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The Try Guys Throw A $300,000 Bachelor Party

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Text Comments (10209)
wenjingsaf (2 hours ago)
btw the calculation is incorrect how can the total cost be 300,000 dollars when just the champagne alone was 250,000 and Bellagio was 250,000 as well???
wenjingsaf (3 hours ago)
18:41 Keiths evil twin!!!
wenjingsaf (3 hours ago)
16:47 i know that guy on the right leaning his head from Mamahuhu of Shanghai!!!!!
bella lake (15 hours ago)
anyone else here after ned had a baby and at the end he goes “guess i gotta have a baby or something”
Jamie Cohen (16 hours ago)
In the intro: Zach’s face:🥳 Zach mind: I am gonna be single forever 😢
Diana Edgington (1 day ago)
Diana Edgington (1 day ago)
I luvvvv Keith soooo much you married nooow so no more bachelor parties
Sally Smith (1 day ago)
This video was sadly lacking hot chicks and strip club scenes. I'm guessing most or all of these guys are gay.
emily M (1 day ago)
18:54 guess I gotta have a baby or something. *one year later has a baby*
5/6 of the 300000 spent on a water fountain and some champagne.
C.o.R (2 days ago)
Power move of the century: Leave buzzfeed before they can fire you for spending their money
Ian D (2 days ago)
Sam Yetman (2 days ago)
The hangover
Ellie Wasserman (3 days ago)
This would be my dream trip :) I LOVE VEGASSSSSSSSSs
Angela Howard (3 days ago)
Vegas does not let you live in a fantasy unless you have money, Zack (18:00). THIS CLIP IS NOT REALITY!! $300K??? Not in my life-time. Maybe $300 if someone else is willing to pay hotel and drinks!!! My friends and I would drive down from SLC and we barely had the budget to stay there, splitting the costs, for a weekend once a year. Vegas is splurging. But sometimes we earned it.
Arielle Thompson (3 days ago)
Pick any song! *picks santa baby* NOT THAT ONE!!
MaddieMakes _Gacha (3 days ago)
And at that moment/ 18:53 ned knew
Tacti-cool Tuba (4 days ago)
"Surprise motherfucka, it's dicks!" - Ned Fulmer 2016?
Danielle Winterburn (5 days ago)
The 4.1k dislikes are people who were upset that they didn’t come.
Brilly Ashby Slebold (5 days ago)
Bout Time It Takes That Damn Toilet To Open the Lid Ive Either A) Already Peed Myself Waiting Or Have Gotten My Doggie Bag B) Ashamedly Squatted In The Shower 😭
Amanda L. Rivera (5 days ago)
Ned now has baby
Lé Chat Noir (5 days ago)
Keith is in love with Nick and you can’t change my mind.
Lé Chat Noir (5 days ago)
“Let me take you where the magic happens” Keith: Very forward Nick, Me: *wheeze*
Nutellah (7 days ago)
That pool party was horrible
chey cat (8 days ago)
i would love to try a truffle
Em Wiebe (8 days ago)
i love that the bottle of champagne was 83% of the price of this party
Stevo (8 days ago)
This video made 1/3 of the party's cost and it's been 2 years. It's so smart they spent 300,000 of Buzzfeeds money and left
John Doe (8 days ago)
Hoe down was a good choice
Pan!c on (9 days ago)
Guess I've got to have a baby or something
Pan!c on (9 days ago)
Ok so Keith is the gayest straight guy ever and Eugene is the straightest gay guy ever
Pan!c on (9 days ago)
There's a tiny pool and a giant duck
Pan!c on (9 days ago)
Oh my god it's faster then most planes
Asad Khattak (9 days ago)
How else was like this is expensive but not enough to equal 300 k until Keith said the price of the champagne
Diana Prince (9 days ago)
Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith (Edit) Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith
Tony Luu (10 days ago)
Which hotel did they go to
Lillie Coats (11 days ago)
they didnt leave buzzfeed...buzzfeed saw the budget for this video and got fired LMAO
Alex Joan (11 days ago)
7:52 i read it as Mike Wazowski
Janae J. (12 days ago)
what if instead.... they had exploited buzzfeed for my college tuition...
christinauwu (13 days ago)
wow they spent that much money on keith
CamWoolan (13 days ago)
*me and the boys*
Lissa Lykopis (14 days ago)
Omg all that food 🤤🤤🤤
Blair Elliott (14 days ago)
The dancers are hot Australian men and I can't help but drool so much.
blue333 (15 days ago)
D a y d r e a m (15 days ago)
I was born and raised in Vegas and it’s pronounced nevAda
Cristopher Maldonado (15 days ago)
I actually that Keith would invite Steven lamb
Jack Harrier (15 days ago)
Who tf paid for all of this???
