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SHIFTY 8TH GRADER Isaiah Collier is NEXT UP in Atlanta!! | Magic City Showcase Highlights

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Here are 2023 Isaiah Collier's highlights from this past weekend in Alabama at the Magic City Showcase. The 5'11 point guard was great all weekend for TSF Mack and had the gym buzzing with his performances. Make sure to follow HoopDiamonds on all our social platforms! Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hoopdiamonds Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hoopdiamonds SnapChat: HoopDiamonds HoopDiamonds is a grassroots & high school basketball content creation platform based out of South Florida, dedicated to bringing you the best and highest quality basketball video content on the internet. Tags: HoopDiamonds, Isaiah Collier, Magic City Showcase
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HoopDiamonds (3 months ago)
Collin, Ashton, Sharife.. is Isaiah on his way to being the next great PG from Atlanta?
Exclusive Highlightz (1 month ago)
Seen the kid play a couple times in rl. He's tuff
Drxp - (2 months ago)
He came a long way I knew him since he was in 5th grade
Ayyo supreme (2 months ago)
He looks long asf
Black gamers Games (2 months ago)
Only class 2024 can like this
Deedon (2 months ago)
His crossover like the eight grade version of Allen Iverson
Joshdamacc YT (3 months ago)
Kevin Durant
AJG Prod. (3 months ago)
Remind me of Westbrook don’t know why is like they way he dribbles or something
Ali Haynes (3 months ago)
Go to lake point League and look for some extra talent there
Josh Johnson (3 months ago)
Plz do more on him in the upcoming tournaments this kid is lleeeggiittt
Lc Javii (3 months ago)
He can’t use his left
Drxp - (2 months ago)
Yea he can
Jaden Bailey (3 months ago)
Lc Javii look at half his layups they with his left
Seth Freije (3 months ago)
I’m getting rj Hampton vibes from this kid
Takahiro Yamada (3 months ago)
Woodward academy
Takahiro Yamada (3 months ago)
I go to same school as him
Katari-YT (2 months ago)
Takahiro Yamada wut school
Skylar Alcantara (3 months ago)
He looks and plays like victor oladipo
Alexandre Brice Henry (3 months ago)
the best player from the whole tournament is Chris locket number 2 from hhbc it’s just that he was tired cause of many previous tournament so they would’ve won it if it wasn’t for that
nicknellz (3 months ago)
Anybody know what high school he's supposed to be going to?
Jay Govan (2 months ago)
Wheeler H.S
MariFinnesin (3 months ago)
Woodward academy
BRAYLEN ROBINSON (3 months ago)
He carry his ass off 0:05
JayhsFN (3 months ago)
Only class of 2023 can like this
Katari-YT (2 months ago)
JayhsFN jayvion is that u😂
Jacory Beauvais (2 months ago)
A Breezo (3 months ago)
I’m up next💯💯
JayhsFN (3 months ago)
Balenciiagas (3 months ago)
Kryptic Jay yeooo
Nima Elyasi (3 months ago)
No way those kids are in 8th grade they bigger than my JV team
Nima Elyasi (3 months ago)
That kid is 16
Drxp - (2 months ago)
No he’s not he 14
soloman Reid (2 months ago)
Ye I know him used to play with him 14
DavidGoneWrong (3 months ago)
He’s actually 14
Jaylen Davison (3 months ago)
I like what hoopdiamonds did, giving unknown players with high potential exposure
Decarri Richardson-Curry (2 months ago)
he's not unknown the dude is ranked in the nation
Jacory Beauvais (2 months ago)
They should do that for me too im. A 63 guard in 8 grade in st louis mizzouri i score about 23 points per game. With 24 rebounds a game
HoopDiamonds (3 months ago)
That’s always been my thing. I enjoy covering the top flight just as much as I enjoy introducing the masses to the next guy coming up.
Ryshaun Hayes (3 months ago)
Number 6 is the best player on the team
Big Will (3 months ago)
CityLeagueHoopsTV (3 months ago)
He is super legit
Balenciiagas (3 months ago)
CityLeagueHoopsTV your super godly
Drippy Boy (3 months ago)
He play so nonchalant
Trevor Georges (3 months ago)
Drippy Boy once u play for so long u don’t try anymore the game just comes to u...it’s hard to explain but basically u just go wit the flow or watever comes to mind when u play for so long
KAYTON LIFE (3 months ago)
Again wit the sideways Jersey numbers
Samir X (3 months ago)
He's tough but he not the best on his team.
Asad Hall (3 months ago)
@Samir X oh igh
Samir X (3 months ago)
@Asad Hall I'm not I acknowledged the fact he's good he's just not the best on his team that's all I'm saying.
Asad Hall (3 months ago)
@Samir X ik that but u cant act like isaiah aint top ranked either
Samir X (3 months ago)
@Asad Hall kanaan carlyle #5 in the nation.
Asad Hall (3 months ago)
but he's like top 20 or 30 in the country for his grade tho
Ramping - (3 months ago)
Brandon (3 months ago)
Class of 2023 like up

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