – Bamthathile ft. Mlindo The Vocalist

11284 ratings | 2187461 views
Now on iTunes! Sun-EL Musician – Bamthathile ft. Mlindo The Vocalist https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/bamthathile-feat-mlindo-the-vocalist/1350008790?i=1350008794 Taken from the upcoming album “Africa to the world” Bamthathile is Sun-EL’s new single, a follow up of his smash hit “Akanamali”. Bamthathile consists of a blend of African sounds accompanied by a soothing orchestral sound that evokes emotion as the vocalists narrates the loss of the love his life. Yet another track that addresses the reality of our time and captures the heart because its so easy to relate, with so many losses one experience in their life time simply because the hustle has not been realised yet. This track gets you stuck between wanting to groove to it, listening and getting lost in the depth of the vocals and simply just singing along. This is a definition of art, there’s is not one angle to look at it, there’s so much detail that gels so well together to bring forth the unique and beautiful sound. - Sun-EL Musician Follow @SunELMusician and @MlindoRSA on Twitter! Follow us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/zasound Instagram @ https://instagram.com/zasound Facebook @ https://fb.me/zasoundmag © If anyone has an issue with any of the uploads please contact ([email protected]) and we will delete it immediately. This channel is strictly for promotion towards the artists of the music.
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Text Comments (804)
Leila Matavel (23 hours ago)
linda musica
Richard Dlamini (1 day ago)
so dope dwg yam
Bongie Ncedane (3 days ago)
Bamthathile lovie wam am in love with the song yhooo
tiaan grobler (4 days ago)
Wate lekker tune
GIVEN RAlZ 11 (7 days ago)
Omphemetse Ramatu (7 days ago)
HE He guess what first time I heard the song it was on RHYTHM CITY playing on the back ground I knew this song was special.....
Tanyaradwa Mejury (8 days ago)
yooh yazi l remember ma love
Directing Third Years (11 days ago)
Sunele njayam
Lilitha Lilitha. (10 days ago)
Directing Third Years
ba oz (11 days ago)
damn this is good..
Tyshae Rantoa (14 days ago)
Tyshae Rantoa (14 days ago)
Tyshae Rantoa (14 days ago)
Nomdiso Nondu (14 days ago)
It is lit
charles makoni (16 days ago)
My crush😄😄
ROSINAH FILMS (16 days ago)
im not a fan of slow jams, but this song is changing my mind.
Abhor Mutasa (18 days ago)
Mlindo truely has an awesome voice !!!! # uyambusisa!! @ mthaina
Philile Msomi (19 days ago)
Wow a true namba namba
tsepo Nomnganga (20 days ago)
kowu mlindo kwedini iyeza
Yeasha Nahasi (21 days ago)
Winky Bapela (21 days ago)
your now in control proudly South African
Michael Mankge (22 days ago)
Blessing Mutimutema (23 days ago)
Rhythm city brought me here :)
James Tumehole (23 days ago)
E monate twaaar e big up God bless man
ziyanda ginindza (24 days ago)
Sun-EL.........great great great...i lov this track
it’s Angie Baby (24 days ago)
1.9M views yaaaaaayyyyyy💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🕺🏽
Japhet ASHIMBANGA (25 days ago)
He is so good would love to see him
Kaytees Motheo (26 days ago)
a very good song
sthe gumede (27 days ago)
Rhythm city brought me here
Sya Bongwe (28 days ago)
over a million views..... #Bamthathile
Skosi Skosana (28 days ago)
i stop in a traffic light twice in england people ask me who am i playing they love the song they can't even hear what he is saying but good song is a good song play it loud he is our anthony hamilton
Elijah Mimi (29 days ago)
Music like this makes feel like selling all my meagre properties and boarding a bus from Kenya to South Africa so I can just be nearer such beautiful sounds for the rest of my life. As an African, I thank God for South Africans for all these beautiful tracks you guys make. You make us imagine the beauty of heaven through such beautiful productions. Good job Sun El Musician and Mlindo. Keep on.
Bradley Ofentse (30 days ago)
Why do they always take..take..take...Why mara yeeeh....eish Love the song
Welly Mutauri (30 days ago)
nomungahamba zongikumbula.. it reminds mi of my ex girlfrend..
