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The Economics Of Stripping At The Super Bowl (HBO)

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The city of Atlanta is gearing up to host Sunday’s big game, which is set to bring in some $205 million. One industry, in particular, is sure to bring in an ample supply of single dollar bills. The local adult entertainment industry, already lucrative, is welcoming the Super Bowl coming to town. The strippers we spoke to told us they hope to be able to pay off all of their debt after the game. “And then I want to be able to sit there with some more money leftover like ‘OK, let’s get some lobster and shrimp, baby,’” a dancer who goes by the name Nunu told us. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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VICE News (1 month ago)
“As soon as you get off the highway the first thing that you see off of I-20 is Magic City to the right and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to your left,” WATCH NEXT: From The Pole To The Bar: Why Strippers Are Becoming Bartenders - http://bit.ly/2meEqJf
Robert William Ross (22 days ago)
and this folks is what "diversity" looks like....
James Cotton (25 days ago)
Wait so how much is it per dance?
Jc Whatley (26 days ago)
Dat was a cap ass statement you can’t see magic city from the high way but you can see the west end
wyoungha (1 month ago)
MRGOODMAN86 (1 month ago)
When I went to Atl I didn't see that getting off the highway lol but every city got a short cut
Gnabsa (4 hours ago)
The IRS wants to know your location.
An Tony (6 hours ago)
That apartment looks ugly
Maroun Ibrahem (9 hours ago)
God Bless America
Jenn Gardner (15 hours ago)
Magic City isn't just a club. It's an Atlanta institution. Best dancers in the ATL.
Ira Silver (17 hours ago)
Buss down thotianna. (I’m ignorant sorry)
Eric Gregory (18 hours ago)
1800 on Hair, Nails and Outfits? Maybe 5-800. I was a Drag Queen and wore evening gowns, lacefront wigs padding and a hell of alot more makeup and underwear and wouldn't spend that much with an outfit change.
Sister Queen (21 hours ago)
Varun 99 (1 day ago)
release that dog right away you cruel being
Mereoni Tikomaimaleya (2 days ago)
Passion is cute lol
Indiestripper (2 days ago)
I worked the superbowl in Minneapolis and our mangers really ruined it for us. Guys had to pay for a $300 bottle to sit at a regular table, plus vip prices were doubled. Every guy in the club knew it too, because no normal club in a relatively laid back city could survive off those prices. I got lucky because a guy i sat with at the beginning of the week came back to see me a couple times. Some girls barely made anything though. Not to mention our club hired a buncha girls. At least 90 were there each night and we have a small club.
change is here (2 days ago)
the guys said not blue, red and blond bullshit hair.
Queen Queenly (2 days ago)
I think I found my dream proffesion, I want to be HOUSE MOTHER TOO hehe
Tera Aubrey (2 days ago)
These ladies are so sweet, I hope they buy a house with the money they make and don't spend it on LV etc. Its nice to have a place where sexuality is unrestricted and people can be unashamed.
Xenoz (3 days ago)
0:49 Bust down Thotiana
Arnav Sajith (3 days ago)
Remember when vice slandered PewDiePie
Kim Brown (3 days ago)
TheIsaiah2076 (3 days ago)
Thank God I’ve never been in a strip club and blew my hard earned money on being teased. FOH and Lmao @ all simps and tricks
ViruZ (3 days ago)
More like thotiana
Ralph Alvarez (4 days ago)
Sarah Ferreira (4 days ago)
"Only hate the road when your missing home" she quoted a Passenger song.
Vi (4 days ago)
That house mother is so beautiful
Samir Bayti (4 days ago)
That is sad and depressing
Smokey 420 (4 days ago)
This is wrong! There are children in the audience and yet nobody speaks out against this evil being done at the Super Bowl?
Smokey 420 It's *not* "AT the Super Bowl", nor in or near the stadium, jfc... There are strip clips here and there around the city, like most cities! There are NO children in any strip club audience. They'll shut you down so quick for that shit!
Almond Brown (4 days ago)
Hussle dem coins, Juicy👍🏿👍🏿
breadface 202 (4 days ago)
3:03 playing roblox
Ice Cream (3 days ago)
breadface 202 😂
enemay (4 days ago)
Single mother of three.
MissTia777 (3 days ago)
Agustin Martinez (4 days ago)
tatiana more like thotiana BuSs DoWn ThOtIaNa
Not that I'm trying to be holier than thou but unfortunately this video was suggested to me, and I try to reflect myself and my brand as being a man of God. It disappoints me that our black queens are exploited this way in order to make a living. I've been to strip clubs prior to my awakening and it was all good, but now I realize that strip clubs dehumanize our black queens and strip them of their dignity.
