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Floyd Mayweather Jr Denied P.Diddy Entry into His Club | Then Rants About People Wanting Free Entry

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Article Link: https://www.hiphopoverload.com/floyd-mayweather-jr-denies-diddy-free-entry-into-his-club-and-makes-him-wait-outside-until-diddy-just-left/ Blaze Heath Promo info & Link: http://www.thehealthblaze.com Promo Code: goodfella1boxing Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/Thaboxingclinic Podcast: https://castbox.fm/va/1154626 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/286714818586169/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ThaBoxingClinic Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Goodfella_Sport?s=09 Donation Link: https://www.paypal.me/ThaBoxingClinic Email Link: [email protected] Instrumental Link by Passion Hifi : https://www.soundclick.com/bands3/default.cfm?bandid=156970
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Text Comments (1010)
Ken T (17 days ago)
What is it with black people always wanting to kill and harm their own?
Chukoo Malo (1 month ago)
Why is the black community still supporting puff, we need to do his ass like kadafi the president of Libia was done by his country, robbed stabbed in the ass, punched, kicked and humiliated. But you stoopit ignorant people keep him as he a legend. Fuck him! https://youtu.be/9-OiM20kjYA.
Ellis X (1 month ago)
Puffy should get in free hes going to bring more people an spend thousands..
Ellis X (1 month ago)
Floyd is a EgO Maniac illiterate Fool
James Percell (1 month ago)
100 bucks only a black man would do that over charge floyed a ass hole
Pimpdaddy 69 (1 month ago)
Mayweather is wrong! They wouldn't be considered friends or VIP if they pay to get in, they just be like anyone else, $50 is nothing to how much they will spend in there, i own a restaurant and i never charge my family or friends, i get back more in return from birthdays and parties, plus they will always respect and cherish me, Mayweather so money hungry he has no friendship skills, he has no friends at all (besides his bodyguards and strippers). He just blacklisted his own club.
Geo C (1 month ago)
Fuck that he's gonna spend big money if pdiddy there all kinds of women coming
kevin smith (1 month ago)
And if it was a white club bet they would have paid diddy to come in sooo rent'em spoons 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Curtis Hill (2 months ago)
50cent is. A Floyd hater
mysassystyle (2 months ago)
Floyd act like a nigga that ain't never had nothing before. That was the lamest business move ever. It ain't no excuse for leaving a 700 million man outside. That shows how uneducated Floyd is. That diddy! He don't pay no punk ass 100 to get in the club.
Aly Julmiste (2 months ago)
Floyd ain't got no common sense. Just Diddy coming through is like getting free advertising. The money at the door is peanuts compared to what he would have made at the bar. My brothers and I when we were younger, we weren't celebrities but, we were well known for buying a minimum of 15 dollars. We had a lot of followers as well. We never paid to get in cause they knew we spent a lot of money once we got in. I have a friend that has a restaurant 50 percent off for police officers. Why? Because police coming throughout the day will make someone with bad intentions think twice. Floyd is one of those guys that can't think long term results.
Feathers Up (2 months ago)
Good inside scoop
April Campbell (2 months ago)
This is dumb. The type of money spent around Diddy being there would've been massive. Common sense. Floyd doesnt have business sense. He spends his money on prostitutes and cars and jewelry. Thia dude let 100 bucks lose him about 30k or more.
Thomas Crofts (2 months ago)
Floyd is so stuped when it comes to investment dem stuped watches stuped cars them stuped clubs🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
Samuel Burress (2 months ago)
Floyd just had to show diddy he aint the only one worth 700 Million like Floyd say y'all don't do it to the Europeans and these high-end watches Floyd aint wrong Diddy got that bag he thought Floyd was gone go and Floyd didn't and felt like Diddy was trying to be on some money making Mitch shyt coming w that short paper
Takamusasu (2 months ago)
Well if he really coming to show love then pay the entrance fee. Shouldn’t have been nothing to pay 50$ if he had 5K to spend. Paying 50$ at the door is a show of patronage and respect.
p Plains (2 months ago)
Team floyd here! Fuck duffy gay ass!