Noluthando Khumalo (30 days ago)
This is the hit😍😍😍.💃💃 the beat drives me crazy
Reginald Setou (1 month ago)
what, are you kidding me? this is way too much. Thank you Sun-EL from the bottom of my heart I love your music you never disappoint us you are faithful
Leading Sports (1 month ago)
Actually love this
Fifs Baipusi (1 month ago)
Fell in love with it first time I listened to it
KHANGELANI A. MASUKU (1 month ago)
Badalwa njengathi lababantu
KHANGELANI A. MASUKU (1 month ago)
Nomungahabuzongkhumbulaaaaaa🙂😢😢😢!!!! Bazothe bemthethe bafo , beka ithemba kuMdali
Nadia Efigenia (1 month ago)
Amo esta musica😘😘😘😘😘😘
Oabona Seretse (1 month ago)
I love this song , is amazing
Nkieane Nthabeleng (1 month ago)
shows there is no such thing as true love
hay Bra uyayenza lento zimnandi qha
richxrd 321 (1 month ago)
Mlindo just stop it 😭😭😭
Itumeleng Setilo (1 month ago)
In the music video the guy who takes the wife must drive a GTi otherwise issa lie
Joy Mangazi (1 month ago)
Better than amablesser
Precious GOD (1 month ago)
Loving the song, keep up the rhythm!!
Thomas Martinez (1 month ago)
So cool! Thks 4 that song!
Sandiso Ngewana (1 month ago)
this song makes me sad cz same hapend 2 me
Sandiso Ngewana (1 month ago)
verry gooooood
CALVIN KELS (1 month ago)
Love it, all the best in your future endeavours...
Melissa Ncube (1 month ago)
I luv dis song
Nsikeh Mzwidera (1 month ago)
Beginning is killibg me yoooh
Nasty J JOJO (1 month ago)
Heart breaking song
Kamo Ma3vo (1 month ago)
Aix Those guys got "That Thing" yazi
Kamo Thando (1 month ago)
Kamo Thando
Rose GoldLotusRice (1 month ago)
JUNE 2018
Vieldah Kgatlhane (1 month ago)
To the moon and back
Wandee (1 month ago)
sloppie storm (1 month ago)
this is perfection beat is [email protected]!!!
Pitso Kgosiemang (1 month ago)
the bassline on this song mated with a cold 6 pack of beer . u start remembering all the girls that they took from u but actually in real life u have never had a girl. silly scenarios in ur head just trying to relate to the track hahaha
Bongumusa Drencko (1 month ago)
Bamthathile ihit Le 🔥🔥🔥🎤💯👐
Hazel Ntoyaphi (1 month ago)
U rock ntwana Mlindo
Hazel Ntoyaphi (1 month ago)
U rock ntwana Mlindo
Hazel Ntoyaphi (1 month ago)
U rock ntwana Mlindo
iqraah muhammad (1 month ago)
this guy takes after sjava, powerful lyrics
Papa Uskey (1 month ago)
Great music man
Shemene Kok (1 month ago)
nkosinathi mthethwa (1 month ago)
sebevele bamthatha ngempela owam ummmmmmm
All i can say that this track.....joh does thingd to people
Kealeboga Lepholletse (1 month ago)
Shuuu the beats
Kealeboga Lepholletse (1 month ago)
Amazing track hle
Angelo Constantaras (1 month ago)
5fm brought me here
Bennet Masimula (1 month ago)
I cannot wait to listen to this song 10 years from now. I'm pretty sure this will be a classic.
Yamkela Ncobela (1 month ago)
Nice song .
Sakhile Mngomezulu (1 month ago)
Weldone mlindo
Dimakatso David (1 month ago)
nice one poi
Mbali Manyathi (1 month ago)
the best im speechless from the first day I heard it best song keep it up peeps
Mandisi Mhlanga (1 month ago)
Top shelf stuff
Thabo MDAKANE (2 months ago)
my girl dumped me,i miss her so much and i still love her "Tshepang Mahoa Tlhokomelo" this song reminds me her beautiful smile
Rose Mkorongo (2 months ago)
one of the best songs right now
Gideon Makoko (2 months ago)
This guy is the best thumbs up
manyface god (2 months ago)
tears in my eyes, inspiration...
3rdst 3rdst (2 months ago)
Where is something Soweto?????? Now
Nombulelo Dilotsotlhe (2 months ago)
I just love this song.........love the voice!
Sihle Happiness (2 months ago)
wow ,,sun EL good song dude
Vieldah Kgatlhane (2 months ago)
Oh Lord what gifts...there is out there....mara le utleleste mara ... yesssssssssss
raphael ndudzo (2 months ago)
If you don't like this song you must go to he'll ..Good song
Zezethu Zandile (2 months ago)
Only coming across this song right now.....omG I am hooooooooked 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍... Noba ungahamba uzondikhumbula vele😎😎😎😎😎😎
Kgaugelo Choshi (2 months ago)
This number makes wanna take my dog to church
Sihle Nkosi (2 months ago)
Nice music
Nev Hawala (2 months ago)
This song...is too satisfying too listen to. Beautiful is an understatement.
Kalane Basse (2 months ago)
I love this song 😍😍😍
Enga-Koena (2 months ago)
Sun-EL the bozz....
kanakana mathivha (2 months ago)
This song should have been sang in VENDA
GODFREY MAHLAULE (2 months ago)
tjooo this too much I like this song.... "wandlaya boti wamina"
Sihle Happiness (2 months ago)
wow that's a very good one

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