*GETTT YOURRRR COINNSSSS GIRLLLLL* 💯💯💯 Wit themm lighterssss hahahaa <3
ASARADEL (4 days ago)
she has earned a total of 1200 dollars.. OPFFFFFFTttttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahaha BROKEEE
Allan Ivey (4 days ago)
Juicy......keep up dancing and lighter....but remember when it time roll out of the business have a plan.....girl
BabyLove (4 days ago)
I genuinely want to know why the strip club is so popping? Can somebody explain to me why people enjoy wasting their money like this? I’m curious lol
c-minor22 xx (1 day ago)
Because men have been paying for sex since forever. It's the way of life
Khristopher MGTOW (1 day ago)
I know I'd be throwing pennies lol.
Eric (5 days ago)
Females like this are pure evil.
Chris Martinez (5 days ago)
What just gonna ignore that 6:52
Matthew Scott (5 days ago)
My first thought when they showed her making the lighters was, “good for her.” People are so judgmental. Here she is though, working hard and providing for her & her two children. They seem to have a nice home, toys etc. And if she’s entrepreneurial then I’m sure she has the sense to have a savings & a plan for the future like school etc. As a fellow Houstonian (H-town represent 😉) I applaud her efforts & initiative. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Cj Curry (5 days ago)
I don't see the hype. I've seen hotter girls in middle of no where ghost towns
The Other Side (5 days ago)
*As at the time of making this video, she is racking up debts and not profit.*
Tortilla Draw (5 days ago)
2:52 oof fortnite kids
Daja W. (5 days ago)
Is there a whole episode to this?
Parenthetically (5 days ago)
3:51 Only know you love her when you let her go... and you let her go
Elena’s World (5 days ago)
0:42 Tatiana? More like Thotiana😂😂
danicakes921 (5 days ago)
Everybody bout to steal her lighter idea
Chynaa J (6 days ago)
From 6:30 you can see how disrespected they are and dehumanised. They’re just profit, no one cares about them
G Russ (6 days ago)
Could you imagine her kids friends ask them what her mom does for a living. “Oh she goes and dances on poles half naked.”
Chynaa J (6 days ago)
Do them kids know what she does for a living 😂😂
Aisha coco (6 days ago)
Black women r shameless this is all that have to offer
tommy g (6 days ago)
Them two got more muscle than I do... 4:33 hell noo ..
cadet frosxy (6 days ago)
2:51 im dead lmaooooo
U strip and make all that money....that apartment though
💖💖 (6 days ago)
200.00 a night girl i can get you a job at my hospital making more than that on fannin st and you can keep your clkthes on boo
Well I'm in Houston can you hook me up with that job 😂😂😂
Purple dreemurr (6 days ago)
Fortnite dances....
Denzel Heden (7 days ago)
Donald Trump used to come is this Club ☺😅😅😂😂😂😂😅
Snipes Movie (7 days ago)
- 600 right?
Kevin Sauce (7 days ago)
Where the baby daddy at
criesmochi _ (7 days ago)
I’m surprised YouTuber didn’t flag for her boobs being all out @4:47
Just Awesome :: (7 days ago)
Light em up👍
THERMOPILOS_21 (7 days ago)
buss down thotiana
Gertrude Waffles (7 days ago)
Tatiana more like thotiana. Nah I’m just kidding. Pole dancing is an art form.
Typical Female (8 days ago)
Wait- now why her laptop not broken yet
jonh jonhny (8 days ago)
Always something going on the strip club bad influenced place
wesjanz (8 days ago)
I expected the girls at magic to be a lot better looking....
Chris Ortiz (8 days ago)
Her parents must be proud
Doward Washington (8 days ago)
Juicy is a freaking genius. I can't hate on anyone who is making money legally.
Yacobus Fitri (8 days ago)
How do I own a club like this?
Johnny Doe (8 days ago)
why her hair git to be tacky knowing your going to interviewed
Bri (9 days ago)
1,500 ..... 25K. There’s a bit of a gap there
MrsConnie 2You (9 days ago)
🤔She's got the business side of this nailed down TIGHT...Get those coins babygirl and twirl on🤑🤩
I'm Him (9 days ago)
what it is juicy , sheeit
Compton is mah city (9 days ago)
There’s a reason why a lot of black women choose to sell there body this way!come on black community let’s marry our own race and strengthen it
John P (8 days ago)
Compton is mah city lol what is the reason
I like Bleach (9 days ago)
I’m always scared the pole will break
M D (9 days ago)
200 is your goal???? In Austin we usually walk out with 700 a night and 1k-5k a night on the weekends except Sunday you can go home negative-$400. We always though Houston girls made more than us
Chase null (9 days ago)
7:12 she looks like a blueberry
Chase null (9 days ago)
Chase null (9 days ago)
what a sad life hahaha
D T (9 days ago)
This corruption.
