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Ryan's Birthday Presents! What Does a 13 Year Old Get For His Birthday?!?

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Check Out Our STORE! https://shopitsthedonnellys.com Ryan turned 13 yesterday and today he opens hi birthday presents and eats his birthday dinner! Did he get what he wanted? What does a 13 year of boy get for his Summer birthday? What is Ryan's favorite birthday dinner? Join Our Fammelly Adventure! Some of our favorite products: Ryan's Hair Clay: https://go.magik.ly/ml/nrma/ Katie's Facial Cleanser: https://go.magik.ly/ml/md01/ Katie's Face lotion: https://go.magik.ly/ml/md03/ Live Happy Merchandise: https://shopitsthedonnellys.com Our camera" Canon g7x: https://go.magik.ly/ml/mczt/ Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker: https://go.magik.ly/ml/md05/ *FTC disclosure: video contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links* 👀 WATCH our most recent videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdfhysj_QEZFj-8voar3a4f6fqeoXcIwP 👀 WATCH MORE Cruise Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdfhysj_QEZFUH2Np9GfeI_yc9x1Ukvvd Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdfhysj_QEZG8VenWHBoy-RfIuCbCkxB5 Fun!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdfhysj_QEZFMHpe44ZT6iCNcDnkIfBOR Vacations: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdfhysj_QEZF-r8cKUeIrjd8kE6KYuGlK Gymnastics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdfhysj_QEZG-MbSCQd0UhpTS-14zGRPH Most Popular: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdfhysj_QEZHD7DG6OEE10IoBx4UcbrIf ➡️ FOLLOW US Facebook: https://facebook.com/FlippinKatie/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/flippinkatie Brennan's Twitter: https://twitter.com/bdontvofficial Katie's Instagram: https://instagram.com/itskatiedonnelly/ Brennan's Instagram: https://instagram.com/brennan1103/ Ryan's Instagram: https://instagram.com/itsryandonnelly/ Jill's Instagram: https://instagram.com/itsjilldonnelly/ Katie's Musical.ly: katie8228 Katie's YouTube (ItsKatieDonnelly): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWB8abUdY45_tpwfkHWe43g Ryan's YouTube (Ryan in the WILD): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChTPGIZ0proRnhFhENlilKg Brennan's You Tube (BDonTV): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2TuJosYWWHqpmDjNNVONUg It's The Donnellys is all about growing up Donnelly! Siblings Katie, Brennan & Ryan along with mom and Dadio love to laugh, play, travel and share our lives with you through family videos and daily vlogs...this is REAL life, REAL fun! Remember, the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your attitude! So join us as we choose to make life an ADVENTURE! ! #LiveHappy KATIE is a hilarious 14 year old, gymnast, cheerleader sister, friend, and swimmer who loves pigs, Grey's Anatomy and wants to be a surgeon. BRENNAN is a witty, fun-loving, athletic 16 year old water polo player, golfer and swimmer who roots for Manchester City, the LA Chargers, the Washington Capitals and can talk sports until the cows come home. RYAN is a lovable 13 year old. He is in 7th grade, loves ice cream, golf, Fortnite, the LA Chargers, riding his bike, and swimming. We welcome a friendly, fun, and entertaining YouTube community! We love to read your feedback :-) So please thumb's up, share, and subscribe! 👍 Royalty free music by Apple iMovie, Pond 5, & Epidemic Sound. We shoot w/ the Sony AX300 and Cannon G7X (https://go.magik.ly/ml/mczt/) *Channel art courtesy of Ada *Awesome editing help by DJLProjects
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Text Comments (200)
Alan Altamirano (7 days ago)
I love the Donnellys! : ) fer sure-
Ollyanderson gaming YT (11 days ago)
that fish you cook bloody beautiful bone apple tey
Swift (22 days ago)
A 13yo's favorite dinner is Salmon and Brokkoli? That ain't right....
Arwen (23 days ago)
Such an amazing person. Go Ryan!
Katie’s Life Xo (24 days ago)
Katie and Annie 🥺 I miss that lol
Josie Maniscalco (25 days ago)
Ryan is a month older than me. HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY!!
Bex Marie (29 days ago)
aww you can tell ryan is so grateful!! love it!
Brian Parent (29 days ago)
Ryan, Happy 13th Birthday! I turned 13 in 1971...decades ago.
Kathy Do (1 month ago)
Shawn J Hutchings (1 month ago)
Where does nana and pap pap live.
