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10 Facts About the Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin

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Text Comments (902)
eRaynTM8717 (4 hours ago)
I thought that peasant girl stabbed him in throath not in stomach???
iISkenIi (1 day ago)
Rasputin didn't die, he went away and stopped being Rasputin, now he is Putin.
PuncherOfAbs (1 day ago)
was rasputin the inspiration for sven gali ?>
OTAKU MEME NEPAL (2 days ago)
I learnt about him from Detective Conan The Last Wizard Of The Century Movie
Mr_Nice_Nigga (2 days ago)
Steve Harris (3 days ago)
Wonder how he'd fare today with the "me too" movement?
Erin Uy (3 days ago)
#0: there was a cat that really was gone
Ryan Rosenberg (3 days ago)
PLEASE cover the Romanovs!
Griffin Weston (5 days ago)
Ra ra Rasputin lover of the Russian queen
Sandra Blanchette (6 days ago)
An interesting little fact. All Russian peasants called that Tzar and Tzarina Papa and Mamma
Baron Zaebos (6 days ago)
I wouldn't go so far as to call him evil. That label is just too easy to apply. He definately had flaws but he never killed anyone, never raped anyone. The Romanovs brought about their own demise because Czar Nicholas was a disaster as a ruler and made one military blunder after the next costing millions of Russian lives. Rasputin was just an opportunist but because he looks evil then people just naturally assume the worst of him and like to embroider tales about him because it's easier to do that than try to understand the full role of the Romanovs in worsening the war and the Bolsheviks in trying to end the war. Rasputin didn't want more Russian lives sacrificed, does that make him evil ?
mickey mayfair (7 days ago)
He isn't sick or demented; he's had about as bad a press as Anne Boleyn - try the new book by Douglas Smith (2017)
Melvin Shelton (7 days ago)
Great! And the next chapter is ...
Mark Rogers (7 days ago)
The only reason I knew about this guy was because of Anastasia movie
Patrik Meijer (7 days ago)
Topics for top tenz is always interesting, but it somehow it feels cheap like “amazing”.
Diana Robles (8 days ago)
LMAO! I'm surprised his body and mouth odor didn't scare women away. ick!
Colteck81 (8 days ago)
These "facts" about his death are wrong.He was shot in the head first then as the shooter was clearing the table Rasputin raised his head up and said to him "you have bean a very naughty boy" then the three men and two women beat him stabbed and shot him rolled him up in a old rug dropped him in the moscow river where he then crawled on shore and died of hypothermia.
Colteck81 (8 days ago)
Rasputin was not his last name. Rasputin means "the dark one". He also left his parents behind do to watching his brother drawn when he was only 10 years old.
Franky Salazar (9 days ago)
10:31 Donald Trump and Putin? History repeats itself?
OswaldMosley2020 (9 days ago)
Please explain what the bolsheviks did to the Czars family.
Joyce Blackmon (9 days ago)
Impossible to kill...............hold my vodka comrade
Lord Irish (9 days ago)
Rasputin was the most misunderstood man in history. There is no proof he was mentally ill. His wife and children loved him. He never physically hurt anyone. He begged the tsar to stay out of WW1.
oncall21 (10 days ago)
A Russian David Koresch!
William Caro (10 days ago)
He's just like plenty of celebrities now. Grew up poor and used his wits and talents to move up. He Wasn't evil, just a party animal.
Steve Lowden (10 days ago)
Bull Sh*t.... Rasputin did not take a baths, did not brush his teeth, was known to smell like a dead rat, but you want us to believe that he slept with the woman of the Royal Family and all these beautiful married woman. This was a time when STD's were a death sentence and there was no real birth control. History did not say this, but it did say that he slept with cheap prostitutes, so please quit spreading false rumors on TopTenz.
WillJM81280 (10 days ago)
I didn’t wonder why women would cheat with him. I don’t question people who change their minds like the weather and somehow can always justify it to themselves because that’s how they “feel”.
one truth (11 days ago)
The Russian bitchs were easy.
They killed pookie (11 days ago)
Saw a movie about thia guy plus hes a character in a video game called World Heros
Gary Stinten (11 days ago)
so basically a Russian wolverine.
Joseph Henderson (11 days ago)
Women came from all over to see his dirty snake.
TexasLadyTrucker (12 days ago)
Rasputin would not allow Alexandra or the doctors to give Alexei aspirin, which is the worst thing you could give a hemophiliac. I do believe he had some other-worldly powers. If only N&A would have told the Russian people why Rasputin was there at the palace, things might have been different.
