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Trucking is a Scam (The little guy gets no love)

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Trucking is a industry already rigged. I can't seem to figure this shit out but one thing certain two things for sure I will quiet before I go broke messing with any company
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T Hollins (7 months ago)
One of your best videos yet. The problem in trucking is everyone wants to sit behind a desk and make all the money. Which ends up screwing the driver or the OO. Great Video
Bob Newhart (2 months ago)
Trucking will never change unless drivers band together and stop going for the shenanigans. The good ole boys system also needs to go the fuck out the window because we're all getting screwed Good Ol Boys and everybody else. we need to share the knowledge amongst each other and fight the system show each other different loopholes and shortcuts forget to where we need to be. As pH said about the LLC all these Trucking videos on YouTube and nobody's ever mentioned that perhaps because only a few knew, and if they do know they keep it to themselves and that's a redundant way of thinking.
Jamaal Dirkson-Murphy (6 months ago)
Trucking is kinda similar to these multi level marketing firm/pyramid schemes. All they do is scam people to cheat them outta their money. There's really no easy way to get rich.
Jamaal Dirkson-Murphy (6 months ago)
Even some trucking schools & local companies are scams. Some local companies assume you'll make over $1300 a week, but I found out 9x out of 10 that's gross. Then they money out for taxes & other things & then you walk home with $800 or even less. Even some of these schools will rip you off. You try to get the best service, then you find out you may have to pay more money for that service. They're not gonna tell you that over the phone.
Amanda Lee (6 months ago)
Yeah your absolutely right man ya gotta look out for # 1 cuz no one else will. Great video......spot on about the trucking industry......
DON ORCHA (7 months ago)
Western was trying to get me on that wen I first went I bailed and found a local company I'm trying up the twic card to pull containers that's the key take the Family North go back Teamster u know u will make it🤘
DON ORCHA (7 months ago)
Corporate Robbery 🤔
DON ORCHA (7 months ago)
Dam right family we just spoke about that on DA Radio today
trey nolan (7 months ago)
Yes trucking is a scam. People around me that are not in trucking wonder why I work so hard trying to get out of trucking. I refuse to get my own authority because I don't want to fall deeper into the trap
P. Livingston III (7 months ago)
Real Ct o.g💪🏾💯💯💯
DeterminedToGetit (7 months ago)
Well said.
KMC Logistics (7 months ago)
Why don't you get a percentage deal and go to Mercer or Landstar?
juan mosqueda (7 months ago)
PH always 💯💯✊🏾✊🏾
dannie curlett (7 months ago)
I agree with you ph. They get you focused on 42 or 50 cent a mile. And all those fees you’ll end up paying more.
Jai Clark (7 months ago)
What up PH?
FatDaddy 261 (7 months ago)
I have seen owner ops run 20 plus loads a week and only take home 2000. Everyone wants the money but don't factor in wear and tear on the equipment. But you can get for numbers fairly cheap. Insurance will cost you. But the issue is staying compliant.
FatDaddy 261 (7 months ago)
All true facts.
Trucker ReLL (7 months ago)
Facts PH! If I was making a dollar and some change a mile I would of been out of business as an O/O. What’s crazy is most people that is making that dollar and change a mile also have a very large truck payment on top of it all. You got to drive 3000 miles a week to stay above water and don’t even think about having a quality home time making that per mile. Good video.
The vampire system sucking all your energy
We all slave of the system
I’m making 1200 a week being home every weekend being a company driver that’s crazy if you own your own truck and owner op make more than 2200 a week
C Clinton318 (7 months ago)
when lease to a company they always over price the truck.
D Hollo (7 months ago)
Yo videos keep getting better and better and better. Keep flexin on em ph
Willie Williams (7 months ago)
Man you told the dam truth and that's 100
Devin Jackson (7 months ago)
Wat up bro, I feel you mane
C Mack trucking Craig (7 months ago)
Realest fukn video ever dawg
Dj Dev (7 months ago)
Partee hard,take falcon to court for your money
Left Lane (7 months ago)
Trucking was deregulated on July 1 1980 MOTOR CARRIER ACT OF 1980 that's what open the door to what we have today
CHRIS LIFE (6 months ago)
N.o Joe (7 months ago)
Landstar bro
mranderson thetrucker (7 months ago)
Good video ph. U are right bro, I try to tell my homie the same thing, these companies don't care about us drivers, or our concerns, just their money and their load. Cold game bro. Stay safe big dog 💯
Jake Nance (7 months ago)
I was thinking about starting truck driving, I have 2 kids under 4....and Wondering if it's worth the time away from them, or find some shit job just barely above minimum wage instead, I'm a careful driver and hate to speed, I've heard they force unrealistic expectations on you and basically force you to speed or drive recklessly...is it something worth getting into as a father, with young kids, that's really going to miss his kids? I would be doing the company sponsored cdl training..
trey nolan (7 months ago)
Don't do it. If I had it to do over again I would get a decent 8 to 4:30 job and work my way up
Grind Mode Jay (7 months ago)
Jake Nance I don’t have any kids but I’m 22 it’s hard being away from family . You often have to be reminded that not only you miss your family but they miss you as well and your kids will voice their opinion. It’s a good way to change you income my advice would be to research companies that train and have regional /dedicated positions in your area . However if you want an all around experience you could do OTR And discuss with your partner or family how long to expect you to be gone .
