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Are Women Superior to Men - MGTOW

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Are Women Better than Men - MGTOW Women are outperforming men on most every level across society. Women say they are better then men and good riddance to the Western man. Join me Howard Dare as I discus the The Dunning–Kruger effect which I rename the "I'm better than you effect" and other related issues. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Built By Men Made For Women - MGTOW" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAxRjxRergY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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ThePennyPincher (3 years ago)
The Canadian Government, and many agencies who attempted to refute the study, discovered that what has been said of women in the workplace is true; They perform at a lower level than Men job to job. They require more direct supervision and guidance. They are not able to do critical analysis as well as Men. They cannot compete at anywhere near the same physical level as Men. They call in sick 9 times more often than Men, and when they do, they are off 2.5 times as long. They are not as productive. They take longer breaks, more breaks, and longer lunches than is mandated.
DuncanDeez (3 years ago)
The Dumb Cougar Effect
The Backlash! (3 years ago)
And especially among the Gen-X and Millennial women they respond with vicious rage to correction.
ThePennyPincher (3 years ago)
That is very true! Companies hiring now are slowly shifting away from hiring women who display any of that, as well as looking carefully at what degree they have. Once company has a policy; "Social Studies, English Lit, Gender Studies, etc = Workplace Trouble = No Hire!"
mfriedrich2012 (3 years ago)
I don't think it matters what they say. Most of the female chest thumping is self-esteem related. Meanwhile everywhere you go women are asking or demanding set asides, special treatment, assistance, a head start, a leg up. The media, workplace, school, travel, leisure. Everywhere. They are blind to it, as are most men today who fill the gaps without much thought. My recommendation is for men today to resist their instincts and to stop helping and stop of being of service. Look after yourselves. Chivalry is dead.
Quinton Scott (3 years ago)
Howard Dare University!
Itsmeeman1 (3 years ago)
Women are superior to men.... in pissing and moaning, whinging and whining, leeching and crying to get their own way.
Big Kansas (3 years ago)
There are a couple of other irritants that seemingly stem from this same effect. One, "It was hard for me, so it MUST have been hard for you." I hear someone telling another that they will definitely need help understanding a certain manual and that no one could possibly understand it on their own. I respond that I had no problems at all absorbing the manual's information, and that if they have a good head on their shoulders they will do fine. "Well, I'm sure you got a lot of things wrong then because it's impossible to understand by yourself." I tell them that, no, I suffered no errors from learning it myself. To boil down their syndrome, "I have a pea-brain, so everyone else must have one as well." Secondly, and by far the most irritating thing modern women say is, "You don't KNOW me, you don't know where I'm from". Of course I don't mean geographically, but when said in the common vernacular. They assume no one has the breadth of knowledge, wisdom, or life experience to possibly understand the 'unique' position they come from, which is all too often not 'unique' at all. It is often not very difficult to infer 'where' they are from. An example...an obviously high-maintenance, superficial, party girl tells me she thinks abortion is perfectly fine. I respond with, "Of course you'd say that." "What do you mean, 'of course'? You don't know me or what I'm about!!!" I'm thinking that you dress like a slut, you talk about all the boyfriends and one-night stands you've had, you always talk about going clubbing, you've said you never want to marry and that you're not ready for kids yet. It doesn't take a logician to guess what your opinion would most likely be. It is as if their deductive skills and ability to infer things is so non-existent that they assume these skills exist in no other people either. Like the study cited, I don't believe they actually know these logical skills even exist. Funny, they are always the first to then try and tell you exactly what YOU are about [and fail miserably]!
