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Free J Cole Type Beat - "Morning Sun"

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✘ Free Download / Buy Untagged Beat ⇒ http://bsta.rs/5z408 ​✘ Beat Store ⇒ http://yondomusic.com ✘ Contact ⇒ [email protected] ✘ Twitter ⇒ https://twitter.com/yondomusic ✘ Artwork Credit ⇒ http://theclassyissue.com/post/160399501070 ✘ If the beat has Free in the title, you may use it for non-profit usage only. Free J Cole Type Beat 2018 Free Yondo Type Beat 2018
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Yondo (11 months ago)
Cart∞ner (2 days ago)
I feel the melody in my soul
Alejandro Coronado (2 days ago)
qlq mano to' fine vae , pendiente de un plomazo mmgv ........ BRUJA
Jose Monge (5 days ago)
Yondo ????????????
Davointe Thomas (5 days ago)
Yondo yo Holla back
Da Jo Ker (20 days ago)
I turned this beat into a beast , i didnt modify the beat , i just added vocals do u wanna see yondo ?
2 Train (45 minutes ago)
you came a long way my dude. congrat$
timal puuu (1 hour ago)
tjrs deter juis en bas lacoste tjrs vesqui les porc jamais allee au poste on veut de la maiille tjrs plus de biff ne melange pas ta racli au bizz tjrs rester vrai sa cest la baze mais ya des pote il tlache pr le buzz tjrs caller jsuis dzns les temps ta pas lmeme discours si tu la sur la tamp un 2 feuille jbalance et jle tasse sur le tarpe de cette chikas la jsuis poster a slb et a ma main un ptn re-ve de chivas jappele nd qui va sortir le compet il arrive avk un gros konne dans le bec jtassure vient pas nous tester sinon tu va begailler et nous on est imposant comme lukakou on tallumera en 2 3 coup appele tout t zincou il repartiron avec 1 balle dans leur cou passe a lepicerie on a du bon teshi du bon dore et dla beuheur choisi ta conso qui tmettra parterre - [ ]
Mumbles! ™ (1 hour ago)
I sit up till the morning comes Than I see the morning sun I’m still mourning son I don’t warn no one I don’t hide you run So why you try I’m done Yea I keep it cold I’m numb I keep it G code it up I’m in under all this blood Your Money lust You Pussy fucked Boy you buzzed All these drugs Adrenaline it’s a rush medicine is too much Man I told you I won’t budge I’m no gangster ain’t no thug Growing up showed no love What your problems be? Ima prodigy that’ll probably Be bothered by all this beef So don’t father me Soul won’t follow me Hollowing during Halloween Ima ghost y’all don’t see But honesty I’m on my own You don’t want this smoke crack to a fiend yea I’m dope Wanna hang? here’s a rope Wanna bang? you’s a hoe Wanna be in a gang you owe I’m throwing up signs of hope For a generation that won’t grow Ask me stupid questions I don’t know Where’d you come from where’d you go? What’s all this that you did that you don’t? Ask my dad he knows life’s a joke A sick twisted reality filled with loath I keep it covered I’m cloaked Each season I keep it on the Low
DVAL (13 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/WEGBkpPEH6I check out my version of this
HelloItsKebu (14 hours ago)
I'd like to hear Joyner on this beat.
FSDH (19 hours ago)
one of the best beats ive ever heard
Miguel Pueyo Gamarra (21 hours ago)
Mi identidad en el barrio No me acuerdo el lugar...
ARKTIC (22 hours ago)
Yondo also who does your artwork? I need someone
vequ v2 (1 day ago)
The Camel (1 day ago)
anyone listening in 1986
Adrien Julmisse (1 day ago)
i got so much in my heart about ya you the reason my thoughts are crowded i’m not mlk but i could definitely write a speech about it but that ain’t the case so imma keep it to myself and like a bird it’s in a cage imma have to clip it’s wigs cause there’s no need for it to fly if it’s flying away from me so imma keep it all bottled pop the cork and start sipping now and imma take my cup and refill and refill and refill until my head is really clear til it’s clear til it’s clear to many demons i have faced i stood tall against em but they really are breaking me down they’re all on my walls and defenses i’m tryna stand myself up i’m just really fighting everything by myself i have no luck i’m rolling all types of diced i’m tryna roll some sevens i’ve been wishing wishing wishing upon 11
rickyAKC (1 day ago)
Nanana la base de fofi
ARKTIC (1 day ago)
Just came back here to tell you that u motivated me to start making beats
dubreil07 (1 day ago)
Shef G used this beat nice lol
Dylan Callahan (1 day ago)
my buddy acklen walker bodied tf out of this
G N. #RapMusic (1 day ago)
Anyone else came from Joyner?
