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Free J Cole Type Beat - "Morning Sun"

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✘ Free Download / Buy Untagged Beat ⇒ http://bsta.rs/5z408 ​✘ Beat Store ⇒ http://yondomusic.com ✘ Contact ⇒ [email protected] ✘ Twitter ⇒ https://twitter.com/yondomusic ✘ Artwork Credit ⇒ http://theclassyissue.com/post/160399501070 ✘ If the beat has Free in the title, you may use it for non-profit usage only. Free J Cole Type Beat 2018 Free Yondo Type Beat 2018
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k BaNdz (3 hours ago)
kevin orozco (4 hours ago)
Can I purchase this beat?
J. Kento (4 hours ago)
J. cole would smash this 🔥🔥🔥
mystical thug music (5 hours ago)
kay_ chick (6 hours ago)
pops MJE (7 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/9WAdJyC9pCU I dont know how to credit you so i @yondo in the description. Check it out if you want
Fat Rob (10 hours ago)
using non profit use
Norwall Beats (11 hours ago)
Great Job!
Norwall Beats (12 hours ago)
Super Cool!
Manfredini Santos (13 hours ago)
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xTrekles (16 hours ago)
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Blvd Monster (21 hours ago)
Matus Dubrava (1 day ago)
this is very good. I have some silly freestyle on this made already with some mic and garageband. I wonder if you would love to hear it somehow. Maybe posting it on YT if you allow to just share
Cuando me miras así...
Bigg Joos (1 day ago)
Just try my new song and you won't be disappointed, trust me <3 https://soundcloud.com/biggjoos/bad-trip-ft-hrtbrk
Ashley Walton (1 day ago)
Isn't this the beat from "Show no love" by Rocco
Alejandro A (1 day ago)
I just want to be heard https://soundcloud.com/tokyodro365/roll-one-prodyondo
Sanaa Bradley (1 day ago)
My dad like this beat
L'Hades TV (1 day ago)
i make a crazy french music with your tracks !! You make me higher !! really performing job !!
L'Hades TV (1 hour ago)
Norwall Beats (1 day ago)
Amazing Beat!
Oh shit Sheff g
Max Khalus (1 day ago)
replaying the song for 2h
Norwall Beats (1 day ago)
Damn, this is fire! Keep it up.
X2C Beats (1 day ago)
Smooth as hell dude!!
jimmy cortes (2 days ago)
Encased in vases filled with faces and fascists And vacant spaces Leaving space with a racist and runaway rapist Racing catalyst cattles With cataclysm battles And shackles that rattle From Thunderstorms that shatter the platter Smile on face is plastered No empathy mastered Ever so quick with a blaster
WBeats _ (2 days ago)
Awesome 🔥
ek ke (2 days ago)
I looked in joyner liked and i saw this Its a good beat no wonder why he liked it
Davynn Balinski (2 days ago)
I remember when this video only had 1 million views bro! Now u got 11 million , wow.
Yondo (1 day ago)
Thank you!
ThePkTrainer (2 days ago)
Yeah *yawn* Up In the morning sun Got a loaded gun Don’t know how to hide but I’ll look at this beautiful sky Mom baked a pie Why is god telling lies Can’t talk to my friends I’m a little too shy Just a shy guy On his way by Tryna go to the store and buy some shit Forgot my money at home The cops found me and I’m on the run Hope they don’t catch me in the sun... Sun... FORGOT ABOUT MY GU-
Isaac Mcclaugherty (2 days ago)
yo is it cool if i make a song with this beat as long as i keep the tag and put produced by yondo? im a rapper just trying to fins some fire beats without getting sued
Yondo (1 day ago)
it's free for non profit use, If you have no plan to make any type of money from my beats, you can use it
youngtshighest (2 days ago)
Sheff g beat lol
LashBeats (2 days ago)
Rocco - Show No Love
B-One Production (2 days ago)
bomb smooth, I like the atmosphere and the drums! the instruments are good too, clean +1
Norwall Beats (2 days ago)
Nice Job!
garrett cisneros (3 days ago)
Kang Koup3 (3 days ago)
Excuse me as light my joint .....stressful times clouds the mind ....just trying to get focused .....feel like i was just dazed like on the game fight night ...caught with a left .. Then right .oh what lyfe . ....remember when ppl called me ....mr can't get right ... But i remember my whole life i was saying wait til i get right ..... Guess that spit went over they heads.... Like the bridge i took ..we on different routes ..see. On this high road . . you gotta check ya ego ...do ya overstand.. .cause two rights can be wrong n 2 Ls can make a W .... So i do my best ... To stay out the way so im never in the way .....n keep a umbrella for rainy days . .....im reclusive by choice thats just my nature ......dont trust easy cause most ppl will try ya patience .... With my attitude i cant afford to be aping ....so i locked myself away n melted the key for safety ...for safety.... My Ptsd... #ImMe1331 ...
