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10 Behavioral Experiments That Went Terribly Wrong

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Text Comments (1437)
Di Harding (3 hours ago)
Dr P Zimbardo's somewhat infamous Prison Experiment (not on this list) basically was replaced by other 'Control vs Victim' experiments were here - It was refreshing to see it not quite so vilified for once; Although I would have expected to see Dr S Milgrams (equally) infamous 'Compliance' experiment somewhere here. (Did I see Milgrams name on another experiment in this clip???) It is also interesting to note that for a time Milgram and Zimbardo were in the same school, and shared classes! - What were they taught?
WolvenSpectre (17 hours ago)
I remember a show discussing the Tusko the Elephant LSD experiment and they showed some evidence that they were hypothesizing that the reason some Bull Elephants would go violent was the exposure to high amounts of LSD in their food sources, which is where some of the rumors of old Uncle CIA going "making things violent with drugs... YES PLEASE!" and giving support to the testing. Rumors in the research community at the time was the tester was convinced that pharmacology was a shortcut to becoming super-human and thus was bullish on pushing boundaries.
S. Giles (17 hours ago)
No.5 didn't go 'terribly wrong', it just returned an unwelcome result.
delt (1 day ago)
4:00 the text says two thirds of subjects, 4:57 you say a third
awesomo9 (1 day ago)
I hope the chuds payed attention.
Ernest Marshall (1 day ago)
Damn CIA was Pimps.
John Carlson (2 days ago)
Ive been on a operation midnight climax before.
Sydney Fairbairn (2 days ago)
In real life, most of the mice are eaten, thus keeping down the numbers. If the new babies had been removed the utopia would have remained.
Kaiser Wilhelm (4 days ago)
Has The CIA done ANYTHING good or moral? Like ever?
shexdensmore (4 days ago)
I'm surprised you didn't include the college prison experiment
Katelyn Fallon (4 days ago)
This is insanely fascinating!!!
Chris (5 days ago)
The mouse experiment is driving mgtow
null0byte (6 days ago)
I've always found the Millgram Experiment (which was not mentioned here) and The Third Wave experiment to be incredibly chilling and terrifyingly illustrative of just how...willing...people tend to be when faced with Authority and "fit in" and, "conform," for fear of being rebuked or ostracized by either the authority figure, or society.
Aaron Wong (6 days ago)
At 2:58 you mean one way mirror?
Robbini0 (7 days ago)
Had totally been expecting the Stanford Prison Experiment, but these were... interesting as well
Joshua Patrick (8 days ago)
wow...the Mouse Utopia sounds like human society to a large extent.
Jens Thomas- Roth (8 days ago)
The Russian sleep experiment. Now thats an experiment that went terribly wrong on so many levels.
creator generator (9 days ago)
Ack! The mouse utopia appears to have parallels to our human societies, with elites who are out of touch with reality...scary! REALLY scary! Are we expected to 'spare' these elites when we turn violent? I recall Roumania & the revolt in 1989...just sayin'...
Brendan Coulter (9 days ago)
Last video I watched "These experiments conducted by the government were inexcusable and only 'American Exceptionalism' would allow people to do so" This video "Behavioral scientists are not evil..." Something tells me this guys bias is pretty flagrant. Un ethical experiments are unethical no matter who commits them.
Dennis Ivan (9 days ago)
Lmao, list of experiments gone wrong doesnt include Milgram and Stanford Prison experiment.. Real credible list. If those arent there how credible are you.
T F (9 days ago)
I sincerely, and vehemently hope that all the experimenters mentioned in this video burn eternally in hell.
Vinny Veducci (11 days ago)
Sponsored by vault tech
Ryan Watterson (13 days ago)
Alot of these psychiatrist worse than patients tons of them i am sure i have a poodle diagnose me schizoaffective of course i am compos mentis go ask the poodle i bet its even in the notes im serious he was the doctor the poodle the poodle was wrong.
Paul Gagnier (14 days ago)
It sounds like they knew what would happen if we give massive free food and mortgage to city dwellers by the millions!😆
Ethan Fiske (15 days ago)
The first and last ones scare me the most...
Kevin Herman (15 days ago)
Okay...#01...the Wave...that's just classic human psychology. Humans will follow any one or any thing that they feel has a commanding and dominant presence, as well as leadership qualities. I blame evolution for that, but I digress, since that's likely how we've survived for many aeons, by playing follow-the-leader.
Kari Manning (15 days ago)
So why hasn't society learned?
Tundra Leonberger (16 days ago)
Could we please have a video about the best of people? I would like to hear about people who have done wonderful things to benefit mankind, without looking for personal gain or screwing anyone over to get it. There is such a lot of negativity in the world, I'm so disheartened by people who justify harming others for their own selfish reasons.
BeatlesFanSonia (17 days ago)
That last experiment wouldn’t have gone to waste if they had interviewed the kids that fell for the charismatic leader and those that didn’t. That could tell us a lot about the Hitler and tRump supporters. What kind of family life, were they racist or came fro m bigoted families, were they religious and/or what religion, if any, were they, Also sexual orientation and ethnicity. Since he went as far as he did, he shouldn’t have let it go to waste!