Bro no tiene un link para descargar todos los beats
Ayoo_Jerry408 (1 day ago)
I fucken wrote to this song and it’s crazy what came to me and I literally just was WRITTING what came to me and I need to do something about this!! 🥴😭🙏🏼🔥🔥🔥
Barderx (1 day ago)
C.R.O - Ciudad Gris ♥
Slash On TheBeatzz (1 day ago)
is fire
Altovise Phillips (1 day ago)
what's good
Alex (1 day ago)
Boring and repetitive. Kinda nauseating, actually. Not sure how this song reached 14 mil views. Someone please give me some insight.
Yondo (22 hours ago)
idk why too
CUFC TV (2 days ago)
Ay yo get me Gerrard slipped at anfield, then demba ba ran free, that’s my plea to save me, they don’t rate me, they don’t get me, cos I’m going on a shooting spree, spraying bars like a magazine all you see is the debri, you feel me g, they ask me if i got a degree, i just tell them give me a goal i bet i’ll make it three, just watch and you’ll see, just please believe me, please don’t leave me, give me a chance and you’ll agree, if I’m on your social there’s no need to at me, I may be quick but i didn’t come from the grand prix, i’m not a game of chance like yahtzee, that’s why i only got one enquiry, gaffa I’m asking for guarantee that you won’t substitute me, rude? me, no rude he, i’ve been scoring goals like rooney, think I’m a normality, i chop a defender that’s a fatality, this is just the reality, remember collecting stickers dem panini, body feint a man now he knee me, but i don’t mess with the referee, growing up always wanted to be like messi, or icardi, in 2016 i wanted to be vardy, he’s having a party bring your vodka and your charlie, you don’t want to see me get mardy, if you come at me, ill eat you for afternoon tea like I’m bonucci, we’re through g, but you ain’t getting past me, you thought you knew me, but to what to degree, now we both chilling in djibouti, in a jacuzzi, but you still confuse me, cos you said man didn’t want me cos I’m too skinny, tried to get rid of me, now they put a 50 mil bid on me, won the world cup like my names sidibe, come along way from from fc twenty, now I’m a better me,nobody get ahead of me when I’m in my zone, once in a while i call home, pre-match top that’s a polo, everyday i grind on my solo, currently my dough low so im just trying to make it grow, everyday i flow, but now even my flows gone, see me 1vs1 he’s going down like west brom, put my city on the map now they now where I’m from, went from relegation to acceleration like a mbappe, i put in tackles like I’m kante, and i got curly he like dante, walk in the club when the girls say hey, sike walk in the club and they all walk away, like man how many bars i got to spray, how many minutes i got to play, how many times do i have to say I’m not gay, some days i feel grey, summer break go on a vacay, eat at the buffet go to the cafe come back and the gaffe sais how much do i weigh, too much to play, there’s no lee way, that’s just the case come off the bench and still score a brace, remember being young man tying up the big mens shoelace, nah that doesn’t happen that’s just a cliche, just bake a man a birthday cake, this is just child’s play, of course yaya’s gonna fly away, jose gonna try and downplay what was a poor display, just bring back keane for the foul play, on the highway it says give way, zlatan says its lords day please make way, playing away at marseille, mid day at the port ships sinking they yell mayday like trey way, they try to persuade zlatan to obey his madre, he said nah mate, fifa and chill with pique, fifa 13 emenike, we used to wait for match day now men just can’t wait til payday, listen to some reggae, VAR need a replay, i got chicken with onions on the saute, i remember instant noodles with the sachet, my mans allergic to milk but he can have