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10 People Who Became GENIUSES from BRAIN DAMAGE

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What creates a genius? Is it simply a function of having the right brain patterns, or is there a deeper mechanism at work? Just as savants like Daniel Tammet and Alonso Clemons demonstrate superhuman mastery in certain subjects, there have been people throughout history who gained extraordinary abilities from freak accidents. Unfortunately, genius often comes at a price. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 → → GET A T-SHIRT - http://shop.spreadshirt.com/toptenz →Top 10 Objects That Were Clearly Invented Just to Annoy Physics: https://youtu.be/0MVGeRa-vLo →Simon's VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqt8j7DfPmveJp3UOk9XTg Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Drawbacks of Penis Removal https://youtu.be/3D1CkbnV8fw?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLyDzDNeyvA6ZKu5_jMYMip Top 10 Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures https://youtu.be/izfM7Bf83u0?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLyDzDNeyvA6ZKu5_jMYMip Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-people-gained-genius-brain-damage.php Coming up: 10. Derek Amato 9. Jason Padgett 8. Jon Sarkin 7. Leigh Erceg 6. Mr. Z 5. Franco Magnani 4. Anthony Cicoria 3. Heather Thompson 2. Orlando Serrell 1. Jim Carollo Source/Further reading: https://youtu.be/v6gtpU8215U http://www.medicaldaily.com/derek-amato-becomes-musical-genius-after-brain-injury-what-acquired-savant-syndrome-video-260369 https://youtu.be/VoMhyLJrz_M http://www.livescience.com/45349-brain-injury-turns-man-into-math-genius.html https://youtu.be/WNq4WKSSZuU http://www.npr.org/2011/04/18/135509114/jon-sarkin-when-brain-injuries-transform-into-art https://youtu.be/82bcDeQJavo http://abcnews.go.com/Health/colorado-rancher-suffers-traumatic-brain-injury-accidental-genius/story?id=31053667 https://books.google.com/books?id=xRmf6D64ADIC&pg=PT153&dq=orlando+serrell&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjwsJ6UprfOAhXK7iYKHQsYAzwQ6AEIMzAE#v=snippet&q=mr.%20z&f=false https://books.google.com/books?id=o1UaE-dVmjEC&pg=PA111&lpg=PA111&dq=franco+magnani+brain+damage&source=bl&ots=nfjVUNDXMe&sig=5qCBKbVNKV02-KYjBK0vvgELOtU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiH0rKRxLfOAhXH4CYKHZBpD9MQ6AEIMTAD#v=onepage&q=franco%20magnani%20brain%20damage&f=false https://books.google.com/books?id=CScpCwAAQBAJ&pg=PA186&dq=Franco+Magnani&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizwO7uoLfOAhVH8CYKHbGcB2YQ6AEIQjAH#v=onepage&q=Franco%20Magnani&f=false https://youtu.be/IxNPy3oR62s http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2007/07/23/a-bolt-from-the-blue https://youtu.be/OWqNoGKJWBI http://www.orlandoserrell.com/about.htm https://books.google.com/books?id=m3oSBQAAQBAJ&pg=PA200&dq=jim+carollo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwihrczkorfOAhUBSyYKHdA5Aj0Q6AEIJjAB#v=onepage&q=jim%20carollo&f=false
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Text Comments (1147)
Lippy Da Lips (11 hours ago)
I think number 2 is my favourite
Mike Becket (1 day ago)
Well Hell, lets all put arrows in our heads then and cut out the middle man.. ..I ah be hmm smertrer....me guder
tyler maloney (12 days ago)
When i was a kid, i was walking with my aunt and cousins back home from the playground. There was a baseball field and the fence was like 20 feet high or so. We where 50- 70 feet away from the fence and like 20 feet from the batter. This guy hits the ball and it goes backwards, like 100 feet, behind him. We where in the middle of a cross walk when bam, get hit square on the top of the head. Always wondered if it did anything.
H E (14 days ago)
The brain is a fantastic and mysterious organ. I don't think we'll ever understand it completely.
