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10 Facts About the Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin

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Text Comments (1150)
Wylee cayote (14 hours ago)
Sympathy for the devil-Rolling stones
Isaac Tirado (19 hours ago)
He creeps me out
Serger Macintosh (1 day ago)
11.Turns out Rasputin is Putins father
밤비 (1 day ago)
His eyes are piercing through my head
MarekUtd (3 days ago)
Rasputin clearly was very mentally ill. He got what he deserved in the end.
Winnifred Forbes (3 days ago)
Yup! That would be Satan himself!
huepix (3 days ago)
To say his curse "worked" is silly. Thepeople of Russia were dying from neglect. They rose up exactly like the French did. I prophesy the citizens of the USA will rise up in violent revolution. If it doesn't happen I lose nothing. If it does, am I supernatural?
Brandon Clarke (3 days ago)
How do you get your intestines pulled out in the early 1900's and survive?
Peter Časnocha (4 days ago)
15 inch grigori
Marco Polo (6 days ago)
He just wanted to have fun
Lance Paxman (9 days ago)
What a PUKE
Burkhard Borcke (9 days ago)
Really extreme negative tendency this video, and what I read also unrealistic and not historically correct. Consequence: thumbs down.
Stones Jones (10 days ago)
Super narcissists always attract broken void (white) women. And cucky men. Time and time again.
Mily Alvarez (11 days ago)
He looks like he smells terrible haha I still don't undertand how he "conquered" the royal family. If I see this guy I would cross the street and call the police
Marco Polo (6 days ago)
We got donald trump for president for one.
He is not evil okay?
damn the song made me think Rasputin was an amazing guy...........
caspence56 (20 days ago)
I don't care how endowed he might have been, if he smelled like a goat I think I would sooner have some whoopee with the goat. At least the goat would be better-looking than Rasputin.
dail Ewing (21 days ago)
Just the thought of having sex with somebody so thoroughly filthy-unclean leaves me shaking my head. Yes, definitely hygiene acceptance levels were a far cry back then from now. I would say that the majority of his partners were deeply "under the ether" and truly in a hypnotized state from his demonic aura prior to the sex.
Delilah's Last (26 days ago)
wtf.. He was literally disembowelled? And lived..
phillip the third (30 days ago)
that death scene made my eyes wide like Rasputin...
Stacey Sheehan (1 month ago)
Yep the second bio was definitely needed as u left out numerous details in this one
Christian Fowler (1 month ago)
“My curse made each of them pay *Slam* but one little girl gotta way, little ana beware Rasputin’s awake!”
average Canadian (1 month ago)
Ra ra Rasputin
Willa Wolfendøttr (1 month ago)
You say he was working with the Devil, and then proceed to describe how he was fighting the Devil.
severian monk (1 month ago)
This perpetuates some soviet propaganda. It needs to be updated with the research of reliable modern historians.
severian monk (1 month ago)
He was never a monk. He was a married peasant with children.
PuncherOfAbs (1 month ago)
Would Rasputin be considered a sociapath ...?. He did have a predictor stare.
nas taran (1 month ago)
Thier eyes got watery and they were about to pass out from his smell not his power but didn't realize it 😂😂😬😬
Kaiz Hays (1 month ago)
Rasputin wasn't a monk
alejandro estrada (1 month ago)
Hard-To-Destroy man
Jimmy Jimo (1 month ago)
Garbage, makes no sense
Jake (1 month ago)
Don't forget that he also rose from the dead again and during WW2 he opened a portal to hell which let a red demon boy with a giant fist through to our world.
Lemar Banks (1 month ago)
Sounds like Austin Powers to me.
Code The Artist (1 month ago)
Bro.... What lol
John Cedrick De Leon (1 month ago)
Rasputin is the evidence how dumb russians were back then
Josh Nelson (1 month ago)
He looked really creepy and scary
Tom Servo (1 month ago)
No mention of the disco group - Boney M., that had a hit called 'Rasputin' ... whose lead singer/dancer decades later would be visiting St. Petersburg for a tour, died of a heart attack on the same day Rasputin died.
David Christian (1 month ago)
ra ra
PuncherOfAbs (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure the movie Svengali the movie is best off of Rasputin
yank1776 (2 months ago)
He was never a monk. More a mystic
Fernando Vargas Mejía (2 months ago)
>2019 >Still believing the occult is superstition
ron nicholson (2 months ago)
He never had sex with the czarina. That was only a rumour put about by The communists
ron nicholson (2 months ago)
He was never a monk. He was only called that.
Dean Williams (2 months ago)
well, his vision of russia being soaked in blood was true in the end. Maybe he knew how much of a moron he was; I'm fairly sure a lot could have been prevented had the royal family listened to him much less and more clever people a little more...