Margarita Barrientos (12 days ago)
Rasputin (12 days ago)
Thank you for my video
Sajid Sohail (13 days ago)
He looks creepy, doesn’t bath and brush... yet girls were crazy for him. Something wrong with Russian girls😂
Albit Capinigro (13 days ago)
Do you think Mike Tyson could take Rasputin in a fight?
Dominic Krone (14 days ago)
I was told by a Russian that Rasputin was truly an Orthodox monk, and deeply religious. This is in Russian museums. The facts you were spewing out about how he is a bad person is just legends invented by White Russia during the Russian Civil War (1917-1922). His assassination and that the people hated him is true though.
Albert Einstein (14 days ago)
This means Bathing daily , washing clothes and hygiene sort of all things will get u nowhere near girls brother , You need to be a Mentalist
wes mccomas (14 days ago)
Most evil in history??? More Evil than Hitler..Stalin...Lenin...giveme a break! Also he had sex with men too..
Modern Times is the Divine Mercy Sister Faustina and Simon Whistler Can Do !
jameslpoole (15 days ago)
possessed by a legion of demons no doubt
Old Man (15 days ago)
RasPUTIN Vladimir PUTIN Coincidence...or conspiracy?
Jeffrey Turcotte (15 days ago)
Bonny M described Rasputin in a 3 minute song!
ChubbyChecker182 (15 days ago)
The Russian Russell Brand
Starving Wolf (16 days ago)
He prolly was railen out the queen too, with his ginormous demon dong.
Titoburrito777 (16 days ago)
This is definitely a pro-Russian Chanell. 👎🏽
Paul Driver (17 days ago)
Can no one put 2 and 2 together, stabbed to near death, civil war happens after, murdered civil war broke out, illuminati family member more powerful than any royal or government figure but secretly
Georges Al achkar (18 days ago)
Dude what s ur problem against christianity ?
delfin7461 (19 days ago)
Shunning bathing is somewhat common among Orthodox priests. I lived in St. Petersburg for 3 years and would see them every so often. I remember running into a group at The Hermitage and you could smell them several feet away, and see that their hair was oily and dirty. It's part of shying away from vanity, cutting one's hair, beard and general grooming are considered vanity.
"Rasputin most bad. Also, kulaks bad" -Josef Stalin 1933
La_Trolette (23 days ago)
a traveler on the road (23 days ago)
oh those Russians...
Hiram Rosa Jr (25 days ago)
I dont see any evil
Djon Dole (28 days ago)
TopTenz can do better than that...: The devil incarnate, stealing horses, smelling bad and humping prostitutes in the back country... Responsible for the fall of an Empire, and, in the end finally beaten up with a crucifix. COME ON! Interesting inquiry BUT I prefer the legend that says, Grigori Rasputin was the Second Coming of Christ... marking the fall of another Great Empire: Imperial Russia. And, saving a few more souls before all hell broke loose!
Sean Liberati (28 days ago)
He must have magic or healing powers cuz if you get your intestines pulled out and survive.then that proves he done some freaky shit in the forest
Djon Dole (28 days ago)
Who has the power to "eyeball" fact from fiction?
nathankox190 (28 days ago)
Slick Rick is Rasputin's reincarnation 😜
Vuk Ljubicic (30 days ago)
I never read/watched about him harming anyone would not call him evil. He was more of a con artist with mental illness. Guy had a way with women and hudge drive that got better of him.
Harry Lime. (20 days ago)
Yeah, that was my impression of what Rasputin was like after I read a book about him. He seemed more like a con artist as you described or an opportunist who loved women and also had mental illness.
Wx niida_ (1 month ago)
Am i the only one that’s not scared about his eyes?
CRAZY DR. (1 month ago)
I thought you were jhonny sins for a sec
cameron bell (1 month ago)
Ra Ra Rasputin
TimeForAReview (1 month ago)
what do you mean he now had a long beard after he came back in the picture with his family he clearly already had a long beard
tian cheng Shi (1 month ago)
Andy Taken (1 month ago)
why are these called "facts" #2 impossible to kill... apart from he was murdered, so not impossible
According to his daughter he never joined those cults.
Rubenc44 (1 month ago)
This guy is just a loser.. the only true remarkable person is always yourself.. dont admire people that say they are better then you... we are all humen beings.. what he can do.. you can do too.. the people that follows him sees him as a better humen being.. thats the only reason why he’s famous.. he did nothing remarkable.. just a loser to me...
