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10 Haunting Deathbed Confessions

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Text Comments (1167)
TopTenz (3 months ago)
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Ganieda Morgan (3 days ago)
the name is Michael Lee Wilson NOT David Lee Wilson, (as in your list), and it was in 1994, the child was a 4-month-old son
Qui Santewa (27 days ago)
4:19 you said 1944?? It was 1994. Also the baby was 4 months old not 4 years old. Come on guys.
Oskar Björling (1 month ago)
TopTenze Ljcghgjjubv
Katy Bug (54 minutes ago)
I wish high profile crimes would be confessed on a persons deathbed.. I mean, what do u have to lose at that point?? Like who’s the zodiac murderer, or what happened to jimmy hoffa, etc. We need answers ppl!
Katy Bug (59 minutes ago)
Is there something on your neck area, or am I buggin?? It’s bothering me lolz but cool vid !! 😉👍🏻✌🏻
One of my ancestors made the carving on your shirt.
hd31 (5 hours ago)
Boring narrator
Hyde Zeronineseven (13 hours ago)
I’ve lived in Elizabethtown my whole life and I never heard that story. Definitely interesting.
The Normal Life (21 hours ago)
Just killing people left and right. Ok with letting innocent people spend their lives in prison but you scared you going to hell.
Glen Long (1 day ago)
In 1987?...I got into a verbal argument with some clown in Wenatchee, Washington. I kicked him in the chest and he fell, hitting his head on a fire hydrant. He died right there while I was looking at him. The way he looked at me with fear in his eyes has haunted me my whole life. I feel for his mother...his dad. Especially because I just ran after I heard his death rattle. That sound still wakes me up at night. I'm such a coward for running. I was scared and just a kid, but I wish I would have gone to prison. Just to clear my conscience. My deathbed confession.
Alexander Norris (3 days ago)
Can anyone else actually point to where Middletown, DE is? I only know because the location of every city in my state was reinforced in my education. I also lived very close. Like, and reply with an image if you can point to it.
Star Man (3 days ago)
I would like to see someone else host this channel.🤐
huverdoose (5 days ago)
I didn't know the Crips and Bloods were feuding way back in 1944. I also didn't know Ford made the Taurus back then.
Jadty (4 days ago)
It's actually 1994.
J Heart (5 days ago)
These stories enrage me to no end, I almost cut it off. Innocent people suffering for crimes they didn’t commit and monsters living their lives and getting away with murder. Literally.
The Over/UnderThinker (5 days ago)
regarding #6: on the positive side, her landlord didn't throw her out, so ...job done!
Bianca Bloom (6 days ago)
That’s an amazing T-shirt!
G V (7 days ago)
Do these innocent convicted persons get a few million dollars indemnification?
UrMomHas LockJaw (8 days ago)
Content was average
GeFeldz (8 days ago)
Crips and a Ford Taurus in 1944? Wut?
Chef Evans (8 days ago)
Hmm, am I missing something here? There were Ford Tauruses in 1944?
Bang Big (8 days ago)
How's your mother
Larry Quisno (9 days ago)
That will do it
jimmyglea (10 days ago)
Crips in 1944?
Katy Leaton (11 days ago)
People are sick and should have paid in life, especially when someone else paid for them.
Eter Puralis (12 days ago)
"even passed a lie detector test" ... considering there's no scientific evidence those things work better than an 8 ball, I'm not surprised.
Dan Schwartz (12 days ago)
A four-year-old is not a "baby".
Dan Schwartz (12 days ago)
He also says the "baby's" mother was killed in 1944, instead of 1994. No Bloods and Crips back then.
Ronald Webster (12 days ago)
Deathbed confessions are cop-outs!!! You were a horrible human being and are trying to get right before meeting St Peter but the damage is done!!! Especially with these men who served time in prison but were completely innocent! That makes no sense!!! It burns me up!!! I hope there is a special place in Hell for people who do that! And our justice system is a joke, especially when evidence does not add up!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ethan Fiske (14 days ago)
Honestly not quite haunting, just upsetting that they’d rather hide their shame than admit a convicted felon is actually innocent
Richard Klammer (14 days ago)
The one about The mum and daughter Named Christine sounds like the son just said it to remove suspision from him. Its just his word afterall
AH-Games (15 days ago)
Ghetto vsauce
Jackson Brown (15 days ago)
Criminally Listed is a great site
Joe Mullin (17 days ago)
These are pretty tame. Nothing haunting about them.
