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Rihanna Cheers On Lebron While Celebrating Her Birthday! | TMZ TV

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Text Comments (145)
Ozavion Stripling (13 days ago)
She trying to give LeBron the cooch
Therese Jackson (14 days ago)
Hope her man realizes how much she loves LeBron.
Theno Patterson (17 days ago)
Her dude has more money than you know who's old man # (Tidal)
Theno Patterson (9 days ago)
+Styn you mad....I'm Jkn ,no diss on Jigg that's the homie he's on the soundtrack to my life's journey. Dose too much for his people for a bank account to ever be a topic to take shot his chess. Hope it's not twisted. Roc with Sean to the death. Get some rest.
Styn (10 days ago)
So? you sound like a bird.
Pablo Martinez (18 days ago)
Rihanna thirsty. This not a good look
Shavonne Bee (20 days ago)
Rihana is winning honey 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏽 PERIODT
Thomas Fletcher (21 days ago)
Why is she celebrating getting older ? Its not being kind to her .
FlyGuh Li-Li (21 days ago)
Rihanna is a winner!
Silvia Merino (21 days ago)
Cardi B is [email protected] Ya All hating cuz u can't get @ Rihanna.
Island Girl (21 days ago)
We love our Baby Queen.. ❤️🇧🇧🇨🇦💰💯🎂🥂🎉🎉🎉🎉💋
Marcus Joyner (21 days ago)
She's not on her boyfriend level but she's far from being out on the streets.
jeffhardyfan181 (21 days ago)
Lebron definitely hit that at some point
ZB (21 days ago)
jeffhardyfan181 on me
Blake Barlow (21 days ago)
She still want the d
Aditi K (21 days ago)
Rihanna hasn’t really won considering she’ll have to convert to Wahhabist Islam lool next Janet jackson
Brian Banks (21 days ago)
Happy belated birthday 🎂🎈🎈
Laura Clendenning (21 days ago)
I want happiness for Riri too! <3
Jerry conterras (22 days ago)
all that weed n $ make a black girl big in the long run...lol
Jerry conterras (22 days ago)
damm she getting big...lol
Sewer Man (22 days ago)
Rihanna is really successful,BUT what happened to her hair though.her forehead game is strong
Yung Mufassa (3 days ago)
Sewer Man Her forehead been like that
Yumi Chocolate ASMR (22 days ago)
Riri - drop it low picked it up slow...pop pop pop that that thing... He'll notice right away.. I think MeH😪
Alyssa Lamborn (22 days ago)
Say it with me, REE-ANNAH Not REE-ANNUH.
EdgarAllan YoHoe (22 days ago)
Lebron got hoes man it must be hard to stay faithful
TukkyHD (22 days ago)
id nut inside her so quick
TukkyHD (21 days ago)
+SweetScienceAPA not a billionaire so i guess that doesnt apply
SweetScienceAPA (21 days ago)
TukkyHD if you’re a billionaire you don’t nut in anything. Thought you would have learned from Janet Jackson’s ex 😂
She’s not fat SHE’S HEALTHY get it right❤️
kiara sease (22 days ago)
Brianna Eating a Nasty ass Pancake-Waffle lol who would say she’s fat 😳🙄.. guess I’m obese 😊
T Sinatra (22 days ago)
Gary Vee? 1:06
Betty Campbell (22 days ago)
Renee Martin (22 days ago)
Dz Nutz (22 days ago)
A rich man's fuckpuppet.
Ave Alwi (22 days ago)
She's fat
KayGod (22 days ago)
How much pressure would you feel if you know Rihanna is one of your biggest fans lmao
Tony Hemetona (22 days ago)
She been wanting Lebron
jack mehoff (22 days ago)
Rhianna best sit her ass down before I call my boy Bris Brown to come take care of business
Carol G (22 days ago)
She looks like 42 years old. What Happened? And she’s heavy, not a good look
Carol G (21 days ago)
Lakishia 6 other posts on this site all saying the same thing.....she got big, & looks old. All by men, not women.
Carol G (21 days ago)
Nana Ama Paddy Funny? Who’s trying to be funny? 💀 I’m just stating my opinion. And by the way there are 6 other posts on this site saying how big she got, & old looking. Not a hater, just telling facts. 💯💯💯💀
Lakishia (21 days ago)
+Carol G white women stay hating
Marcus Joyner (21 days ago)
@carl g when you make ignorant comments like that you make yourself appear ignorant.
Nana Ama Paddy (22 days ago)
Carol G and by e way nothing u wrote was funny so get a damn life already
D Andrews (22 days ago)
Congrats on losing to the grizzlies.
mad one (22 days ago)
Lb gonna hit that after the game
that's not her a look alike
Matty K (22 days ago)
Does she know Arabs are deep in black modern slavery it's even okd in the koran
NotGuilty (20 days ago)
+arianna rubillo are you stupid she is black. As a matter of fact all black Caribbeans are from Africa they were brought there as slaves by the Spanish and french, however they were very strong willed, so fought back to gain their freedom and the Spanish were no match for them. Long story short every black Caribbean was a slave from Africa.
