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Top 10 Irish Myths and Legends — TopTenzNet

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Ireland’s long history is riddled with ancient mythology and folklore. Ireland’s ancient societies, the Druids and the Celtics, believed in the power of magic and many of these beliefs spread to modern day legends told again and again across the country. Stories of warriors with all the knowledge of the world, fairies playing pranks on farm owners and leprechauns hiding their gold at the end of a rainbow add to the mysterious appeal of Ireland. 10. The Banshee The Banshee was a woman who carried with her an omen of death. Sometimes you saw the Banshee as an old woman dressed in rags, sometimes you saw her as a young and beautiful girl and sometimes you saw her as a wash woman, ringing out bloody clothing . Whenever she was seen, she let out a horrible cry and legend has it this cry brought death to any family that heard it. King James I of Scotland thought he was approached by a Banshee. Shortly after, he died at the Earl of Atholl. 9. Pookas The Pookas are a certain type of fairy- one bent on creating havoc in the mortal world. The Pooka appeared at night across rural Ireland and the seaboard. On a good day, the Pooka would cause destruction on a farm- tearing down fences and disrupting the animals. On a bad day, the Pooka would stand outside the farmhouse and call the people outside by name. If anyone came out, the Pooka would carry them away. The Pookas also loved to mess with the ships pulling away from Ireland, and were blamed for many shipwrecks along the rocky coast. 8. Changelings As legend has it, female fairies often give birth to deformed children. Since the fairies prefer visually pleasing babies, they would go into the mortal world and swap with a healthy human baby, leaving behind a changeling. While the changeling looked like a human baby, it carried none of the same emotional characteristics. The changeling was only happy when misfortune or grief happened in the house. The changeling legend has lasted for centuries. William Shakespeare talks of a changeling in his play, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream.” Three hundred years later, Scarlett O’Hara believed Rhett Butler’s illegitimate child was a changeling in “Gone with the Wind.” →Subscribe for new videos every day! http://bit.ly/toptenzsubscribe →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: http://bit.ly/1Hl4mVu Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Secret Societies http://bit.ly/1OywyNN Top 10 Coca-Cola Myths... That Turned Out To Be TRUE http://bit.ly/1Rdl1mQ Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-irish-myths-and-legends.php Coming up: 10. The Banshee 9. Pookas 8. Changelings 7. Dagda’s Harp 6. The Children of Lir 5. St. Patrick 4. The Shamrock 3. Finn MacCool 2. Faeries 1. Leprechauns
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Text Comments (542)
aftermath842 (1 month ago)
Smashing video but Aoife is pronounced e-fah
Irawan Parulian (1 month ago)
Finn Balor bring me here
Brian McElroy (1 month ago)
Baby simon!
James Shannon (1 month ago)
I didn't like this, it was offensive!
Easy Bake Ovens! (2 months ago)
Please do more research next time.
Veronica Littlewoood (2 months ago)
What about the ghost of the muer
No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 (2 months ago)
No 1 Irish Myth.... a reunited all ireland.
Sarah Jane Rankin (2 months ago)
what about cu chullainn, brian buru and the wolf, oisin and niamh, the story about finn mccool fighting another giant? the headless horseman and the death coach?
Natsu Draneel (3 months ago)
St. patty came from catholicism, not christianity.
Credits unknown (3 months ago)
Finn McCool That's a cool name
VeyronDestroyerTM -.- (3 months ago)
What about the demon of Ireland Balor?
Séamus Ó Blainn (4 months ago)
These list videos are complied by someone else and then a presenter reads them. I could tell my his smirk he knew 'Celtics' was a nonsense term. You can see many videos on YT where it sounds like an Asian person has written it, only to get an American voice actor to do the voice.
Danny K (4 months ago)
As an Irish person, this is dreadful. Your research is terrible. You're mispronouncing names that could easily be googled to hear the real pronunciation and you're completely changing the important details and narratives of some of these stories. When I heard Aoife(Eee-fah) being pronounced like "ay-fee" I nearly died laughing.😂 Should be ashamed!
Shane Gallagher (4 months ago)
Pookas sank the Titanic
Meghan Kelly (5 months ago)
Did anyone else cringe when he pronounced Aofie? Afie!?😂👌
jucy8 aj play wild (5 months ago)
You amaricans are so stupid
James D Thorn (5 months ago)
Being a 100% Irish boi, I can confirm
Samuela Pachuau (5 months ago)
Are you johny sinns....Lmaoooo
Jared Quinney (5 months ago)
This is really interesting
Marshthomp Madness (5 months ago)
Pooka in Irish means ghost
ThatOneIrishFriend (7 months ago)
aoife is pronounced eefa
Deirdre Hamlett (7 months ago)
You forgot Deirdre!