Ely Powell (9 days ago)
I feel like those lighters are covered with StDs.
sronukers (9 days ago)
Disturbed (9 days ago)
So players in the Super Bowl on the winning team only get 100,000$? American sport doesn’t pay very well...
vashy is dee best (8 days ago)
Would u rather get 0$?
Mili. (10 days ago)
Its crazy how american support that, its sad how ur society became so indecent and pervert finding those things totally normal. Where is the world going ?? American is such a shit hole full of mad people
Jazmyn Brown (10 days ago)
No wonder 70% of black women in Atlanta have HIV. That city is the original Sin City.
Blac Chyna (10 days ago)
The super bowl is A predominantly "White event" look at the crowds. Them old white men rarely go to Black strip clubs. And alot of times they bring their wives and families. The super bowl is A family affair. And locals hate big tourist events, meaning they stay home because prices and everything else is going to be inflated. Big events are A waste of time the only ppl that make money ate hotels, car service and restaurants
G U (7 days ago)
The PLAYERS are PREDOMINANTLY BLACK! You named yourself blac chyna (a former stripper) and you don’t even know this?
Irma Lerma (10 days ago)
Sylvia Del Angel (10 days ago)
h2o (10 days ago)
$200 a night gtfo that's ghetto fugly hoodrat wages, lady you need to find a better club
LoveFromDrey (11 days ago)
That hair isn’t worth the amount she pays. Honesty
Joe Ndirangu (11 days ago)
It is sad that we take life fore-granted. I understand that people have different views and opinions but why do we allow our daughters, mothers, sisters, cousins to do this? Why don't we help them seek a better life than this? Stripping rips you off your identity as a decent, beautiful, intelligent young woman. These people promoting this don't even care about them as long as they make money out of it. These people don't respect them at all and it is sad. We have accepted this as normal yet the damage it causes emotionally yet we know how GOD created the woman, very delicate and precious yet we have allowed her to fall victim to this immoral vice. It is not a job, it is a demon that chains our women to satisfy perverted male lust also female. We live in a time where people love things and use people to selfish gains and we have silenced our voices. These women deserve a better life of dignity, humility, respect and true love that comes from GOD and true loving communities. May GOD have mercy on us all for when judgement day comes, we are going to be accountable for our lives and those we saw suffering and yet did nothing but instead took advantage of them. Dear GOD forgive us all for we have strayed from your ways and chosen the world and its lifestyle instead of yours of truth and light. For give us all and may we soften our hearts to be compassionate towards each other and that we may understand what it means to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Through CHRIST JESUS i we do pray. Amen.
Elidio Lopez (11 days ago)
6:57 it gotta be raunchy if not I'm not spending squat
WRECK 215 (11 days ago)
I don't knock NOBODY on how you get your BREAD 💪😎... get that money PHILLY ALL DAY.
Luna The night wolf (11 days ago)
We have the same dog...
GRRRCEDES (11 days ago)
I hate any industry where men control everything and women are the product.
Bolsheviki (11 days ago)
3:51 did this chick just quote a Passenger lyric? lol
Bolsheviki (11 days ago)
3:35 puppers wants to say goodbye :(
lilbigbrow (12 days ago)
''across the globe'' You mean around the country....
William Jones (12 days ago)
Felt for her until I saw she was keeping a dog in a tiny cage in her house
Hossain Shadat (12 days ago)
These stupidities are happening on the ground of USA!! Here women body just treated as a stuff of fun! No respect anymore! But the funny fact is that all the time country like US and Europe come to our countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and tell us how we should treat our girls!! Ha ha ha !! How ridiculous
Hossain Shadat (12 days ago)
These stupidities are happening on the ground of USA!! Here women body just treated as a stuff of fun! No respect anymore! But the funny fact is that all the time country like US and Europe come to our countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and tell us how we should treat our girls!! Ha ha ha !! How ridiculous
Dupreme Weems (12 days ago)
Holy Shit.... that shot of Juicy with her bobs out, getting in her bag..., to pull out the lighters for the hustle. I need to get on my grind ... instead of watching youtube.
Akiba Cooper (12 days ago)
Buss down tatiana
EtnoD #LLJ (12 days ago)
she got kids wow lmao imagine if ur mom was doing this lmao u cant roast nobody at school they would get u in a second 🤣🤣

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