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The Powhatan (Powatan) Indians of Virginia. Peoples of the First nation. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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spice tea (5 months ago)
you missed the truth that Pocahontas was kidnapped gang rapped by the men of jamestown and killed by her husband.
xicanism (10 months ago)
excellent teaching tool with the political rhetoric included. im chiricahua apache.da’adigo
The Thoughts of Microdac (10 months ago)
Thank you very much! Your review means a lot to me. I want to do more videos like this but, these days, there are so many ramifications to overcome.
jopalo31675 (1 year ago)
I visited the Jamestown settlement with family and they love it. Your political beliefs are fine. I believe in a free society we have the right to express ourselves. Debate an contrarian opinions is what makes a free society great. But, we've lost much of this. Take care...
Missikech Kechqua (5 years ago)
It wasn't all that wonderful.
Good point. In retrospect, perhaps I should have left all current political comments out of it.
raymond kenner (6 years ago)
You give such a wonderful historical account and then you wreck it with the presidential race card. Take from a libertarian of Sac, Fox and Ute decent, right and left politics is a dead end.

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