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10 Haunting Deathbed Confessions

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TopTenz (17 days ago)
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zaviier _ (10 hours ago)
Ridiculous seeing people serve years in prison for literally no reason
browndd (1 day ago)
I assumed most of these were going to be about murders. But I thought at least one would have been about a serial killer who had never been caught. The fact is most homicides go unsolved (don't quote me but I think the national solve rate is only about 20%) and serial killer cases are the hardest of cases to solve because the killer usually has absolutly no connection to their victims other than the murder itself.
Carlie M (1 day ago)
Criminally listed is an amazing Channel. He does cases most don't cover and he makes follow up videos to cases when something new happens
Karla Lopez (1 day ago)
this awesome video .
Jolly Voqar (4 days ago)
This channel is like youtube national enquirer. So bad.
Cesar Ochoa (8 days ago)
The fact that you & criminally listed are tied together is awesome I’ve loved both channels for a while 👌🏻🤙🏻🤘🏼
conman34i5 (8 days ago)
hey, the captions for the first 30 seconds are really off, just thought id let you know
RoysFlameKitten (8 days ago)
"they arrested two 17-year-old boys" I dunno those guys look in their 40s with their midlife crisis way behind them :/
seapeajones (8 days ago)
Obviously recent. They spent 20 years in jail.
Allot of people from Illinois.
John Martin (8 days ago)
Must be some seriously unruly sideburns if he gets scratched up grooming them.
Scottie Hicks (9 days ago)
All ready sub to both keep it up brother 👊
Carla Mylastname (9 days ago)
If my mother on her deathbed told me that she had killed my sister and wached as I had been looked at as a suspect and other people have been looked at as suspects but nobody had ever been able to solve the murder and I had lived with the horror of finding her body my whole life, I would have picked up the phone and dial 911 right away. I would have called all of the news outlets that I could and told them everything. "Oh you want to come and interrogate my mother while she's on her deathbed? Please come in!"
Randall Evans (9 days ago)
1944 crips were not even around plus Ford didn't release the Taurus till end of the 80's. Where do you get your information.
HyperSouL Gamer (10 days ago)
That Crips and bloods fight of 1944 must’ve used Tommy guns.
Trey C (10 days ago)
That t-shirt design with the skeletons is also on the cover of The Origin of the Feces album by Type-O Negative. Just something I thought was interesting lol.
hardtoexplain32 (10 days ago)
I think one or two of these are small Town Murder episodes
typacsk (11 days ago)
All the Illinois mentions in this vid are extremely unsettling...
Lindsay Powers (12 days ago)
That is very crazy. The second entry about James Brewer and Dorothy Powers is about my aunt and step-uncle. He died only this last year.
Christopher Rahm (13 days ago)
I can't watch Criminally Listed...the guy has a serious problem with pronunciations which really grates on my nerves (Example: Gavelston rather than the Texas coastal city of Galveston).
Christopher Rahm (10 days ago)
+Professor Boule' I know. Considering a lot of the cases he covers are from the United States, I can't give him a pass on something like this. This was but one of the examples which came immediately to mind as the most egregious.
Professor Boule' (11 days ago)
Christopher Rahm he's Canadian
ani me (14 days ago)
anyone else have a crush on Simon?
Bengt Cenatiempo (14 days ago)
wow, look at your arms!
Ganz Nutek (14 days ago)
Hey from Middletown DE
Cat Von Done (15 days ago)
Love the voice
Jeremy McGrath (16 days ago)
Great channel!  Informative and interesting videos.
Tanya Nale (16 days ago)
Mrs Kett is psychotic AF!!
baba yaga (17 days ago)
no. 8 mgtow fella's
I wonder if that guy Wilson who was executed for killing a store clerk admitted to the killing of that little girl just to get the other two guys out of prison. I mean, he knew he was going to be killed so why not try something like that?
There's no way that someone can live a normal happy life if they hold onto a confession of murder, fraud, assault, etc just before they die. I know there's definitely some psychopaths that can. But most of them must live a life of guilt and shame even if nobody knows what they did
Nathan Bongertman (17 days ago)
Frak Cadillac (17 days ago)
Yeah it's kinda weird seeing you in a T.
