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Are Men Superior To Women (Higher On The Evolutionary Ascension Totem Pole)?

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More evidence that Women are Superior to Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwlCQQEKhHY I'm not a big Michael Tsarion fan, but he did good here. Also there's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7ZPQlZu_3I ... and I'm quite sure that this video settles it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IerNQdEfOfU Also refer to my comments under this video. Facts Favoring Women Are Superior (Female Bodies Contain More Highly Evolved Spirits) --------------------------------- ~ Women are more spiritually advanced and ascended than men. Fact. Okay, so what else do we find more advanced in women than men? Psychic ability. So right there, we have the green light to become more psychic. ~ And guess who spearheaded the prohibition and anti-booze movement of the early 1900s? That's right, the more spiritually evolved, saintly WOMEN, also the mothers of the world. Sycretism ftw. ~ Blood letting is very healthy and guess what sex has automatic blood-letting and live 10 years longer? Women. ~ Which gender usually accelerates scholastically? Women. ~ Who started and prolonged every war in the history of man kind? Hint: Not women-kind. ~ Men are pigs, no not all, but in general. ~ Women are twice as clean, not just bodily, but in many other ways. Again, not all, in general. ~ Women tend to think from the heart rather than the head - as men do - often from the lower head too. ~ Women are more sensitive and compassionate to people's feelings. ~ Men start 99% of the arguments on youtube ... and 99% may be a concervative estimate. ~ Men comprise 99% of the trolls on youtube ... and 99% may be a concervative estimate. Still unconvinced? Women are more in tune with their "sixth sense" which is just another way of saying they're in touch with the metaphysical aspect of life. Hence the term "lady luck." They have more "spiritual guidance." So ask yourself who are more emotional, and more driven by their emotions? Men or women? Women Hands Down! This is because the 4D shite is very emotional also. ~ Women are the "labor" child bearers and suffer most of the burden to rear infants. ~ Women are closer to pineal activation than men and are more in tune with their "sixth sense" - hence the term "lady luck." Women therefore have more "spiritual guidance." This is definitely a plus, but does this also open a can of metaphysical worms? ~ Increased Longevity - Not that this is necessarily a plus. ~ Women are DEFINITELY the fairer sex. - Not that this means much; furthermore, it makes more sense to doubly temp the superior of the two. - but this also means that men have one more vice than women; hence the term: "wine women and song." ~ more men commit suicide than women ~ more men support women than the other way around ~ society tends to protect and favor women than men So much for "It's a man's world." ~ Most women are more peaceful. ~ Women have menstrual periods, BUT they lose a little blood each month, which is an health plus. ~ Matriarch is more natural. It starts out with women having the power to give birth. In the insect kingdom, the queen is the ruler (bees, ants etc). So there's real nature. ~ Mother Theresa; how many Mother Theresa men have there been?
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ChaldeanCauldron (3 years ago)
...continued from the description: ~ Men are responsible for just about every war that ever happened. ~ better posture than men, overall~ better-behaved, less mischevous than men (key!) ~ 90% of serial killers are men; only 10% are women ~ Santos Bonacci favors women as being more ascended. From my experience, he's rarely wrong. ~ Who's less consumed by sex? Women. Hint: just look at the dramatic gender bias in porn viewers, and the number of female prostitutes versus male... ignoring gay clients. ~ The saintly right hemisphere of the brain is considered feminine.~ Many/most men are more driven by their balls than their brains, using the lower head as much as the upper one.~ Numerology/Gematria favors women as being more advanced. ~ "Lizard King" ... why is there no "Lizard Queen?" ~ Who's more into beastiality? Men. ~ Who gets one free bloodletting timed perfectly once a month without syringes? Hint: Not men. ~ Who's vastly more likely to rape? Men. ~ Who's into kiddy porn? Vastly men. ~ Who's far more likely to fondle and rape young children? Men. You should be getting a clear picture by now which sex is much more higher ascended. You see the same thing reflected in the animal world too. ~ Who looks after their young? Predominantly mothers. Who's more into fighting? Males. "Oh but this is natural." Exactly. You get it! Females are higher ascended beings - pretty much right through the mammal kingdom. ~ Gong time, low and behold, more women have more reincarnation experiences than men. ~ Howzabout female ''discrimination in the workplace'' I've listed some examples in the video. Their positions in the workplace: secretary, slave laborers. Yes, mine worker is another crappy job.~ Who's more into beastiality? Men. ~  Who's less consumed by sex? Women. Hint: just look at the dramatic gender bias in porn viewers, and the number of female prostitutes versus male... ignoring gay clients. ~ Who gets one free bloodletting timed perfectly once a month without syringes? Hint: Not men. ~ It's no secret in Eastern Gnosticism that kundalini is stored and built up in the coccyx area in the root chakra. So it's not a big leap to say that when men expels their semen (their sea of men seed or fruit), they release their precious kundalini - which takes at least 2 days to rebuild. And low and behold, Eastern Gnosticism agrees with this also. So every ejaculation loses you 2 days of stored kundalini. It's a major backwards step in multiple ways. Women, being higher ascended don't lose as much as a man during sex.

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