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10 Haunting Deathbed Confessions

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Text Comments (898)
Amy Morrison (5 hours ago)
My Maiden name was Whistler!!!
Leigh Foulkes (19 hours ago)
#1 should have been former CIA Howard Hunt's Confession of JFK's assignation on his death bed. There is actually audio of the death bed confession.
Holly R (2 days ago)
I have a Dead Can Dance poster with that same iconograph.
young abu (3 days ago)
SMH Number 8 happens to often i just wish us men had a back bone to fight these injustices
*SIGH* . . .Look Mr. Semen, I enjoy your videos. I think you do a great job, I really do. All I ask is for you to please put at least a little more effort towards pronouncing names correctly. It's *VILLALOBOS* not " -VILABOSE- " . . . *V I L L A L O B O S : VEE ~ UH (OR AH, like VIA) ~ LOW ~ BOSE* I understand foreign names can be somewhat hard to pronounce, I really do, but a little more effort can really go a long way. Nahmsayin? Well... that's all I had to say. Either way, thanks for understanding *Mr. Semen Wrestler* , great vids like I said earlier & keep doing your thing baby, I'm rooting for ya. Stay up homie ;]
Bizarre Pixi (5 days ago)
Hahaha, I love the white boy hands flashing gang signs. 😂😂😂
247Asian Media (7 days ago)
Are we SURE the guy didn't kill his sister and then conveniently blame his mother after she died? He WAS a suspect at one point
Gabe Moore (8 days ago)
I am amused how the video "people with surprising dark sides" had the comments disabled.
Augford P. Doggie (8 days ago)
Simon has never been to a gym
Razzola P (9 days ago)
I’ve been subbed to criminally listed for about 2 years it’s a great channel I highly recommend
Bizarre Pixi (5 days ago)
Criminally listed sucks.
Bon Zo (9 days ago)
RMG21C Bot (10 days ago)
Brian Jones was a nasty piece of work.
Ellen Spear (10 days ago)
I hope we can look forward to similar confessions about Jonbenet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann.
Colt Fox (11 days ago)
How did number 7 happen in 1944 and they fled in a Ford Taurus? The first generation of the Taurus was in 1985.
Kyler Sinjin (11 days ago)
That shirt reminds me of Type O Negative Origin of the feces album cover
Ricardo Franco (12 days ago)
Are you related to Michael from VSauce? Lol 😂
Simon in a t-shirt. Made my day. :)
Lots of racists getting away Scot free.
Bee bee Be (13 days ago)
DNA testing should be mandatory on all old cases where there is doubt, this will determine effectively guilt or innocence it should not be up to the discretion of burocrats to make this call on behalf of a society that is "us", how dare they!
Dianne S Jorgensen (13 days ago)
Keeley or Kelly?
BrokenEarbuds (14 days ago)
4:18 it was 1994 not 1944
Lexiatmidnight (14 days ago)
Ummmm.... Number 7 anybody? Not sure the crips and bloods were beefing at the end of WW2....
LadySuchiko (13 days ago)
Lol, you never know
Mike Bonavia (14 days ago)
I live right next to starved rock. Chester was slow and probably framed. He's just so old if he got out he wouldn't be able to function.
Nick Antonie (15 days ago)
The most unnatural gestures in the history of any human being
liluglydude 666 (15 days ago)
This guy is really annoying
Crash (16 days ago)
Regarding the Starved Rock Murders, many locals still are divided as to Weger's participation. There are a lot of theories, some believable and some bizarre. My dad was a bus driver in the area in 1960, driving the route taking Weger to work. Dad was questioned if he saw the scratches on Weger's face. I believe he did see scratches, but could not give them a date when he saw them. There is also a local woman who believes her brother was involved in the murders.
david johnson (17 days ago)
All American !!!
SarahJ (17 days ago)
Love criminally listed! 😍 great video!
Blakk Ops (17 days ago)
This was cool and all, but you should have only done 5. That way you could have slowed down your talking and spent more time describing the stories in depth. Because honestly bro you talked so fast and flew through this list so fast it was truly somewhat difficult to retain the stories...
Cutiepachimaripie (18 days ago)
Type O Negative Shirt?
Matt Mott (18 days ago)
"Justice evolves after injustice is defeated...."
Matt Mott (18 days ago)
Mr.whistler Is #4 ur uncle or dad? Or just a dopple-daddy?
Richie Mann (18 days ago)
So many youtubers just copy each other's stories & rehash the same stuff over & over again, it's so nice to find someone who's actually putting out new content- thank you!
Godwynne Maart (18 days ago)
Is that hair on his neck or a shadow??
Jaak Maasalu (19 days ago)
For your 7th, you say "September 10th, 1944" and later use dates like 2014 etc and 2 decades. Something got mixed up?
Jayju (19 days ago)
Wait this isn't Vsauce?
