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Trucking I'm paying for 2 trucks and didn't know it

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Well I found out that I'm paying for two trucks while my truck is down I'm being charged for this one the only problem is nobody told me anything about it
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Jae_nella Henri (6 months ago)
Why r you paying for two trucks ?
Parteehard da trucker (6 months ago)
One we in the shop
gimmietheloot1 (7 months ago)
600 for a loaner they smoking that 1980's crack 🤣😂🤣wtf
stay quiet (7 months ago)
Bro I got a serious problem, I need your advice, I've been driving for swift for 5 months an had a accident last night .. jackknife.. trailer is fine no injuries.. sum damage to the tractor. Wasn't issued a citation by police , they said it wasn't my fault.. question is is swift going to fire me and what companies would hire me in a situation like this.. please hit me back. I'm at a lost right now
Lua Shelton (6 months ago)
Swift was recently bought out by another company, so no one really knows what or how they'd enforce their policies. Your accident will --in your mind seem like the worst accident on record. But I'm telling you!As truck accidents go, Swift damnwell knows that accident is not on the level of catastrophic. They've seen far worse accidents , probably weekly! You're still on good ground no matter what Swift does.🙂
Lua Shelton (6 months ago)
I re-read your question, and believe all the more in what I just said. Especially because cops said not your fault.
Lua Shelton (6 months ago)
I know you must be really rattled by the accident. The great news is you didn't get a ticket. Swift is a huge company. Those huge companies are self insured, unlike small companies. The driver shortage is so extreme these days that some companies that once would fire you for more involvement in an accident right or wrong--some will now bend on their stiff old rules. But I guarantee you that if Swift pulls some shit on you, there will b many other companies that'll snatch you up like nothing ever happened. If Swift is a prick, it would only be their loss--and a competitor company's gain!Don't you allow yourself to fret over this, because I dont think you're in big trouble at all. Major driver shortage in the industry!
stay quiet (7 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker ard bet I definitely appreciate that..
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
+Adam Howard I dont know if Swift will fire you you didnt get a ticket. Try Abilene Motor Express
Back Handed Compliments (7 months ago)
How you got the camera following you like that ?
Back Handed Compliments (7 months ago)
Oh dope the shit look like someone behind the camera lol
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
+Back Handed Compliments Its just auto focusing I got a galaxy9+ they all do it
404TRUCKER (7 months ago)
You a fleet owner now!
Legends Born (7 months ago)
Damn og...
Legends Born (7 months ago)
Ya queen be home soon... yall got dis...
Top Dollar Trucking (7 months ago)
Damn bro at Swift we pay 200 a week for a loaner truck Mr. jones finessing
Jai Clark (7 months ago)
Hold your head PH. It will work out.
Jai Clark (7 months ago)
Bruh YouTube tripn on the notifications.
Bernard Williams (7 months ago)
You fell the okie doke... I wouldn't believe none of these trucking companies by far... you got it brother regardless
Devin Jackson (7 months ago)
Sup bruh stay positive you gon blow.. give it time.
Tru Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Keep ur head PH. Everything will work out for you.
Junior Powell (7 months ago)
Tell them to hook you up with them seats. I know you love dem!
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Hell yeah😂😂
Cadillac 395 (7 months ago)
Dang mess up
Illya B. (7 months ago)
Bruh, way to keep your head up and roll with the punches. You gone figure this shit out. And then it'll all come together. ✌
Mandisa Konè (7 months ago)
You’ve been nominated to do the DRodgeChallenge. https://youtu.be/92-rIQ6TSo0
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
The Real Boy Dawg (7 months ago)
Learning lesson. Something to use for future benefit
Mandisa Konè (7 months ago)
It’s always good to get it in writing. A favor from these blood sucking truck companies for free sound too good to be true. Be Safe out here.
$$$Rookierunner$$$ (7 months ago)
this is rookierunner
France J (7 months ago)
Oh no them niggahs wild as fuck for that. Gotta at least let me know x amount. They knew what they were doing. Shit like this will get the whole front office shoot up. I know you stressed bruh. It'll get better shit anit got no choice but to get better
N.o Joe (7 months ago)
Bro go fuk wirh land star
JR Ryder Smith (7 months ago)
Stay up PH I just took a $3000 hit in repairs #LifeWeChose
Big Sean tha trucker (7 months ago)
Anit nothing free
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
No shit you can’t die for free I didn’t ask so at the end of the day it is what it is
The Gifted Prodigy (7 months ago)
CBD oil is a healthy alternative to Pharmaceuticals. It wont give a dirty drug test either... https://www.resperate.com/blog/hypertension/treatments/new-study-marijuanas-cbd-reduces-high-blood-pressure
Jacqui Norwood (7 months ago)
wow.... I cant imagine it.... these trucking companies are something else... best of luck - xo Jane
Jamar turner (7 months ago)
They did the jail trick to you . Do you a favor then get you
The Word Yoga Tree (7 months ago)
He found out u a superstar and his eyes filled with dollar signs. 💲💲💲💲💲👀💲💲💲💲
Brandy Smith (7 months ago)
Keep your head up PH. It will work out. You always make a way.
Brandy Smith (7 months ago)
Wow I'm so sorry PH. That sucks. You do have the right to feel that way I would if it were me.
Big Daddy (7 months ago)
That's messed up , you shouldve been warned ! Dirty SOB !
Timothy Barnette (7 months ago)
You really thought they was going to let you use their truck for free Abilene don't love you like that lol. Nothing in life is free but you're learning the do's and the don'ts of the trucking business
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Yeah They could have told me but it is what it is
Glenn Dinkins (7 months ago)
That beat box thing you do at intro of videos always have me crakkin up .. I be in my rig doing it everytime i watch ur videos rotfl
$$$Rookierunner$$$ (7 months ago)
partyhard what's up bro long time
Timothy Stallworth (7 months ago)
God bless!
Dj Dev (7 months ago)
Whats wrong with the other truck,thats down,
vroor32 (7 months ago)
+Parteehard da trucker huh????? A bumper??? And they slammed you with a $600/week . damn. I feel better about my 1998 Volvo (no note, no cali, no elogs, no egr, dpf, def & absolutely no fucks given)
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Had to get a bumper
tgetzbizzy (7 months ago)
Dam that's crazy sneaky people got ask mad questions if it sounds to good to be true but shit happens keep grinding stay blessed u make all that back 💵💪💯

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