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Picking Up Girls With WEIRD Pickup Lines

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Picking Up Girls With WEIRD Pickup Lines. Saying ridiculous things to people and seeing if I can carry on the conversation. SUBSCRIBE ►https://www.youtube.com/user/DG07100?sub_confirmation Instagram- Devin_Gammo I do not own the right to any of the music. Songs used- Good starts by Jingle Punks Outro Song- Higher by Tobu
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Text Comments (30)
Tife Faromika (2 years ago)
Hahhahahhahahahhaha you are legit !!!
CherryportKing (2 years ago)
Do some more videos like this bro!
Joven Hijaz (2 years ago)
i haven't laughed like this in long time..you are gold keep the good work .
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
As requested.... "In regards to sciantic nuances and completely disregarding a lethargic acronym for a ballstarian time complexer movement, do you think I could acquire your digits? because I think you're pretty handsome for a girl."
greenlightning35 (2 years ago)
can you do that whole acquire your phone # one in the comments. lov it
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
ha will do
J. H. (2 years ago)
Querky, original and spontaneous. The perfect mixture for grasping the attention of any chick while at the same time, allowing you to be as weird as you like. As Mr. Smooth McStealYourGirl says "It's all in the delivery" 😉
MackMethods (2 years ago)
LOL, just goes to show that you can say almost anything and still get good reactions.
Joe (2 years ago)
You need to upload a video every week. Then you will have more subscribers.
ShadowLegend (2 years ago)
Holy hell, he is smooth as fuck
CJ Jones (2 years ago)
Souf K (2 years ago)
You`re a smooth bullshitter, i like it.
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
Ha I do what I can
FLUXBEAM (2 years ago)
This was so fucking good and hilarious!! I've watched ALOT of these types of videos, but this one still felt original and fking hilarious, thanks for the laughs
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
Ha anytime. Stay tuned for more!
Faycal Vid (2 years ago)
This was so funny!! nice
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
Thanks Faycal!
collins mugodo (2 years ago)
your stuff is always killer. I'm looking forward to your next video like I'm looking forward to the next world cup.
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
+collins mugodo Definitely will. Monthly uploads/ uploads every 2 months are strictly unacceptable.
collins mugodo (2 years ago)
Np...but God damn bro...can't you treat us spoiled fans with more frequent uploads,?
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
Appreciate it! ha
CherryportKing (2 years ago)
Yes, Back with another! You killed me on this one bro😂 good stuff
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
I try ha always good to see your comments man. Thanks for the encouragement!
25Gaming (2 years ago)
keep it up man can you sub to me if not thats ok you are still cool man
ImStillDreaming (2 years ago)
This was funny i am definitely looking forward to more
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Kivindu Perera (2 years ago)
Nice Video! (Y)
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Fayzee Wifi (2 years ago)
love your content man! Wish you posted more tho :)
Devin Gammo (2 years ago)
Thanks! I am going to start posting more now, just got a new camera so I'm definitely more motivated to film

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