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How to make the best Fried Chicken

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This is the best Fried Chicken that Microdac can make. it is easy and delicious. Enjoy Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Jessica Beek (3 years ago)
Your dish looks wonderful!
TitaniumSnakeStudios (4 years ago)
Eating fried chicken with rice. That will be the best experience anyone will ever have probably
Howard Johnson (5 years ago)
At 1:17 it looks to me you are using Knudsen Buttermilk.  'Far as I knew it only grows in Southern California.  IF I am correct, how do you get it in Virginia? BTB, there is nothing better on a hot afternoon than a half-gallon of Knudsen buttermilk just the way it comes off the tree. I know, I know, you are an ice-cold beer fan.  I cut you slack on that. Thanks,
I think (If memory serves me right) it was a local grocery store brand. 
Excellent! Call it "microdac" chicken when you open your specialty restaurant! Thank you for the compliment. :)
Maruf The Chef (5 years ago)
You are welcome Sir, The thing is yesterday I did this recipe again for few people who works in two shops of 1 owner. One of them tried my chicken,so he told to others. I did 3 chicken, around 29pc. That's way I was here & this time same response.
Words are powerful. YOU have made my day. Thanks!
Maruf The Chef (5 years ago)
Best fried chicken recipe ever. I follow this recipe every time I make fried chicken.Believe me one I did chicken gravy following same recipe and all of my guests were asking me "what is the recipe, it's mind blowing". Among my guests two of them were chef.
Threw it out.
Daff Laff (5 years ago)
can u please tell me what u did with the lemon juice water and the other ingredient? thank u
Nelda Ulrich (5 years ago)
i subscribed to you i so love it your voice is clear loud enough not too loud i really enjoyed watching you & learning thank you cant wait to see your other recipes god bless great job
bingobongo445 (5 years ago)
Mix your flour/ seasoning together and coat your chicken first,then put it back in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Then mix up your egg and buttermilk wash. dip your chicken in the wash, and coat the chicken in the flour/seasoning mix a 2nd time.Now you are ready to deep fry the chicken. The reason you do this twice is to seal the wash to the chicken. It also keeps the the wash from just sliding of the chicken.
Jack Chambles (5 years ago)
Very interesting. Please follow a train of thought and go in order and I will figure it out from there. Your theory, as I understand it, looks sound.
333gv (5 years ago)
Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. And do I hear a bit of a brogue in voice? :)
MrPlanx (5 years ago)
I've been cooking for over 30 years, and I am still constantly experimenting and trying to improve things. I keep detailed notebooks on everything I have tried so that I don't repeat the same experiment twice. I have a few cooking videos up on YouTube (check my channel) but not one on fried chicken. In short, brine it then soak it in buttermilk with seasoning, dredge it in self-rising flour, let it rest for a while before frying. What you want is a pressure deep fryer, though - but that's money.
I love your contributions! Thanks.
MrPlanx (5 years ago)
In a restaurant I go by weight because we are dealing in large amounts. At home I tend to go by volume. After all, there is little difference between the density of MSG vs. salt. A tablespoon of one weighs about the same as the other.
The beauty of this video (and all my videos) is the participation of the viewers. Together we learn. Thank you very much for your positive and constructive contributions. Much appreciated!
MrPlanx (5 years ago)
If you want it to taste like KFC, then a LOT of MSG is what you'll need. Personally I use about 1 part MSG to 4-5 parts of salt.
MrPlanx (6 years ago)
For the best flavor, add MSG to both the brine and the flour coating. Also, try grinding up some corn flake cereal and mixing it in with the flour for the coating. You don't want to powder it, but you don't want big hunks of flakes, either. Spin it in the food processor until it is broken up, but not pulverized. Your attitude is commendable. Keep up the good work.
Dark Traveler (6 years ago)
Your chicken looks good! I like how you brine your chicken some brine or buttermilk chicken over night to get the chicken really tender and juicy. I also like your buttermilk/Brine 1st coating and then a final flower for that crispy golden texture! I may try letting the final flour sit until it forms a paste to get every crunch possible. Thanks for the video! Excellent!
