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Charlie Murphy Explodes on Magic City Radio

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Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy's Brother Loses his Temper on Magic City Radio when we asked him to bring a lil comedy to the airwaves. http://power983fm.com @theRealMCMagic @EliFresh983 @CarrieAnnMoten
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slydog005 (2 years ago)
when you keep antagonizing an OG. If it was in the 90's the radio host would of been shot or stomp out.
Rudolfo Janikowski (2 years ago)
Charlie mentions not having arguments with any other radio station and she says "this is a debate"...she should look up the definition of a debate lol
Aubrey M Hollins Jr (2 years ago)
✨✊✨🇫🇺🇨🇰 Arizona Arizona is a racist ass fucking state Charlie Murphy should have never got on that radio station with them . Masa taco eating ass Mexican AS. FOR AS I. AM CONCERN Arizona and those BEAN EATING . Mexicans CAN SUCK 🇦. 🇧🇮🇬. 🇧🇱🇦🇨🇰 nine and three quarters. 🇧🇱🇦🇨🇰. 🇩🇮🇨🇰 all praises to Allah sound like to me brother Charlie Murphy had all three of those . illegal Mexicans ON. THE MOTHER FUCKING 🏃🏃🏃 RUN sound like to me brother Charlie Murphy by the sound of that furniture moving around in that studio😂 was about to give out some GAMBLING HOUSE 🎲🎲🔫ASS WHOPPINGS. . that's the worst ass whooping a human being can get😂 BROTHER . Charlie Murphy was about to put some foot in that ass assalamualaikum✨✊✨
Dark VadeR (2 years ago)
there's a radio station in AZ. he should be glad he stopped by. foh Az
floater_ mike (3 years ago)
So basically Charlie wasn't being funny during the interview he was answering in a serious so they got mad. That's not how it works Yu get whatever answer he gives
TheWardog569 (5 years ago)
98.3 is do wack now. And has been so ever since that nutz were on.
fadatuberadioman (6 years ago)
What the hell set him off?
MisterZ3r0 (4 months ago)
retarded hosts
Dark VadeR (2 years ago)
fadatuberadioman Do u give a fuddddk
Scott D (6 years ago)
hay why they bounce on charlie
ramrodgr69 (6 years ago)
I'm from Arizona born and raised in Glendale but FUCK Mc magic and his show Charlie is the shit yo that boy did two seasons with Dave And still is famous and mc has been in the game sence when swamp meet recording on tapes and still ain't shit buttttt HES DOWN FOR YOUR IF YOUR DOWNS FOR MINE LMAO WHAT A JOKE
Thezzfackassrapperz (6 years ago)
Fuck mc magic he s a weak ass bitch with no flow and e li he aint can t even pay his barbers right.. these punks need to be put in there place and i'll be the one to do it ...even needs to boycott 98.3 and will see how famous they really our... there just mad cause charlie got fame and they aint shit . There called "haters"
andy savage (6 years ago)
Radio personality are like paparazzi they live lame live so they gossip and start stuff with celebrity's on purpose for ratings they'll talk crap about a certain per son then they kiss there ass when they see them in person this station is the lamest they talk crap about people who call in but they press they're button so they don't hear it all u guys on that station are clowns who try tooo hard to be cool
Nakia Wimbley (6 years ago)
I listened to it live this morning and thought CM was being too sensitive and being a jerk, but after listening to it for a second time, I must admit, it sounds to me that he was being antagonized and pushed to get him to lose his cool. The radio personnel started getting a unprofessional with the "Jesus" comment and other unwarranted comments. And it all started because one of them asked him to say a joke on the air and he refused by saying "yeah right", just come to the show.

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