James Bradley (7 months ago)
Samuel Mcfarland (7 months ago)
I like the way you think Party. I totally agree with you. You always keep it real.
WTF Rideout (7 months ago)
I think there's plenty of money hauling cement I think I'm going to start that try looking the hall cement think you're make like $1,000 a day going no more than 300 miles
Jo Gypsy (7 months ago)
Only a Smart Person Understands that it Takes Money to Make Money.
YoBoyRich (7 months ago)
Lamont Moore (7 months ago)
Man thank you for being honest and truthful . Life is too short and precious to deal in lies
Dee Wheels (7 months ago)
Before a company puts a lease purchase plan together, they make sure they profit from EVERY TRANSACTION ...PH... YOU'RE ON POINT....LEASE PURCHASE..allows the company to use new equipment that the newbie driver is paying for.... while dreaming of being an owner.
Heretogetyourmind right (7 months ago)
That's what I'm doing sa ing up to buy my own lease is a scam
D Wright (7 months ago)
Your right. And the thing is some companies dont even pay $1.00 prm. Its companies out here still paying there lease drivers .88 cents Prm. That's why they think there doing you a favor at $1.08 prm. Smh
Dj Dev (7 months ago)
Great video,my peeps keep asking me,when am I going to get into trucking,since i got a cdl,I tell them im trying to make more money working 40 hours,not make more money working 60-70 hours!!!!
tamekia curry (7 months ago)
That’s what I did.
Tribe Judah (7 months ago)
Good information for someone looking to get a truck, it's a cold game
Dianne Bradley (7 months ago)
I love your intro and I love your honesty you are 💯 right
ATL_ TRUCKER (7 months ago)
damn PH in didnt know that about the llc thanx fam💯
Armed Rebellion47 (7 months ago)
What's up PH!✌🏿
Bob Wayne (7 months ago)
Great intro. Nothing but the truth
Nashville Saint (7 months ago)
Your words are golden man. Keep kicking wisdom my guy!!
Earl Hustle (7 months ago)
You spoke nothing but facts!
The Real Boy Dawg (7 months ago)
I read up on the $10,000 tax fine thing because I never heard of it. Safe to say I need to learn some more about it because there's a lot to go along with it.
Grind Mode Jay (7 months ago)
The Real Boy Dawg I never knew about this myself
Don Getting it (7 months ago)
💯all facts !!!
DiligentDeliverance (7 months ago)
Trucks/Trucking companies are HUGE Commerce /Tax vehicles for tax revenue from the moment the wheels turn. Period. Truckers work for the govt. Period.
DiligentDeliverance (7 months ago)
Think: If true O/O with own authority can pull $2.50-3.50 per mile, compare that to company-lease-purchase; brokers are up by 40% commissions over last year. Who makes the real $$$ ?
Big Daddy (7 months ago)
You spoke nothing but the truth
The Real Boy Dawg (7 months ago)
i seen the ins and outs in this industry. I'm going to get my own truck through business credit (via dean cole class). i can't do nothing less than what i request. I want a truck payment that I control. not what someone is setting up for me. Best of luck to you bro. You'll get it in a minute.
E-5 Charlie (7 months ago)
You rite bruh. Thwy want a mfka to grind 24 an 7 to barely be above poverty . But no time to enjoy any fruits of ya labor. MAFKN SCAM 4 REAL. IM FEELING THIS VID BIG HOMIE
Bo Shifter (7 months ago)
Most truckers not discipline enough to save money, shit i had a hard problem saving wen i first started. Prime is the worst bruh.
trey nolan (7 months ago)
That's Americans period. Not just truck drivers
MrMozez777 (7 months ago)
Loshawn paying TWICE as much as every company eye worked for. eye been in game 18yrs
MrMozez777 (7 months ago)
eye feel you family.
MrMozez777 (7 months ago)
Peace & Blessings God!!!
the highway runner (7 months ago)
Jamar turner (7 months ago)
Crazy fam . You gross 1400 or net 1400
Drock R (7 months ago)
Jamar turner most likely net
Del Toro (7 months ago)
That's right
Bless Tone (7 months ago)
But I look up to you believe me or not.! You got your own truck.! I'mma 22yr vet behind the wheel. And what saying your absolutely correct.! For myself 90%of the brothers out here are house...!!! My advice to you is talk too the veterans drivers.
DayCab GearJammer (7 months ago)
Quite possibly the realest trucking video on youtube
Freeway DaTruck'a (7 months ago)
You need to look at Landstar or Mercer
LL Sneek Brown (7 months ago)
Dem mf be trying 2 run G but bump dat ,,,,, when I was doing my thang I was bringing in between 5 to 7g a week , I was doing regional between Maine all da way to sc and in between ... but yea know gotta play it how it go.....
Ray David (7 months ago)
The bad part . Someone out there takes these loads . Dam , change needed . IMO
DayCab GearJammer (7 months ago)
Cheap freight runners...how do they do it? Just cool barely breaking even. Ignorance?
Trucking Review Channel (7 months ago)
They make it hard because they can. They think we dont have the credit to go our own way. Dont get down brother. An add that fuel surcharge back in.

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