Reggie Maron (9 months ago)
and now I see you getting slapped in the face
spanish monkey (3 years ago)
this sounds an awful lot like the supirioity complex
VentionMGTOW (3 years ago)
Man this is a good one. Listened yesterday at work and was very impressed. Had to come back this morning for a second listen and now it's going into my favorites. Well done! Every once in a while I encounter a woman who things she can do my job (heavy diesel truck mechanic). They're generally very fit, outdoorsy, tomboy type women. They make it through diesel school then try to do the job. Problem is that they just can't do it, not mentally and not physically. They can't drive themselves to create the relentless productive output that this job requires. I've never seen a woman who has anywhere near the sheer mechanical talent that I've seen in myself and other men. I often see other mechanics struggling with something then it just comes to me that something in the shop, maybe even a piece of twisted coat hanger I saw in the trash can fix his problem. But enough bragging. The women I've seen though, they just can't do the job. They're as slow as the oldest gray beard in the shop and then they have short bursts where they try to produce at a higher level and then they start getting hurt. Back and shoulder injuries are the most common. Then they're out, either off to another line of work, off to be a stay at home mom, or they get promoted into management (with the pay cut that comes along with it). They come in with an arrogant attitude and they leave deflated. It would be the same for me if I tried to move into some government bureaucrat job. I'm great with computers but I suck at dealing with people. I'd be a fail in that line of work. Thank goodness for this mechanical talent, otherwise I'd probably be saying "welcome to walmart" about ten thousand times a day. Gaa, what a horrible thought.
ibmor Joe (3 years ago)
Ryan gozlan said women are better. matter of fact. he said he is 45 percent women. XD
Shaughnessy Neal (3 years ago)
Now that you've discovered the D-K Effect, Howard, study the Trivers-Willard Effect in the context of r/K selection theory.
Black Eagle (3 years ago)
so basically men(non moron men) should be on top and women on the bottom. and you will need to be thick skinned because the women will scream, cry, hurl insults and try to shame you.
Yes. The inept, beta men, or the "morons" lie at the bottom of women. This means that men are on both sides of the social scale.
fefi (3 years ago)
I takes a bit of brains to be aware that there are people smarter than you in the world.
Sandman (3 years ago)
Shouldn't it be "superior" to men?
Howard Dare (3 years ago)
Hey Sandman, I just visited your channel. I did not know that you released a video with that title, I give you my word. I was actually expanding on a previous video where a user suggested I check out the article I read. I don't think there is anything I could do that would effect your views, Genius thinks alike. I was wondering, anyway, take care.
Howard Dare (3 years ago)
Yes, that's much better, thank you Sandman, and thank you for all the other help as well. Take care, your friend Howard Dare.
KNUCKLES (3 years ago)
Ohhh the feminists this video is going to pull in by title alone. lol. I feel the butthurt growing as I type this. lol.
KNUCKLES (3 years ago)
@Howard Dare Well shit. I remember it now. Thanks for the reminder. Its been a while since I have watched it. I don't think your quite as DRY during recording though. Scripting is fine. But when your whole video is scripted, its a bit to robotic and monotone. Don't get me wrong though, his content is great. 
Howard Dare (3 years ago)
Sandman has done a great video about Tesla in his God Among MGTOW Nikola Tesla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXbpqLzacZY I'll still do one and you should do one too. It takes time to figure out what one wants to say and how to say it. Take your time.
KNUCKLES (3 years ago)
I am still waiting for a Good MGTOW video about Nikola Tesla. And I don't mean the motor company. lol. I think if ANYONE could do it, you could. I don't have the editing background and recording background, or I would do it. My three videos are shit compared to you guys now.
Howard Dare (3 years ago)
Exactly, if you can think of more good titles that would have the same effect, please don't hesitate to let me know. Take care.
asté Shylis (3 years ago)
if women are better than men then hermaphroditism is better than heterosexuality.
Serge Stark (3 years ago)
i hate being complimented, when i succeed in something, im never happy with my results no matter how they compare to others, people find it weird, if i dont accomplish something perfectly or how i imagined i feel like crap no matter what other people think i consider it a blessing, the only thing im trying to change about it are my feelings, i shouldnt feel like crap but i should continue to be self critical so i can always improve, every new day we should strive to do better than the previous day, challenging ourselves
Black Eagle (3 years ago)
you're such a skillful person! ok, i'm joking because of your comment. however i give the compliment because you're more likely to get insulted in this society.
John Kramer (3 years ago)
Both are weak and born to suffer in a physical form and Full Energy Beings are superior lifeforms.

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