Godly (1 month ago)
He’s an Aquarius. Why are you so surprised?
Godly (1 month ago)
He was a person, not a damn mythical creature. He couldn’t have been that bad.
Pedro Pereira (1 month ago)
His photo at 3:25 is worth a Vogue cover
Rasputin (12 days ago)
Pedro Pereira thank you.
Ethan Arrow (1 month ago)
This video was actually interesting until I heard “it was abnormally large”, then my mind turned to the brain of a 12 year old and I laughed for so long
Ethan Arrow (1 month ago)
I got a fact for ya... he was Russia’s greatest love machine... RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN
Fur Coat (1 month ago)
*Russias greatest love machine*
Darryl Butt (1 month ago)
Simon, your videos are very apolitical, but brilliant. What are your religious beliefs? I am an atheist, so find your stance admirable.
Mathilde Viken Røe (1 month ago)
With hemophilia you do stop bleeding from a cut, it's just that it takes longer for it to heal
Smokez (1 month ago)
Absolute mad lad
Iftekhar Hussain (1 month ago)
V sauce, is that you?
FaZe Rojo (1 month ago)
*Ra Ra Rasputin*
Caroline Bartel (1 month ago)
You do realize wolverines are not dangerous?
Ikallicrates (26 days ago)
+Caroline Bartel - I live in Michigan, which is called the Wolverine State, so of course I've never seen a wolverine. They were hunted to extinction here long ago. Thanks for explaining why.
Caroline Bartel (26 days ago)
+Ikallicrates - We have wolverines where I live, but you'll never see them. They are exceedingly shy animals and while they are effective predators they will not attack humans.
Ikallicrates (26 days ago)
Caroline Bartel - According to Wikipedia, the wolverine "has a reputation for ferocity...with a well-documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself".
dayjah voodoo (1 month ago)
And then all the pathetic rx. Drug addict dudes. Don't get me started on that topic.
dayjah voodoo (1 month ago)
We need more men like this. Have you noticed that there a shortage of real men these days. We got 8 gays to 3 men ratio in the states. Love you great grandfather.
sir nigbone (1 month ago)
oddly interesting person
lagitanavderoscio (1 month ago)
This TopTenz Rasputin was like a mini doc of him I have never heard before. Like you, Caleb Winfield I was interested because if he was some kind of healer and mystic; how can he be compared to Anti-Christ and/or evil, or even just smelly. TopTenz has solved the riddle of Rasputin. We can finally move on. Nice work.
Jim Rowe (1 month ago)
The murder was definitely boasted
Dani Sorto (1 month ago)
I would marry Simon! Love the videos mate haha
The Doctor (1 month ago)
Rasputin is my g
Grant Olsen (1 month ago)
Ra Ra Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen
Jack Bailey (1 month ago)
Rasputin tried to stop Nicholas from plunging Russia into WWI, thus causing millions of deaths, ending the Romanov dynasty and paving the way for the evil Communists. He healed the heir to the throne. So what if he slept around? What is this, a morality play?
vdbproductionsuk (1 month ago)
I bet this was shot at 30fps
Ev3n (2 months ago)
Rasputin = Kirei Kotomine
joy bergemann (2 months ago)
He was just another nut case. Why do people fellow these crazy fools?
Real Donald Trump (26 days ago)
Women are crazy
nosuchthing8 (2 months ago)
Maybe he was the last neanderthal
FoxXD (2 months ago)
Im sitting in class learning about him right now.... I blasted Ra Ra Rasputin at full volume :)
TheNakedLarry (2 months ago)
I thought french liked smelly men
Niccole Hoody (2 months ago)
😩😲😧😢he didn't bath or brush his teeth
_Reo Yūrei_ (2 months ago)
Russian Charles Manson I'm not original
Wolfgang Marx (2 months ago)
I like that, drinking his Kolaid
Martin S (2 months ago)
Fake history.
dunavskakarakuda (2 months ago)
U r just pathetic with these lies. Can someone be a healer and evil at the same time ?
Julian Blake (2 months ago)
oh, those Russians...
Teutonic Knight (2 months ago)
These are fake facts this was all propaganda then the Bolsheviks you do realize these are not facts
Cloudy (2 months ago)
I guess it just goes to show you can smell like a goat, look like a beggar, be a drug addict, and still drive women mad if you're hung like a horse... Lmao
The Anti-Christ always have a sinister aura around them And they're hard to kill But one way you can always tell is they stink

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