the sorbet, he took the raw bait, man got caught in disarray in an alleyway, i told him to back away, london hood that’s swordplay, usain bolt’s that’s relay, too fast need a replay, midday on a workday that’s a subway, broken bone need x-ray, we used to have play days, now everyday is a workday, midnight driving trying stay awake, christmas that’s the twelfth day, after that it’s boxing day, bournemouth goal that’s a breakaway, great interplay, for arsenal every season is groundhog day, just look away from the emirates stay away, my family are far away, we don’t even get to celebrate new year’s day, it felt like yesterday i was with my mother, you know i lost more than couple brothers, they all went one after another, they didn’t have a father, just a stepmother, i give you license to go up the pitch i got the cover, everyday we discover something new then something brew, that’s how i knew Im taking over solkjaer, 6th aint good enough we need to go higher, deez man got no desire, i don’t acre about everything prior, when i flow i spit fire, then it spread like a wildfire, i control the midfield like eric dier, this ain’t the world cup its just the qualifier, man city are high fliers, cos they fight like tigers, david silva’s wiser, then the youth with their eyes brighter, they got inspired by a word class provider, games are getting tighter we need survivors, gaping hole in the defence is getting wider, we’ve got a provider we need a man with shooting like a sniper, he hits em shots and they sting like a viper, he’s our peter piper he’s the golden boot winner like mo salah, 2022 world cup that’s in qatar don’t get me started on sept blatter fair or corrupt its the latter climbing up the ladder like my names james madderz, came along away from amateurs, in fact 5 years, mans playing in the champions league final like spurs, they got as many trophies as totti has transfers, sometimes this just occurs, but this is a recurring theme, these a new baller on the scene, that you man have never seen, he’s shooting shots like a magazine, and he’s still only eighteen, now he’s scoring goals on the big screen, might not be as mean as roy keane, gareth bale is still on the golfing green, while hazard lifts the europa league, with rob green, next year he might lift the champions league with team the team in white in spite not having height. elbow in the nose that’s niagara falls, backs against the walls these man ain’t got the balls.
Lit_boi (2 days ago)
lit vibes
Lyssa Baker (2 days ago)
IMVU~Trust Issues💞💞
DNC HAWK AIRSOFT (2 days ago)
Sheff g bodied this beat
ItsJouls (3 days ago)
Mein Geburtstag, doch du rufst nicht an Mir scheißegal, was du zu tun hast Heut' ist eigentlich ein guter Tag Doch mach' die Augen zu und du stehst da Seh' dich in deiner Wohnung, wie du keine Zeile wert bist Mit unsern Kinderfotos hinter denen deiner Ersten Du würdest mir nie sagen, dass du stolz bist Zeigst mir nur Gefühle, wenn ich dich enttäusche, oh Seh' Fotos von dir als Soldat, doch für mich bist du kein Kämpfer Du bist der Grund für Mamas Schmerzen und die Tränen meiner Schwester Hättest bleiben müssen, auch wenn deine Ehre befleckt war Du hast mit deiner einen Entscheidung drei Leben verändert Sag mir, wieso? Ich brauch' ein Warum, wir hatten keinen Strom Und du warst wo? Nenn mir deinen Grund, öffne deinen Mund! Ich weiß, als ich das Licht der Welt sah, wolltest du mich nicht nehmen Warum hoff' ich dann, Dunkelheit wird dazu führen, dich zu sehen? Ja Ich bau' mein Paradies auch ohne deine Steine Du hast mich nie gelehrt zu fliegen, doch ich gleite Werd ein Teil der Reise oder lass es bleiben Doch lass es für immer sein, wie immer du entscheidest Fliegst du mit? Fliegst du mit? Fliegst du mit? Mh Fliegst du mit? Fliegst du mit? Fliegst du mit?
