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Hey Baby ( New Rising Sun )Jimi Hendrix

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Text Comments (51)
stratakat (6 days ago)
Oh My Friend this is SOOOOOOOOO Good, Thank you for sharing
Pablo M (1 month ago)
Electric Eye Slide (1 month ago)
Awesome! Sounds just like the Pali Gap album and I like how you have it playing quietly in the background. This is one of Jimi’s best songs, very sobering and somber, a masterpiece. Hendrix is all over the neck in this thing and it’s quiet difficult to play. Awesome man, really nice.
Gregory Garcia (3 months ago)
the power and faith. Thank you.
brainchild38 (3 months ago)
El mejor tema de todos los tiempoz
Gennadii B (3 months ago)
Very cool and lovely! Thank you!
Что играл Jimi этак и не услышал этот валенок .
Just Me (4 months ago)
You play this very well thanks
hughbo52 (5 months ago)
Throw water on him, he's on fire! superb.
TJamesBell (5 months ago)
Wow!! You fucking nailed it. As close to the actual recording as I've heard on YouTube of all the guitarists on here who attempt to play it. Well done!! 10 thumbs down. Trolls.
Dante Rhymes (7 months ago)
Dude good fucking job!!! I cant compliment enough! Its almost impossible to mimic and cover Hendrix this well because things were always so improvised so to play this song so well takes mad talent. Keep it up!
Sid Vicious (8 months ago)
Don't know how long It took for you to master this, simply AMAZING!Too bad the last chords were cut off. Sounds like a Hendrix after though in the original.I've played the final chords many times
Ryan Lockett (8 months ago)
Great cover mate; I think you really nailed the tone. Cheers =)
Lewis Dalven (8 months ago)
This is an a amazingly accurate performance of one of Jimi's most beautiful compositions. Thanks for making it! It goes without saying this can't be compared with the original...the spontaneity and fire in the original is so much of what makes it great...but just to get the notes so right is an achievement. Anyway I enjoyed it.
thehomefront (8 months ago)
Makes me sick how good this guy is
TJamesBell (7 months ago)
@thehomefront Right??
J-S (8 months ago)
Literally the best Hendrix cover I have ever heard
TJamesBell (28 days ago)
resuelgoog (1 year ago)
Excelent, very good. I learned to play this as a late teenager, about 35 years ago - from the Rainbow Bridge film (VHS). You are miming/playing along with that original version, that I am now accustomed to hearing/thinking about as my refererence when playing. I watched your fingering and chord playing, and you are doing a lot of the same sequences that I do, (so spot on). I also do the thumb over the top, on the base strings, which is Hendrix's way of accomplishing barre chords. I was trying to find this specific version of 'Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)', on YouTube, however with great difficulty. So thanks for playing that version. It took me a fair bit of time to work through and learn, 'back in my day', so I know that it took you a good bit of effort to learn the same sequences. I found it very satisfying to learn some of the techniques of Hendrix. Your presentation is much more entertaining than a static picture or some sort of collage . As a guitarist, I like to watch the hands of other guitar players and this is also very educational for those who wish to learn this piece of music, which is a long time favourite of mine. So well done, thanks for the 'original' music, and also the fingering that you are demonstrating.
Paul Brown (1 year ago)
can i buy that version anywhere
eric blanc (1 year ago)
Joe Dewi Twomey (2 years ago)
Hadryen84 (2 years ago)
you get it man! ;-) ...let's your heart free to get the groove in more ;-)
Hendrix Bridge (2 years ago)
You didnt play this..
TJamesBell (7 months ago)
@Hendrix Bridge So who exactly is the person on YouTube who played this so I can subscribe to them? I gotta see more by this guy. He's incredible.
joseph findlay (1 year ago)
it doesnt seem like he played it
Hendrix Bridge (2 years ago)
Lee Anderson No but people think he is so i made it obvious
nitemareman1 (2 years ago)
"Is the microphone on?"
Thomas Pick (1 year ago)
So wonderful, isn’t it? I am happy so many of us are enjoying this.
Peter Torres (1 year ago)
free lunch (1 year ago)
nitemareman1 mayo
nitemareman1 (2 years ago)
I don't understand either one of these replies! Lol
M240 (2 years ago)
that was Jimmy who said that, not OP
Stoned2072 (2 years ago)
good job !
sonhouse50 (2 years ago)
Wow! That was beautiful and thank you. One of my all time favorite's played flawlessly!
TJamesBell (7 months ago)
@sonhouse50 Flawlessly. It's remarkable. Who is this guy?? It's not srstv3.
chris94 (2 years ago)
sonhouse50 especially since you can't find it in here anymore
fabio minari (2 years ago)
fantastic great job man you're n.1
Whersmydope (2 years ago)
NiePieerdol (2 years ago)
Which model of Squier is that? Sounds great
Twisted monk (1 year ago)
It says Squier you can see the "s"
Zafar Baloch (2 years ago)
NiePieerdol it's a squire classic vibe or a vintage modded
y0urfae (2 years ago)
Thats a fender not a squier
skabibble (2 years ago)
Wow, really impressive!  Thanks for sharing I loved it!
Lee Ferguson (3 years ago)
great job, yours is one of the best covers on youtube and is an awesome learning tool for me.
Kyle Carmody (3 years ago)
Great jam man. i thougjt i had it down pretty good till i heard you. dang it
Kyle Carmody (3 years ago)
Great jam man. i thougjt i had it down pretty good till i heard you. damn it
Kyle Carmody (3 years ago)
Great jam man. i thougjt i had it down pretty good till i heard you. damn it
BrianShive (3 years ago)
I followed Jimi around for years and miss his spirit greatly. Thanks for keeping Jimi alive with a wonderful rendition of Hey Baby. Great job!! Check out my Red House take1.
TheRezzo01 (10 months ago)
BrianShive that's cool that you actually kicked it with Hendrix

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