Yahaira Kuiperi (18 days ago)
Dude... You talk too much to even be considered real
James Sealy (18 days ago)
I love criminally listed.
Cat Loving Trio (19 days ago)
That T-shirt just drained your credibility by 30%.
Joseph Ancion (19 days ago)
I think the second one was by far the most disturbing. Murdering your daughter because she is late at home ? This makes me more scared of my parents... And with an AXE ? Imagine chasing your daughter and smashing her head MULTIPLE TIMES. Then make a fake crime scene, and just leave it at that... Honestly, if it was my mother, I would not have honored the secret either.
Josi (20 days ago)
Villalobos = vee-yah-LOW-bows
Valincia Pruitt (20 days ago)
Many black men have been killed behind white women lying. That lady should have been hung. All these are crazy but, #2 is sad.
Thairate (21 days ago)
Fun fact that no one will read: I live literally across the road from where Brian Jones drowned
Crispy Rick (21 days ago)
I wish you'd slow down, this was exhausting to listen to. Couldn't be bothered to listen to the last half.
peets127 (22 days ago)
Emmett Till??
Mgrow (23 days ago)
Number 2 sounds a bit too convenient....
Eric Siggins (23 days ago)
I have one just waiting 2 die
TexasLadyTrucker (25 days ago)
Have you ever noticed that all the famous rock stars, in addition to Brian Jones, who died in their prime were 27 years of age? All of these people died at 27; Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain. I'm sure there's more, but these are all that come to mind. Anyone else think that's strange?
Bill Wilson (25 days ago)
Not many things would suck worse than being falsely imprisoned and I'm sure it happens a lot.
RandyPantheGoatBoy (26 days ago)
Kind of thought Ottis Toole would be on here.
Katie Bee (1 month ago)
Nice shirt.
Agent J (1 month ago)
Not nearly as redeeming as they'd could have done, was it?
Peter Fraser (1 month ago)
Just my luck after my death bed confession they'd find a cure.
Em Jay (1 month ago)
Criminally Listed is the best!!!! <33!!
Cornelius Mercer (1 month ago)
I love criminally listed it's my favorite Channel next to this one
Marco Quinones (1 month ago)
I had to stop watching after I found out a 9 month old burned to death.
Uduyu Aimadoomi (1 month ago)
Top Ten Australian Cringey List Channels
PAC CO (1 month ago)
Only in America would someone be sentenced to 300 years or life and 170 years. Dumb fks
GET RAD (1 month ago)
tshirts should never be designed with printed square fames.
Andrew Ince (1 month ago)
Deeply religious is simply a synonym for dangerous, deluded and immoral.
Paula Curless (1 month ago)
luxor1001 (1 month ago)
Not "multiple people" but "several women." If the unknown woman said nothing to indicate that she was speaking of those three women, then there's no reason to include hers as a deathbed confession.
ben nu (1 month ago)
I am not a mortal coil I am a mortal pancake
Josh Strain (1 month ago)
Robotic DJ delivery... Doesn't work and makes the content seem tedious.
love child 69 (1 month ago)
I always knew there was something up on the Brian Jones story. Enlightening! Thanks, Simon, 4 all the tales.
Grace Chen (1 month ago)
Life Lesson: Probably just don't drink so much??
Oceanus DuBois (1 month ago)
Huh. I guess the best way to commit a crime is frame it on some other poor schmuck
Isoke Stuckey (1 month ago)
What is up with famous people, mainly musicians dying at the age of 27?
Gianna (1 month ago)
too fast sounds like mindless chatter . are these narrators on something so many of them talk to fast its actually headache inducing. thumbs down !
Fargoth Bosmer (1 month ago)
We get it, he said the wrong year. Get the heck over it people.
Dagan Love (1 month ago)
2 from Oklahoma 🙄
Dagan Love (1 month ago)
Why is my state only brought up when people kill people XD
Beverly Lumley (1 month ago)
Sit on your hands there flapping all around.
cinnamongirl3121 (1 month ago)
IMO number 1 should have been Roscoe White. On his deathbed he confessed to being Badge Man shooting from the Grassy Knoll on Nov 22, 1963 during the assassination of the American president John F. Kennedy. He claimed his shot was the one that hit the president in the head, ending his life. At the time he was a Dallas Police officer and the uniform was real.