Paul Costerousse (3 days ago)
Y’as dl’avenir dans mon bedo Encore une pute dans l’bendo Quand tu parle c’est dans le dos Tu finiras attaché dans l’barrio Si t’es derrière c’est que y’as une raison Si ta mère elle geule c’est que t’as pas raison Si tout le monde t’insulte c’est que t’es un pti con Si tu te reconnais c’est que t’es un bon Bébé dans mon coeur t’as defoncé la porte d’entrée Bébé dans ma tête toutes tes humeurs commence a résonner Bébé sans deconner t’as pris toute ma raison Tu me fait plus kiffer que le shit fait maison Tkt j’ai prevu durex latex et dla beuh pour etre flex J’ai des idées ténébreuses pour que de moi tu tombe amoureuse J’ai jamais ressentis ça même si je le dis à chaques fois Je te jure En moi t’as fait un batard d’electrochoc Dans mon coeur sa as fait comme le bruit des delichocs Un pti pétou et netflix pour que tu monte la done C’est dieu qui donne Et puis Que le sheytan nous bénisse Pour tout nos malefices Toi et moi on est remplis de vices On auras qu’as dire que c’est a cause de netflix Y’as dl’avenir dans mon bedo Encore une pute dans l’bendo Quand tu parle c’est dans le dos Tu finiras attaché dans l’barrio Tu sait que je t’aime qu’avec toi je fly J’utilise le rap et c’est mieux que bazzi-mine J’ecris tranquille dans ma bre cham C’est vrai que la beuh sa fait géchan Chuis pas méchant pzs déranger mentalement Les rageux je vous aimes Mais je prefere mes fans Cache bien te-shi au fond de la banane
DEEGZ99 (3 days ago)
https://soundcloud.com/deegz99/4ree-ftyvngsta Lmk what y’all think
J X L A N (4 days ago)
Drop a drum kit with all boom bap sounds I’ll buy 💯💯
Jordan Brown (4 days ago)
Another blessed outside the box human being Never squander the thoughts I be thinking I ball harder than James Carter's whole team Shining brighter than 20 diamonds I'm sparkling For that green I never bother to fiend Thank God Chist blood steady washing me clean People hatin that's demons creeping Opposite of motivatin they hoping i break
isaiah leslie (5 days ago)
Sheff g used this
FF & Zielsko (6 days ago)
Just found the best freestyle on this beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4VB-f6Vm3w
Davointe Thomas (6 days ago)
I need this beat get at my insta: @davointedonell it’s a great beat very inspirational but I need you cooperation to make this happen I plan to take a trip to France Paris wid my girl Parys she inspired me to make my song “Doing scary hours like a cemetery imma bury cities with the recipe” “ fuck your honey I got strawberry’s play around with me and imma pour the cream. Pause-play legendary art, Mona Lisa and she fucking wid me tell her smoke wid me on the effiel tower I got Parys wid me.Make a toast to koffee”
Davointe Thomas (6 days ago)
Holla on dm or follow me on Instagram YouTube Chanel soon pop like yours
Lucas Castro (6 days ago)
Jon z "vaijo sin ver" producer? 🤔
Lucas Castro (6 days ago)
Joyner Lucas like this
잭도의 실험실 (6 days ago)
Nice beeaatt
Valerie M (6 days ago)
DripManSauce (6 days ago)
Yo this guy plagiarized ur beat it’s @yellowjacob on ig
DripManSauce (6 days ago)
He basically used it and said it was his
Khani Moon (6 days ago)
i made a song to this beat called High Sex! ;)
gundbeats (6 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si1ZS6JhFw4 check out my beat its crazy!
j dog fast (7 days ago)
thisisdyl (7 days ago)
dReXz - God's Plan
FRIK ¿ (7 days ago)
Gerson Josue (7 days ago)
Deam son🔥🔥🔥
Carson Da Arsonist (8 days ago)
Check out my track to this beat😏
Alyssa Alaiafune (8 days ago)
take care of my heart each piece and their scars the love that I give ain’t a pawn or card don’t look at me now there’s a hole in my heart a piece of the mess the love I regret i’m leaving the set i’m tired of sex i’m tired of love keep playing that song like it’s better than bud keep cryin like russ you really messed up I mean really really We used to drive around when the suns down we would laugh then and maybe make out but the shit we set never played out I can’t help myself but to breakdown like the car we took down to downtown it was times like this that never worked out I mean really really i’m crying now cause the heart you broke belonged to my town and you took it out like a bloodhound because the girl you had meant more now so I whipped the tears that were falling down told myself then that it’d be better now I mean really really the pain I had was a blessing