Jay Cole (16 days ago)
Well I was very smart until I had head trauma when I was a kid but as an adult I have had many other head trauma's. One left me temporary blind for a few minutes when I woke up, was waiting for a cab and someone hit me from behind with something and robbed me. Hit a tree head on doing about 140 miles an hour and woke up down the street about 100 yards from my vehicle and was injured from head to toe and had to walk around 3 miles for help all the while blacking out but still walking and waking up every once in awhile while walking towards the light for help. And I had had about 8 other head trauma's. I am just happy to be alive and able to still think clearly
Will i am (17 days ago)
Okay Geniuses what is 24 outter spec diameters? Answer a square.
aiden mcneil (19 days ago)
#6 is easily explained. Information stored could be retrieved easier and faster because of routing upgrades caused by the bullet. Hard to imagine I'm sure..
Jack leone (19 days ago)
I think our ancient ancestors were trying perform these results using trephination.
Mel Mo (19 days ago)
I was knocked on the head at about the same time that I didn't take up the cello! I did, however, discover that I could predict American foreign policy with total accuracy (He bad man who is killing is own people in a country rich in oil who plans to abandon the US dollar) and every lie told by the BBC news service which was pretty much everything they said (He bad man who the US doesn't like in a country oozing oil and who is killing his own people with poison gas,).
Barry Sturges (20 days ago)
Some people are probably wondering how this is possible I have a couple theories which may be true... Many people have had bad accidents involving their head, and nothing has happened, if we look at where this accident happened it's normally the pineal gland or amygdala. There is proof behind this, when the pineal gland "activates" it causes a white flash as reported by many people from modern times to the ancients. Egyptian pharohs knew this and named it the eye of Horus " the all seeing eye". It was thought that the word illumination came from this bright white flash. Even Plato writes of it and speaks of how he gained knowledge from the third eye and claims it was (roughly translated ) demonic enlightenment. (This is why the Egyptians depicted the snake coming from their spine to the centre of the for head aka the third eye. The snake is and was commonly known as the devil.) Now it's open to speculation but, I don't believe it's an evil thing, even Bibilicaly there are stories example the apostle Paul falling off his horse and seeing a white flash, verses which say let your eye be single etc. There are ways to activate both the pineal and amygdala for example there is a way to "pop" your amygdala and there are certain frequencies or meditations to activate the third eye aka pineal without the trauma. But and this is a big but... Every one who has had this happen has also lost something in return for this. May it be a physical or mental attribute it doesn't come without a cost. So anyone wanting to be a genius it is possible but to do it could open Pandora's box for other problems.
Dana Taylor (20 days ago)
Watched until the Trump ad came on.
Jesus Walmart (21 days ago)
I think a genius would be someone who makes a great contribution to mankind, not someone who becomes a painter or a mechanic.
jaro g (21 days ago)
Luke Kyser (21 days ago)
Diamond Dave!! Oh wait..
Bob Loosemore (21 days ago)
A TOTAL waste of time without examples (not descriptons) of what they could do.
J S (21 days ago)
so i guess i have brain issues since I'm an artist. lol
Lindybeige (22 days ago)
The word is 'maths'. Fight back! Perhaps my favourite is 'Dog Boy' who acquired the ability to smell almost as well as a dog. It tells us that the equipment to use smell is in us,, but our normal brains dampen the ability, presumably to avoid information overload.,
InfiniteQuest86 (22 days ago)
I don't know if becoming obsessed with painting means you became a genius. It sounds like you are giving up the ability to make a living or think and just draw. Opposite of genius.
I suffered dain bramage and it left me dyslexic.
Sethermieseter (22 days ago)
It sounds like most of these people just became artists once they had brain damage.
fergal farrelly (22 days ago)
The one man realized he had a soul when he qas out of his body. This is not unusual. I olso know as fact not faith that i have a soul. Yes fact from experience. We are both body and soul. That is fact. It may take 100 years for science to show it but i have great hope they will show the soul is part of our universe. The universe is not 100% known if you did not know.
Joe Mama (22 days ago)
When I got hit by a baseball all I got was icecream.