309 My Life (15 days ago)
Was I the only one in Las Vegas and heard the song lmao
ecchi japan (16 days ago)
Most of the 300K was from the champagne...........................damn
XoxEBxoX 14 (17 days ago)
So basically 5/7 of the money was spent on champagne 🤔
Nat Louise (17 days ago)
did they really put him in a dreadlocks wig tho
Jay G (17 days ago)
When your brothers best friends know your sibling better than you
Nesar (18 days ago)
When they were saying Nevada the wrong way I can indeed say I hate it
Silver Bells (18 days ago)
When you can’t play “Santa, Baby”
nicholas massari (19 days ago)
A baby hu well your in fo a treat
Camilla Uiterwijk (19 days ago)
I’m staying at the Mirage in like two weeks I’m soooessiteed
Bobby Chan (19 days ago)
I’m staying in a hotel named Mandalay Bay
gacha ryleigh (20 days ago)
I D I E😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aaron Posadas (20 days ago)
Anyone else live in vegas
Jannelle Lumamba (20 days ago)
I like it when he says ‘what a waste ‘ 😂😂😂
Enji Todoroki (20 days ago)
Keith's brother looks like Tenya Iida.
jayesh kodnani (21 days ago)
that alex guy looks straight outta mind your language
KurapikaISa BOY (21 days ago)
Keith's brother looks like Tobey Maguire Peter Parker
Ana Verona (21 days ago)
Hahaha! 🍗
Dylan Kearney (22 days ago)
I really hope that i have a group of friends one day that are willing to put in this kind of effort for me. Keith, your are soooo lucky <3
Reeve F (22 days ago)
Tell Keith to come down to Texas and try babes
Reeve F (22 days ago)
Babes chicken
Alexandra Miller (22 days ago)
They should have bought a house
Magenta moose (23 days ago)
Ok everyone is talking about the price but the look on his face the whole time the lol of happiness was priceless
Yellow Mello (23 days ago)
Ned hinting the baby
Talking Huskies (24 days ago)
Is it just me that thinks Keith was under the weather
Jaylee Jenkins (24 days ago)
For $250,000, I should be able to choose any song i want
Gayle Reeves (24 days ago)
this is keiths plain to heaven
ally ohalloran (25 days ago)
I mean when this cam out
ally ohalloran (25 days ago)
is it weird to think Zach and Maggie could've been together now?
Air (25 days ago)
Honestly, most of that stuff wasn't really THAT expensive...then the Champaign bottle came out lol.
ThatOneBananaBoy (26 days ago)
I am so jealous tbh
Moira Gray (26 days ago)
Keith's brother doesn't look very much like him.
Rose Sambrook (29 days ago)
Anyone else wondering how they where coherent and not drunk as after all of that?
panic at.the.shasha (29 days ago)
Ned was hinting that Ariel was pregnant. If you do the math, it works.
MC King (29 days ago)
The Try Guys: *ask BuzzFeed for $300,000 for Keith's bachelor party in Las Vegas* Also the Try Guys: *leave BuzzFeed a year and a half later* BuzzFeed: 😑😐 The Try Guys: 😎
The Person (1 month ago)
This is the amount of time Keith screamed "VEGAS BABY!" | \/
MC King (1 month ago)
This was probably the best weekend of Keith's life.
Maania Akhtar (1 month ago)
And then Ned did 😂😂💓 (Have a baby)
Lucky Donuts (1 month ago)
they wouldve been great in hangover haha
Sarah Ramos (1 month ago)
esse hotel é uma lugar que eu nem tenho vontade de ir pq eu sei que eu NUNCA vou ir mesmo
Amy Havlin (1 month ago)
I live in Australia, I just saw this video (at least bits of it) on the Project. why?
bts’ coffee (1 month ago)
Yes indeed Keith has a very nice torso
Kaylie Alexander (1 month ago)
9:39 Ned is the ultimate white dad
Julie Silva (1 month ago)
Zach did a tick tok transition
Harrison Freeman2854 (1 month ago)
9:55 drinking Fiji water like its vodka
Keith is the luckiest man in the world
blitzwoofer max (1 month ago)
This reminds me of hangover
M Sickles (1 month ago)
My first thought “that has GOT to be Keith’s brother”
Gabriel Ganesa Mohan (1 month ago)
the $250000 for the giant champagne bottle and fountain is UNACCEPTABLE
jhennicide (1 month ago)
how can you spend $250,000 for a private room and then leave?! i'm so confused!!
The Stammering Dunce (1 month ago)
300k is indeed a lot of money for one employee's bachelor party, especially the fact that he and his friends left shortly after. But, we should remember that the Try Guys gave Buzzfeed lots of views and more views means more profit. It also helps their videos have catchy titles. Basically, the money Buzzfeed spent on the quartet definitely broke even.
Legendary Roro (1 month ago)
Imagine how the pilots felt.
xXfortenight godsXx (1 month ago)
50 years ago “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” 2019 “ what happens in Vegas, goes on the Internet”
Hey It’s Jane (1 month ago)
12:50 Reminds me of the tom & jerry where tom is in an opera singing that song
Savage Nectar (1 month ago)
Fried Chicken , Boozes , Gambling , Party in Vegas all night ,And The Try Guys ! Life is Gooooood !
Mel Faith (1 month ago)
Instead of taking that $300, 000 on your girl, you used it on your bachelor party, that's not only selfish but, a black brother move!" She shouldn't marry you if you were the last thing on earth!" Oh, selfish nerds!"

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