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Bill Burr - Men Are Better Than Women

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Bill Burr talks about this Chauvinist on Dr. Phil that brings the hammer down on a female heckler rendering her speechless. Bill Burr Podcast Link: http://www.billburr.com/category/podcast Original Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0xoKiH8JJM
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Text Comments (3814)
Sluggz McGee (5 hours ago)
She didn't hear the insult but the rest of the audience {along with the countless millions watching on tv} damn sure did.
Y Marina (12 hours ago)
She definitely did hear him, and he destroyed her.
Austin Bruce (12 hours ago)
Keep it as your shit homie Burr himself shouted you out. Keep it up
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter (14 hours ago)
His statement is not entirely true. Even if most men are better than women... then why do most men keep chasing these cunts like poodles? Why would you put your money, time and effort on something which is worthless? The only valuable thing or first price a woman can ever give a man is herpes.
cdfcdszxcx ssdc (16 hours ago)
She heard it loud and clear
MR Esotericana (17 hours ago)
Woman:I'd be at the end of that line! Me: Tankyou
Nicholas Tanso (17 hours ago)
This guy is a fucking tool 😎😎😎
Nicholas Tanso (17 hours ago)
Youtube is the perfect place to see humanity at it's worst. Anytime you get a video like this posted, all the shitbags come out of the woodwork to spout stupidity in anonymity.
00 00 (18 hours ago)
Making fun of other person's looks when clearly you aren't taking care of yours.
casey Whittington (19 hours ago)
I love how dr Phil allows them to insult him but attacks him for doing the same.
Ricky Tang (21 hours ago)
yes lol women always go to attack your Dick
Abani Ranjan Naik (22 hours ago)
Shit that guy just destroyed her. She literally forgot who she was for 2 secs
Sonny Singh (1 day ago)
Edward Norton?
Thomas (1 day ago)
Who cares, hot women act the same way. They get a pass though.
Sunny shah (1 day ago)
I don't hate women either, but the fact that society perceives women as these honest creatures, that never lie, never do any crime, never do anything wrong, and are always right; its completely ridiculous. Men are given harsher punishment for the same crimes. Men almost always lose child custody battles, and then are also forced to pay child support for the child he can meet only once a year. Men almost always lose divorce cases, having to give up 50% of his assets and even give up his property to his ex wife. Men are always expected to be gentlemen, pay the bills, provide for women, etc. Men are always seen as guilty until proven innocent in courts. Women can make a false sexual harassment or rape allegation against any man she hates, and that man will be immediately seen as guilty, even if he is innocent. The media will paint him as a rapist, he will lose his job, respect, and dignity in society. And, even if it turns out he was innocent and the woman falsely accused him, the woman is not given any sentence or punishment by the court. The things men have to endure because of women is ridiculous, and, men are expected not to cry or complain and just "deal with it".
Professor Jameson (1 day ago)
No man EVER knows what a women he is with is really thinking.
James Cox (1 day ago)
Well Bill, the kind of women you hang out with are completely different to the ones I know. That's the only way to react to your perzpective, cause it don't make no sense to me. Also I think her response was pretty fine actually, while he remained looking like a dick. She didn't seem speechless. I mean am I missing something here? Because the whole thing is pretty flat and not very funny? Is it because your american and I'm not? Is this an american thing? Are you paid to do this?
yogesh pal (1 day ago)
Her eyes were moving all the way around cause she was completely dumbfounded and had no answer.
Dominant Persona (1 day ago)
Like A Boss is Iconic... Keep it
Unknown Abuser (1 day ago)
Of course his name is "Dick".
Projekt_#710 (2 days ago)
Like a bowss
the_official _Lexicon (2 days ago)
Everyone here knows for a fact she heard what he said. she just ran out of dick jokes and was at a dead end.
Kong 76 (2 days ago)
Back of the line in my defintion is still in line.
jayaveeran (2 days ago)
If you have boobs you dont need to be good at math.
Gareth Morgan (2 days ago)
How's that an amazing come back? Seriously? Is that what passes for wit in the States? Jesus.
Ricky El Diablo (2 days ago)
Needed a good laugh
brandonfiend (2 days ago)
Dude is OG MGTOW.