Tennessee Flipper (22 days ago)
Since when did being artistic equal genius...?
EveryFantasyGame (22 days ago)
EveryFantasyGame (22 days ago)
Knowing my luck I would probably become more dumber if had an accident.
Ammon Olsen (23 days ago)
I've been looking for a way to increase my IQ
Austin Gragg (23 days ago)
Ivr been hit in the head a few times, still not a genius
marina zg (23 days ago)
*takes hammer in heand* Lets try my luck
Furthermore (24 days ago)
We actually don't hear of the thousands of successful lobotomies
Jim will Bump (24 days ago)
how scabby. anything for a click.
Da Lone Voice (24 days ago)
The human brain is an amazing quantum computer of sorts. No telling what you will get from a knock on the head full retardation or damn genius or artist. Really cool to see these through all in one shot. Thanks!
Russian Bot (24 days ago)
So Simon sorry that your brain damage did not have a positive effect on your IQ. You know what that say Try try again.
alt Z (24 days ago)
I was a gifted pencil artist and a short story writer before my T.B.I (Traumatic Brain Injury). . . . . . Now I'm mediocre at best and untalented at worst with my drawings and story writing. . I'm now teaching myself the guitar, photography, musical engineering; producing my own original electronic music and have recently been writing poems; of which I have come to love. All this is because I do not work and have the time to occupy myself with this heavy undertaking. Not because I was concussed from an I.E.D, but because I've lost interest in certain aspects of the world and it's people and want to occupy myself with what I truly love and only select few who bring out the best in me. Cheers to our own happiness! 🍻
antony kulik (24 days ago)
Sexy Simon
Raptorman 43 (24 days ago)
Why don't these people use their abilities to make a breakthrough where einstein left off like creating a warp drive or artificial gravity device or something in science that would advance mankind? Maybe create new equations in physics!
Joe Troutt (24 days ago)
I've​ been hit in the head by a baseball, a steel bar to the forehead, almost put my head through a windshield and got it slammed into a car door. I realize one thing I have a hard head.
Dane L (24 days ago)
math the computational part and art the human part
Charles Bulick (24 days ago)
That's why my dad said he was gonna knock some sense into me
Lynn Love (24 days ago)
I didn't know that by hitting my head with a hammer I can see the matrix system. I've been looking for the exit from this reality.
Will i am (17 days ago)
The train station is the exit. You'll ride that train all night Don't be late! LoL
Joshua Burton (24 days ago)
One time my hands were cold so I stuck them in the microwave to warm them up..... I need to get a bigger microwave, this is hard to type.
Roger Limoseth (24 days ago)
So you can slap some smarts and sense into someone. Thought my parents were BS'ing me.
Gayle Scovel (24 days ago)
Genius witty comments! Tears a rolling, guys/gals!! 🤣
Seti Michael Maxwell (24 days ago)
And here I've been avoiding lightning strikes. I may need somebody you beat the hell out of me. Any volunteers?
N/A (24 days ago)
Lol Ive had the exact same abilities as mr. z since birth. It's pretty useless, makes being a mechanic pretty easy. You'll find normal people with these abilities are mostly shunned from society or social groups. Usually labeled as awkward or weird until somebody figures out you're "special". Another word for I can make money off you.
Jay Spades (24 days ago)
This video is sponsored by the NFL and the World Boxing Federation
markw999 (24 days ago)
So Orlando Serrell was playing baseball as an infant?? That's even more impressive that knowing the calendar dates 100 years from now.
Jo Ann Schlicker (24 days ago)
I know someone who got hit in the head with an axe as a toddler. He is a genius.
Brad Johnson (24 days ago)
I'm not saying every artist has brain damage but everyone with brain damage is an artist so....
jr (24 days ago)
*Repeatedly Slams head on counter*
Wayne Gacy II (24 days ago)
Its amazing go into a coma , can not watch propaganda TV for a few days, wake up more intelligent ? TV does nothing but turn off your brain.
