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Erdnase Change (Tutorial --- Color Change)

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Text Comments (144)
Kristian179 (3 months ago)
I wonder if you can still pull this off with small hands!
Dion Dsilva (1 year ago)
This change is pretty easy but there are some kids who have actually been able to source out the method in half a millisecond cuz it's that obvious
J G (1 year ago)
That is just TERRIBLE! Youopenly show the top card pushing out! No! No! No! You need to hide that first push by simply pushing the rest of the deck, the underneath part under the top card with your left first finger, so that you instantly have the situation where the top card is pushed forward.
Project Seven (7 months ago)
Can u check out my classic color change i been practicing it for 6 years!
Johnny G (1 year ago)
Who does your intros?
Raymond Treasure (1 year ago)
Thanks man.
4haxx (1 year ago)
Petr Chromcak (2 years ago)
I like that amazing
Steroid Star (2 years ago)
Got. my penis stuck in toaster
Vincent F.W. (2 years ago)
#All For The Winner
Bay Area (2 years ago)
What deck of cards do you recommend using for this trick o tried it with the shadow masters and to slippery
youschtube (2 years ago)
What a piss poor attempt the erdnase change! You shouldn't be teaching if you can't do the sleight yourself ffs. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly the reason that learning magic from youtube is a joke! Get yourself the erdnase book for free in pdf format by simply googling erdnase +pdf.
Brimannn (2 years ago)
youschtube I couldn't agree with you more. Can't believe he's sliding the top card forward, terrible tutorial.
blowmind11 (3 years ago)
"like nothing happen"? How stupid do you thing the audience is?apparently a lot. Bad erdnase change tutorial after all.
youschtube (2 years ago)
Agreed! This was embarrassing, especially it's masquerading as a 'tutorial'. People would fair better just downloading or buying the erdnase book! it's freely available as a pdf. Mind you, the lazy video generation would struggle with it, it's an actual book. !
mytery314 (2 years ago)
+blowmind11 Indeed... If you push the card openly like that, you are practically telegraphing to the audience that you are about to a "move" even if they don't know what it is. It is a fundamental fact of magic that when both of your hands are touching the deck, the heat will be on the cards a lot more. So you have to make as little suspicious actions as possible. The version of the Erdnase change used by Vernon was a great example of excellent execution of the move. Also, the finesse employed by John Carney in "Carneycopia" is very nice.
KyleWood (3 years ago)
my little brother is a jerk tells my family how I do it
Mildly Annoying Man (2 years ago)
Jotaro Kujo maybe that was over a year ago.
「」 (2 years ago)
Dead pool Maybe you shouldn't have told your brother? Or maybe you're just bad at magic and got found out?
Aaron Walderslade (3 years ago)
my hands are not sticky enough
Rob (2 years ago)
I can't do this move after I've washed my hands because all of the oil is gone and my hands have no stickiness and I can't grab the card with the heel of my palm. I remedy this by wiping my hand across my forehead, which has some natural oil, and rub my hands together as if applying lotion. Then there is enough tackiness on my hands to do the move.
Tom Hudders (2 years ago)
Brilliant! This made me chuckle, thank you!
Ciko Bonny (3 years ago)
+demonicdeathfinn stupid-_-
HALF•ALIVE is life. (3 years ago)
Use sperm.
jdjed24 (3 years ago)
isn't this called the houdini colour change
jdjed24 (2 years ago)
+Rob Bishop plus in card college written by roberto giobbi he also calls it the houdini change.
Rob (2 years ago)
I've heard respected magicians (such as Jay Sankey) call it the "Houdini Color Change"
jdjed24 (2 years ago)
+youschtube ok i was wondering cause in the card college series Roberto Giobbi refers this sort of change as a Houdini change.
youschtube (2 years ago)
No it isn't. He got the name right, just didn't do a very good job!
jimi suutari (3 years ago)
I bet that you never even read erdnasa book...
傳說對決RIO (1 year ago)
I bet you don't know how to spell words.
HALF•ALIVE is life. (3 years ago)
Simon Close (3 years ago)
+jimi suutari i bet you havent
James (4 years ago)
You could do this for the ambitious card routine. Do it like when others snap it doesn't work. First get it on top, then do a double lift, placing the two cards back on top face up. Do the erdnase change then you can show that its on top. Then flip two cards over and put that top indifferent card in the middle. It is like a substitution for the chest turnover move
Onur Erdincler (4 years ago)
jarek and his big hands
Johnny Liu (4 years ago)
lol 'erdnase' isn't really a german word, but if you translate it, it means earthnose (erd/e=earth nase=nose)
Malfehzan (1 year ago)
S.W. Erdnase <--> E.S. Andrews ??
JustMeIvanGe (4 years ago)
This is so damn hard!