now it was a lesson now and ain’t shit you say ain’t affecting now i’ve learned to love the reflection now and the loss you took is what took you down I mean really really cause a girl like me ain’t nothing you’ll see you lost me and that’s an L on your team love like ours meant nothing to me, like fictional things, like lord of the rings, life was a movie and you were the lead like a meniscus to me so make up the scenes lie to me please beg on your knees I mean really really tell me lies tell me I ain’t got nothing right before we fight before she lies I mean honestly you a feen fucking anyone you fucking see it’s like cheating be your only thing I mean really really you lost me that’s a big thing a girl like me ain’t one thing but the whole queen I ain’t need a thing not a damn ring no Gucci things no shiny jeans no fucking keys I buy my own things I mean really really that bitch called me last week telling me she ain’t mean a thing but too late it’s past due she can go ahead and catch some smoke too I mean really really you gonna call me now like we been talk but when we then talk it’s like a stopwatch I ain’t wasting time like a damn clock I got wind her down like a damn watch hoping around on my mans cock I mean really really I got a clock now I ain’t playing now come get a clip stop saying shit you bought fake tits you bought fake love tell me why you bought fake bud laced up so you can play dumb so go ahead turn around cause if you run now I won’t play around, I won’t chase you down so you catch this smoke or be a clown I mean really really that man was my everything you came around like you was selling things the shit you said ain’t mean a thing we were best friends but that ain’t mean a thing I mean really really you a snake you a fake get it tatted on your fucking face because really now I ain’t playing now a guy like him ain’t nothing now I was mad then I ain’t mad now cause looking back he’s just a clown I mean really really I thought long and I guessed twice the same thing don’t seem right you cheat now and I ain’t think twice and from my side it seemed all right so I lied then to keep the good life the one we kept for a few nights is the shit I kept in the limelight ( see what’s good for us in the longtime is too stay apart so we don’t fight so I’ll let you go like i’m playing dice like i’m feeling fine but it’s bad times I mean really really I move on like a flying kite and I pray now that your feeling fine we grow now to live a better life that’s some grown shit not for y’all tikes happy now living the high life the goal life fuck two times we ain’t a damn bike you fucked up you’ll be fined I don’t waste time I cut ties
Ay so i made a song with your beat but i discovered a random guy that already did, but i still wanna release mine
RIP LUCKYY (8 days ago)
I was chillin with my grandma she was chillin on my bed She was like can u fucking eat my pussy instead And I was like okay you do no wanna watch tv She was like okay and then she grabbed on my pp She was like I know how to suck that shit it’s easy She was like fuck me and I was like squeeze me That bitch so ugly she look jus like et She was like damn nigga keep it on the low Cuz I don’t want your mom or your aunt to know Cuz they goin spread the rumors And that shit fucking sucks like a fucking tumor I don’t like bitches cuz the bitches always talkin Dick is so big I don’t even know how I’m walkin Bruh I need crutches ima need a fucking walker I need a bitch that look like a stalker
Kaleb Inwood (8 days ago)
straight firreeeeee
Bordonado Yann (8 days ago)
Hayce Lemsi 10 ans déjà classique
Dj Nuni (9 days ago)
Sheff G and Sleep hallow have a song with this beat it’s called flows
FSGMAT- GAMING (6 days ago)
Dj Nuni I was jus bout to say sum bout that
Polux Troy (9 days ago)
I love your beat! I make a song with him, check : https://youtu.be/ANj8XNocSfQ bless!!
Sir Joshua (9 days ago)
G'd Up Beats (9 days ago)
Devin the dude would go good on this beat
santi edlp (10 days ago)
Y te sigo esperando triste y solo en la ciudad y la calle sigue gritando que no volveras🎶 (Cro ciudad gris):,)
Neon (10 days ago)
C.R.O ❤️
Adrian Ochoa (10 days ago)
Can I use this beat for a music video?
Booker The Wolf (10 days ago)
I remember writing on the school buss Never had a fund to trust Seeing all my homies with a gun to bust
UPC bluii (8 days ago)
Booker The Wolf logic?