Judith Rhice (2 months ago)
Diddy wanted to get in free. Why?
Judith Rhice (2 months ago)
Floyd was right. Diddy want ppl to pay for his products so why does he feel he should not have to pay for other ppl services. Floyd did not want that peophile mess in his club.
django jango (2 months ago)
Say bro you better watch your mouth when you start talking about God Jesus and holy spirit that's some you better not ever say again you better drop your channel and I'm going to complain about this video on YouTube they can drop your damn Channel and drop the video you an idiot talking about God Jesus and holy spirit when you on your deathbed that's who you going to call upon on you not going to call the pain P Diddy or Floyd Mayweather anybody yes you better ask God for forgiveness bro because that's blasphemy that's a sin God does not forgive
H Lee (2 months ago)
Why let people who can afford to pay in for free. I’m with Floyd on this. Niggas don’t ask the white man for free shit.
Marilynn's Corner (2 months ago)
and secondly, floyd don't owe NAN NIGGA no damn apology. that's his damn club, if he don't want to let nicks in for free or on a discount that his business. y'all got some nerve telling ppl they need to apologize for a nick trying to hustle his way in a club. Y'all don't know what diddy intentions were. He can say he was going to pay this or that, but he probably would have gotten in there and expected shit for free as well. ike floyd said he has a staff to pay and letting everybody in for free, means he has to pay them folks out his pocket and for what? so a nick can come in and get his feet up for free...pleaseeee.......anyway I'm over this story
Marilynn's Corner (2 months ago)
You ain't paying a hunned dollars cuz you a regula (I left the r off on purpose) nigga, straight up ! and regula niggas aint going to clubs like that. Not average strip clubs, but NICE high end clubs with decent folks. Regula niggas use to regula bichs and that's just the truth. Regula niggas like regula hole in the walls strip joints where you can get a steak dinner for 10$ lol straight up, where they playing poker in the back room lol. If you want to get into a nice establishment, then you gone pay. That's like going in Gucci and Louis Vuitton and complaining why they never have sales. Or mad cause your bf or gf work in there and they not giving you the "hookup" pleaseee.... Just like Mayweather said. If they balling like they say they balling, them pay the damn tab lol. Pay to get in the club. They can buy 200K + cars and million dollar houses but can't pay to get in a club.....I digress, yeah I'm with Floyd on this one. (Plus is Floyd and Diddy even friends?)
love heart (2 months ago)
Let that man do what he wants it's his club but will we like him more for doing that of what he did yes, everyone must pay and if you my real friend and you got it like that just come and spend your money and that's how you help grow your friend brand.
jay yee (2 months ago)
Get off Diddy's D
Truth HurtsButHealz (2 months ago)
This couldn't possibly be the case... Perhaps a publicity stunt and the "fan boys" took the bait.... Anyone on "Celebrity status" doesn't pay to get in Girl Collection.... Everyone knows that but you "fan boys" keep their names coming out of your mouthes.... You'll never reach the next level of what you do reporting on a penny ass level.... SMH.
KingParisBuckingham (2 months ago)
Do yall think puffy would treat floud like this if he
KingParisBuckingham (2 months ago)
Its the homie hookup...do you think puffy would tre
KingParisBuckingham (2 months ago)
Floyd thinking petty
KingParisBuckingham (2 months ago)
Floyd was wrong.he thinking too small.if he was smart he would not charge puff noooo entrance fee cause when puffy enter he would spend more than $15k
Ron Nobles (2 months ago)
It’s weird that people like to tell others how to run their business.
Ameile Thomas (2 months ago)
Fuck Floyd 4 life
charles thompson (2 months ago)
Those guy's are like police officers, they want every thing for free. You're showing love when you pay and leave a good tip. If you are struggling or starving let Floyd know that, he might give you a discount.