John Robinson (19 days ago)
Skip ahead to 1:00 where he finally gets started.
Chris Scorpio (19 days ago)
This should say Top 10 instances of diabolical white privilege.
Shay Ashford (19 days ago)
BLK men will never learn..... Ww is always their downfall....
TIM SLANKARD (20 days ago)
1944 huh Lorcin Torres and a Torres huh
Eric (20 days ago)
Is that a squirrel in your t-shirt? Lol
PhatCat PhatCat (22 days ago)
Dude said The Crips and Bloods were involved in something in 1944😒😹😹😹😹😹😹
Alex Juarez (22 days ago)
You gotta put out a correction video if you want to keep your credibility
Alex Juarez (22 days ago)
1944 crips and bloods didn’t exist and if they were released in the 80s they spent far more than 20 years in prison
Martina Star (23 days ago)
Now DNA testing has advanced so much now all cases that have body fluids still available for testing should be mandatory testing without the court saying yes or no. It may cost taxpayers but if it proves innocents then that is one less $ spent on a prisoner who is innocent.
seansimmons73 (23 days ago)
The pistol is pronounced Lor-sin not Lore- kin
cheryl Silver-Hatala (23 days ago)
Stop talking So fast. Any follow the sto ry. You speak so fast that you that you can audibly hear in hale.very annoying. Use someone else to narrate.
I'm pretty sure there was no such thing as a Ford Taurus in 1944 much less crypts or bloods.
You Babel too much!
Verne Fits (26 days ago)
Nice shirt
Maxwell Whitaker (26 days ago)
Kumar Vaibhav (27 days ago)
Try speaking a bit slower...would help your channel.
Jesse Morgan (28 days ago)
Kinda... Boring.
Charles Peckham (28 days ago)
That t-shirt is totally cool and it shows off Simon's manly upper chest hair.
Goran Stjepanović (29 days ago)
O:41 darrrrk secrets
Jordan Kay (29 days ago)
Top 10 bummer toptenz lists.
Supes Me (29 days ago)
Two missing yet important ones imho: 1. The guy who admitted he killed Adam Walsh 2. Toni Manix admitting she killed George Reeves Both were deathbed confessions
Joseph Kloth (30 days ago)
Not that anybody is going to see this now but at the 7:07 mark there's a pic of a cop opening the driver's door of a car in which the criminal, in a suit & handcuffs appears to be getting out of the driver's seat! I mean he's got handcuffs on, why why he be getting out of the driver's door?!
fredworthmn (13 days ago)
You are right. But to me the picture looks wrong. The men are too big for the background. Almost looks like they were pasted into the picture. I suppose that is just my imagination. Anyway, nice catch!
Shari Brown (30 days ago)
Crips and Bloods and a Ford Taurus in 1944, FOURTY FOUR???? Dont think so dude... try 1994... whoever wrote the que cards for this needs to brush up on their penmanship!!!
Christy Shultz (4 days ago)
Yeah they could afford a classic car like that.
9001 (1 month ago)
The podcast is even better
Starving Wolf (1 month ago)
Imah say something wild just to troll one last time.
TXejas19 TXejas19 (1 month ago)
#8 👿
crystal rans (1 month ago)
OMG LOVE the shirt!!
sbjkd (1 month ago)
You look cool in a long sleeved shirt, but t-shirts don’t suit you, IMO. 👍
Susan Hughan (1 month ago)
I do love this channel but felt a bit rushed with the information ~ I couldn’t fully reflect on everything he was saying... talking a bit fast 💨.. I’m going to try & watch this video again, because the content is so interesting..
Khim Jamal (1 month ago)
Ah Simon, so presentable. Pinkys OUT when you drink your tea....muthafucka
Holly Y (1 month ago)
Jones joined the 27 club...
Albert Einstein (1 month ago)
Can't stand criminally listed. His voice is the ery definition of the word irritation
zdruva Nosworthy (1 month ago)
this guy is a youtube prostitute how many channels does he have?
Gary Maxion (1 month ago)
I expected a ton of tattoos describing your life of debauchery. I am disappoint. Lol
Richard Ayala (1 month ago)
Wait.... wha?! And there you go mentioning the city next door 😰... though I’m very glad the freezer has been found and not here🤯
Kynz (1 month ago)
Do you really have to shout? Paused to stop incredibly annoying voice, write this, and click away....
i like how he doesn't put scary music
Literatura BDSM (1 month ago)
Yes, she shot herself with the gun......and the bullets were axe-shaped....Also quite convenient......the son did it.
Vicki Nadolski (1 month ago)
The best rockers ALWAYS die at the age of 27. Joplin Hendrix etc.......
digapygmy70 (1 month ago)
A disappointing number of entries centering around racism, sadly. Also, WOW, worst mom of all time award goes to #2. Murder your daughter and accuse your son?! Incredible.
melissa jackson (1 month ago)
Wow, you look much more dashing in those button down shirts.