Isaiah (1 month ago)
Can i suggest the podcast Rock and Roll Twilight Zone. its an amazing one about weird rock and roll deaths and mysteries. its fantastic.
Tank Acebo (1 month ago)
he clearly said 1944 and crips and ford Taurus in the same sentence. wtf?
mark moth (1 month ago)
a member of a gang called the crips. WE KNOW WHO THE FUCKN CRIPS ARE dude
abizit gill (1 month ago)
I was hoping for more people who would be on their deathbed,make a damning statement and then survive
DravenGal (2 months ago)
Criminally Listed is a cool site, but I like the way you tell the stories better, Simon. The accent maybe?
jeremy manchur (2 months ago)
Couldn’t make it through the video. Can’t stand listening too people spend their life behind bars, because of some bs.
Kelsey CoCa (2 months ago)
You have nice arms! more T-shirts, please! I love this collaboration. Two of my favorites <3
Daniel Timmerman (2 months ago)
no one watns to here you talk
Amy Morrison (2 months ago)
My Maiden name was Whistler!!!
Leigh Foulkes (2 months ago)
#1 should have been former CIA Howard Hunt's Confession of JFK's assignation on his death bed. There is actually audio of the death bed confession.
Holly R (2 months ago)
I have a Dead Can Dance poster with that same iconograph.
young abu (2 months ago)
SMH Number 8 happens to often i just wish us men had a back bone to fight these injustices
*SIGH* . . .Look Mr. Semen, I enjoy your videos. I think you do a great job, I really do. All I ask is for you to please put at least a little more effort towards pronouncing names correctly. It's *VILLALOBOS* not " -VILABOSE- " . . . *V I L L A L O B O S : VEE ~ UH (OR AH, like VIA) ~ LOW ~ BOSE* I understand foreign names can be somewhat hard to pronounce, I really do, but a little more effort can really go a long way. Nahmsayin? Well... that's all I had to say. Either way, thanks for understanding *Mr. Semen Wrestler* , great vids like I said earlier & keep doing your thing baby, I'm rooting for ya. Stay up homie ;]
Aurora BoobeeAlis (2 months ago)
Hahaha, I love the white boy hands flashing gang signs. 😂😂😂
247Asian Media (2 months ago)
Are we SURE the guy didn't kill his sister and then conveniently blame his mother after she died? He WAS a suspect at one point
Gabe Moore (2 months ago)
I am amused how the video "people with surprising dark sides" had the comments disabled.
Augford P. Doggie (2 months ago)
Simon has never been to a gym
Razzola P (2 months ago)
I’ve been subbed to criminally listed for about 2 years it’s a great channel I highly recommend
Aurora BoobeeAlis (2 months ago)
Criminally listed sucks.
Bon Zo (2 months ago)
Ellen Spear (2 months ago)
I hope we can look forward to similar confessions about Jonbenet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann.
Colt Fox (2 months ago)
How did number 7 happen in 1944 and they fled in a Ford Taurus? The first generation of the Taurus was in 1985.
Kyler Sinjin (2 months ago)
That shirt reminds me of Type O Negative Origin of the feces album cover
alldreamsfalldown (1 month ago)
My thoughts exactly.
Ricardo Franco (2 months ago)
Are you related to Michael from VSauce? Lol 😂
rudolph mantooth banksy (2 months ago)
Simon in a t-shirt. Made my day. :)
Lots of racists getting away Scot free.
Bee bee Be (2 months ago)
DNA testing should be mandatory on all old cases where there is doubt, this will determine effectively guilt or innocence it should not be up to the discretion of burocrats to make this call on behalf of a society that is "us", how dare they!
Dianne S Jorgensen (2 months ago)
Keeley or Kelly?
BrokenEarbuds (2 months ago)
4:18 it was 1994 not 1944
Lexiatmidnight (2 months ago)
Ummmm.... Number 7 anybody? Not sure the crips and bloods were beefing at the end of WW2....
LadySuchiko (2 months ago)
Lol, you never know

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