Shawn J Hutchings (1 month ago)
Hubert’s Lemonade
We Just Some Clowns (1 month ago)
Happy happy birthday to you Ryan
Randyman Maximus (1 month ago)
Happy birthday
Hafsah Sadiq (1 month ago)
Funny how Ryan is 13 and the vid I 13 min
cutemike39 (1 month ago)
Love the blue nails Kate.
Tropic TryHard (1 month ago)
A nice 4sum
Jozzo Gibb (1 month ago)
It’s my birthday in 9 days (24th of June) happy birthday from Australia
cierra Dudley (1 month ago)
5 minutes left of my birthday
cierra Dudley (1 month ago)
My Birthday is today
Ashlee Collinsworth (1 month ago)
I will be be 17 in January
Alisha and family (1 month ago)
I turned 11 on the 13th of june
Heather Anderson (1 month ago)
Happy birthday 🏄‍♀️🤟💕🥇🏅🎈🎈
Heather Anderson (1 month ago)
I THINK Ryan is Cute .💜💙but I am 10
Grace O (1 month ago)
Gues what,, I turn 14 in 14 days!!
LucysDIY (1 month ago)
The knee board looks like fun! Will be cool to see it out on the water.
TBC1987 (1 month ago)
Happy Belated Ryan!! 👏😀😃😄😁
Rman Nayr (1 month ago)
Salmon & Broccoli are So Good!
Rman Nayr (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!
I Loev you Reed (1 month ago)
Happy early birthday Ryan
Mylissa Gibson (1 month ago)
Happy birthday Ryan
Life as a Potato (1 month ago)
Lexi Henry (1 month ago)
Who else knows what knee boarding is Just me cool
Mads Lynn (1 month ago)
Cutest family.
calfornia jo Francis (1 month ago)
Happy birthday
OliviaGymnast 12 (1 month ago)
I turned 13 on Easter this year also Happy Late Birthday!
Phil Thomas (1 month ago)
Let Ryan try diving!!
Percy Monroe (1 month ago)
Question, was in the picture frame by the clock? Looks nautical
Madison Akers (1 month ago)
I turn 13 next month July 24th
Percy Monroe (1 month ago)
Happy birthday "teenager." You should be very proud, not too many kids enjoy eating fish, specially Salmon. He has good taste. The card was great "You're welcome" jajajaja. Katie on the counter imitating the cats. Great vlog today.
christina brennan (1 month ago)
ryan: I knee board all the time. You can start in the water laying on the board with the rope handle around the thing. when the boat starts going sort of hold on the side of the board/thumbs on the edges of the rope. as you start to go you don't need to hold onto the rope so pull yourself up using the side of the board. after you get the straps all set then you can take the rope out and do tricks. You probably already know that but just wanted to suggest it. I love all of your videos!! Happy belated birthday!
Paige Singer (1 month ago)
Happy birthday
Ella M (1 month ago)
I turned 13 on 12th June
Caitlin Roy (1 month ago)
No his knees won't come back out if he has it done it so tight it'll be better for him to have it loose as he goes upside down he won't be able to get back up or breath
I don't see why Ryan had to wait for other people to open his gifts. It's his Birthday, let the kid open them when he wants to. That's pretty unfair to make him wait
Yoitsizzy (1 month ago)
Rachel B •Farmiga Fan• Maybe he wanted that they weren’t all together for his actual birthday. Ryan was with his friends, Katie went to her friends to one of her friends ranch, then Brennan had his jr. Olympics
Rustictexas (1 month ago)
Holy crap I remember making those hemp necklaces that Katie has on back in high school 😂1999 flash backs
Lillian The flower (1 month ago)
What day was he 13 because my brother is jun 13 and he is 13
Summer Minnie1 (1 month ago)
Happy birthday I love that he got fancy hair gel lol
Jeffery Barnett (1 month ago)
Sometimes I just watch you sleep!! LOL That was classic and perfectly timed!
Yohita Kakhandki (1 month ago)
Ryan's attitude is sooo positive. I really love his vibe. Seriously such a positive and happy guy...Much love from India!
Brooke Landry (1 month ago)
I live in Connecticut
Migs Account (1 month ago)
Mike needs a larger boat with garage attached to home entertainment center with gym & indoor pool, nice land right there. I have to speak up for those who when they turned 13 did not experience the wondrous times of today, would it be wrong to get the other two a small gift of what they never got? What does your Spiritual eyesight see? Luke 12:52  For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
Zoey Mcilwain (1 month ago)
Ryan - talks about going golfing with his pap pap, Brennan and mike Jill - it will be a nice foursome Me - loses it and starts laughing hysterically we love having a dirty mind 😂😂 11:29
Arkalius80 (23 days ago)
That's actually a pretty typical way to refer to group size in golfing...
