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The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

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Artist ~ The Offspring Genre ~ Punk/Rock Album ~ Americana Lyrics ~ Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh And All The Girlies Say I'm Pretty Fly For A White Guy Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco, Cinco, Seis You Know It's Kind Of Hard Just To Get Along Today Our Subject Isn't Cool, But He Fakes It Anyway He May Not Have A Clue ; And He May Not Have Style But Everything He Lacks Well He Makes Up In Denial Chorus : So Don't Debate, A Player Straight You Know He Really Doesn't Get It Anyway He's Gonna Play The Field, And Keep It Real For You No Way, For You No Way So If You Don't Rate, Just Overcompensate At Least You'll Know You Can Always Go On Ricki Lake The World Needs Wannabe's So (Hey! Hey!) Do That Brand New Thing Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh And All The Girlies Say I'm Pretty Fly For A White Guy He Needs Some Cool Tunes Not Just Any Will Suffice But They Didn't Have Ice Cube So He Bought Vanilla Ice Now Cruising In His Pinto, He Sees Homies As He Pass But If He Looks Twice They're Gonna Kick His Lily Ass (Chorus) Now He's Getting A Tattoo Yeah He's Gettin' ink Done He Asked For A "13", But They Drew A "31" Friends Say He's Trying Too Hard And He's Not Quite Hip But In His Own Mind He's The, He's The Dopest Trip Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh Give It To Me Baby. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Cinco, Cinco, Seis So Don't Debate, A Player Straight You Know He Really Doesn't Get It Anyway He's Gonna Play The Field, And Keep It Real For You No Way, For You No Way So If You Don't Rate, Just Overcompensate At Least You'll Know You Can Always Go On Ricki Lake The World Needs Wannabe's Oh The World Loves Wannabe's So Let's Get Some More Wannabe's And (Hey! Hey!) Do That Brand New Thing *Thanks For Watching* ~ I Do Not Own Rights ~
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Text Comments (6015)
BIG BOY (8 hours ago)
People aren't "offended by everything" nowadays, a lot of us are just realizing that MAYBE casual racism/sexism/etc. is actually a bad thing.
Saberian Dream (8 hours ago)
Lou Agui (9 hours ago)
We had no censorship nobody got butt hurt for everything. WE WERE a Motherfucker CHILL GEN 90s all FUCKING day
jakob manning (10 hours ago)
the.mighty.kyuss (13 hours ago)
such a great verse and such a terrible chorus...
Elşən Məmmədov (15 hours ago)
rinrada kompreyarat (18 hours ago)
เกี๋ยวสักถุงมั้ยเบบี้​ มีคนไทยมั้ย:-)⬇️⬇️⬇️
Hh Lohmann (21 hours ago)
Mark Zuckerberg's first public appearance
Luiz Alex Phoenix (1 day ago)
My god... This whole "people weren't so offended" line can only be repeated so many times. Although, I guess I am annoyed at how many people feel offended that others might take offense from the song.
Epic water Melon (1 day ago)
I've always loved this song
Malcon Rodrigues (1 day ago)
tony halks,crazy taxi and american pie feelings :v
Кватру сикен сикен сейс!!!=)
Ilya Parshonak (1 day ago)
2019's here
Issac Rosenbaum (1 day ago)
What does it say on a black epileptics medical alert bracelet? I'm not break dancing!!
Smitten Kitten (1 day ago)
It's still fucking unbelievable that the off spring made this song 😂
Hermawan Syah Maman (1 day ago)
Big Bass man from symplesound
Rohit Menon (1 day ago)
2.06 to 2.08 lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
J Dawg (2 days ago)
Looks like Joey Logano
Matthew M (2 days ago)
First month of high school this comes on in the cafeteria lol my god :-(
Gabriel Salyer (2 days ago)
Why is that guy with the jersey dressed like thuganomics john cena?
yo mama (2 days ago)
Prety much me at 16 without the car.
Melissa Winn (2 days ago)
Sarah Franz (2 days ago)
😊 ❤️
derek s carl (2 days ago)
Вы дырявые южноамериканские пидарасы!!!до рока вам будто до Москвы рачки!!!!!!
Christian Totaro (2 days ago)
AA aa
Iwan josht (3 days ago)
waktu itu gue masih SMA kls 1...keinget bandelnya...
LatinaChef1986 (3 days ago)
This song reminds me of a couple of idiot guys I went to middle and high school with. It’s better to be yourself than something you’re not, especially if you live in the suburbs and go to a predominantly Caucasian high school. But, this song does bring back memories of being in 7th grade (1998-1999).
Guillaume Ishpatao (3 days ago)
Guillaume Ishpatao (3 days ago)
Sorry boys hahahahaha ###DanyBernatchez
Guillaume Ishpatao (3 days ago)
Guillaume Ishpatao (3 days ago)
##DanyStyle hahahaha ###LaCokaNostra
itsue kiro (4 days ago)
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Fortnite Oficial (2 days ago)
Wtf que carajos xdxdxd
AM (4 days ago)
Good depiction on how stupid white males appear when they attempt to pathetically “crossover”
На мтв повсевременно крутили.. бл.. будто издавна это было...
Quintin Mohale (4 days ago)
Michael Phelps changed...
Sabrina Jannewers (4 days ago)
MrFeehb (4 days ago)
2:22 that cameltoe still turns me on everytime.