Gary Edwards (24 days ago)
i just smacked myself in the head with a hammer and i feel whayyyyy smarter,im also on the way to the hospital
Secular Humanist (24 days ago)
I think I need someone to hit me on the head.....
opugilist (24 days ago)
"Somehow a tiny snip in the brain turned him into a completely different person." Um, yeah.
John O (24 days ago)
I damage my brain in a car crash and the only thing I got was depression.
Gerrit Peacock (24 days ago)
One of my friends (a British guy, who was a very successful graphic designer, and beyond that was super nice with a great sense of humor) had fallen into a minor depression and very seriously considered drilling a shallow hole between his eyebrows. He had seen a documentary, I think, about trippaning... and was under the impression that drilling this hole would make him happy. I lived with my brother, an emergency room physician, and I was a construction person with a nice cordless drill and the bits and depth stops that he felt he would need. Thankfully we were able to convince him that the entire endeavor was too chancy. My brother and I were worried for a couple of weeks as we had discussed the procedure in a theoretical fashion...that he may buy all the stuff and try it on his own. He didn't, and he is fine now.
mattizzle Soda (25 days ago)
I have seen instances where brain damage makes people think they are geniuses. Not the same as actually being a genius, but hey, it's something!
Monabuntur Monabuntur (25 days ago)
3:38 she became a vulcan
Two Cents * (25 days ago)
I hope that boxers could get some benefits.
Wyatt Mann (25 days ago)
There appears to be quite a dumbed down standard of 'genius' nowadays. #
PUNGENT BEAR (25 days ago)
Same way I fix most appliances.
Anthony (25 days ago)
When I was a kid, I threw a brick in the air and it hit me in the head.. I passed out and when I came to, I was smart enough to know not to do it again. That' right.. Sheer genius..
crispyspa (25 days ago)
I can see pi, but only at Christmas dinner.
TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp (25 days ago)
I need a bullet, a hammer, and maybe a car excuse while I go get those
TheGuruStud (25 days ago)
And dip shits claim that there is no unused brain capacity.... Even a normie can be a savant under the right conditions = untold untapped capacity
Dinka Boutit (25 days ago)
Well. I'm throwing away my bicycle helmet.
Razer Gamer (25 days ago)
Please hit me so I'll become a genius ⬇
/\non/^\edi€ (25 days ago)
In 2009 I suffered two brain hemorrhages that left me in the ICU for about 40 days. Prior to that I was not able to do the math in developing computer applications like games. But since then I have been able to do it without problem. And what you said about Mr z remembering street names and facts with clarity.. I can do the same thing when regards to computers or electrical and mechanical engineering.
Michelle Ralston (25 days ago)
The comments section for this video is pretty awful. I am guessing that most have no idea what the pain is like with brain injuries or genetically-related brain issues. Count yourself lucky.
barry g73 (25 days ago)
strange focus on art outcomes. there is as many emerging from a brain injury as there is possible ways they cope. How about a 6 million mile trucker who survived an "acid mickey" , waking up from a brain dead coma...to drive 41 years. After my time in air force with 50 year old jets (it is ALL brain altered) The everything but damaged excuses have done amazing things. The military outcomes are the most bizarre.
Clinton Boucheix (25 days ago)
Okay, I'm gonna go ram my head into a wall. I wonder what genius that will unlock.
boo bye (25 days ago)
Who else is dumb enough to beat themselves on the head! to get smarter
ivanovich trosd (25 days ago)
All of them were abandoned by the marriage partners, live fragile lifes and have no real jobs. Breaking a leg does not give you an extra leg, only makes you a better "one leg runner"
Eddie Thrasher (25 days ago)
Seriously this is PROOF of reincarnation and past lives. Our brains have 'downloaded' the information from out past lives, but we cannot remember. There are a number of reasons for the lack of recall, but everyone has little glimpses of our past selves. We see them in dreams, visions and 'Déjà vu.'
Dominic Townsend (25 days ago)
We are all apart of the same consciousness. somehow these people hacked into the consciousness to gain others experiences.