Homer Simpson (10 days ago)
Dark Hours by Sky High - SoundCloud Listen to Dark Hours by Sky High by Sky High Entertainment on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/homer-simpson-52/dark-hours-by-sky-high
2trappy (10 days ago)
Sheff g made the best song om this beat
Pedro Ponce (11 days ago)
C.R.O - Ciudad Gris [Verso 1] Mi identidad en el bar, no me acuerdo el lugar No lo veo del todo claro igual voy a llegar Mi alma pide paz, no se donde estará La calle me habla y yo como siempre voy a escuchar [Verso 2] Tantos años en esta mierda creo que me hicieron así Dime cuando te faltaba quienes estaban ahí Chica, yo no se porque aun sigo yendo detrás de ti Tú solo reza por mi, ya me hundí [Pre-Estribillo] De nuevo me pierdo en tu deseo y en la nada De nuevo me pierdo en el calor de tu frazada Chica ya no queda nada, ¿o no es así? Prende fuego tu mirada, ¿o no es así? [Estribillo] Y te sigo esperando triste y solo en la ciudad Y la calle sigue gritando que no volverás Tal vez mi alma sigue herida dentro de algún bar Tal vez a mi en el otro lado se me encontrará Y te sigo esperando triste y solo en la ciudad Y la calle sigue gritando que no volverás Tal vez mi alma sigue herida dentro de algún bar Tal vez a mi en el otro lado se me encontrará [Verso 3] La calle me habla y yo no puedo decirle que no Las pulsaciones se me calman cuando estoy con vos Yo que soy un chico vacío con tanta pasión Yo que siempre he sido tan frío y con tanta ambición [Verso 4] Puedo sentir ese calor cortándome otra vez las alas Perdiéndome en lo oscuro y puro de la madrugada Chica mis luces se apagan, ¿o no es así? Quise mirarlo de otra forma pero ya no había nada [Pre-Estribillo] Y vuelvo a caer de nuevo dentro de tu mente Ya no significa nada si no estás presente Yo canto para la calle, pa' toda mi gente Pa' los que lo sienten, pa' mis delincuentes [Estribillo] Y te sigo esperando triste y solo en la ciudad Y la calle sigue gritando que no volverás Tal vez mi alma sigue herida dentro de algún bar Tal vez a mi en el otro lado se me encontrará Y te sigo esperando triste y solo en la ciudad Y la calle sigue gritando que no volverás Tal vez mi alma sigue herida dentro de algún bar Tal vez a mi en el otro lado se me encontrará
T121PP1E G12EENN (11 days ago)
🙏🏽Yondo🙏🏽 May I use this beat to make a song
Ese beat más Cro :v
Youssef ELG (12 days ago)
Dead president smell
BIGKOSONG #SP (12 days ago)
Indah sungguh pagi hari,lihat cantik si matahari Mula kan pagi hari ini,dengan minum secawan kopi Lihat awek cantik beseri,lagak gaya penuh misteri Senyuman manis dari kopi,sehingga memikat hati Tinggi tinggi matahari,ini bujang sudah terlambat. Rasa sayang lekat di hati,siang malam asik teringat. Senyuman manis indah kan hari,rasa ceria di pagi hari. Bunyi bising sana sini,rupa2 hanya ia mimpi.
Samppaa (12 days ago)
J.Cole-Welcome bruh
lucas stanley (12 days ago)
Eu só deito de brussus Sem movimento bruscos Busco concentração Lo-fi de fundo, em tom agudo Teto escuro, em alguns segundos Perco o controle, e a respiração Já ñ é simples como escrever um refrão O pai te pede, tome cuidado da sua alimentação Já vão dar 5 horas, vou só fazer um macarrão No momento o trampo é freelance Se eles me derem uma chance Eu pago um lanche, novinha, hj eu tô patrão Se eu agradar o chefão vou passar mais de 4 horas no busão Vou dar um jeito pa te ver, uma rosa na mão na outra um cartão Me da cincao O que você sente quando escuta o coração
Lyric Giuls (12 days ago)
gigising ng ganto sa araw araw na lang magiisip ng bago araw araw na lang minulat kang mali sa araw araw na lang manalo o matalo araw araw na lang nabuhay kang ano sa araw araw ganito susubok kang muli sa araw araw ganito patuloy ang pangarap araw araw ganito mapapagod rin sa araw araw na ganto tignan mo yung oras na tumatakbo, di mo na maibabalik, kahit ano pang kapangyarihang ibabato patuloy lang iyang magbabago ngunit, pansinin mo ang langit na dumilim at muli ring sasapit ang liwanag ng umaga na parang orasan pagkatapos na umikot ay babalik sa one hindi ba't nakakapagtaka buhay ay para nang sistema umiikot na parang makinarya at hindi ka na mabuhay buhay pa alam mo tayo ang, manika ng sarili natin sa pagiisip, ay kukulungin sa loob ng, isang magulong mundo na parang may dumidikta satin
EMCiTY (13 days ago)
Marcelo Dls (13 days ago)
0:55 hook
AKMEMEZ (13 days ago)
anyone wanna check out my first beat? i like 8k subs, but i just uploaded my first beat
Gia Huy GT (13 days ago)
*Việt Nam!*
Jose Granillo (14 days ago)
Can i use this beat if it says yondo in the beggining?
