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Ciara & Russell Wilson Have A Family Dance Party By The Beach | TMZ TV

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Text Comments (46)
Tina Williams (2 months ago)
Blessed family
cutiexoxoxo1 (2 months ago)
Lord, I see what you have done for others... Send me a 20yr old Russell Wilson🙏🏽😂
P J (2 months ago)
Their family looks genuinely happy. & Ciara’s sexy ass getting sexier as she ages 🤤
JTrey06 (2 months ago)
Russell Wilson makes 'Past' look like Flavor Flav..
Shanee Jackson (2 months ago)
Amazing Family
Dukes 2007 (2 months ago)
Love this family ..!!
Must be nice.
Vee (2 months ago)
Beautiful family! 💕
BWR Rock (2 months ago)
Ciara has a good man. I’ve never seen this man cheat, act out of character or say something disrespectful. Come find me dream guy, I’m waiting.
Waltjoh100 (1 month ago)
Some other girl sat on his lap... 1 of the make up people or something...
D Duff (2 months ago)
That little boy going to want to play football instead of rap when he get older😆
Timothy Mccaskill (1 month ago)
or baseball
Chi Non (1 month ago)
D Duff as he should
Bay (2 months ago)
Juanita Peters both of y’all rhyming lol
Bay (2 months ago)
Right lol
Juanita Peters (2 months ago)
And he gone wanna go to college instead of trap
YES WE CAN (2 months ago)
"This is how somebody else play dad to your child in the Future" Lol.
Wilson is a CORNBALL... I wouldn't mind my ex dating that lame🤣🤣
bau vas (2 months ago)
Far from lame
dwone jones (2 months ago)
Bro you lame as hell
Raythell Jordan (2 months ago)
I don't care who sticking their dick down my ex throat! Not my concern. She will divorce Russel after the next child and drag him too
Baron Of Hair (2 months ago)
Ciara's panties will drier than a bone at the mere sight of ol' Russ very shortly, if this hasn't happened already. Don't be shocked when she winds up back with Future or someone else who-whatever other flaws he might possess- wouldn't be caught dead doing any of that stupid shit on camera
speaklife7 (2 months ago)
that called fun stuff their living their best life I LOVE IT HE'S NOT A THUG
David Lee (2 months ago)
Another man raising your son? how pathetic can you be?
Babatunde Ibitoye (2 months ago)
David Lee exactly
What can-you do when the women marries someone else??? Kill her😄😄😄😄
Shakam RaishLahab (2 months ago)
They do this shit on purpose to future. Simps will always win and have everybody's sloppy second and thirds
Shakam RaishLahab (2 months ago)
He do to much with his dam son it's just fucking creepy at this point why can't he sit next to his mother
jenny gore (2 months ago)
Cute but what's with all these stupid names famous people keep calling their kids
DFORREAL Log up (2 months ago)
Ciara will give him a boy soon. He deserves this for being a great husband and father. Wilson stop the love making and let her give you the boy.. that’s real if y’all trying to have some boys stop all that love making and be hard and ruff
JTrey06 (2 months ago)
O Fletcher (2 months ago)
Smh I surely hope you don't have any kids. You sound quite immature
Lili Michèle (2 months ago)
🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅 Like seriously??? Waowwww 🤣😅🤣😅
KingCo Anderson (2 months ago)
Good looking family. They look happy together.
Andrew Nehemiah (2 months ago)
Hey why dont yall look into why diddy AINT DONE nothing with THE FOUR! EVVIE MCKINNEY just did a cover of ID RATHER GO BLIND !!! AND ITS AMAZING!!!!! See for yourself on the tube!
Ms.Bitch With Respect (2 months ago)
Future really should be happy that she picked a man that loves their child like his own..so I don't think he's mad at all plus he's rich so either parent Baby Future is good
Ms.Bitch With Respect (2 months ago)
+J Pecco shitd he's rich to me...so
J Pecco (2 months ago)
Hes not , rich he just has more money than some
Andrew Nehemiah (2 months ago)
No# one FAMILY on the charts!!!💖💖💖💖 Glad somebody decided to show something GOOD!! Tired of all the mess!!
Lili Michèle (2 months ago)
Me too 😒
nylotus (2 months ago)
I want what they have 🖤
Bay (2 months ago)
Shakam RaishLahab I surely will do 😎🤓
nylotus (2 months ago)
+Shakam RaishLahab nah... I need someone a little more politically active and outspoken.
Shakam RaishLahab (2 months ago)
Go find a Russell Simpson then it's plenty out here.
Himynameis What (2 months ago)
Russell got that thick daddy body going on
JENEVOLENT (2 months ago)

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