30 kills (2 months ago)
I never understood strip clubs, the way I see it hot hoes gotta pay for the pleasure of my company, not the other way around,, that's why I only pimp hot rich hoes, but hey, to each their own,,
Ph C (2 months ago)
They where gonna spend more money anyways. That’s the reason you should let them in free.
James E. Williams (2 months ago)
The homey hookup is tired and played out. Pay the price on the sign, or go to some Groupon strip club. When Puff left 5K that does not mean anything. The price was 10K. It does not matter who you are or how much you "supposedly" going to spend inside. If VIP is 10K then pay it. It is that simple. Then if you want to ball out inside the more power to you. I am with the business owner or any business owner in the same circumstances.
Lamont Washington (2 months ago)
Those throw money so ppl can talk about how much they threw guarantee puff was gone spend more himself than dumbass made prolly the whole week collectively
Lamont Washington (2 months ago)
Floyd ain't gone be good at nothing but boxing and once that money gone he done and all he doing is allowing his disposition to make it hard for him if he ever does need anyone maybe he is ignorant
Leader Never Follow (2 months ago)
Haha floyd turn away diddy 😂😂😂
Demareeem (2 months ago)
If he gonna blow 30k Inside why not just pay the 10k ??????????WTF
Hebrew King (2 months ago)
I don’t like the both of them Floyd did the right thing
okay okay (2 months ago)
It start with free in the club.
Nigga u sound like u wanna have Puff baby!! Puff a clown
Tracy Thomas (2 months ago)
I know a lot of clubs that dont allow homosexuals or lesbians
Robert Williams (2 months ago)
They will spend more money than a 100 people and draw a crowd . He not wealty Bezos Mark Zuck Gates the are wealthy. They can burn 10 billion and it won't put a dent in their net worth . He is rich .
Robert Williams (2 months ago)
Jordan going to open a club called Studio 23 in NYC like Studio 54 All billionaires get in for free lol Jesus Christ . WTF 😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁 lol .
John Paul neanderthal (2 months ago)
You're lucky he didn't kick your ass
abdul smith (2 months ago)
Stop with the BS Black people, we got bigger problems than to be reporting this petty stuff........
Get Rich Films (2 months ago)
Fuck Floyd selfish ass 50 cent should've beat dat ass
big slim (2 months ago)
You know white folks and Mexicans don't support floyds club. Do you think he wouldve made enough from the regular niggas, to make up for what Diddys crew drank, after they "blessed" the club? Idk
big slim (2 months ago)
I could see Diddy thinking he's doing Floyd a favor by showing up. If he skipped on 10k what would he do on tab he ran up for $100k.
Carnell Alford (2 months ago)
Floyd when the industry comes for you have that same energy, this beyond petty and of he felt that way shouldnt of put it on social media. Floyd dissapoints all the time.
Gerardo Lopez (2 months ago)
how everyone know Diddy was gonna spent 25-30k?? where they come up w these numbers? like they know him or something.  Floyd knows. obviously he's sick of these rich celebs wanting discounts and not spending $. if they spending 30k every time Floyds letting them in every time but enough is enough. I had vip at a club in Vegas and  T Pain was next to us with bottles everywhere, he instructed his entourage not to touch any of them cuz he wasn't trying to pay. spent all night on his cell. lol
Kathleen Battle (2 months ago)
He still has pacq Mayweather check in his bag
Kathleen Battle (2 months ago)
Fuck ya'll Mayweather is 1.1 billion dollars. That's a fact
Tyrone Romeo (2 months ago)
So what! 😤
godchildrenofsoul (2 months ago)
Rants? You fucking bitch. He spit facts!!! This ain’t the everyone gets in free club.