Varden (12 days ago)
not if u gonna make money with it
Noah Kapsiak (14 days ago)
Joyner might use this beat
Mathi Stempellattoo (15 days ago)
Amistades que no están Putas que no van a amar La plata me va a.dar la.felicidad La única mujer leal es mamá Pocos en las malas están Muchos quieren verte tropezar Pocos los que te quieren ver triunfar Yo solo quiero enrolar No quiero mas guerra quiero paz Personas falsas hablando de atrás Personas que siempre iban a estar Ex novias que me quieren ver mal
JayLamarMusic (11 days ago)
Made a song to this beat that’s going viral!!! Check it out https://youtu.be/E6r8R7UeBTs
Nick Collado (15 days ago)
Sheff G wya
ivan ariel (15 days ago)
hola perrita que tal andas hace rato te vi me fui a la mierda por cualquiera y nunca entendi pase mil guerras y sorpresas con mil pesas mi girl y ahora y de antes lo queria decir cara cansada con ojeras por mi casi recuerdo este sing pasaba solo mas ahora que te vi
alexander alirez (16 days ago)
Hey Yondo I was wondering if I can use your beat to make a slide video for my mom. I will give credit on the tag and on intro.
Yondo (16 days ago)
Anontow Oritrow (16 days ago)
sheff g
Sp ArticZz (17 days ago)
Mateo (18 days ago)
CRO *-*
BirdieRITE (18 days ago)
Move it gang
Alloufie Sinno (19 days ago)
I like how it's been a year and Yondo still hearts comments, I come to this beat every time when I'm feeling low cuz it makes me feel high. This beat makes me feel alive. I'm tryna survive. in this cruel world. Kanye was right. it fucking bites you and eats you alive. oh, boi I wish I had weed in me so that I can get high And stare at the sky. oh, boi what a hell of a beat. I'm about to eat. These motherfuckers who doubt me. These motherfuckers who hate me. Show them who's boss. Bitch, God forgives but I don't. RICK ROSS. I hear my homie calling and asks if I'm down to smoke with 'em. I breathe normally. But when I'm gassed up. it's kinda funny how I breathe manually. Inhaling the bullshit. exhaling inner peace. I try so much not to follow my past I hide so I don't anticipate my future. just to look at my self in the mirror. tell the person reflecting me you're alright.
Da Jo Ker (20 days ago)
Yondo give me ur facebook link , i wanna send u the song , i turned this beat to a beast , i didnt touch the beat i just added my vocals
Mumbles! ™ (20 days ago)
Tell me I’m blunt now would you roll it? Tell me I don’t give a fuck who would know it? I’m blowing clouds smoke signals you hopeless Only god can judge me What you wanted from me? Cause I ain’t fuckin budging I leave you blooded You on a budget You steady stringing I’m flustered I’m frustrated from all this bullshit You keep on comin Fuck a comment Fuck a rap Fuck a concept Fuck you back I don’t roll wit that I keep em floating ima raft You keep apposing my wraith Like I ain’t gonna fuckin snap I’m the voice I’m the noise I’m the choice i’m the boys I’m the man and I’m making moves I’m making dough while you cookin hooves What you baking you faking grooves Get a few drinks in me I let it loose Wrap that noose judicial news Suicidal juice that keeps the blues Cause I ain’t done till I see that red ooze What I want from me isn’t what I want from you I just want the truth I was sitting in my room Than I got this urge to bust a rap I knew
Damage The Darmanitan (20 days ago)
the song on spotify is called "where did you go" and it has a dude named "lefty" on it... pretty cool
Darrell Brown (20 days ago)
For some reason I thought of Ludacris when I heard this. I think he would kill this, for real.
RicebowlNo Rapper (21 days ago)
I used this beat for nonprofit use and tagged the producer and put it on the title his name and my song got copyrighted ;-;
Lil Kiling (21 days ago)
Ciudad gris?
chxpo 402 (21 days ago)
Goodfella h (21 days ago)
https://soundcloud.com/dac0y/dacoy-onetaker take a listen if you like
RT Production (21 days ago)
Turn that snare down just a little bit
Cartiercal (21 days ago)
made a smooth track off this beat click the link and also check me out ig/twitter = cartiercal1 - https://soundcloud.com/cartiercal/leasingoffice
Cartiercal (21 days ago)
i made a song to this track

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