Cubeoctahedron (2 months ago)
Rasputin Died ..and he is no more ...sorry
efraim kevin (2 months ago)
Khylsts is not an offshoot of Russian Orthodox church... It is truly a heresy. Orthodox church never taught that if you committed sins you can get a salvation..
TheMajR Payne (2 months ago)
Long Live the Revolution!!
Patrick S (2 months ago)
I guess he was just a virile peasant..
Ella N. (2 months ago)
ra ra rasputin
Veen 75 (2 months ago)
It was a shame how he carried on.
Brian Karcher (2 months ago)
Fact one: Tom Baker was perfect casting for Rasputin.
Purple Six Beats (2 months ago)
🐍 You can actually see in His eyes that He had that energy and occult knowledge inside him.
catheadmoon (2 months ago)
he was an obnoxious drug dealer?
Nitsa Michael (2 months ago)
He was'nt all that bad if he managed to take the boy of aspirin cause it made his haemophilia worsre. How sensible was that.
An-T M (2 months ago)
Sounds like the anti christ who would survive a head wound. Even today his name brings chills.
Rasputin was the antichrist
Ithmiths (2 months ago)
Id still rather hang out with Rasputin than anny scam artist or mlm owner
Ithmiths (2 months ago)
Ther lived a certain man in Russia long ago He was big and strong and his eyes a flaming glow Most people looked at him with terror and fear But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear He could preach the bible like a preacher Full of ecstasy and fire But he was also the kind of teacher women would desire ra ra rasputin lover of the russian queen Ther was a cat that really was gone Ra ra Rasputin russias greatest love machine It was a shame how he carried on He ruled the russian land never mind the czar But the cassock he danced really wunderba In all affairs of state he was the man to please But he was real great when he has a girl to squeeze For the queen he was no wheeler dealer Though shed heard the things he’d done She believed he was a holy healer Who would heal her son Ra ra rasputin lover of the russian queen Ther was a cat that realy was gone Ra ra rasputin russias greatest love machine It was a shame how he carried on But when his drinking and lusting and and his hunger For power he became known to more and more people the demands to do something about this outrageous man became louder and louder This mans just got to do declared his enemies But the ladies begged dont try to do it please No doubt this rasputin had lots of hidden charms though he was a brute they just fell into his arms then one night men of higher standing set a trap there not to blame Come visit us they kept demanding And he really came Ra ra rasputin lover of the russian queen They put some poison into his wine Ra ra Rasputin russias greatest love machine He drank it all and said he was fine Ra ra Rasputin lover of the russian queen They didnt quit they wanted his head Ra ra Rasputin russias greatest love machine And so they shot him till he was dead
naveed khan (2 months ago)
When there was no johny sins it was rasputin.
Fighter 13 (2 months ago)
I've worked with europeans - russians and czechs, they really smell bad because they do'nt usually take a bath. They wore the same dresses and jeans every other day, and their smell left inside meeting rooms that our company's housekeeping team have the everyday rounds of how to get rid of the smell because air filters is not enough. If you're europeans and living in a humid & very hot weather like southeast asia - please take a bath everyday and change your dirty clothes to fresh ones. Humidity and hot weather can catch germs that cause body odors. Be mindful of the health of the people around you please
William Lovelady (2 months ago)
Total crap.
kodak whack (2 months ago)
deluded insane wierdo yes more evil than hitler or stalin hell no
Bean Sauce (2 months ago)
Alpha AF
Luiz Sa (2 months ago)
Does Rasputin have any descendants alive today? Unrelated: one lady on the photograph at 3.05 appears to have a mustache.
Athraj (2 months ago)
CaptainD00M (2 months ago)
what a playboy
Marsregulator - (2 months ago)
7:57 HAaaaaaa!!! Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Snax Pendragon (2 months ago)
Prostitutes beat me off.
GMP (2 months ago)
On a personal note. While watching a program on television regarding Rasputin, my mother, out of the blue said . . ."My father said he was quiet mad". Very odd thing to say. My grandfather was in fact a Russian Colonel (born in Siberia) when he died in WW2 (although NOT a communist nor Bolshevik unlike his brother and remained in Poland after WW1). Being from a Russian military dynasty it was not uncommon to be placed at the Imperial Palace after completing his officers training. He wasn't part of Rasputin's execution (I'm sure he would have liked to be) as he was busy fighting the Imperial German Army, but he was in fact very familiar with him. The young lieutenant , as it happens also played tennis with some of the young tsarinas. My great, great, great grandfather is still honored during the Russian May Day Parade. Weird.
kung Few (2 months ago)
I've seen the photo of his castrated pickled Johnson and...yeah, think Tommy Lee from Motley Crue.🥒
Chump Johnson (2 months ago)
I have that Rasputin effect on women
Carlos Flores (2 months ago)
<===== Peasant Monk
EchZero YT (2 months ago)
ra ra rasputin, lover of the Russian queen
Mystic Pharaoh (3 months ago)
Boney M had a cool song about him.