Knovin Stewart (2 months ago)
Floyd is an idiot
Good Vibes (2 months ago)
Why would I trip if I own a club and you are worth hundreds of millions and want to get in free? I know you are going to spend tens of thousands in my club, Floyd doesnt understand business
Superman 007 (2 months ago)
Floyd crying for 20, 50 dollars really times must be getting rough for floyd.
Leader Never Follow (2 months ago)
Superman 007 a dollar is a dollar
Joshua Castillo (2 months ago)
He never said free stoopid he said no nigga hook up.... Broke boy.
Joshua Castillo (2 months ago)
Floyds a dumb ass but he can make 300mill in 30 min...smh reevaluate your comments you unsuccessful mafukas
William Childs (2 months ago)
This what happen when people get rich and don't know how to act?
Michael Dignan (2 months ago)
Get over it.
Johneil Reeder (2 months ago)
That just goes to show you how stupid Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather is he supposed to be so smart Money Mayweather and all that b******* he can only get money for somebody knocking and knocking him up against his head that's pretty much yeah maybe P-Diddy out there outside the club is stupid that's free advertising that another guy coming in another entrepreneur coming in spin and hopefully big money that you probably won't get from your average patrons coming in there plus he's bringing in other people who want to patronize or what patronize your stupid Club so you would be behoove you to let him in for free you stupid idiot
baba ken (2 months ago)
Wait he threw hundreds at folks
cdrillbeatgames (2 months ago)
Mayweather is a moron.
Genuwine6799G (2 months ago)
Sean Wack Ditty thought he was going to get VIP entrance, Wack ditty could’ve just took the fee out of MGK
fuzzy fuzzy (2 months ago)
nigga you cant read ! even floyd can read better
Mr. D.S. (2 months ago)
Dude stop it. That's Floyd business and how he wants to runs it. And you are either a fool or just stupid to say floyd not busy savy. And far as that queen he'll spend $5000 racks to Check it out and if he likes it he'll spend $30,000, why not spend $10,000 get in and pop bottles dishing out $20,000. Floyd don't need diddy. Remember that.
Lu Lu (2 months ago)
Nigga if you rich Act like it!!!
Devon Driggs (2 months ago)
Thats bullshit puffy paid up front and when he came in duuuuu
Marcell Sires (2 months ago)
This don’t have nothing to do with being a 2pac fan shut that shit up! It’s about business! That’s it and that all! Business and take that how you want to! Business
Voice of Reason 4u (2 months ago)
Voice of Reason 4u (2 months ago)
Alex M (2 months ago)
Yall know floyds ego so big if a club dared ask for a cover and made him wait outside it would be a scene
Aaron James (2 months ago)
Fuk puff daddy soft ass
Terrell Cameron (2 months ago)
That's right camp black people don't don't stick by one another...for real! For one thing stop trying to take that man women... y'all run y'all mouth lake bitch if u not mad and u don't have a motive u bitch wouldn't be on social media. Live the man along
All lore Gaming (2 months ago)
take yo ass to another club then diddy.
sean leonard (2 months ago)
Truth be told if it was reversed Floyd would have paid the 10K
sean leonard (1 month ago)
We speaking from the outside . Maybe he just dont like his style . Maybe puff played him on the way up the latter and he showed him KEEP YA MONEY . Yea I know it seems petty but hey ain't we all sometimes?
Veronica Vaughn (2 months ago)
Lol he doesn't even tip his waitresses I guess everyone forgot what happened at that spot in Vegas Dude doesn't have any class Only someone with a pea brain loses thousands over an entrance fee A white establishment would have let him in for free and charged for bottles and service and this is coming from a black promoter He doesn't know shit about business worrying more about his ego smh
sean leonard (2 months ago)
Bet at Justin's people dont get discounts ??????