Darren Christian (5 years ago)
What deck is this I've been trying to look for this deck of cards
Darren Christian (4 years ago)
Wavock (4 years ago)
Black Scorpion Deck: http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Makers-Black-Scorpion-Deck/dp/B001U1V3RW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398374741&sr=8-1&keywords=black+scorpion+deck
SteelHawkGaming (5 years ago)
What's that say? xD
7Scythe7 (5 years ago)
i was looking for that :D thanks
NeonMayhem (5 years ago)
A lot of the changes I can't do cox I'm young and got small hands
NeonMayhem (5 years ago)
+Eiríkur Friðjón Kjartansson I am getting better to with handling  
same here, but i am getting better and i find my own techinqes to do this
Paul Franken (5 years ago)
yo jarek, have you ever looked at Jonathan Bayme's explanation on the erdnase change on the T11 website? it's crazy visual and lets you move your hand away from the deck before making the change it also looks more sudden and magical since your hand only covers the deck for a split second
Rob (2 years ago)
That's an excellent tutorial! Most highly recommended.
Kiệt Lâm (5 years ago)
Very simple. He pulled out and covered the gonna-change-card with his palm.
gimmechocs (5 years ago)
very cool tutorial, thanks!
StreetMagickidz (5 years ago)
Black scorpion deck
LegoHFDood (5 years ago)
Hey man whats the name of the deck you usez.
GregTube (5 years ago)
What is the ending song called
Sachi Perez (5 years ago)
Amazing! even if you know how it's done, your brain says WHAT just happened???
cheetopuff (5 years ago)
Guys it can be done easily if you have a little moisture
Magicbong (5 years ago)
My Video Response ... /watch?v=3UzeR8VFQVM
Laurence Hudierez (5 years ago)
It's weird I suck at this color change but I'm Farley good at the others
TheGiwiNinja (5 years ago)
jack stgapa (5 years ago)
Where do u get those cards
The18ammp (5 years ago)
I am suscribed!!!!
The18ammp (5 years ago)
Love those cards
AVENSTIN (5 years ago)
benny benassi !
Tajuz Birdson (5 years ago)
Where can i get those cards
KT (5 years ago)
I love it when you're watching the cards too much and you don't notice '#RiseAbove' on the t-shirt in the background until he says, "What's that say?" and you're like, "Damn it, you did it again."
Kobe Wilson (5 years ago)
best way to learn this is to download classic color change from theory 11 its free
Bren3den (5 years ago)
I use a different method.
Nicolas Chan (5 years ago)
Black Scorpion
Nick (5 years ago)
what deck is this?! please and thank you!
BaconToast (5 years ago)
Wow did this on my first try really good for biginers
Ross Baillie (5 years ago)
Hey Jarek I was wondering if you have a playlist of your videos that show off the useful starting techniques for people just getting into magic? Thanks in advance
derpyderpderp (5 years ago)
if you r talking about the black scorpion you can buy it from amazon and get it shipped to u in 1 or 2 days
IZylusI (5 years ago)
Sooo. You're a magician but there's only T-shirts in the store.. I was going to buy like 10 decks of cards. =( Can anyone tell me where he buys/gets his cards from? besides saying a magic shop?
Kyle Michael (5 years ago)
#rise above
Kolin Murray (5 years ago)
Does any one else thing he is just a fucking beast AMAZING!
PowerTrip0 (5 years ago)
just want to say that song is beast
RogueAero (5 years ago)
that or you do that change again only this time instead of changing you tenkai or standard palm the original bottom card
SuplenC (5 years ago)
Double lift :)
Cranemaker (6 years ago)
What happens if they ask to see the bottom card after the change??? plz reply
Jesse Case (6 years ago)
this is my favorite color-change, but it really sucked one time when the 5 of clubs was right under the 6 of clubs. Everyone hardly even realized that anything even happened; a bit anti-climactic after my big patter build-up.
Jesse Case (6 years ago)
I once heard that the best conjurer is an actor who pretends to be a magician. Any trick, if played up enough and executed smoothly enough will have an impressive effect on its audience. I know what you mean about letting a trick choose you, and i have a few that I truly love doing.
Jesse Case (6 years ago)
amazon has card decks in every color
Jesse Case (6 years ago)
when you do the erdnase change keep the new top card in your palm and expose parts of the original card. I do this to separate the move from the reveal. also, try to do it as smoothly as possible.
France Frankie (6 years ago)
Honestly it might be that you are doing nothing wrong. I've learned lots of trick where i crossed my t's and doted my I's so to speak, for example I have a coin bend that I just love practice it all the time but I every-time I've performed it no matter how clean and natural I make my moves. I get caught. and there are other tricks I do where I think the solution is so obvious baffles the spectator everytime. Paul Potassi once said you have to let the tricks choose you and I take that to heart.
