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Gangnam Style Acoustic - Xave Ruth

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What more do you want to know?! It's acoustic Gangnam Style. My apologies to the Korean language. Check out my original music on my channel, or at facebook.com/xavemusic.
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LadyInChains6702 (6 years ago)
k...wow, I ..um...cough*...I am speecchless
xaveruth (6 years ago)
Whoa, I'm already singing, playing, and tapping my foot! How am I supposed to fit dancing into that? ;) Alright, I'll work on it...
xaveruth (6 years ago)
Cris, thanks man! Glad you liked it! How's stuff going with you?
Saury Armenta (6 years ago)
What about the dance?!! You have to do it!
xaveruth (6 years ago)
xaveruth (6 years ago)
Totally agreed, 100%.
Minok Kim (6 years ago)

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