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OUR HEART | Jayesslee

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This song became our anthem in Cambodia Our heart our desire Is to see the nations worship Our cry our prayer Is to sing your praise to the ends of the earth That with one mighty voice Every tribe and tongue rejoices Our heart our desire Is to see the nations worship you
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Gabby Kabithi (11 months ago)
Niiiceee i really love the voices and the guitar playing
Keren Choi (2 years ago)
My church is home to many missionaries in Cambodia and my uncle and aunt are missionaries in Indonesia. I visited both and connecting with the youth out there was amazing. Hearing this was such a blessing. I've never heard it before, but it's an amazing song.
david glessman (3 years ago)
Wow, look at where you two started.
tong chau (3 years ago)
....20:45....(28/02/2016) 604,411 1,897 37 I LIKE IT ! (23/01/2016) 600,411 1,891 35 (多謝:Jayesslee )
tong chau (3 years ago)
I LIKE IT ! (23/01/2016) 600,411 1,891 35 (多謝:Jayesslee )
Sarun Im (3 years ago)
Thank for that song.
Yeah! Praise God for young people ministering the love of God in missions!Are you Koreans/
Ari Wahlberg Music (4 years ago)
Sweet sound! 
GO IOS (5 years ago)
wow cambodia its my Country really thank you Jayesslee
Ju Vang (5 years ago)
i really love this song, can you girls do a tutorial on this?
Jiranuwat Pongsuwan (5 years ago)
God bless you both :)
Richard Licup (5 years ago)
I will link your vids on my website.. aight? Love your songs.. Im from Victory Christian fellowship..
Sunantha Raugnsad (5 years ago)
I like your music.
V- ssi Sensei (5 years ago)
MoRy N. Ya (5 years ago)
Thanks for your beautiful HEART. I do love the way you are doing. Cool!!
Rafael Almeida (6 years ago)
Bow Hermawan (6 years ago)
hi there JS.. we love to invite u two to join the service in our church in Bali. pls, come and join us....!
eutube90 (6 years ago)
DJ Lee (6 years ago)
God bless you~
Ngurah Sugiantara (6 years ago)
0 dislike!!
dennis cambo (6 years ago)
your right..Cambodia is intresting place to go..Angkor Wat to visit..they don;t waste water like this country...here we think we will never run out of our resources...We could learn alot from how people survive on little & not be wastefull...& be happy with what you have.!!!!!.
Sethea Tan (6 years ago)
Wow!! You came to Cambodia... I'm so happy to hear that... I hope you will come again :)
YURATE PALYAN (6 years ago)
when you did sing, you don't know, what happened in my heart, thanks
boihboih217 (6 years ago)
Love this song! Grew up with this song from Don Moen.. :)
Davi Ciriaco (6 years ago)
praise to Jesus forever!!! very blessed girls! thanks!!!!
JujuMama18 (6 years ago)
I really love this song, and I just want to ask for the tabs ? I really want to learn this song, og there is just 3 chords I cant get. :) God bless!! <3
christopher tang (6 years ago)
I am also from Cambodia... it hard to believe that u talking about cambodia and came to cambodia...... have u went to ANGKOR wat ?
Cheap Travels (6 years ago)
Our heart our desire Is to see the nations worship you hmmmmnnnn.....
Winnie The Orm (6 years ago)
i've always love this song!
Muhammad Fadhli (7 years ago)
which one is their very first video? this one?
Elizabeth Heng (7 years ago)
I am Cambodian American and one of my dreams is to go to Cambodia and help out in some way. You guys are awesome!
Phillip Chen (7 years ago)
Sonia is engaged now!