Isaiah Sanders (3 days ago)
Listen to Flows by Sheff G. Same beat and they killed it
GLIZZY (3 days ago)
Tfue used this in his vlog damn😱
Mango0nly (3 days ago)
Who’s hear cause of tfue👐🏼
blvd beats (3 days ago)
Lyricist only.
Zone 7, The Producer (3 days ago)
This hella dope
Kingnine28 (3 days ago)
Is this copyright
Kingnine28 (1 day ago)
Is it ?
Norwall Beats (3 days ago)
This is sick!
Skengman Adi (3 days ago)
This is so J. Cole
Chardan (3 days ago)
Sheff G ft Sleepy Hallow - Flows
Johnnie Fihaki (3 days ago)
[Right from drop 0:14] Pa-ba-lo eso-bar uh Got-a-girl and-a-car yuh Guess it means I made it riiiiight? Yeah you did it’s amazin siiiiiiike! (X2) [Verse @ 0:28] You ain’t eva out the matrix Gotta go and make them payments Always trappin always movin Wire tappin think I’m stupid Dolla dolla its gon bill ya Gotta go and make ya million Never thinkin bout the losses All I do is win and floss it Pa-ba-lo eso-bar uh Got-a-girl and-a-car yuh Guess it means I made it riiiiight? Yeah you did it’s amazin siiiiiiike! (X2)
Farees TheHillss (3 days ago)
I’ve noticed a lack of respect, and a wave is comin on Of pride, no tides cus they’re all constantly sleepin on My abilities and credentials, No flossin, never dental I’m lowkey ballin, like tim duncan, I’m never special On the outside but interiors too pristine I had sins, but I washed it off like OxiClean I had dreams but I first hadda go help the team And now dreams are something that we can all achieve I know I’ve never been perfect, I know I’m still steady learnin’ Some nights I go to sleep hurtin’ But it’s okay ‘cus, I know everything get better I got bread now I need cheddar The more plentiful the better It’s all okay, cuz Yeah, I’ve got goals I ain’t never been too infatuated with hoes Never had a green thumb, but look! There it all goes I planted the seed and waited for it to grow. (1:19) So, the water represented the time that it took And dirt was the only thing seen if you looked In the beginning, but all great franchises know that you gotta lose before you start winning So then I added some sunlight, sometimes it felt too bright, It made even question if I was doin right, But I never lost sight, And I never complained, No water on my face was tears, it was always rain Was I going insane? Somebody would always ask Why aim for the A when you just need a D to pass? Cus I wanna be the last To be forgotten, I wanna be known as a legend, not misbegotten My plant don’t grow fruit because it all turns rotten Wanna give back to the people in my hood like robin. No cotton- is being picked We all the same, no slaves, it’s ridiculous How fame can change, all of this Is insane, you don’t understand our pain , because your lane, was never the same You let the money and fame go up to your brain And now the masses realizing your musics lame, I digress, but back to how I’ll become the best Back to how I will go and surpass the rest I’ve never been conceited but nonetheless I stay grounded so my head don’t intumesce (to swell up) I spit flows, and go so ruth-el-ess (ruthless) Spit fire like my name was tooth-el-ess (the dragon from how to train your dragon lol) I’m a rose bush but never been fruit-el-ess Feeling like a vet, but just started doing this (2:36) I spent my own money to get this ice up on my wrist I know I got skill but I’ve never flaunted my gifts Theres a divide between races and I hope to fill the rift With bars, comparable to cars, cus they really swift How can I run the game if I just look and sit I’m a rose growing through the cracks in the broken bricks Spittin on a daily basis like I’m speaking with a lisp Going into battle with my words never with a fist- I’m gone
OTNK (4 days ago)
YouTubeHotdog (4 days ago)
This is on Joyner’s likes vids. Mine too now
Dendrick Franklin (4 days ago)
This beat is crazy!!!!!! Free cold beat “morning sun”. Opening minutes, as I begin this pimpin., gotta watch and check., flossing with hard bottoms., never catch me slippin.... only sitting in a booth with a small cup sippin, cause this yondo beat is truly sickening, deranged with a loose screw missing, put out the flyers... for the apb .. I got the p.e.n...prowless, enthusiasm and neurons.. to spark this beat..