Survivor Man (6 years ago)
@RenegadeMasquerade Thank you
RenegadeMasquerade (6 years ago)
If you learnt it from this video then the main problem is that you don't push the top card forward openly as taught here; the spectator shouldn't see this movement at all.
destroyerjosh1 (6 years ago)
Yes, yes it did
Survivor Man (6 years ago)
Evan when I do this color change I do it very cleanly but my friends seem to figure it out every tim could you help me on how to make this a little harder to figure out plz
HowNotToDoctor (6 years ago)
Thanks Man, i think you are the best magic teacher out there :)
hardfugoo (6 years ago)
Always a classic. He who scoffs at Erdnase is one who deserves a swift spin kick to the Bobos.
jTesch85 (6 years ago)
Thank you so much for showing this change. So simple yet very shocking when done correctly. Already thinking of ways to incorporate into some other tricks, such as an ambitious routine.
11 SZORLOK (6 years ago)
i like u man very much love it
Andrei Alexandru (6 years ago)
hey this is very cool .. you're very good :)
Disturb Reality (6 years ago)
I was also trying to speak quieter (with roommates in the house.) There were some parts I'm sure where the audio and video wasn't actually synced, just edited that way to make it flow better (as far as teaching). The rest of the color change videos this month will sound similar (I filmed them all in a batch)
Disturb Reality (6 years ago)
Check back later today ;)
AL Belanger (6 years ago)
Not only are you hot, but you are good and your videos are done so well......
Joel Alexander (6 years ago)
wow thank you so so much for that tutorial jerek
BananaTV21 (6 years ago)
Well at first it sounded like a voice over. It was a little quieter than others, by not lower by much. If your cameras mic is in the front and your behind the camera the volume wont be high, so thats probly why it sounded lower to me. But I definitely noticed a difference though. It wasn't worse because to me I kind was clearer. I don't know but there was something different about it.
lasse bentsen (6 years ago)
cool tip
Mujo Okic (6 years ago)
/watch?v=Ua0KpfJsxKo listen to in other tab :))) EPICNESS !
AssortedDegrees (6 years ago)
instead of pushing the card forward i pull the deck back with my index on my left hand so that there is no movement
Hernando Chandra (6 years ago)
William Bishop (6 years ago)
It's only 15 dollars for them... I've spent a lot more for a lot less...
Meteor Storm (6 years ago)
really? too bad amazon.com is a little bit pricey.
zeterminator01 (6 years ago)
whats the song called that u use in ur intro ??
I always love the ending of your videos
Adreline555 (6 years ago)
Yes !!
annavi13 (6 years ago)
The one I do is pushing the entire deck backwards and always showing the card you are going to change, so they don't see any movement in the cards, but you get to the same position. You can see the tutorial in Theory11, it's a free one :)
whattheHECKtricks (6 years ago)
I got the 100th like
monkey4k (6 years ago)
look up "Criss Angel's Deck Change Card Trick" in his Channel. Same method other presentation ...
ZER0o10 (6 years ago)
DELUSION Aus (6 years ago)
Thanks I will use that
Disturb Reality (6 years ago)
Interesting you noticed that. I actually DIDN'T use my normal microphone, I just used the in-camera microphone. Did it sound better?
Asphyx123 (6 years ago)
This may seem like a stupid question but it is something that is constantly bugging me. I sometimes seem to have really dry hands (especially around this time of the year), which makes certain tricks, e.g. ernase change, cardini change, second dealing really hard to perform - so pretty much every trick that requires some friction between card and hand/finger. Using hand lotion helps, but usually you will ruin a good deck of cards pretty fast when using it. Any useful tips?
QuestionableUser (6 years ago)
My hands are too smooth ):
Chan Kar Seng munis (6 years ago)
cardini cahnge also colour change
BananaTV21 (6 years ago)
your audio was different in this video, did you get a new mic or something.
Meteor Storm (6 years ago)
best card change ever. btw, i try to grab a scorpion deck and the producer told me that it has been stopped producing long time ago, but u still giving it out as a prize in ur last few contests lol. how did u get those decks?
Noah Niedzolkowski (6 years ago)
You should have said something about washing yur hands and ass
kirbybong (6 years ago)
very nice bro!!!! thanks for the tip
MagicFreak2009 (6 years ago)
thihi he's so cute :DDDDDD
Agic Mike (6 years ago)
I like otters
Jesse Case (6 years ago)
Hey jarek, I've found that if you palm it after changing it, you can make a lot more flourishes, revealing parts of the old card, so that the move is separated from the reveal. this is one of my favorite effects, since I'm a lazy magician who can't do anything right. :)
jaykelly7 (6 years ago)
I would use this in with a DL
logolorin (6 years ago)
Will you make fan color change tutorial?

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