Aoife Caitlin (1 month ago)
omg my brothers bday is the exact same day as ryan and he just turned 13 that’s so weird!
Orange Peel14 (1 month ago)
Mike being angry that he had to come downstairs and watch his son open his gifts 😂😂😂 He would never behave like that if it was darling Katie would he, never mind the fact Ryan had to wait so long to open them because they couldn’t even be home for their sons birthdays.
Orange Peel14 (1 month ago)
easytoslip what’s rude is making your son wait 28 hours to open his gift on his 13th birthday. Then moan they are exhausted , what a way to make their son feel loved. Yet Katie always gets what she wants when she wants as she is spoiled rotten.
Orange Peel14 (1 month ago)
easytoslip what’s rude is making your son wait 28 hours to open his gift on his 13th birthday. Then moan they are exhausted , what a way to make their son feel loved.
easytoslip (1 month ago)
rude comment
Orange Peel14 (1 month ago)
Katie looked absolutely miserable as she wasn’t the center of attention yet Jill and Mike don’t even say something.
Orange Peel14 (1 month ago)
So much wrong with this blog. Ryan only got 3 presents and 1 was hair gel 😂 Let’s see how many gifts Katie gets in a few weeks time as I guarantee it will be way more than what Ryan got as after all he clearly a after thought for this family. How utterly selfish to make a kid wait 24 hours to open his birthday gifts. He always gets the short end of the stick and it’s sickening as he is such a lovely kid
Yoitsizzy (1 month ago)
Orange Peel14 you said it was selfish of them to do that
Orange Peel14 (1 month ago)
Yoitsizzy yes it was as they didn’t have to go away on his birthday. It’s called not being selfish.
Yoitsizzy (1 month ago)
Orange Peel14 Well um if you didn’t see the last vlog you can clearly see that they weren’t all together as a family celebrating his birthday so there for it wasn’t selfish of them to wait 24 hours to open presents
Dominik Buchinger (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday
dibaby1970 (1 month ago)
Our kids have been out of school since May 22 (at 12:30 pm), it is so weird seeing all the vlogs of kids still in school. This week many posted on Instagram they are out of school now. I'm sure your kids are out by now too, this video of Ryan's birthday part 2, was 13 days ago. We've had so much rain our lake is flooded, our little town has one of the two open boat ramps, so there is quite a bit of boat traffic on our little road. Still wouldn't trade living by the water for less traffic, normally we have zero traffic outside of those who live in our little neighborhood. Summer offers the most outdoor fun in Texas. That knee board Ryan got for his birthday is awesome. We have a little wake board/knee board or skiing "school" in our town. Lessons are not too expensive, so even kids who don't have access to a boat can learn to do all that fun stuff. It has ramps too, so kids (and adults) can learn jumps. There is also an inflatable obstacle course on the lake at this facility, the kids pretend they are on a Japanese game show while racing on the obstacle course.. Like I said, tons of summer fun to be had. Just need the rain to lay off for a bit.
SirBayron (1 month ago)
Ryan is always super fun!
Jodie Dalton (1 month ago)
i 13 in less then two months ahhhh ryan is a cutie ;)
Lance Allen (1 month ago)
Huge Happy Birthday to Ryan from his biggest fan. Ryan Rocks!
Flavio Paniagua (1 month ago)
Omg my bday is on the 12 of June as well happy birthday
Flynn Kaye (1 month ago)
Wow..can’t believe Ryan is 13 already! Still love his golf swing lol
Eternatty (1 month ago)
Ryan, you can do kneeboarding as a sport too https://youtu.be/manC9_KqXYY happy birthday!
Liza Terra ASMR (1 month ago)
Happy birthday ry guy
Sally Wilson (1 month ago)
Yea. Great birthday stuff Ryan. Be careful with board it looks kind of confining . We like to watch our cats too not just when they are sleeping . when they are awake they just look at us like they are thinking can we help you or could you please move along. Again happy big 1 3 Ryan. See you guys in next vlog. Good luck to b r e n n a n .
Hailee Perry (1 month ago)
I do Junior PGA comp to
Katie K (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday!
Ella Thayer (1 month ago)
I wakeboard and kneeboarding. It’s so fun!