Sheraz Akhtar (6 years ago)
I've heard soy bean oil gives a better texture
MARCUS781 (6 years ago)
good vid
2dasimmons (6 years ago)
It's always good to put fried chicken in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for 1-15 minutes after.
ia74me (6 years ago)
That brine process is a great idea I never would've thought of that. Looks wonderful! You did an excellent job!
epi2me (6 years ago)
@Greenbeast1345 No one said I started in a professional kitchen. I started cooking (mixing cake mixes and cookie dough) around 3 or 4. Came up with my first recipe (although it was bad) around 6...Hemce 35 years. But thank u 4 TRYING to mock my words. Move on
greenbeast1345 (6 years ago)
Your profile says that you're 39, which would mean that you started working in a professional kitchen at the age of 8-9......Seems Legit.
MARCUS781 (6 years ago)
my chicken i ment lol
MARCUS781 (6 years ago)
i like your video i do my chike for15 mins
Ayame Jay (6 years ago)
delectable XD
cali_ninja (6 years ago)
all you need is some sweet and sour sauce and you got yourself some sweet and sour chicken.. :)
I looked at the video again and you are correct, it is a bit confusing. First there's the brine, and then from the brine to the coating...
Jon May (7 years ago)
lemon juice is acidic and will begin 'cooking' your chicken while it brines. also to avoid a salty mush texture brine boneless pieces no more than 3 hours and never more than 8 for a whole chicken.
12109babygurl (7 years ago)
Loll coolll
cast390 (7 years ago)
While the phrase "THE BEST" is purely subjective,your recipe looks absolutely delectable
Stian Bøe (7 years ago)
Perfect :)
hespitfire (7 years ago)
i love the brine idea. i must try it!
Jeremy Lin (7 years ago)
in sweden we dont fry chicken we fry meat balls =) !!!
DDRHottestPlayer (7 years ago)
What kind of fryer basket is that?
asgerdetbasker (7 years ago)
well denmark for one is a country where noone eats fried chicken
idunnoproductionzz (7 years ago)
I wouldn't fry in corn oil.... I feel that peanut oil would work best..
dick lodge (7 years ago)
A lot of people brine simply with salt and water. For fried chicken, I use buttermilk and some salt. Let it go overnight at least! Add seasonings here if you'd like. Then I use the traditional method - flour, then egg-wash, then into panko. I usually add my spice mixture to the flour - but some in the brine. I never deep-fry, I pan fry...it's cheaper and works great. Get 'em golden brown, toss them in the oven at 400 or so on a rack until fully cooked...perfection without a deep fryer.
@wavygr I have done some videos pushing the value of one's local farmer. It ids important to support your local farms.
wavygr (7 years ago)
The most important part of fried chicken is the chicken. Try to find a barn yard chicken or free range chicken. In the 1960s we would go to my grandmother's house my mother would kill chicken and make best fried chicken ever.
Two Old Crabs (7 years ago)
I make great fried chicken, but I've got to tell you - going to have to try this recipe! :)))
@epi2me I really like your comments. Thank you very much!
epi2me (7 years ago)
Looks interesting. But I have been cooking for over 30 years and have held every position in a professional kitchen. I love how u brine it also I have noticed if u put a little hot sauce in with the brine trust me. The other suggestion is besides bacon u should not drain fried foods on paper towels, they absorb steam and oil BUT makes the food soggy. Line a cookie sheet with a cake rack or so and let fried foods drain like that. But looks good
dick lodge (7 years ago)
Here's something odd...some of the best fried chicken I've has in years comes from a gas station in N. CA. Yep, a "run of the mill" gas station. I hate telling people about it because by noon he's usually out. But this guy, Apu, Habib...whatever is middle eastern and that guy knows how to do it up right! Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Great stuff and a really nice guy.
Tonithenightowl (7 years ago)
@microdac Well you are informative, easy listening, and there is hippy written all over you. wink wink
@Tonithenightowl Thank you for your suggestions. They are all good. In all my videos, I try to encourage creativity in cooking, and, good constructive comments add to all our experiences.
