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Gangnam Style Acoustic (Guitar / Violin Loop)

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http://www.danielparkmusic.com/ This is my version of the insanely popular Gangnam Style song by PSY! I am Korean also, so it's really awesome to see a Korean artist really doing well in the US. This is NOT pre-recorded!!! Everything you are hearing I had to record on the spot. here is a list of equipment I used to make this video. Taylor 410ce Guitar Electric Violin Shure KSM32 Condenser Mic Zoom H4n Portable Recorder Boomerang V3 Looper (for live looping/recording) Line6 DL4 Delay (delay sounds on the violin and guitar) Boss OC2 Octave (drops down the guitar an Octave to sound like a Bass) MacBook Pro Audacity Garage Band Final Cut Pro X iPhone 5 (for video) Hope you enjoyed this video! LIKE IT! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/danielparkmusicpage FOLLOW! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/danielparkmusic FREE MUSIC! Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/danielparkmusic
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Text Comments (31)
calpopprincess (6 years ago)
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
super Yayyy!
calpopprincess (6 years ago)
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thank you! it was fun to play
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thank you! glad you liked it
grace full (6 years ago)
BasicOppa (6 years ago)
BasicOppa (6 years ago)
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
nice name!
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
ha ha! yeah! thank you
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
how would you do it?
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thank you!
calpopprincess (6 years ago)
`Da bomb. So innovative. Oppa Gangnam Style!!
8volt (6 years ago)
My kind if musician. This was excellent, very impressive.
Rafail Armian (6 years ago)
FAIL i dont like it
Rosicienta92 (6 years ago)
Wow this sounds amazing! Great job! Oh, and I also loved your dance moves :3
Rich Bee (6 years ago)
THUMBS UP! well played sir.
David Thomson (6 years ago)
Daniel, you are Korean?! I always thought you were just really really ridiculously good looking.
Megan Yang (6 years ago)
Aiman Ahmad (6 years ago)
This is simply amazing daniel!!
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thanks benny!
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thank you!
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thanks GOFONG! i thought I would do something a little different
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thank you! ha ha! what is your favorite part?
Daniel Park (6 years ago)
thanks JD! how have you been?
jdviolinboy (6 years ago)
Really good!
Megan Yang (6 years ago)
Oh good Lord, this is precious ♥♥
GOFONG (6 years ago)
Oh Daniel, Ha Ha! I like your dance. Can't stop laughing! Totally different from your usual music!
Bendigeid (6 years ago)
Excellent work, Dan! Impressing once again!
Jake Thurman (6 years ago)
Epic. Cringed when you put your guitar pack wards though :) haha but awesome job
in web (6 years ago)
great version, i like it, cheers from madrid, spain

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