Blue Studio (1 month ago)
Ryan happy birthday OLD Man
Isaac S (1 month ago)
So happy and proud of you, happy birthday Mr Teen!! Love you!
John Smith (1 month ago)
But the gel will make his hair flammable!!! I don't think 'flaming lad on a kneeboard setting off fireworks' is the look Jill wants to see 😂!!
Unicorn Vlogs (1 month ago)
I'm only older than Ryan by one month my b'day is may 12 no lie happy b'day Ryan im a girl btw 😂😂💁
Maria Makinen (1 month ago)
I wish I had family. Mum's ppl are all gone. Happy B-day.☀️🍓
HickoryDickory86 (1 month ago)
Ryan is so stinkin' adorable. Happy birthday again, little dude! And yes, watching cats sleep is so relaxing. I love cats. They're my favorite.
DG Mills (1 month ago)
Happy Belated 13th Birthday Ryan! I am sure you and your family will enjoy your knee board!
SueAnn Eason (1 month ago)
Ryan should try diving, it could be a great sport for him.
Lauren Sampson (1 month ago)
i remember when Brennan was 13 dang...time is flying
Josie Maniscalco (25 days ago)
same! It feels like just yesterday when that vlog came out....
Abby McBride (1 month ago)
my brothers name is ryan, he’s in seventh grade, he’s 13, he’s blond, and his favorite food is salmon, broccoli and rice omg that’s crazy
laurshmello _ (1 month ago)
Abby McBride okay
Abby McBride (1 month ago)
laurshmello _ i swear i’m not lying
laurshmello _ (1 month ago)
Abby McBride mhm ok
Missy E (1 month ago)
Happy belated 13th birthday Ryan! Welcome to being a teenager! My family has the same birthday banner! However ours is much older. It’s 20+ years old! The Donnelly’s are legends!
JB Studios (1 month ago)
HBD to the best Donnelly kid!
Jason Walsh (1 month ago)
Ry guy!!!
Angel Barr (1 month ago)
Happy birthday
Annie Goff (1 month ago)
Happy bday
Kevin Howard (1 month ago)
Love the new camera. its so clear and stable. Happy Birthday Ryan! he should try "Its a 10!" hair gel
Manic The Hedgehog (1 month ago)
You guys are way past cool! & like I said before, Happy Birthday to our bud, Ryan! He is also drumtastic! ;)
Timmy Stauffer (1 month ago)
Was the fish nice?
Aimee (1 month ago)
The hair gel was such a Ryan present. :)
Leslie Martinez (1 month ago)
Ryan is such a sweet kid.
M. S. (1 month ago)
I love how grateful of a kid Ryan is! Happy birthday 🎉🎊🎈
The Rod Squad (1 month ago)
I agree, Katie should try diving. My daughter is a gymnast and she does diving in the summer. She likes the spring board since it is similar to the eurotramp she trains on.
Whitney Moore (1 month ago)
Happy birthday Ryan hope it has been an awesome 13 years can't believe ur 13 so happy birthday Ryan
Binh Nguyen (1 month ago)
My family is actually going to eat salmon tonight! I love salmon. Also, my birthday month is July, which is next month. I'm turning 20!
E Long (1 month ago)
Great 🎁 ‘s Ryan! Something to use everyday, to celebrate, to have fun and an experience. HBD🥳
Stephanie Sobetski (1 month ago)
Yay Ryan Is Opening His Birthday Presents
susan mcmillan (1 month ago)
watching my 3 cats sleep is so soothing!!!!!!!! Well until I go to bed and then the youngest Sneaks has to be bad cause he wants attention at that moment!!! In fact he looks alot like Alice but has a big black stripe down the middle of his back.... I swear that black stripe has more hair then the rest of him!!!! Happy Birthday again Ryan and I hope Brennan made it to finals!!!! Also love the way Katie just sprawled on the counter for the gift opening!!
joe ingram (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video Jill; Thanks for sharing your birthday with us Ryan; Hope your not still eating the rice Ryan ran his feet through. I watched Yawi vlogs just before this one and they had one of their dogs "Polad" put down. It brought back so many memories and emotions from when I had to have a dog put down years ago. Miss Mew knew I was sad she climbed up into my arms and snuggled like crazy. Hopr Brennan did well in water polo junior olympics try outs. Fish looked great Mike and Katie well your Katie need not say any more. Keep Smiling :)
• jhune • (1 month ago)
When u thought Ryan was gon hit the woah
Mohamed Kaydo (1 month ago)
my last birthday was the best

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