Cherrybomb Love (3 months ago)
Im sorry i cant watch the video further....His eyes is kinda scary and it feels like he is looking right into my soul
Patricia Knowlea (3 months ago)
The problem with Alexi and his hemophilia was not a cut or scratch but a bump especially in a joint like knee or elbow that caused excruciating pain d/t swelling from blood seeping into the joint. The speculation is that Rasputin was able to relax and calm Alexi so he could heal as the blood was reabsorbed by the body
Windyworm (3 months ago)
Other experts claim that Rasputin's death was organised by the British secret service. They wanted him out of the way to make sure Russia fought against Germany and Austria and took pressure away from France, UK and it's allies.
Lars Urbrand Andreasen (3 months ago)
I wonder what happend to his children. He must have living relatives.
Franklin Archambault (3 months ago)
he was painted evil by the Russian nobility because he became Alexandras favorite because he was able t control the princes hemophilia and was on the fast track to be the thrones right hand man its like the Donald in todays America the democant communist have no control so paint him black
CDO (3 months ago)
Rasputin was a member of a sect called the "Khlyst' (хлысть)", meaning "whip", not "killists". Much more importantly, it is now widely know that Yusupov exaggerated his involvement in the killing of Rasputin and almost certainly fired only the first shot of three that eventually killed the man. The second was fired by an accomplice of Yusupov almost immediately afterwards and both were fired within the room in which they were all drinking. One bullet entered his abdomen and badly damaged his liver (1st shot) and the other entered a kidney (2nd shot). The third and fatal shot was almost certainly delivered several minutes later by a British Secret Service agent called Oswald Rayner using a service revolver fired to Rasputin's head from the front when he was lying on his back near an entrance to the palace gate where he had probably been carried to be whisked away in a waiting car. The third bullet was a different calibre to that of the first two bullets and exactly matches the type of weapon carried by SIS agents of the time. Convincing documentary and other evidence has been found that supports this theory whilst Rayner is known to have been in the palace on the night of the murder. It may be that the body was dumped in the river after the killing but the liquid in the lungs may just have been wine that had 'gone down the wrong way' - I don't know. The British and French governments were terrified that the Russians were being talked into pulling out of WW1 by Rasputin, something which would have freed up around 350,000 extra German troops for the western front and this could have changed the course of the whole war, so the SIS cell in Moscow, (forerunner of MI6), planned what was probably a rogue operation to rid themselves of a threat to national security. The SIS codename for Rasputin was 'Dark Forces'. Oswald Rayner burned all of his papers shortly before his death to try to keep the operation secret.
Shaun Elliott (3 months ago)
"Secret police were put on his tail", well you did say "it was abnormally large".
MrOnyxWolf (3 months ago)
I don't really think of Rasputin as evil. Far from it actually. But I will think he was quite an enigmatic man.
Marijan Nikolic (3 months ago)
Make one about marijan matijevic
Christopher Trott (3 months ago)
What a streak of luck he had.
Drowning Narcissist (3 months ago)
Iirc all of them were shot including their children.
Junder R (3 months ago)
Worthless history lesson. This guy confuses rumors and speculation with historical fact.
Eric Velasquez (3 months ago)
I think that Rasputin is the ancestor of Vladimir Putin somehow.
Richard Conner (3 months ago)
Rinat Grigori (3 months ago)
This video isn't fully informed and is quite misleading, or at least it tells just some bits of certain events, cut out of the context.
Scarlet V (3 months ago)
This man is terrifying
ChekhovBla (3 months ago)
They did laced cakes with the cyanide, which was why he was not poisoned as easily (cyanide theoretically binds sugar)- also is he had from boozing lowered acidity in stomach, the amount needed to do the dead would have to be slightly higher than normal. Also he was left alone, who knows how many he consumed instead of throwing it out of the window. I think that the poison survival is possible. The first round of shooting might just mean that the shooter was shooting without any vodka (not well). I am extremely hopeful that there really was water in lungs though as that would have been so amazing as proof that some humans are like cockroaches
Melford Nunley (3 months ago)
He reminds me of Charles Manson.
Valincia Pruitt (3 months ago)
Well, he's got a cool name.
Psycho Lunatic (3 months ago)
Id be one of Rasputin's disciples. For sure.
Hgjjjcgj Bguj ki (4 months ago)
“The devil” I feel so bored when I hear that
Jedi3 (4 months ago)
And he had some pretty mean looking hands for arms and maybe he was doing karate for all those years
GG Channel (4 months ago)
This guy is seriously creepy and it makes me so uncomfortable just to look at him!!
Red Gayapa (4 months ago)
420 dislikes hmm..what u guys smokin?
Drunken Duncan (4 months ago)
He was right about drowing in blood ,thanks to the Bulshavecs .
Incognito (4 months ago)
I watched a movie about this guy absolutely donkeys ago!

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