Sarah Hardaway (17 days ago)
Wow! Great video!
Anna Murphy (17 days ago)
How about the Stanford Prison Experiment?
Dr. M. H. (18 days ago)
Interesting how so many unethical psych experiments over the years were done by university profs, greenlighted then covered up by the university admins....
Donald Best (18 days ago)
Well you have Skinner is rolling over in his grave that you included Freud in this list. Freud is too but nobody cares.
Erin Stratman (18 days ago)
What did Freud NOT associate with genitalia? 🙄
Thomas Eva (18 days ago)
Great video for thosw who found zimbardo and milgram a littlw too mainstream
Paslayas (20 days ago)
Makes you wonder about theory conspiracy out there....
David Tal (22 days ago)
freud was a hack.
Baylor58 Duncan (22 days ago)
Mouse paradise, Right, sounds like Western celebrity culture.
Yoyoitsbenzo Gaming (23 days ago)
#1 shows how Trump got elected
cBearTv (24 days ago)
Love that teacher, we need far more like him 👍
cBearTv (24 days ago)
The Targeted community are watching this and almost falling of they're chairs ‼️
phantomcruizer (25 days ago)
“The Wave” was an ABC afternoon school special years ago. I think the actor Bruce Davidson was the teacher. Check it out!
Wortem14 (26 days ago)
That last one is the text book example of how to start a cult
Icarus (26 days ago)
The third wave is still how kids are inducted into gangs
drockjr (27 days ago)
Sean Metcalf (27 days ago)
How did the Baby Alfred Experiment by John B Watson not get included here? Little kid was given a permanent phobia of animals and anything colored white due to deliberately pairing a white rat with loud sounds. This led to him being scared of not just white rats or just rats or just small animals but rather anything that moved and anything colored white as well. Meaning any animal made him cry including a former beloved family dog and even old humans made him cry. That alone would be bad enough to do to a little baby but it gets worse. After the experiment ended he was never treated for the learned phobias and instead had to suffer from crippling phobias for the rest of his life. Also, you mentioned the experiment where nurses were tricked into overdosing patients, but failed to include the experiment where people were ordered to apply shocks to other people beyond lethal levels. Known as the Milgram Shock Experiment it proved that when people with presumed authority ordered things most humans followed orders either figuring the authority figure knew better, or afraid to speak out against them and suffer a punishment for failure to comply with orders. Even worse, that experiment had the "patient" seemingly "die" and stop responding which caused extreme mental anguish and anxiety to the shock givers. In some ways this was worse than just a potential overdose. Then there is the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment. But that one is kind of over covered by now.
LordAxe (27 days ago)
Way, way too much for one video albeit very interesting despite a tendency towards sensationalism . Enough for a week long convention each . IIRC the doctor/prescribing scenario is about obedience to [perceived] authority
Ann Brown (28 days ago)
Who decided which mice were beautiful? Poor elephant; too bad he couldn't have stomped the idiots and ended the nonsense. What people will do,e tear cute little mousies heads off. 😥😣☹😯😔
Kaley Marie (28 days ago)
Growing up in Iowa I heard a lot of the Monster Study. I feel so bad for those children.
Liberty Bell1776 (29 days ago)
Rats are not humans they have no soul.
theduke ofweasels (29 days ago)
Actually I think the creepiest part about the rat Utopia experiment is how much it mimics human societies. When resources become plentiful and cities become crowded similar patterns emerge. I mean we have the rich or famous people protected from everything and then we have the everyday common people that have just accepted a boring unfulfilling life and sort of given up even trying. Eventually this tension result in violence but by that point the apathy is so rampant nobody really cares I mean it basically reads like the Nightly News.
Louis C. Gasper (30 days ago)
Yes, it's easy to make someone a fascist. Just send them to get a liberal arts degree at most any college, especially state universities.
Roger Dottin (30 days ago)
I'm now totally convinced Freud was a QUACK.
Roger Dottin (30 days ago)
"Operation Midnight Climax" Who else knew exactly where this was going?
Hmmm. I thought you were going to cover the Stanford state prison experiment.
Betty James (1 month ago)
Scalpels and coniac don't mix.
Betty James (1 month ago)
You would do well to remember, an elephant never forgets.
Jonathan Waters (1 month ago)
wow and wtf all in the same moment....
Paula Curless (1 month ago)
😱😱😱😱😱💔💔💔💔💔 😒😒 I love how some ppl say this stuff never happened!!!
Gotis (1 month ago)
Googled that first one for more info, Today I found out that NIHM is a real place. Also, back school my class watch a film based on the third wave.