Tonithenightowl (7 years ago)
Brining is half the battle. It makes a difference. So does soaking your drained chicken in sour cream or buttermilk for a few hrs. I love the garlic, onion and pepper idea for added flavor. I will try that.If you don't have buttermilk you can always sour a cup of reg milk with a T. of white vinegar or lemon juice. These extra steps are easy but takes time in the fridge. However it will make such a difference in the final product its worth it. Love you videos. Kudos. :o)
@cdimmm I agree with you about coconut oil. Tell me more about your ghee idea!
@copperlocks1 Good to hear from you! I love all your suggestions.
copperlocks1 (7 years ago)
Hello my friend..Has been a while..I have a suggestion ;next time add 2-3 tbl spoons of corn starch to the flour for the batter..it makes coating much fluffier; I also prefer to use peanut oil for frying;since it can fry at a higher temp~320-350 DEG...food does not absorb much oil..Much healthier also..thank you for taking the time to post..ignore the haters
@LittleMissBuzzkill I like your sense of humor! In that vane; get some fresh chicken, wash with lemon juice, damp dry and add salt and pepper and other seasoning to taste. Then deep fry. when the pieces float to the top, they are done! It wont have a coating but it will be good! How's that? :)
LittleMissBuzzkill (7 years ago)
I'm out of creativity, what do I do?
@thesoulfoodchef Thanks for the insight. I must find a really good (meaning authentic) fried chicken recipe cooked Soul Food style. I would enjoy making that video. Send me your recipe: send to [email protected] Subject: recipe. Thanks.
ChefEmanuel Washington (7 years ago)
Hey Microdac, good video. You do good work and I'm sure your food is good. Thumbs up! However, I wanted to make a quick comment. When cooking Soul Food, 'Authentic Fried Chicken' is never battered. Sometimes latent techniques fit like a new pair of shoes, They hurt your feet! Somehow that old pair, as old as they may look, are the most comfortable pair of shoes you've ever worn. The same is true with Soul Food!
Marshal Jim Duncan (7 years ago)
I want to have dinner at your house.
frejoliejo (7 years ago)
Looks great. Will give your recipe a try next camp trip.
Vincent (7 years ago)
are you some sort of sociopath
ghostbb bentley (7 years ago)
wow this chicken looks soooo good!!!! wish i could cook some....
@robocong7420 I think so. Besides, coconut oil is good for you right out of the bottle. Google the health benefits of coconut oil. Thank you very much for your interest. Much appreciated.
@robocong7420 Yes I do. I love cooking with coconut oil. When very hot oil is needed, I will use Peanut oil. As a rule, however, for everyday cooking I will use what is in the cupboard.
generalxanos (7 years ago)
I'm limited by 500 chars. Onions, Garlic, and thyme blend at first. But the video was Red peppers, onion, and half a clove of garlic. Brine is 4 tbsps salt, 1 tbsp lemon juice, with onions/garlic/thyme. Batter is after brine/marinade, made from flour, buttermilk, 3 tbsps onion-garlic mix. Egg should be immulsifier with buttermilk and flour for batter, missed that part of it. I'd really like to make it, but I'm having problems following what is needed, when, and where.
than tan (7 years ago)
secret mixture ur ass!!
@parvinder100 It is Red Bell Pepper. Thanks for asking.
sidhu macroni (7 years ago)
please tell us about the red stuff used in mixture thanks
Gary furst (7 years ago)
Nedjie Frazier (8 years ago)
I just made these and they taste amazing!
@zubovici47 ... and you controlled it all. You know what's inside the chicken. Thanks.
@MrSinisterc Wow! You made my day! Thanks.
Cody Kemp (8 years ago)
I just made this and...holyshit! Best fried chickin!!!
Kyrie Irving (9 years ago)
@Pieceofshota Water is NOT good when frying. I place the chicken in the basket and then lower it into the hot oil. Does that help?
It is a three step process: Soaking the chicken in a brine (Seasoned salt water), Then step #2 making a batter of flour and buttermilk, then the 3rd step is to flour the chicken after it has been in the batter. Enjoy! Enjoy!!
mpenny226 (9 years ago)
Yummy!!! I have never used a buttermilk brine. I will try that. It looks so crunchy and moist. Thanks for sharing.

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