Jip Rlan (7 years ago)
live like god can't see gosht. if you want and long old
Jip Rlan (7 years ago)
live with jesus have no soul. selection be long to you
Jip Rlan (7 years ago)
jesus in earth planet. i love in here
epakerd (7 years ago)
What kind of reaction was that at 37 sec? Lol
debbielee718 (7 years ago)
I saw this video a few months ago... It was a nice song but it never meant much to me. But this past summer, I was given the privilege to go to Cambodia with my church and serve in Kracheh. And wow. This song brings me to tears. It definitely is real. God is definitely moving that land. Like you guys said, it "changed me and opened my eyes." I'm 19, an ex-biology major on my way to med school... but I recently changed majors and want to work for Cambodia for the rest of my life.
YapMabel (7 years ago)
Wow. This is an anointed piece of music, keep spreading the love & music of God wherever u go, looking fwd to see u here in CHCSG next week, we're craZy abt JC & craZy abt JS too!
Dara Sieng (7 years ago)
i love my cambodian people <3
Isabell Kim (7 years ago)
i'm Cambodian!
Anthony Loung (8 years ago)
cambo pride :)
Amanda Ong (8 years ago)
This is amazing! I've also been go Cambodia on a CIP trip with my school, and it was fun! :D
Jonnaphril Lastima (8 years ago)
Janice Belen (8 years ago)
i love cambodia :)
optimusADELS (8 years ago)
God is GOOD! And Cambodia is BEAUTIFUL! SROK SA-ART NAS!!!!!! God is working there and everywhere. <3 <3 <3
안진형 (8 years ago)
i am missionary in here cambodia. please pray for my friends' faith. how much difficult do they keep their faith here jesus is like NGO. because just they need food and cloth but i understand here. today we had praise&worship. they know exactly who is god. but i don't know something.' they have just under 100$ a month. we can never understand their life. if i want to teach about jesus, first i should give them something. it's so sad. thanks for js's song.
Is to see the nations worship you
0hsoradd (8 years ago)
Even your greeting's are harmonized...
debbielee718 (8 years ago)
I'm going to Cambodia this summer for a month! I'm so excited~ I love this song. Thank you~
Fish Pond (8 years ago)
jeez... even their "hi" in the beginning is harmonized
MrDangB (8 years ago)
you mad 30 song
Villarde Family (8 years ago)
praise the Lord! our heart has been melted because of this song..
pinkyviolet01 (8 years ago)
awesome =)
Minute Clips (8 years ago)
amen.... its inspiring... can you sing "Blessed be your name" by kathlyn scott
Kana Quennie Hatta (8 years ago)
did you guys make the video bubble gum song along with this video?
Rico Basco (8 years ago)
abandonedhero (8 years ago)
are yu cambodian
hee hehe (8 years ago)
i love sonia :">
DoneDeal (8 years ago)
what a great song!
Kev Cobs (8 years ago)
janice you look beautiful in this vid
itabadjr (8 years ago)
I pray that you come visit and sing at Saddleback Church/Lake Forest USA in the future. God bless and Godspeed!
Hershey Marero (8 years ago)
hmmm ..i have a request .. im hoping that you will make a cover of a song MY LOVE IS HERE ..:)) hershey marero here from Philippines ..:)) im a solid fan of jayesslee ..:)) tnx ..
Demie Schwein (8 years ago)
_amen!!! I've been to Cambodia a few years back with my parents.. And true!! This is the cry of our hearts!! I grew up surrounded by missionaries.. So yeah, when i graduate from highschool i'll be taking up medicine and by Gods grace become a missionary doctor at Afrika.. Your singing made my heart burn more.. I know the feeling of seeing Gods people turn their back on God... Blessed be the name of the Lord most high!!
The12Nurse (8 years ago)
I luv the way the lights shine on their faces
Karen Arnold (8 years ago)
God bless you dear ones, and my God indeed see all nations worship HIM!
Molida Yim (8 years ago)
Thank you so much for this song. You both are beautiful and your voices are amazing. I truely appreciate and respect what you have done- " our heart". It means so much to me. Love from a Cambodian :)
Fuzzy Barbarian (8 years ago)
Can you guys sing Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru?