Azphreal (1 month ago)
You missed the one where they terrified a baby with soft toys. Stuttering can be learned, I was at a boarding school and shared a room with a kid who stuttered and after a while I started as well lol.
oath born (1 month ago)
Almost all the videos I watch of any of your channels end with "I wont ask if you enjoyed this video" I wonder what that says about me for choosing these videos
No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 (1 month ago)
wow the 3rd wave experiment is so applicable today, people convinced to become fascististic and aggressive towards others.... the rise of the far left, antifa, bamn etc. Individuals who behave aggressively and fascistic also believing they have a moral authority. And before anyone says that the same thing is happening on the right or blames trump, first show me evidence of his homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic behaviour.... i wont take random nothing statements as fact, but i want real examples. It also doesn't cancel out the fact of the fascistic nature of the current lefty politics and ideologies.
No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 (1 month ago)
isnt no 1 rather telling?.... reflects what we're seeing now in western society.... feckless lazy females, grooming themselves and forgetting essentially what it is to be female and how to raise children and families. pampered by the state if not pampered by a partner, relying on males to protect them from outside 'annoyances'.
harrylongbaugh1 (1 month ago)
Psychiatrists are really weird. They do unimaginable damage.
charlotte quillen (1 month ago)
the feminist movement expirement went terribly wrong....
GreenCauldron08 (1 month ago)
3:25 "Sewer villain"
SteppenWolff100 (1 month ago)
Of Mice And Men.
Thorn daCosta (1 month ago)
Simply superb stuff.
Tim Drake-Wayne (1 month ago)
I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Three Christs experiment!
Rutland MGTOW man Uk (1 month ago)
Number 10 represents human life in2019
Wayne Jackson (1 month ago)
The last one shows just how malleable pal minds are!
iirossii2005 (1 month ago)
i CANNOT. listen to these videos while sleeping. i was dreaming my cousin had a nazi themed house warming party! wtf
Stephen Muth (1 month ago)
Seems like the nursing experiment was a rousing success. What better way to get the profession to mind its p's and q's?
John Lovelace (1 month ago)
IRBs exist for a reason
Pervy Sage (1 month ago)
Ah, the number one. What does it take? Go too far left or too far right in your ideology, because they both, surprisingly or not as the case may be, end up having the same social ideals.
FurryFace (1 month ago)
your stuff usually is Interesting
shaun Britton (1 month ago)
I wanna know how u get a job in mind control? 😂😂😂
Bruce Grubb (1 month ago)
In the Educational Television updated dramatization of the Wave Experiment a student asks "There is no leader is there? to which the teacher replace "Yes there is. There is your leader." And a film of Hitler giving of his speeches is shown. Chilling.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
I remember watching a program about "The Wave" in the late 80s early '90s. I don't remember it as The 3rd Wave, I noticed one of the articles posted behind you also called it "The Wave". I wonder if this is a Mandela Effect. Does anyone else recall it being called "The Wave"? Or do you remember it as "The 3rd Wave"?
Kohlenstoffisotop12 (1 month ago)
The first one is just what I see in human societies.
Count Penta (1 month ago)
Did the one with the nurses go wrong though? It seems to me that it proved the existence of a very serious problem that should be taken care of.
popolynn2 (1 month ago)
it turns out people like being nazis... I wonder (((WHY))) ?
Randal Davis (1 month ago)
are they still showing the liberation of the concentration camps documentaries to school kids ? very moving and a sad part of human history
Michael Kisielka (1 month ago)
Evelene Maye (1 month ago)
I now know where 3rd wave feminism got its name.
Ronald McFondled (1 month ago)
I dont think that last experiment in California really ended.
Clifford Hodge (1 month ago)
Who approved funding for these? Maybe we could get more people to respect science if we didn't help people like these do these dumb things.
Damit Bobby (1 month ago)
That's a sub. Watched a few of your other videos, glad to see peoole are still using their brains! We might make it after all! (If the world doesn't end first) ;)
Jacob Aaron (1 month ago)
#2 I think more than 925k was owed to the patients
Dan lawrence (1 month ago)
Holy crap.
Halorym (1 month ago)
Doctor injects elephant with chemical cocktail, elephant dies. Doctor blames LSD. Doctor ON LSD. Doctor technically not wrong.
Mercy Luna (1 month ago)
The third Wave Experiment was written as a novel which in some schools in Germany you habe to read.
Sushi Time (1 month ago)
The 3rd Wave = AntiFa and what is going on at College Campuses today, everywhere. However, they have built-in deniability, by claiming to be 'anti-Fascist'. Who are the Fascists? Everyone that isn't one of them.
linda aumiller (1 month ago)
I love your channels.I always learn something
Kort Walsh (1 month ago)
I like elephants. :( Please don't give them a festival capacity amount of LSD. That's nuts!
Amazing. And scary how much America has hidden between the cracks and in the shadows.. Were not the "Amazing Free Country" we all think of......
Pixelles (1 month ago)
Hmm the black and white checkered board, pyramid, one eye symbol, MK Ultra- today's reality.
Casey Walker (1 month ago)
Im surprised the milgram experiment is not in the top 10

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