(4 days ago)
1:56 When You dance fornite en la quinceañera 😂
Jibran Febriano (5 days ago)
Kacang dan kuaci
Zhivix (5 days ago)
Kbear please stop
Lydia Morrell (5 days ago)
When ur in senior school when this comes out now ur 35🤣
Apostolis G (10 hours ago)
And also glad i grew up in this era.
Lydia Morrell (1 day ago)
+Flavio Gasperini still younger than me 🤣
Flavio Gasperini (1 day ago)
+Lydia MorrellI'll be 31 in november, feel old also haha
Toni Salzl (2 days ago)
good old times
Lydia Morrell (2 days ago)
+Flavio Gasperini feel old now im 36 in september 🤣
Sirisak Sitha (5 days ago)
3 cha
Liam Brenmuhl (6 days ago)
If you’re wondering what the guy at the start says it’s Gunter glieben glauten globen
Teresa Howick (6 days ago)
My 7 year old is dancing and trying to sing to it. Win!!!
Klos1neMN (6 days ago)
Bboy Remind, Style Elements Crew doing the headspins, nice.
soisfranc again (6 days ago)
No shame color.. no frontiers.. No colors.. No religion.. For the bitch and menbitch..
Swayne (6 days ago)
So funny
Hitler’s Boobs (6 days ago)
I just realized Nastya Kamenskih sampled this in дай мне lol
iceniiicenii (6 days ago)
Trane Crouly (6 days ago)
RuddeR (6 days ago)
Hello from 2020 !!! You are still popular!
fea Gorman (7 days ago)
Eminem’s theme song
Andrew Reel (7 days ago)
The 90’s....
Rave Sardina (7 days ago)
coño el cejas
Жека вдк (7 days ago)
Где Ти мои 20 лет и крипостные
встаайт е против путенской мвлласти
Jack Johnson (8 days ago)
Good video and song..
Jrad 84 (8 days ago)
Omg this made me sleep with my cousin
Evil Duck (8 days ago)
If anything, I'll give it up for Weird Al to even be able to make a parody of this.
Adam Cholewiak (8 days ago)
considering im over 50 and still listen to this music all girls say im pretty white for a old man
Denise Daniel (8 days ago)
I'll give ya an Aha alright. 💋
Denise Daniel (8 days ago)
Sketchy dude ... ;)
JokerZZ Wall Street (8 days ago)
Кто потом концерта Наив?
Fellipe Jair (8 days ago)
MTV remember❤️
Ramazan oğuz (9 days ago)
Ulan sadece ben mi varım?
Mathias Wallén (9 days ago)
Adam Sandler's never been better.
civilrights (9 days ago)
i want to dedicate this song to the japanese hip hop artist who never even get out of japan.
Marcin S (9 days ago)
jason criss (10 days ago)
This is the same 4 notes as their first song.
Aysin (10 days ago)
Crica L (10 days ago)
stefan webel (10 days ago)
Ja first concert Band 2003 Offenbach Sprinter Tour with horrorpops awesome
ชอบๆ 555
Nora matuszewski (9 days ago)
Yea, he's getting ink done. He wanted a "13" but they gave a "31" OMG! Hilarious🙉
Bambarbiya (10 days ago)
angelo jara (11 days ago)
Childhood memory 😂
Marília Gabriela (11 days ago)
Who thinks I'm a prety fly for a white girl?
Sunforged (7 days ago)
+Marília Gabriela Mixed
Marília Gabriela (7 days ago)
+Sunforged I look like what then?!
Sunforged (7 days ago)
U don't look white
gangsterboogie (11 days ago)
Douche cliques abound
ToneTone (11 days ago)
Damn u MTV!!!
Spoopy MoonCritter (11 days ago)
The start of shitting on white people... end of the day this is all about money... he's fly cos he's loaded innit? A tard with money. The white western countries of the world are the most welcoming and least racist societies in all the world. This is why everyone wants to come live in them. In my experience PoC are the most racist cunts on earth. Not all, but the only true racists I have ever met are non white. FACT
Mark Speir (11 days ago)
Holy crap! 😳 I have always thought this was a song by the Beastie Boys.
Taree Bodnar (11 days ago)
Gooold tiime..
idea (12 days ago)
Jews have been having open season on white men for a while
Bruno .B (12 days ago)
limp Bizkits retarded brother. No offense
Anthony Desroches (12 days ago)
Music now days isnt music. It's bitch this bitch that or talking about killing or doing drugs.
(4 days ago)
Argooh (12 days ago)
This song was probably more influential than you might think. Every little helps in steering white folk in the (((right))) direction huh.
Finest Hops (13 days ago)
I miss tube tops....
Hate Style (13 days ago)
Aozotra (14 days ago)
the girl adlib sounds like community alison brie
romanticDrip (14 days ago)
I remember when I first saw this video. Him throwing up the Westside I chuckled and had the same reaction the black guy had but then when he interrupted the break dancers and started dancing I started dying in laughter lol.
JCTV (14 days ago)
This reminds me of the cartoon network "Are you CN this" commercial for some reason, idk why
Scott Aubrey (14 days ago)
This dude is the American Ali g
Noppadon Munkantha (14 days ago)
Rock neverdie a ha a ha
As for Russia,the region 05 is Dagestan)
MonstehDinosawr (15 days ago)
I'm waiting for this song to be mentioned in a buzzfeed article and being called racist

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