Cesar Erick Rivera (8 years ago)
please have a version of faithful love by rita springer-a marian hymn
JinJu Kim (8 years ago)
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song- it's been on repeat for like the 100th time now- i've been very blessed by you girls testimony and heart of worhsip for God ;)
Kenjan Javier (8 years ago)
@hanna4292 And Pls sing also At The Cross..
Sam Soun (8 years ago)
i love you girl !! <3 Cambodiana Video Som Tchoun hahahaha
laplandJJ (8 years ago)
i really like this one! XD
Jerry Tang (8 years ago)
I'm crazy about both of u it's like I see angels haha
Kunyes (8 years ago)
why u nvr reply our comment..??? we miss u
Olland Timisela (8 years ago)
@hanna4292, yes... Here I am to worship is a nice song... i like it... I hope JS sing it too
cherlyn chua (8 years ago)
superrubbrduckiii (8 years ago)
ty for the blessing <3 God bless ya'll too
Gozuag Xiong (8 years ago)
Amen! Very beautiful! I would LOVE to hear you two sing With Everything by hillsong. It's such a powerful song!
Pov Pooh (8 years ago)
Hope you guys will come to Cambodia again !! Thanks for coming to our country !!! Love your music !!! Thanks very much !!
meemerful (9 years ago)
@zhenx005 Taiwan IS a country, maybe you should get it right too before posting it.
gabei0711 (9 years ago)
keep on inspiring people with your voice
Tintin Lanzar (9 years ago)
wow.. cool song.. cool ng anthem sa cambodia.. :) how great! :)
Xiang Zhen (9 years ago)
Hong Kong, Tai Wan they are not "countries" I really like your songs, but not offence to you. U should not hurt ppl like this, do some homework before u said it out loud, ok?
Tintin Lanzar (9 years ago)
eto pa.. gaganda tlga nila.. kasing gnda ng knilang mga voice.. hahha
Chansol Park (9 years ago)
i love your songs <3 you should try airplanes by B.o.B
Ly Sung (9 years ago)
you girls are so pretty
Ryusuke Minami (9 years ago)
Our Church' Theme God Bless you more!!! and continue serving God and letting everybody know how Great God's Love!!
Carina Lin (9 years ago)
@herzlvalle you are my all in all in potter's hand still yesterday, today and forever betaba hebat oh happy day there are all good song. except your new songs.
gabrielle yang (9 years ago)
its really a beautifil thing what you guys are doing. This really brought tears to my eyes. Im from Cambodia, my dad was born there, so this really hits home. Just to know that him and my family went through so much, and to know that my people there are STILL going through so much, and you guys take your time to care. Its really a beautiful thing. So thank you...and you guys sing beautifully.
Jun (9 years ago)
I love this song and escpecially is in Cambodia^ ^
Ju Vang (9 years ago)
Wow! This is a beautiful song! Is there tabs for this song? I really enjoy this video! Keep praising the Lord! God Bless You Ladies!! <3
saraandmaranda4eva (9 years ago)
can i request the song "a whole new world" off of the movie alladin. i love that song and it needs two people and i think you two would do great !
yoj nav (9 years ago)
maganda in english beautiful..........nice voice,face and guitar hee kep it up gurls from philippines
DreamsOfIce (9 years ago)
0:38 i'm sorry but that was too adorable
Sai Nom (9 years ago)
I'm Cambodian also and born there, now in California. it's nice to hear you guys singing a song towards ppl and influencing them to see how bad cultures and harsh lands can be, keep it up, love you guys:)
whytwocare123 (9 years ago)
may all nations worship Jesus!
Meggy Garcia (9 years ago)
hey girls.. could you do a cover of down by jason walker .. i would appreciate it very much.. the song is very good:))
elvesue (9 years ago)
thank U for blessing us with this song.. such a strong reminder. I agree with u, if anyone has the chance, do visit Cambodia and see God's burden on that land. I was there once and it's just..there's just no words to express the feeling when u see the ppl there. Be blessed =D
Steffanie Azuero (9 years ago)

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