Diallo Marly (22 days ago)
Carol G she is majority black with a diverse background. It’s not because someone has some West Indian and Irish in them that they are mixed. I would believe you if her dad was white and her mom was black and etc. As I said you have african Americans with an heritage similar to hers. And I would believe you more with a quote that came out of her OWN mouth. What do you think of Beyoncé then 🤦🏽‍♀️?! “As a black woman, I could not live with myself if I didn’t do that,” she said. “But what I didn’t anticipate was the way people would get emotional about finding their complexion on the shelf, that this would be a groundbreaking moment.” Rihanna for Vogue
Brody Olson (22 days ago)
So is this guy a slaver or not!?
f jar (22 days ago)
Out of her own mouth Rihanna has referred to herself as black. West Indian Carribbeans are more likely to identify as black even when they have multi-racial ancestry (Rihanna is same complexion as me but I am Jamaican). You are getting west Indians confused with those from the Spanish Carribbean that don't like to call themselves black. More than that, in the west indies, yes you are black but equally you rep your Carribbean culture - it unites you and is a big source of pride.
Carol G (22 days ago)
Most Loved, Hated & Feared ! She says NO, she does Not identify as black. “The adult Rihanna now chooses to self-identify as mixed race, or bi-racial.” “Nevertheless, her self-determining choice has upset some traditionalists within the black community, particularly in America, where any person with any proportion of African ancestry is regarded as black. But Rihanna is part of a new global generation who are unafraid to go against such conventions in declaring their own kind of modern-day racial independence.”
JP Landscaping (22 days ago)
Her arms are big and fat now
Carol G (22 days ago)
For 31, she’s not doing too good......I thought she was in her 40’s when I saw the video. She has really changed
Drisha Otto (22 days ago)
I love rhianna
Apollo (22 days ago)
Rihanna is going to end up with one of lebron's kids, mark my words
Apollo (21 days ago)
+Carol Gshe isnt married
Carol G (21 days ago)
Apollo Who said they were married? They are dating , & that’s what I said
Apollo (21 days ago)
+Carol G they aren't married
Carol G (22 days ago)
She’s dating a white guy right now...... Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic.
KAYODE ORIJA (22 days ago)
Gold digger RIRI !!
Third Eye (21 days ago)
She's worth a quarter BILLION!
Thobeka Mhlongo (22 days ago)
Because she doesn’t have her own money and career right? Would it be better if she settled for a dusty like you? Lol bitter ass 🤣
Max Paxton (22 days ago)
That vertical recording looks very thin. I wish it could be thinner! Wide screen is just a passing fad!
Ashy Larry (22 days ago)
Lebron get a clue and smash riri for once. Spend time with your fan
animal style (21 days ago)
+MachomusPrime bro your a weirdo I'm off this shit deuces
MachomusPrime (21 days ago)
+animal style Never Stopped*
animal style (21 days ago)
+MachomusPrime WHAT!! i don't get it
MachomusPrime (21 days ago)
+animal style Never a dude before 😂😂
animal style (21 days ago)
he's married bruh and his wife is hot
Alex E (22 days ago)
Doesn’t she have herpes?
Sewer Man (22 days ago)
Dezyia Jackson (22 days ago)
She's lowkey in love with Lebron lbs
Murcielago SV (17 days ago)
Yeah bruh she don't even hide it. She want to know what 6'8" 250lbs of muscle feel like.
KEITH DID (22 days ago)
Ashi washi wooo (22 days ago)
This is old news b
Nicholas Grguric (22 days ago)
Ashi washi wooo “news”
TheCommieBoy (22 days ago)
I thought it says rihanna CHEATS on lebron....
She really trying get into Lebrons Dms Bruh..
Afro Thunder (22 days ago)
+Jack Carver Lol thank you
Jack Carver (22 days ago)
Carol G he's richer than Leborn it gives him an advantage but let Rihanna be alone with LeBron more than 3 mins without cameras bet she pop that box.
Afro Thunder (22 days ago)
+Carol G Ok, she's with a white guy now. But that's still not stopping her from wanting some of LeBron's BBC😂
Carol G (22 days ago)
Afro Thunder She’s with a White guy right now.
Carol G (22 days ago)
Jack Carver Right now she’s with a White guy, did you not see the video? Look up his pic, he’s white with green eyes. Or should I say he’s Arabic. Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic.
Dora Rodriguez (22 days ago)
Riri Noooooooo! He's no king.
lad jos777 (10 days ago)
He is a king
+Dora Rodriguez Put what respect on your name? Sorry I don't do that to trannys. Lol
NitrousKing23 (22 days ago)
+Your mom's favorite bbc 😂🇵🇷
Lil LG (22 days ago)
+Dora Rodriguez lmfao 😂
Dora Rodriguez (22 days ago)
+Your mom's favorite bbc ohhhh I'm sorry I reread my comment and never did I say she was a goddess. Stop trying to make a lie and put respect on my name 💯
Gaming Fresh (22 days ago)
je suis Informaticien (22 days ago)
Anthony Angel (22 days ago)

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