Paul Soychak (18 days ago)
You’re so cute dude!
Person Incognito (19 days ago)
Teresa Jose (19 days ago)
You look better in a T-shirt. lol
Eric Gaiser (21 days ago)
So this channel was calles Criminally Listed before Top Tenz Net & now shortened to just Top Tenz? Great channel & family of channels. You earned my subscription(s)
Eric Gaiser (21 days ago)
There are more innocent people imprisoned than ANYONE WOULD ADMIT.
Branimir Smrekar (22 days ago)
You falsely pronunce my surname "Smrekar" it's not "SmrekEr" it's SmrekAr"!
Anthony Alverson (23 days ago)
WOW! #7 is about my cousin.
Erin Piazza (23 days ago)
I didn’t know death by “misadventure” was a thing
Marquis de Masoque (24 days ago)
Your friend Robert has cool content but he should hire a voice actor or someone else to speak, 'cuz his voice is kinda...'yknow?
john O'Halloran (24 days ago)
Second last story, how was the girls body cut in half?!
Devon Molina (24 days ago)
She was killed with a axe, so maybe that.
ksxksf 1 (24 days ago)
Criminally Listed is the stuff. Great channel that provides as treasure trove of information regarding both solved and unsolved crimes and missing persons.
I AM HUMAN (26 days ago)
8% to 10% of all incarcerations are innocent. That is 10 million inmates each year falsely accused of a crime.
Jim McCracken (29 days ago)
E. Howard Hunt makes a deathbed confession, recorded on tape, by his son. Admitted to being involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. It doesn't make the list, go figure.
Olga Sergeyeva (1 month ago)
Number 7: This is what racism can do.
paul Z (1 month ago)
With a name like Simon Whistler he should be hunting vampires
IETCHX69 (1 month ago)
Criminally Listed ?!?!? Have you heard that cunt's voice ??
Jason Koster (1 month ago)
Top Tenz and Criminally Listed are tied together? I died and went to heaven
Alicia Clifford (1 month ago)
Wow this dude looks like Adam Levine.
McKampfschnitzel97 (1 month ago)
I think it's really questionable that courts regularily reject new evidence that becomes available years after the initial trial. You kinda get the impression that they really don't care about "not guilty until proven". What do they have to lose? Best case scenario: he gets free, worst case: nothing happens. Do they fear that their reputation gets tarnished if the convict is deemed not guilty afterwards? Do they want the person to stay in prison because they think he deserves it? Do the authorities fear that they have to compensate the convict if he gets absolved? I think new evidence, especially DNA related evidence, should always be approved and the case re-opened. The fact that it doesn't makes one really lose trust in the judicial system.
White CIS Cum (1 month ago)
11. "I did have sexual relations with that woman"
I murdered 23 people. I keep turning myself in to the police, and they just won't' believe me. It's very frustrating honestly, but what are you going to do? Kill another person that's what!
T-800 (1 month ago)
Moolies in a Taurus 🤣-the Sopranos
Sian Nelson (1 month ago)
The woman who lied on Emmett Till should be on this list.
I AM HUMAN (26 days ago)
Sian Nelson she should be stoned to death.
Richard Wilkinsiv (1 month ago)
You know that has to be 1994. As United Blood Nation, 66 Crips, and the car you mentioned did not exist in 1944
Ann O'Halloran (1 month ago)
You rock that t-shirt
Anastasia Beaverhausen (1 month ago)
The crip drove away in a Ford Taurus that day in 1944? Doubtful.
This Guy (1 month ago)
Videos like this destroys what little faith one has left in humanity
Rex Hitzler (1 month ago)
So come on in, it ain't no sin, just take off your skin, and dance around in your bones....Tom waits
DillyDyson007 (1 month ago)
Members of the gang called “the crips” 😂
valerie hall (1 month ago)
Hey, who's the guy in the t-shirt? Lol
Shi Womino (1 month ago)
“Robert is apparently a cool dude”
My mother beat my puppy over her head with her rubber bone. The new owners asked if we knew anything about the dogs brain damage. I was very young& knew if I reported my mother, she’d beat me more than she already did which was very frequent. I feel bad for that dog as ‘mom’ trapped her by her collar and beat her head repeatedly very hard. Heartbreaking.
Ryan Campbell (1 month ago)
You should have added (Carolyn Bryant) the lady that lied on Emmet Till... Due to her lie, He was beating tortured and lynched in Mississippi 1955
Brian Mason (1 month ago)
You have an American accent but still speak like a british person. Interesting
Michael Dowell (1 month ago)
You look great in a tee shirt!