Gianni Huseyin (4 days ago)
Papa Meme boy (4 days ago)
This is fucking annoying no matter what beat I have on this one is always up next, I've heard it too mannyy timesss
Papa Meme boy (5 hours ago)
Just saw an add for this beat on Instagram now. My guy leave me alone😂
Papa Meme boy (4 days ago)
Bruh fr I've poured my hear out to this beat but damnnn
Yondo (4 days ago)
Jarrett Somerville (4 days ago)
Can you email this beat?
Yondo (4 days ago)
download link in description
__ (4 days ago)
tooooo wavy
"6/A" (4 days ago)
C'est ferme, je vois ses formes elle n'a rien de formelle. je croyais que j'était fort mais ses pour possédés ses hanches que j'ai était formé. Mes désires sont mes tort quand je peux perdre leur cibles, éloigné de sa lueur je perdrais le nord. mais combien sa va me coûté sa encore en liquide en sueur en pleures ou en or. Elle me renvoie autant le bien que le mal comme un boomerang. Elle a tout pour tout me prendre. Cependant sa se passeras pas et tant pis pour toi au final, les vipères au yeux de biches c'est plus mon dél. Je préfère une lionne belle est sur d'elle, pourvue qu'en y'en reste sur terre. pour tout ceux qui aiguise leur esprit. épié sont les cris qui amène au crime. en sûreté serons les sage en dessous seront les singes. Cependant c'est vrai aussi que.... C'est ferme, je vois ses formes elle n'a rien de formelle. je croyais que j'était fort mais ses pour possédés ses hanches que j'ai était formé . Mes désires sont mes tort quand je peux perdre leur cibles, éloigné de sa lueur je perdrais le nord. mais combien sa va me coûté sa encore en liquide en sueur en pleures ou en or . Elle me renvoie autant le bien que le mal comme un boomerang. Elle a tout pour tout me prendre.
"6/A" (2 days ago)
+Akram Bendjama Merci poto
Akram Bendjama (2 days ago)
Bien joué
Unknown Raider (4 days ago)
Dr. Spicy (5 days ago)
Can I use this music for a video
Sam Warden Jr (5 days ago)
Yup I made something fire to this. Second song of yours I've made something to. You're mad dope Yondo let's make somin'. https://soundcloud.com/user-506319514/if-you-wannaprod-yondo
Connor Chadwick (5 days ago)
Kayla Aska (5 days ago)
this is a Smino ass beat, Highkey
Carlos Vázquez (5 days ago)
Vxder intoxicated xdddd
Harri223 (5 days ago)
this beat needs no words<3
marc ! (5 days ago)
sheff killed this beat btw... https://youtu.be/W7eN2EEzsGw
Jae Creator (5 days ago)
NEW J. Cole type beat - https://youtu.be/DV303S4tZm4
Shona Kay (5 days ago)
This beat a whole vibe check out my cover > https://youtu.be/PdtEbVBLusg
Verde NoiadoTM (5 days ago)
estilo goulart
Wahib Abdallah (6 days ago)
I dedicate this to my nigga's I dedicate this to my self Senseless i am and heartless i will be Mercy makes you weak Peace come and goes Just like hoes see That why life is bitch Rolly on my wrist She suck a dick For some change
The Real Spin Doctor (6 days ago)
Young Winner (7 days ago)
Black love together we rise! Please watch and share🙏🏾✊🏾 https://youtu.be/Cl_g9J5HCE4
Davilongo (7 days ago)
1.-Nada es color de rosa, excepto cuando estoy frente al mic eso ya es otra cosa, poco a poco mas cerca de extrañar mi casa y a esa negra hermosa, odio el dinero se apodera de mi pero son ese tipo de cosas poderosas. 2.-Aunque sin el no sería concreto un por venir. Mi ideología se basa en solo al día vivir o al menos trato de engañarme a mi mismo y eso decir, el plan de vida en esta mierda yo seguir 3.-Igual y nací para quedarme solo con unos beats la inspiración llega y se va como polvo de gis, es cuestión de hacer escritos en el día mas gris ansiedad mental me persigue y no me preocupa me importa mas en mi cabello el frizz 4.- No perderme en el caminó, no morir por quien no vino, ser constante el “constantino” Nunca fui bueno para responder pero siempre atinó 5.- no espero ya oportunidades las consigo pase de dejar mis prioridades por ritmos que convino con letras hacía autoridades pidiendo que sea este mí destino y si hoy nadie me pone el ojo mañana habrá miles que canten lo que yo opinó 6.- y si afinó no soy real esa historia ya no existe soy leal a un género que me vio crecer y me paro aquí como un peal a contarte mis sueños de una vida ideal