Steve Smith (2 days ago)
Odds (2 days ago)
Oh shit, Dr Robotnik really gave it to her
Augford P. Doggie (2 days ago)
she heard him very clearly, but had no come back....wasted
powermasterjazz (2 days ago)
That's the same guy from "The Dick Show." Hilarious shit!
Wally gator (2 days ago)
She heard him
Eddie Moreno (2 days ago)
I LOVE like a boss. That is your brand. FUCK These people for not liking it. Same thing with Nunez. I love his shit and I want to know it is his when I hear it. Have balls dude. DOnt let this chicken shit fan try to compell you with weak logic. " You sound like a 14 year old trying to get attention" Hey guy, go fuck yourself, HOW about you make those edits and you can put what ever you want as a logo. Some people man, fucking assholes who shit from the stands but have no balls and set into the arena. Keep it up OSP " Like a boss "
Walter Stucke (2 days ago)
Legendary! That woman was torn between wanting to cry and wanting to get on her knees for that man.
KLAW THE KLOWN TM (2 days ago)
*Only someone insecure would say that* 👌
man of spoons (2 days ago)
Low quality bait tbh
Jesse Fox (2 days ago)
Zz Z (3 days ago)
Ohhh, miss chunky heard him loud and clear.. 🤣.. quit eating !🐷 oink oink..
Jeremy Trudell (3 days ago)
The guy is actually spot on with everything he says.
Carl Stitzen (3 days ago)
the man is a hero
vinsanity982 (3 days ago)
She looks like she has some neanderthal DNA in her
Shreyas Misra (3 days ago)
a chauvinist named Dick? Really? What next, a Businessman named Trump?
CountArtha (3 days ago)
The best part is his name is "Dick"
Poffo (3 days ago)
Well put a picture up of a wet pussy. Thats what most men sees when they look at a woman so who cares :)
Eldritch (3 days ago)
guy who was ahead of its time
zoom -zip (3 days ago)
Bill’s laugh just made me fuckin burst in tears man combined with that godly comeback this video is so gold
Victor James (3 days ago)
*nice guys, incels and genuine scum have entered the chat*
Peter Gorgioski (3 days ago)
When always try blast men with insults and then when it gets thrown back at them they freeze and are speechless because they think you won't do anything because they're women and you're raised to think they are superior than you
Brandon Fette (4 days ago)
Xavier Chan (4 days ago)
On average they are nearly identical. Do you mean that if you select a man he’ll probably be better? Right here.
Jack (4 days ago)
She said “I would be at the end of that line” meaning she would be lined up to meet him.
Derek Hesse (4 days ago)
Fuck that dude, the "like a boss" thing is dope. Don't change a thing
Arturo James (4 days ago)
Colt Todd (4 days ago)
she heared every word it just cut her really deep. kinda felt sorry for the gal
OTN mma (4 days ago)
Man she fugly!
Mind Yours (4 days ago)
She malfunctioned lol. Wan't expecting that lol
fryky01 (5 days ago)
nice :))
C.S.R (5 days ago)
The look on her face! 😂
Andrew Esquivel (5 days ago)
....wasn't that Dick Masterson? hahah
Michael Panarelli (5 days ago)
Women have turned into scum.
Rebel Turk (5 days ago)
They're taking this guy way too seriously. He's obviously just trying to look for attention.
Jeffrey wolynski (5 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KzFe50RQkQ This is better than listening to Bill Burr and Dr. Phil.
ELITOS Burritos (5 days ago)
We are overlooking ANOTHER thing, she said there is no women in that line, if she was at the back that means she is also at the front, meaning she WOULD date him.
ELITOS Burritos (5 days ago)
A good man is not hard to find, a good women is not hard to find. A good man/woman that is good for YOU is hard to find.
Mat Go (5 days ago)
She didn't hear him 😂 Of course, you could not hear the bullet that killed you 🤣🤣🤣
Mike Merrill (5 days ago)
hahaa she got fuckin wrekt at the end lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo
rob h (5 days ago)
He shaved his head and grew that stash so after all the death threats he could look like a different person
ali bazzi (5 days ago)
Women do line up for guys like that, I've seen it way too much.
then they say "i want a niceguy"
Cod Japan (5 days ago)
When you get pimp slapped with words so brutal you go into don't speak unless spoken to mode XD
zimzalladim (5 days ago)
Women are pretty stupid. 3:25 she says she doesn't see women lined up for him at all and she would definitely be at the back of the line, which means she would definitely line up to be with him just at the back of the line. Stupid.
