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Why I'm still a company driver

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I slide the fifth wheel in this video and tell you why I'm company
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Kadoe Ghalib (9 days ago)
Say big brah whatcha info so we can chop it up i wanna holla at cha asap
Parteehard da trucker (8 days ago)
Jennifer A (4 months ago)
I got a dwi about 3 years ago would I be able to work for this company?
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Jennifer A you should be good keep me posted good luck
Jennifer A (4 months ago)
+Parteehard da trucker thanks it was my boyfriend...
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Jennifer A you should be able too
Just Pedal (11 months ago)
Good tips on this video. A lot of drivers don't put out info on the actual truck and trailer anymore.
Dee Wheels (1 year ago)
Big ups my Brother for using your experience to give back....
Dee Wheels (1 year ago)
Also...one of the main reasons to move that fifth wheel is when you have too much weight on the steer tires..... Also in rare occasions,..if you're over in the drives just a little, and trailer tandems are maxed out.....you can actually slide the fifth wheel forward (if you have available pounds) on the steer.....You essentially transfer some weight off the drives to the steer without affecting the trailer.
Deacon (1 year ago)
PH, love the way you roll bruh. Keep the good vibes going, much love and many blessings!
Rider 71 (1 year ago)
Keep the water movin
Glenn Box (1 year ago)
Thanks for making this video all ive seen is other trucker talking about lease and owner op and they never talk about company so thanks dude you the man
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
Christian trucker no doubt Fam it’s the truth you can make a good living as a company driver all about what you want I’m not interested in buying I’m making good money now and less stress so It works for me
Super Trucker Tony (1 year ago)
Whats good ph ? See ya doing ya thang pimpin! Im still out here grinding bruh😎
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+Super Trucker Tony That’s what’s up Fam get that bag💰💰
breemichelle kelly (1 year ago)
Hello guys stay safe
nothing wrong with being company. my old man did fine company. you work your hustle ether way
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+The Trucking Review Channel You right Fam that's what I be trying to tell me it's all about the driver
Rydnsolo 34 (2 years ago)
What's up Fam? You're true inspiration bro! Keep doing what u do and you and Kee stay safe 👍🏻🚛💨
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Rydnsolo 34 thx Fam appreciate that
David Reynolds (2 years ago)
And keedeewee
David Reynolds (2 years ago)
Yea I appreciate as well each one teach one big homie
Chris Chris (2 years ago)
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
+Chris Chris Sup bruh
David Reynolds (2 years ago)
That's what's up big homie strive for perfection and enlightenment is all ways need god put all in a situation that we can handle people to come across path to wake us up some of us are still sleeping but circumstances well make us do good by each other and are selfs u all ready know he just take something away and give it back in another form I been to the fed s yazoo polock Coleman Cumberland usp atl u know go anywhere and a few other but safe u and keedeewee out there
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
+David Reynolds Thx bruh appreciate that RNS
Amcdugger69 (2 years ago)
fulfilling those ideas will give you True happiness no amount of money can buy. the money is a great benefit package tho. I Respect a MAN like you. stay safe u2.
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Amcdugger69 thx Fam appreciate the support
Big HomieRell (2 years ago)
Yo fam I got a lot of respect for ya. I feel like you a nigga out of my own heart. i was the same way back n da day. served 13 in the pen for the dumb shit. now im out here on the truck grind too. much love PH. Darrell Palm
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Big HomieRell Much love to you too Fam appreciate that
Nunya Bness (2 years ago)
I'm going to start classes at TDI CDL School in Sanford Fl this Monday... Thank you for your inspirations
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
+Nunya Bness thx you Fam for putting forth the effort keep me posted
Lucio Weaver (2 years ago)
nice video keep coming
haroldlm64 (2 years ago)
I believe that would be a good idea to go back and inspire those young minds to take a different route. A lot of them don't have that and that's why they end up in the system. You have the gift of getting someone's attention attend feeding them with the info they need. Jump on it! Great video.
Sammie Mac (2 years ago)
Good video. keep it up
The Ace (2 years ago)
perfection is the enemy..... nothing perfect, just push!!!!
John Mccain (2 years ago)
Wow your the first person I heard say something like that, your the man , Muchacho
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
+thx FamJohn Mccain
Jerome Truitt (2 years ago)
because it's less hassle being a company driver.
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
+Jerome Truitt true
Twin (2 years ago)
I got the hook up to clean your credit for the low....it's legit
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
+Twin thx bruh appreciate that
the crazy youtuber (2 years ago)
bro drop swift been prehired with yall.need to get your info to get u that referral orientation march 8
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Antwan Page Appreciate the love bruh email me to number I will text it to you
Kevin Fitts (2 years ago)
You're a good role model. I don't know you personally but you have already helped me in my journey. From deciding I was going to be a trucker, to choosing how I was gonna go about getting started. I look up to you. Thanks for all the help.
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Toofpic The Trucker Thx Family I appreciate the love it makes all the trolls worthily bruh keep grinding
Nichole's life (2 years ago)
thank you so much for that fifth wheel tip sir
Tafari Makkonen (2 years ago)
Nichole Adams in a real way! I get my CDL on the 6th. I'm just hoping I run into a Sistah like you on the road...
Nichole's life (2 years ago)
Tafari Makkonen not yet, it's always good to get ahead of Education if you can and if you serious about the field that you want to go in
Tafari Makkonen (2 years ago)
Nichole Adams you Drive Truck!?!
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Nichole Adams you welcome Family
John Brady (2 years ago)
no matter what you just keep putting good into the universe bro and trying to learn these young folks sumn
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Johnny Bones No doubt bruh appreciate the love Fam
Kevin Folds (2 years ago)
Continue to speak that wisdom and knowledge. That's what's up!
be careful when u come out to Cali. it's hella wet out here. and hella flooding
Kenzie Woo504 (2 years ago)
good video
Rodriquez Williams (2 years ago)
hey bro keep doing good on them Trucking stay safe out there signing out Bogalusa bulldog
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Rodriquez Williams Appreciate the love Fam
Wise Trucker (2 years ago)
Hey.......... um....... I was wondering. Do you aid people in getting there basic drivers license. I desperately need one. I just heard from Mr. Sinister's live chat that you help people get there license if they asked.
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Wise Trucker Sorry bruh can't help you with that

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