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Trucking Why I Dont Get My Authority

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Alot of people have asked me this so I thought that I would answer the question for those who want to know I know so.e of you may disagree but opinions are like buttholes. I dont know all the ins and outside of the Authority but trucking is stepping stones for me. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Text Comments (53)
Ayo I went and got my cdl cuz of you when I caught a felony u kno any carriers tht take F's
Reginald Green (3 months ago)
Wya? Falcon in Youngstown OH1O will
Ex-muslim Atheist (3 months ago)
+Mr. Playeverything ps4allday , CRST out of Iowa. Ask for David
Thanks man
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
Carolina Cargo,CR England, Congrats and I'm gonna pin your comment so other people may know more Fam
Bernie Sands (2 months ago)
Imagine how quick it would jump off if u got a hold of an extra truck and put on felons that actually got some sense and want an opportunity cause I know I'm not the only one
Parteehard da trucker (2 months ago)
+Bernie Sands Ive thought about it Im scared to be honest
haschengrube x (3 months ago)
Now make a video on why you cant get one personality.
Parteehard da trucker (2 months ago)
🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Find you some friends lady to your comment all I say is thx for watching 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Not Your Average Trucker (3 months ago)
Definitely more pros than cons for having your own authority... but at the end of the day you have to do what works for you 👍🏾
Woodzedge - (3 months ago)
Do you have a LLC?
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
SUPERMAN 7 (3 months ago)
Peace God! Yeah, also, nobody tells you sh-t!!! Like having your company in Florida or Georgia is the highest insurance in the whole lower 48 states!!!
off the grid (3 months ago)
Secret society load boards lol
FatDaddy 261 (3 months ago)
I use a P.O Box number for my Business address. You can get a box for about 50 bucks for the year.
Big Daddy (3 months ago)
Man don't pay that shyt no mind , hell I know a lot of young cats who has partials etc some medical reasons some fighting its human , stay up be safe FAM
Buddha Blac (3 months ago)
PH keep doin ya thang me and my homie outta FL look at yo vids and take info u put out and do research. 💯💯💯✊🏿
Country Truckin (3 months ago)
If you do go for it, just know it's expensive as hell to start up. In the process right now and man, its eating me alive starting out. My insurance alone was 30k for the year.
Country Truckin (2 months ago)
I’m in va have a clean record and carry progressive insurance. But my second driver has less than one year experience so my rates are high
vroor32 (2 months ago)
+Rudie LOL ... maybe he got bad driving record or bad credit or lives in the wrong state, or has fancy equipment. He need to come clean as to why he's being rated so high
Rudie (2 months ago)
You're being robbed by your insurance agent. I have 2 semi's and 2 reefers only cost $2450 per month. My cousin who has 6pts pays $1800 for 1 truck and 1 reefer.
vroor32 (3 months ago)
I pay 19K in VA. MC issued in Nov 2017. Abilene rejected me coz of 1 motorcycle ticket, so I said fuckem. Got my 3 mo exp, picked pre-emissions truck, no elogs, pick what I want, run when I want. None of that dispatcher b/s. Having my own MC is the best thing ever. I reject 44K water/beer/paper all day. Coyote call me for under 30K all day. TQL is on block-list. CHR is ok.
Don't know where you're located but you may want to look into "moving" the company to say Tennessee, Ohio, or North Carolina. Insurance rates for new authorities are around $15k
Ricky Betancourt (3 months ago)
Bro you are so right about your own authority I've only had my license for 2 years I jumped out of the game with my own authority and a truck I was blessed to have that position but the insurance was killing me the Progressive charge me 3500 a month now I'm least on to the old company that I work for I only got to pay Bob to and I'm getting great note and not working the truck keep doing what you're doing one time for the convicts, Love and respect Chico E😎😎🇨🇺👑
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
Same to you Brother
BlueBull 713 (3 months ago)
Everytime CUZ go to DJing, shit get me hype!!!!💪💪💪
American Trucks, Inc. (3 months ago)
Did I say Regus??? Oh ok. Lol.
American Trucks, Inc. (3 months ago)
Good energy bro. Use Regus for office space for you business and business address. For less than $100 per month you can have all your mail and business address at any location in the USA where they are located. Just choose one. - My girlfriend uses it for her business. I’m about to change my American Trucks to one of their locations. - For a few more dollars per month you can have an actual office you and your wife can use instead of the house. - But even with just the base program with only the address you still can use the common area offices as long as you make appointments in advance so your customers can meet you in a very professional environment. - Damn P, I wish we could talk bc I’m typing a lot. Lol. I had an 80 paydex and a personal 730 , 12 years ago In my early 30s. Learned a lot. Rebuilding now after a divorce and a few “other” set backs you dig. - In Texas now. Came out here and Bought my first Peterbilt. (Pre Elog 😁) About to hook back up to my Conestoga and keep running OTR. I’m super excited P. Here’s the link. Regus. https://www.regus.com/office-space Peace ☮️
American Trucks, Inc. Good deal, yea I’ve been jumping through hoops to figure this all out and hopefully can save someone a few steps
American Trucks, Inc. (3 months ago)
The Vote For Pedro Podcast Disclaimer.. everyone should always do their Due Diligence and not go right out after a YouTube video without checking with the state which whom they apply. I specifically was not referring to the virtual feature, but didn’t have the time on that aspect. I only know from experience of the physical office and feature for using the physical address for purposes of business in the state of Ga, bc I go in out of the building at times when home to pick up mail etc. Great info/point /clarity for the readers. Thanks.
Depending on what state you get your plates from, they won't allow you to use a virtual office. So to anyone who is going to do it this way, just call the IRP office and double check what their policy is on virtual offices.
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
Bruh you can call me hit the email [email protected]
Blind Perception (3 months ago)
I just appreciate the fact that you are always all the way authentic and there is no editing. You just keep it 100 and that’s very important especially for people that are inspired to make goals in the trucking industry just as much as you inspired to and are doing very well, proud of you and keep it solid and for sure stay sucker free.
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
Bruh I appreciate the support I look at my subscribers as Family always have and I give the real that's all I know Fam
Demarcus Williams (3 months ago)
I think they do background checks before you can get your authority.i am not a 100% sure.i heard a guy say he couldn’t get one because he had a felony on his record.
Qari Nero (3 months ago)
A felony on your record does not stop anyone for get an authority.
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
I got a partner who got his own authority and he on parole so I dont know about that
Jayallday (3 months ago)
MyG happy asf making all latt 💵💵💵💵 skin getting lite & all 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣
off the grid (3 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
King Pharoah (3 months ago)
Jayallday ah man not the light skin coming in haha
Devin Jackson (3 months ago)
What's up bro, glad you dropped something 👌🖒
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
Appreciate the support Fam
Grind Mode Jay (3 months ago)
I have no interest in owning a truck but it’s kinda dope to follow all of y’all journey
Jeremy Pocket change inc (3 months ago)
It takes multiple partners to go in business to spared the cost
Karl Gary (3 months ago)
Are you talking about the lady accountant in Hopewell
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
This lady in Providence Forge
TheRightBrotha (3 months ago)
Start that second channel pimp. Non-trucking videos
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
I think I am Bruh been trying to figure the shit out
Prince Diamond (3 months ago)
No Doubt my money on my mind AND my mind on my money PH LETS GET IT.
King Drodge (3 months ago)
When i get my authority Stevens will let me get loads the same day it goes active!
Parteehard da trucker (3 months ago)
Yeah that's a good thing

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