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Harry Styles - Carolina (Audio)

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Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is available now: http://hstyles.co.uk/music iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HS-iTunes Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/HS-AM Spotify: http://smarturl.it/HS-Spotify Limited edition CD: http://smarturl.it/HS-LtdEd-CD White vinyl: http://smarturl.it/HS-WhiteVinyl Photo editions: http://smarturl.it/HarryStylesStore Target: http://smarturl.it/HS-Target Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/HS-AmazonMP3 Deezer: http://smarturl.it/HS-Deezer
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Text Comments (5145)
yvonne galvan (21 hours ago)
*every girl from both Carolinas have entered *
Larissa lobo (1 day ago)
Isabella Silvestro (1 day ago)
Louis is shook
Gabriel Oliveira (3 days ago)
Cara sou apaixonado por essa música
JustDuxia (5 days ago)
I just imagined the owner singing this song to a female dog
Diana De Horan (5 days ago)
Nani Z (7 days ago)
in carolina not her name is carolina
this song is very contagious 😓😅😍
Stephanie Arthur (9 days ago)
She’s got her family in Carolina, so far away but she says I remind her That rhyme of Carolina and her😍😍
Miss Ravenpuff (10 days ago)
You know it's a good song when there's cowbell in it.
greg omar badua (10 days ago)
Kat Violence (12 days ago)
Karolina Mayer (12 days ago)
My name is Karolina 😍💎 only with K 🎼🎼💎❤🦄😍😍😍
p a n c o n s o p e (12 days ago)
2019 ?
p a n c o n s o p e (12 days ago)
Leena Pereira (14 days ago)
My cousin's name is Carolina
Juliana Bituin (15 days ago)
Sending chills but actually realizing things
Jackie Landeros (16 days ago)
Can anyone else see the water moving?
Suri Arteaga (16 days ago)
Aaaa me encantó mrk
jjhhejis (16 days ago)
this song is about cocaine. I think
Carolina Fatjo (17 days ago)
Harry Styles - Carolina ( audio ) me: what.... THATS MY NAME 😂😱
Layane Ferreira (18 days ago)
Jacob McCluskey (19 days ago)
Amazing song rock 😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎 😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎
Simon Lau (22 days ago)
My sister kyla fancys the pant out of you when we say your name she blushes
mikashimo -san (26 days ago)
I'm carolina
Victor Nikiforehead (27 days ago)
When your names Carolina but it’s pronounced differently
N0 N0 (28 days ago)
that's my name... uhhh
gaming and fun (29 days ago)
Am the only who gets ‘After’ vibes from the entire album...it’s crazy..it’s like he wrote it about Tessa
Aaliyah Rodriguez (1 month ago)
i love this song
carolina sanchez (1 month ago)
That picture is so cute 💓
Mewarika Suchiang (1 month ago)
OMG I just realized that the droplets were moving 😂
Kinga Gałysa (1 month ago)
Victoria Torres (1 month ago)
She's got a family in Carolina....
Magalí Paez Mascaro (1 month ago)
Esto es sobre la Marihuana, Harry Cancelado por marihuano ahre
to loka (1 month ago)
TØP fan (1 month ago)
I'm jealous of the women he meets and writes songs about Like hi we're here too Harry? *Notice meeeee*
Magalí Paez Mascaro (1 month ago)
it's about Mary Jane :) believe me, listen the lyrics
Magalí Paez Mascaro (1 month ago)
it's not about a woman
1D Girl India (1 month ago)
December 2018?
Brad Toepfer (1 month ago)
This reminds me of some older Beck songs.
Vitoria Martins (1 month ago)
Top demais
Doll_ _Kalsar (1 month ago)
Idk .I always feel goosebumps while listening to this .This is my fav song
Samed yü (1 month ago)
Coole Musik
Eli Neuhuber (1 month ago)
I ❤️ this song so much!!
Jack Harper (1 month ago)
I think I am getting diabetes from this holy cow . recordings have really improved. you're money well spent Harry styles.
Jazmin Garcia (1 month ago)
Jav Ag (1 month ago)
Stuck in the Middle with You
My name is Carolina... Thanks mum 😂😂
Cryliams Green (1 month ago)
I FEEL SO GOOD hearing your perfect voice in this great song! 🎶💚😋
Puppylover puppy lover (1 month ago)
I have put this song so much you'd think this song would be at 100,000,000
Anna Loves Finn (1 month ago)
Hi; i need Anna in version Studio , just say
Anna Loves Finn (1 month ago)
+Tiara Storm Tea.
Tiara Storm (1 month ago)
Anna Loves Finn and medicine!
carol Drew (1 month ago)
I feel like this song is made for me
Zzz zzz (1 month ago)
Sounds like 'alive' isnt it?
Milene Almeida (1 month ago)
Katarzyna Rosińska (1 month ago)
The best !!!!!Beautiful! !!
Ana Carolina (2 months ago)
Kelly Tompkins (2 months ago)
I'm jealous of Carolina
Kelly Tompkins (1 month ago)
+Tiara Storm you're right . lol
Tiara Storm (1 month ago)
Kelly Tompkins her name is towns not carolina haha
Shannon Nash (2 months ago)
When this song is about you, hai everyone.
carolina gongora (2 months ago)
hey I suppose that this song is for me 🌝
F sh Deko I (2 months ago)
Carolina~ Maravilha de mulher
Carolina. stn (2 months ago)
My Name is Carolina
Hart Denton (1 month ago)
Carolina. stn it’s about a girl called Towns lol not Carolina
Lily Collinsworth (2 months ago)
this song gives me hope. if international talent and sex symbol Harry Styles can ask himself regretfully, 'How did you ever turn her down?" of a girl he met once, it's also possible that someone will realize my worth (even if in retrospect).