Eminence (5 days ago)
His name is Dick too the irony...
Conservative 101 (5 days ago)
“A challenge anyone to have a gayer ring tone than that” lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂
Toxic Stoic (5 days ago)
A good woman is damn near impossible to find. Most will leave you at the drop of a hat as soon as they sense any kind of weakness in you. Most women already have atleast one dude lined up in case the odds go againts you. Fúck chivalry, fúck romance, fúck marriage. Most women dont deserve your efforts. Just fúck her and send her on her way. Its not like she has anything else to offer anyway. We could all do with being more like glasses guy.
Garlic Burger (5 days ago)
He should've just said "but you'd still be in line 😏"
seansbeckett (6 days ago)
Cartoonish, but arguably true.
EA SS (6 days ago)
Western women are toxic. Opinionated, conceited, narcissistic. I guess the only decent Western women are the traditionally raised country girls. Forget city women. If you are trying to hook up with any woman in a bar, a disco, a night club, or anything of that nature....you're doing it wrong. Decent, virtuous women don't do that.
Glenn Radford (6 days ago)
That chubby chick has been tapped and gapped,meaning someone fucked her then ran out the door.
Kyle D (6 days ago)
It's Dick Masterson from "The Dick Show". He's hilarious.
Betty Singh (6 days ago)
I thought It was Justin Timberlake doing an SNL skit
keep it your style and dont listen to nooone m8, u rock
Mark Richardson (6 days ago)
We gonna talk about the fat that the dude's name is dick?
Mark Walker (6 days ago)
She heard every word.
Barney Fife (6 days ago)
adrian kovalski (6 days ago)
hes right men do every job better then women even gay guys cut hair better then ladies can
Konsert (6 days ago)
*Black guys screaming meme*
TMD4 (6 days ago)
I thought this was a song. Im dissapointed
snoookie456 (6 days ago)
I mean women aren't dumb in general, but every time a woman stands up to speak this shit she doesn't do anything to settle this debate either.
Thank You (6 days ago)
Easier to find a good man than a good woman, hell, if I was a faggot, I would have an easy time finding a good man. But jesus help me if I was looking for a good woman. They are lying, deceitful cunts, you never truly know a woman. And even if you do, that cunt will turn on you in a second.
Michael Dorego (6 days ago)
I love how she thanks him at the end
avbarbertebeverballe (6 days ago)
Talk about getting shut the fuck up
avbarbertebeverballe (6 days ago)
"show us how you look" .. covered in makeup
Adam zoabi (3 days ago)
+Barney Fife dude this is the most accurate description I've ever heard
Michael Weston (4 days ago)
+Barney Fife They are a depreciating asset after about 30. You just waste money on them until you die.
Barney Fife (6 days ago)
I know. Women are just walking contradictions.
Berserker Cookie (6 days ago)
So she would be on the end of that line. But still she would be in that line to date him.......
Pickle Rick (6 days ago)
FYI Dick Masterson is legendary. He's not one trick anymore, check out the Dick Show.
myyube285 (6 days ago)
Mane keep that like a boss shit
Jake (7 days ago)
Good men are everywhere, good woman are as scarce as bigfoot. The problem is that the standards for men are insanely high and all responsibility falls on them where as women have no standards and nothing is expected of them. No wonder women think they are good, good compared to what?
Barney Fife (6 days ago)
Seriously. Just go to a job place. They could be...excuse me...they SHOULD BE doing the same thing as the men, but so many dudes pander to them, feeling bad etc. Too many white knights out there.
Hector Grazio (7 days ago)
Mgtow is spreading
Miscellaneous Mind (7 days ago)
That comeback was worse than "no you" lol. Shit was hilarious, dumb broads.
Cecil Hunter (7 days ago)
Oh she heard it 😆
5 sure odds everyday (7 days ago)
It's always the ugly ones....smh
NoVaKane (7 days ago)
But she would still be inline for him thus she's one of the girls that lines up for guys like them which proves his point

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