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Deagnam Style (Gangnam Style PARODY 강남스타일) ACOUSTIC - LYRICS

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Text Comments (16)
Amber Thompson (5 years ago)
A big pair... A Deag pair!
A L (5 years ago)
This Vid needs so much more clicks...
InlineRacer00 (6 years ago)
Saeed (6 years ago)
praise the deag
Cronicwisdom (6 years ago)
terrible. some publicity ploy, off something people are passionate about. good luck
Amber Thompson (6 years ago)
And you're just a derp... This spng has nothing to do with derp. We do not comprehend.
TurtleGuy (6 years ago)
this song wouldnt be bad but its just deag the lyrics have nothing to do with the desert eagle
ArcticWP (6 years ago)
Where is the 'bang' associated with this hand cannon?
Exacto1990 (6 years ago)
PTD :)
CJ Uriarte (6 years ago)
I know that guy!
CJ Uriarte (6 years ago)
LOL, I thought you'd guy's would like this one.
BrotherBrannon (6 years ago)
Balooie PTD!
Corey C (6 years ago)
Its Hubble
ares018 (6 years ago)
Its hubble!
Devin Hua (6 years ago)
Who the hell is singing ? xD I have yet to find out who the singer is xD -Vin Deagle
Amber Thompson (6 years ago)
Lmfao! This song is epic. I love it!!! PTD!

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