MsRhi Brown (1 month ago)
Black folks are AWAYS convicted of sh!t they didn’t do😡!!!
Toni Remer (1 month ago)
Simon, the David Lee Wilson case happened on September 10th of 1994, not 1944. I rewound that part of the video several times before I decided to look that story up. In an article, Oklahoma Journalists for Justice, states that Demarco Carpenter, and Malcolm Scott were falsely accused by David Lee Wilson before he was executed for the murder of Richard Yost, a clerk at the local QuikTrip, which happened AFTER the murder of Karen Summers; three other accomplices: Billy Alverson, Richard Harjo, and Darwin Brown were also convicted of Richard Yost's murder. Billy Alverson, and Darwin Brown were also executed for Mr. Yost's death, and both had written affidavits clearing both Carpenter and Scott of Ms. Summers's death before being executed. Richard Harjo was the only one out of the 4 who received life without the possibility of parole for his involvement in the murder of Mr. Yost. The other 2 that were shot on September 10th were: Kenneth Price, and Alonzo Johnson. Price, having his back to Wilson ( he was in the backseat of a car that he had rented ) during the shooting was was shot in the buttocks. Since the Tulsa Police Department had ( may still have) a lot of corruption, coerced Mr. Price into saying that Carpenter and Scott were the actual shooters, even going as far as to show him photos of Carpenter and Scott. According to Mr. Price, the police had threatened him with arrest, so he caved and pointed to Carpenter and Scott, and testifying against the two. Eventually, Mr. Price had written an affidavit to this fact and wrote an apology letter to Carpenter. The District Attorney, Tim Harris, refused to listen to what all, especially Wilson, had said saying that he was probably just trying to help out his friends get out of prison. So far, Oklahoma's Governor, after the parole board TWICE voted for Carpenter's release, refuses to accept their decision. Carpenter has written and pleaded with several famous athletes and actors/actresses for their help, but none has responded. Mr. Carpenter, and Mr. Scott are STILL in prison begging for someone to please help them get released. They've been released after serving over 20 yrs. I truly, sincerely and profusely apologize for this comment being so extremely long, and I wish to thank whomever that reads it for taking the time to do so. Merry Christmas to each and every single one of you, and your families! 🎅🎅🎅🤶🤶🤶
Will Ripley (1 month ago)
You look sexy in t shirts
Edmund Wong (1 month ago)
There must be thousands of falsely accused people. Does speak well about human nature or criminal justice system.
ChaiKnees Nollies (1 month ago)
Crip members in Ford Taurus in 1944!? Lol
Dan Boyle (1 month ago)
Regarding Ruth Martin: you said that her husband found a .22 caliber bullet. Did you mean a bullet or, more likely, a shell casing? Bullets are the portion of an ammunition round that are fired out of the barrel, so I would think it highly unlikely that that is what he found. Just asking.
White Minority (1 month ago)
Not very haunting to me............
Katleho Mokoena (1 month ago)
Cool t-shirt, he should wear them more.
Nina Sky (1 month ago)
Also I hope Carpenter and Scott are living AMAZING lives. My heart hurts for what they endured.
Shazia Sultan (1 month ago)
scitechian (1 month ago)
Wait a minute. Her upper body was in the kitchen, but her lower body was at the top of a stairwell? She shot herself, fell onto the staircase, fell completely in half, and her head and torso slid into the kitchen? Or is this just terrible phrasing for "she was found facedown at the bottom of the staircase that led into the kitchen"?
Messenger 205mb (1 month ago)
Johnny sins s is that you?
Vivienne the Vicious (1 month ago)
A disturbingly high number of these took place in Illinois. No more sleep for me.
Juan Zarate (1 month ago)
Ur mum gay. Baldies basics
Jared Quinney (1 month ago)
This is really interesting
LozMorganFilms (2 months ago)
11:55 Hi I'm Simon Whistler and this is my brother, Smrekar Whistler
#9 - I can see where incarceration would have been futile, charging him and putting him on trial would at least give the family some peace. He turned himself in!
People have been tried posthumously.
CSharp (2 months ago)
The Michael Lee Wilson segment was titled & introduced and listed in the description as David Lee Wilson. Then Simon said the correct name while describing the incident.
Laura Willits (2 months ago)
Simon, I bet you're a great dancer.
poface bloggs (2 months ago)
Been watching criminally listed for years
Sasha Hershey (2 months ago)
im gonna wait till my death bed to let my husband know I was born male
LtJackboot (2 months ago)
The Crips? 1944? do I need to do some reading? I thought Tookie Williams formed the Crips in the 70's?
ryan f (2 months ago)
Imagine thinking you’re hard for being in a gang

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