Sivani (7 days ago)
https://soundcloud.com/siv_ani/starry-atoms thank you yondo for this🔥beat! inspired me to write this lil tune, leaving the link here. 1st rap ever (yikes) lmk what y'all think :)
Juuug 11 (7 days ago)
I swear I just heard the sickest cover to this beat it's a mazzaaaa!! 💥💥💥 It's so wavy 🌊 🌊 https://youtu.be/lqsGbHW5R8w
Behr Bone (7 days ago)
Hello Lol I’m lil saying Ello Behrbone Honestly thinking Young nigga gone kill em Spill em Smoke with a rose So I’m cooling Like villain Whatchu doing my nigga You already chilling Killing time I’m cold with digits
Wow this beat be gifted, I can't begin to express how good of a pace it is, So what, you just found a sample, And mixed it, With a beat and a song, Well its come together nicely, I think anyone could sing along. Its a lot better than most other bredda's tunes, They all be on, Some copy of the same melodies, That share similarities, Which in reality, makes them all be the same all around. Respect g, I gotta say it as I see this is a majestic one!
Kenny Damiao (8 days ago)
No cap sheff g really bodied this
Kenny Damiao (8 days ago)
Flows - sheff g
ReCoiLz (8 days ago)
King Solrac (8 days ago)
11 mil
No Wonder (8 days ago)
Dope beat - great work man!
Annabel Bispo (8 days ago)
Hey whats up!! ;p
Kanro Kodox (8 days ago)
Can i sing on this song please
Nicholas Vico (8 days ago)
i love the mix
Could that be a desktop background picture?
Owen Peacock (8 days ago)
Found this beat while i was creepin by Figure I should leave a line Listenin while I'm eatin pie Heard and had to free my mind Up in the dark so I'm seeking shine Always in my room its where I keep confined Keep this shit on YouTube for me to find I know that these are bad cause I can't even rhyme Heard the beat and I lost my shit I know I'm bad finna call it quits I'm feelin off a bit I've done lost my wish Fuckin hungry cause I haven't caught a fish I'd be making me a plate with the sauce to fit Makin sure it's cooked on some cautious shit Eat by a fire with some logs to sit Bored while tryin to draw with twigs
Norwall Beats (8 days ago)
Super Cool!
Josh 97 (8 days ago)
My goodness it sound better at 1.25 speed
Property of Negan (8 days ago)
idk why i keep imagine a chill version of "Pony" by Ginuwine sung with this
Norwall Beats (9 days ago)
Super fire!
Christina Fiorentino (9 days ago)
Sound like a lil xan beat
Mary Grimaldo (9 days ago)
I need an hour loop of this
Cassandra Szilagyi (9 days ago)
did a cover to this on my instagram www.instagram.com/cassandraszilagyii
Timothy Gravesande (9 days ago)
Sheff G bodied bag this beat
Terrel Coutain (11 hours ago)
Facts “flows”💯
Forcas - Films (9 days ago)
VANILLA 300 (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/sAvkoxDkPNs My j cole beat 💨 check it out
Dillon Ventresca (9 days ago)
https://soundcloud.com/we6ster/carona-mix/s-c7Vks I’m second verse my shit the best on this beat don’t cap❤️❤️ you always make the waves man had to throw my flava on it👀
pennxwise (10 days ago)
Great beat 🔥 And yeah guys you would just make my day if y’all go check my beat out and leave your opinion in comments. Sorry to spam but can’t promote myself otherwise. Peace ✌️
audrey layno (10 days ago)
play this is times .75
Kasino Royal (10 days ago)
Where do we purchase rights to this?
Yondo (9 days ago)
sorry, i dont sell full rights
Jimmy Tran (10 days ago)

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