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mixed media art collage EVERY MAGIC DAY

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Text Comments (43)
Linda mcgrew (1 year ago)
Lynn Ware (2 years ago)
Love tiny houses. must try this one!
toolietime1 (2 years ago)
Jean Eckles (2 years ago)
Love this, I am going to try the technique .💞💞
Gina Porcu (3 years ago)
sei bravissima! mi ispiri moltissimo, grazie!
Carole Ann Colca (3 years ago)
Kim LaPlume (3 years ago)
Nicoletta, your work is beautiful!  I have been trying to find the stamp you used for the houses.  Would you please tell me who makes it?
Nicoletta Zanella (3 years ago)
@Kim LaPlume Tiddly Inks "Harmony at Home" :)
Renee F (4 years ago)
I love your expression of this. Thank you for sharing. I've saved it to my "Must try" list. 
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
@Renee M Thank you very much Renee :)
Vanessa Isom (4 years ago)
You are an amazing artist, so clever.  I never tire of watching your videos.  Perhaps I should stop watching and do some myself!  Thank you!
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
@Vanessa Isom thank you Vanessa for this beautiful comment :)
elisascrapbooking (4 years ago)
Domanda stupida...ma il gel medium è una colla giusto?...visto che io non la trovo nei negozzi posso sostituirla con della semplice colla per decoupage o la vinavil....? Grazie
535echo (4 years ago)
So cool. I love it! Thanks for sharing!
Carolyn Buttery (4 years ago)
Love your art and videos.
Jill Jacobsen (4 years ago)
love your process...thanks for sharing:)
Paula Parkison (4 years ago)
Must've been a glitch! I tried again today and it's perfectly clear!!!! And I might add AMAZING! Just love your work!
Paula Parkison (4 years ago)
I don't know if it's my computer...but this is so blurry I couldn't watch it.
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
i don't paula, i'm sorry
Ann Ricci (4 years ago)
Love It !!
deb anderson (4 years ago)
thanks again for sharing...
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
thanks to you deb!
Wilma Voermans (4 years ago)
I hardly do whimsical canvasses, but I LOVE to watch it ! Just because....  
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
thanks for the comment Wilma, i love your work, your projects are very artistic! ciao
Debi Blanco (4 years ago)
Love all the beautiful colors & details.
cristina oliveira (4 years ago)
 adorei !  muito belo Nicoleta !
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
Donna Harris (4 years ago)
Beautiful, I love it!
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
I'm glad you liked it! bye
Jasmine Patrick (4 years ago)
This is a beautiful piece of work, Thank you for sharing!
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
thank to you!
Veroart (4 years ago)
Beautiful and a pleasure to watch all the process. Tfs, cheers, Vron
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
thank you!
myloveofcrafting (4 years ago)
Mi è piaciuto molto il tuo tutorial. Specialmente tutti i colori che hai usato. In Italia riesci a trovare i prodotti per mixed media facilmente? Aspetterò il prossimo tutorial.
Nicoletta Zanella (4 years ago)
grazie per il tuo commento, purtroppo in Italia nei negozi non si trova molto, io acquisto prevalentemente su internet in un paio di siti italiani, oppure in siti europei francesi o inglesi, ciao
Cherrene Turton (5 years ago)
Your artwork is so beautiful and very creative.  I would really love to learn how to do this.  How did you get started in a career? I would love to learn more.
Nicoletta Zanella (5 years ago)
thank you for the comment, I recently met mixed media art and I immediately fell in love!! I wanted to learn the techniques through youtube video, websites, pictures. Now I'm delving into with books and magazines. For more informations visit my websites and my google+ page. Bye-Bye!
Whymsical Dreamer (5 years ago)
Love it, came out great. Just subbed you. Hugs Tibs xxx
Nicoletta Zanella (5 years ago)
thanks for the comment and for registration! hugs to you
Nicoletta Zanella (5 years ago)
thanks everyone for the comments!
Lynne Williams (5 years ago)
Love it!!!!
Catarina Louro (5 years ago)
Beautiful page!! Thanks for sharing
PATO PALACIOS (5 years ago)
Love it !! Congratulations for your work!!

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