Wolpertinger (1 month ago)
Note to myself: Never set foot in the US.
Chhuti Maiti (1 month ago)
These convictions were so unfair! 😑
Marty McFly (1 month ago)
You’re a brilliant presenter dude
frank hargreaves (1 month ago)
Simon, you've got to work on those guns.
Jasper Lufkin (1 month ago)
"he wasn't interested in playing in the band anymore"....not the way I heard it bruv.
Danny Disease (1 month ago)
I usually love this channel but this video didn't live up to the name at all. Not very "haunting", any of them. I know I'm kinda jaded but so is the rest of your target audience, ya gotta do better than this!
ambulanceish (1 month ago)
“Death by misadventure”. I think I have a new goal in life/death, I can only hope to have my death described as such, heck; put it on my tombstone!
Adam Maygard (1 month ago)
try drinking less coffee before doing a video as it is distracting watching the non stop word dance. Just a thought
MSAKspain (1 month ago)
Shay Rollins (1 month ago)
I am already a subbed..
Awakened Persona (1 month ago)
Isn't it odd a lot of the false accusations are scummy women? Believe all women my a$$, believe facts and evidence, trust no one.
Demonic Akumi (1 month ago)
That 2nd one... you wanted me to take the fall for your murder... your own child and then expect me to keep that to myself while you're dying? If she wasn't dying I would've told people while she was still alive.
Yaoi LovER (1 month ago)
so what I am getting from this is don't go to IL or you will end up in jail for 100+ years on charges you didn't commit
619Slipk (1 month ago)
#3 > Kills 2 people that cheated him on drug deals > Confesses the murders before dying because "I don't want to go to hell" Great logic there mate, you're on the right path to heaven
Kristi Leigh (1 month ago)
Tshirt looks great on you! Reminds me of a musician. I know too many drummers with a shaved head & beautiful beard, lol!
jfacts49 (1 month ago)
Did I hear that Bloods/Crips date right? Think you mean 1994 not 1944 lol
Buggsy Love (1 month ago)
Jessica Hall (1 month ago)
How strung out do you have to be for Keith Richards to be like, "Dude you gotta go"?
wait? she let an innocent man sit in prison for 12 years without saying anything? over stolen rent money? that's cold.
Wyomingbob (1 month ago)
Hello! As a subscriber I have watched maybe 90% of the videos. But I don't remember if there has ever been one focusing on people's experience with timeslips. I was hoping that the channel could do an in-depth video on the subject. I had my own experience with a slip when I was 14. But I would like to other peoples experience with them that I might compare. Thanks
Pauline Montagna (2 months ago)
Gosh...so no one outside of the US ever made a death bed confession!
Gavin Kittle (2 months ago)
Like the tshirt
The Overling (2 months ago)
Someone needs a bit of sun. :)
mtilford (2 months ago)
Criminally Listed is fantastic, btw, and deserves a far larger sub base.
mtilford (2 months ago)
I did not know the crips started showing up in oklahoma during WWII.
Michael Wahl (2 months ago)
I really like that t-shirt. Where can I buy one?
Ellie Mathews (2 months ago)
My God! How many other innocent people are in prison? Or were executed for crimes they didn't commit. Our judicial system has some major issues!
Molly Brown (2 months ago)
False convictions are absolutely terrifying
Lynn DeBeal (2 months ago)
27 is the magic age. So many rock stars died/ murdered at that age
Derek McCumber (2 months ago)
Truly magical!
Ger - (2 months ago)
If you think your life is bad just be glad you haven’t been wrongly locked up for most of it
Jazmine -Mahee (1 month ago)
I feel like a lot of people who plead to life sentences have done somthinging worse that what they're convicted of
Mama Aimée (2 months ago)
1944 they had the crips and Ford Taurus'?
wagner1va (2 months ago)
Mama Aimée Blacks have been criminals for all of recorded history.
Mingkay Ming (2 months ago)
Sometimes I hate the way you talk Sometimes I love it I don't like these conflicting feelings 😞
Waiwera Waiwera (2 months ago)
He should just be a voice behind the scene. His physical presence draws you away from the video. 😐
Felix the Alley cat (2 months ago)
It’s creepy to think the current horrors these bad people are enduring. You can delay justice but just because it’s patient in waiting for you doesn’t mean it’s forgotten you.
Amy Korpal (2 months ago)
Love his channel and this one

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