Charles Johnson (2 months ago)
What the fuck. You are a real hater. Talking about another man money.
sean leonard (2 months ago)
sean leonard (2 months ago)
Puff tried to misuse Floyd . We are all used but misuse should never be accepted . If diddy went broke and asked for a favor Floyd may help him like Jay helped Wayne but sucka shit just moving your weight around not so much . What puff do for you folks who missed the point . Door money may pay for those who watch the door why should their money be short and the bar and girls make money? Pay the door man . And go buy out your own bottles and promote ciroc in the spot and stop being shady combs .
sean leonard (2 months ago)
The door sales pay for what they need to pay for the bar money pays for what it needs to pay for and the strippers earn their own . No room for favors people dont really need . You cant afford to play stay home.
valerie glasgow (2 months ago)
Please... just Pay and Play!! Would you go to The Man's club and ask for a discount . NO. Our people don't go up to other establishments and ask let me get 75% off pls !!
Leon B. Sweet (2 months ago)
There must have been some movie star lady stripping in that club. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't hear of some kind of super star strippers up in the club. Surely this is not about money, both men got big bags. However I've seen in my lifetime, my experience when a big man came to town and went to another big man's club. The club owner told his ladies not to come to the club that night. Now I'm not saying this is the same type situation. However gents just use your imagination and think about shit that happens.
Dj judah Israel (2 months ago)
Floyd right
MONSTA (2 months ago)
Slim... if the VIP costs 10K then that's what it costs. I agree with floyd. Pay like everyone else. Why are you even asking for a hook up. If you respect me and my grind, then respect it. He don't need Diddy's bread. I would have finessed it the same way.
Hewie Heww (2 months ago)
dj lu (2 months ago)
Man people don't understand. Sometimes, its not about money. It's about principles. Blacks don't like to support their own. Which is why black owned businesses are failing. Always looking for some homie hook-up.
Rod Steel (2 months ago)
I would have let the man in. Floyde must be fatigue from letting other cats in for free.
dr. deep (2 months ago)
Typical black culture, always looking for a DISCOUNT but will pay full price for a Bentley, lambo, high end bag etc..., thats why i keep to myself
MrBogart (2 months ago)
Mxxxer fxxxer are you actually going to inform people about what it says on you're video title or just going to talk advertisrment promotion bull sxxt after already showing me an ad at the very beginning of you're noise? Fxxk this sxxt 🖕
Moises Hernandez (2 months ago)
Fuck Diddy Floyd got lots of money his club and he didn't want all those gay boys following Diddy bitch ass hoe
These guys are rich it's not about the money it's about RESPECT
corey thomas (2 months ago)
FUCK THAT pay the fee to get in fuck a homie hook up I AGREE with Floyd
Chris Gowers (2 months ago)
So let me see. Floyd's an idiot because you don't agree with his decision. Floyd don't give a fuck about Diddy being worth $700 million. Floyd made 35
Chris Gowers (2 months ago)
350 million in 30 minutes. It took Diddy over 20 years to make 700 million.
justisligue (2 months ago)
I'll break it down pretty simple..Floyd likes to counter puch on everything in life...and he tried to make P,diddy look like a damnnn fool, over jealousy atmosphere....Floyd is just a hater cause he envies p,diddy for that fact the he's known to throw the best celebrity party ever known in hip hop....so floyd was kinda looking to be tempering a fake situation without the intent of p,piddy not wanting to pay....when in reality P,diddy usually never charged other big celebrities on a door of whatever the reason is...p,diddy won this battle cause now he's gonna clap 👏 back at Floyd..and soon or later Floyd will be broke some time...cause doesn't have the intelligence that p,diddy has as a business man....while floyd is still trying to find that great upcoming boxer that he can invest that money to keep the flow going.
SKILLZ 954 (2 months ago)
Floyd need every penny now .. fight money over with. No more freebies
Kevo Five. 7 (2 months ago)
Man FUCK ALL THAT. I agree 100 percent with Floyd. I don’t give a shit who that nigga is. If he worth 900 million nigga pay the 10k for the section. Floyd, keep doing your thing.

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