Alida Boettcher (25 days ago)
Most people are so busy making a living that they cannot do art. Art made by a person with a story sells.
T1Oracle (25 days ago)
Maybe they already had these talents and didn't realize it until they were too crippled to do what they wanted to do instead.
Douglas Hanson (25 days ago)
75% of our DNA is useless rubbish according to modern geneticists. But what if it's not. Maybe the Annunaki left untapped knowledge stored in our DNA, or Maybe the future of our evolutionary path is already in there.
newest bear (25 days ago)
Ok, going to try suicide by gunshot. I better become smart afterwards or die.
Gavin Yates (25 days ago)
Lack of knowledge can be a double-edged sword there are things that you should not remember because you only have so much time with your brain.
Jacob Musgrave (25 days ago)
This is not a joke! I suffered a severe TBI when I was 16 from being tboned by a one ton duely 4x4, with a grill guard who was going 60 mph! I was induced into a coma for two weeks, hospitalized for two months and in physical and occupational therapy for about three and a half years. I missed the entire first term of my junior year in high school being in the hospital. I returned to school, caught up with my class, and graduated ON TIME...and not at the bottom of my class. Mathematics have always been pretty simple to me, but they tested my general IQ after my wreck (never had it tested prior), and, less than 18 months after suffering a severe TBI, I tested at 129! That was 20+ years ago. I have tested at 154 recently, so...!
Crazy Will Tech Show (25 days ago)
That crazy 😜
Oddly, all of these people, after being injured, turned to some form of math,,as art is also a form of math, that helped them survive and prosper. The brain then must be a math based organ that actually uses math to exist and function.
Jamie Simms (25 days ago)
Spare the rod spoil the child
John Fisher (25 days ago)
It isn't brain trauma at all, we're no more than finger puppets for ignorant youngsters in the next realm, they use lasers to impose the "white light" & choose what new disaster the victim has to suffer. Its a game to these monsters.
John Fisher (25 days ago)
Isn't it strange, the wife up's & leaves when the career's at an end.
mrearly2 (25 days ago)
Is it really brain damage (injury) if one gains genius?
kafkastiles (25 days ago)
Yeah... not geniuses.
ayush (25 days ago)
After watching this video i jumped from a table head first , now i can see an alternate universe. . . . . . . . . Never mind it's just a mirror.
Lee Dile (25 days ago)
*I can play part of the beginning of Smoke On The Water with one eye closed...*
gearhead 130 (25 days ago)
Someday soon I think we will be able to control this. It seems every person has these amazing abilities but they are dampened out by a filter in our brain. It would be great to be able to activate these at will.
chooqi7 (25 days ago)
Almost all of these cases talk about genius arising from some sort of a physical trauma but I believe that a brain malady can bring on the same surprising change. My brother was 6 years old when he was written off as dead after a severe affliction of meningitis which lasted a few weeks only to miraculously recover becoming almost a different individual. He grew up to work in telecommunications and became a CEO of a service provider. He's also a chess master and excels in many sports. I've always attributed his genius to his childhood malady. Love you bro.
bo lee (25 days ago)
I got hit on the head and now i have a strong desire to become a garbage man
WhiteKilt WhiteKilt (25 days ago)
Notice, no one missed being their Old Dull Selves. Smarter is Better.
David Martinez (25 days ago)
Sounds like he went on a naturally induced acid trip
Sentient Thundertank (25 days ago)
So do china give every baby a compulsory concussion at birth?
D.A. Risse (26 days ago)
So there's still hope for me !
Joe O (26 days ago)
#2 should be 10 years older.
Slavic Marauder (26 days ago)
Put down the hammer and just take some shrooms.
BT (26 days ago)
I suffered a traumatic brain injury 5 years ago. Although I never became a genius, I was left with this massive will to succeed and work ethic that I never had before the accident. 🤔
BT (22 days ago)
@VitalyMack sorry to hear that.
VitalyMack (25 days ago)
Try getting another brain injury. Your new set of skills are not desired by society.
Bazil Faulty Jnr. (26 days ago)
Well this sounds a lot easier than going to school.

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