Saranya saara (2 months ago)
i am singing la la la la as na na na na na .........Directioners can totally understand.......Waiting for their comeback......1D forever nd this song is brilliant.........
Carookies Cookie:p (2 months ago)
My name is Carolina shit
Hart Denton (1 month ago)
Carookies Cookie:p Towns tho
Kelly Tompkins (2 months ago)
I love this song. One of the best from the album
Kristin Freedom (2 months ago)
Harry, I'm a sweet Carolina girl 🙌
MARIA EDUARDA (2 months ago)
Alguém do brasil
Carol Martinez (2 months ago)
My song 😂
Julianne Nance (2 months ago)
I have a question...which Carolina is he speaking of? North or South? As a North Carolinian, it's gotta be us because we're the true "Carolina"
taylor Swift8 (2 months ago)
I love this song is diferent 🎶🎶🎵🎵
Zara Malik (2 months ago)
You'll be a gorgeous rock singer 🎤 DEAR HARRY ❤😘❤😘💞😍
A r l y (2 months ago)
Melina Styler (2 months ago)
My cute cat's name is Carolina, this song makes me think about her
Sofía Carreño (2 months ago)
Cr8if1 (2 months ago)
People are so quick to jump to conclusions that this song is about a girl, because Harry is portrayed as a womanizer. Some articles even went as far to say it was about Taylor Swift...🤦🏻‍♀️ One Direction songs have previously referenced girl names, like Olivia, Georgia Rose, and Diana. Take the song Olivia for example. Harry once said, “Is Olivia even a person? Is she an emotion? Is she a place? We don’t know.” Does anyone else think Carolina is a metaphor for drugs—or something else besides a girl? “I met her once and wrote a song about her.” “She feels so good.” “How could you ever turn her down?” “There’s not a drink that I think could sink her.” “Gets into parties without invitations.”
Isabella Silvestro (1 day ago)
Townes Jones
Isabella Silvestro (1 day ago)
I didn’t want to think it was about a girl either cause I’m larry asf but like I would obviously love him for whoever he wants to be with but apparently this is about a girl named towns
forsaken. (2 months ago)
I love how everyone’s writing lyrics and writing “Townes” but it’s actually “town” LMAOO
Hart Denton (1 month ago)
forsaken. No the girl actually excites her name is Towns he talked about her in the behind the album video
Bel Ess (3 months ago)
I AM COMPLAINING!! Harry Styles you annoying talented man, YOUR MUSIC IS STOPPING ME FROM WRITING MY BOOK! How am I supposed to concentrate on my book with your music playing??? And you know the worst part? This is the second time I am listening to the album. I CAN'T STOP! I BLAME YOU HARRY STYLES! And stop smiling in that cheeky addictive way will you!
Deepanjali Singh (3 months ago)
best song of this album .such a big heart for this song it's osam.... HARRY.....
Jenna Gravel (3 months ago)
this song is so good!
Miah Salazar (3 months ago)
He had such a beautiful accent 😂❤️😭😍😭😫
Mara (3 months ago)
edoardo Rossi (3 months ago)
Amche a me piace il cazzo come te
Alanna Jones (3 months ago)
posted on my bday!!!
zey вι̇eвer (3 months ago)
Suga Kookies (3 months ago)
That’s my English name🤣🤣🤣
Bárbara Brittingham (3 months ago)
oh gosh this water drop still makes me insane
Meu cover Gospel (3 months ago)
diana idk (3 months ago)
he's a good boy he feel so good
marta marta (3 months ago)
love it! i have missed these kind of vibes and now he makes it! in fact "carolina" sounds hell lot better live!!
Directioner forever (3 months ago)
JOY TU PATRONA :v (3 months ago)
Estoy viendo a one direction aún que los integrantes separados, pero su música es genial y no se como llegue a "Carolina " y me alegré al ver ese nombre porque así me llamo yo xd
Tomos Ap Llewelen (3 months ago)
here i am stuck in the middle with you
Sydney Clayton (3 months ago)
I was wearing earphones and I thought I could hear my dog barking but it was just part of the beat of the song.lol
lenea 20 (3 months ago)
imagine going on a date with harry styles and you made such an impression on him that forced him to write a song about you, cant relate
yvonne galvan (21 hours ago)
Getting noticed is hard enough
Grecia Romero Paredes (21 days ago)
Oh well Townes can relate
Grecia Romero Paredes (21 days ago)
No one can 😫
Alexandra Ennals (29 days ago)
me neither
Donna Muffins Shakes (3 months ago)
Usually my dad wouldn't like my music,but this is the good stuff
Farah Mohamed (3 months ago)
It’s broke my heart,it’s okay.
Andrea Sánchez (3 months ago)
Saludos desde Argentina. Volve a Argentina (Córdoba)
Sydney Clayton (3 months ago)
Love you so much harry . U make me happy and have an amazing voice and songs. ♥♥♥♥♥ h
Dani Patricia (4 months ago)
This is magic!!!
I love it
Carol ramos aksnes:3 (4 months ago)
música p mim,mentira😂

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