Depression Studios (7 months ago)
Me dad is a leprechaun he short af
Jenna G. (8 months ago)
I searched for this video without even knowing Simon was involved. now the only thing i can focus on is Simon's jaw line.
lizard ledgend (9 months ago)
It's spelt Fionn MacCumhail. It means blonde son of Cumhail.
Ly Kimlong (10 months ago)
Who is here from Finn Balor WWE?
roisin (10 months ago)
This video is unbelievably wrong on so many levels, you can't just spell Irish words how they sound in English and almost all of the legends were very wrong, everyone has a different way of telling the story(i think every Irish person knows this) but the storys you told are totally worng. You definitely should do better research on your topics how many other videos have the wrong information in them??
This was brutal, pronunciation was terrible, a lot of it was really inaccurate, borderline offensively bad
Dev Tok (1 year ago)
I've seen the witch on Halloween but thought it was a costume yes I'm from ireland
Rainstar108 (1 year ago)
Aoife... is not pronounced that way...🤣😂
Where is Balor the king of demons
Tuna _ (1 year ago)
Aoife is pronounced ee-fa
Fernando Ramos (1 year ago)
How about a Selkie?
Not Amused (1 year ago)
Who's AYFEE??? Oh lololol, I think you mean Aoife,pronounced "Eefah" don't you?Best learn to pronounce it properly as it has become a very popular girl's name in recent decades and there are now loads of Aoifes in Ireland!
BrunoBANNONY AnnoNY (1 year ago)
St Patrick isnt a myth.... he discovered america first
Steven Lopez (1 year ago)
Plague Crawler (1 year ago)
it's celts not celtics btw
HuffleRuff (1 year ago)
You should've shown how Finn's name actually is spelled: Fionn Mac Cumhaill
Funny Stuff (1 year ago)
Aoife is pronouced EE-FA
TheGioguy (1 year ago)
Why is it that no one can pronounce Aiofe it's eefa ok?
Tom Hemming (1 year ago)
Why isn't balor on this
Swapneel Bhadra (1 year ago)
I wanted to know about balor demon
Bigboi mic (1 year ago)
St Patrick chasing out the snakes was a metaphor.....
Ez Gaming (1 year ago)
I'm a Irish Ladd... who else is?
Eve Fitzpatrick (1 year ago)
My nanny saw the banshee and my grandad died
PS3 Master 767 (1 year ago)
why did you not put bálor in the list?
Trayce King (1 year ago)
This man is wrong the real thing Finn Maccool did is he was a gaint he threw a piece of iron into the sea to restore the power and knowledge of humanity and he stabbed his own spear in his face to survive the awaken monster to save a City he was a hero
LemonDrop (1 year ago)
How do you know there were never any snakes in Ireland? I find the lack of snakes very strange.
Not Amused (1 year ago)
Lemondrop- Snakes are reptiles and cold-blooded.It's too cool here for them to survive. Sure we hardly ever get warm, sunny dry days and we haven't had a proper summer since 2013 and before that, 2006! All we get is rain, rain, rain!
n o i d e a (1 year ago)
im irish. this was terrible.
rex ferral (1 year ago)
Ironically "tenz-net-pot" where I come from too.
Marcus Arealius (1 year ago)
A lot of mistakes in your myths
Joder que video tan malo hdp te doy un dislike
CLORUDIOX H (1 year ago)
El Pañolete Rojo (1 year ago)
Es que a mi no me gusto por que no me gusto esta muy raro no le entendi banshe de me la shees prro no por que pos no verdad, pos si ¿no?
El Pañolete Rojo (1 year ago)
óif g´biodrgjtío rpu sf rs ri hrpohj roweemng aperjg wñe.r .d djrhbrño nropn pgorp rr rr yoej wk. weñn eobj wg m :)
rick keen (1 year ago)
still a victorian invention
Comerford1986 (1 year ago)
Aoife is pronounced EE-FA
Ruby Carballo (1 year ago)
What about the Demon King Balor the one-eyed creature when his peulple opens the grass Burns so tree catches fire rocks fall from the sky and everything that happened he is controller
Ádhamh Séan Cathal (5 months ago)
WrestlingArcade (1 year ago)
Ruby Carballo FINN BÁLOR!
Michelle Flood (1 year ago)
It's not affee it's ee-va how hard is that to pronounce !
Patrick S. (1 year ago)
4:40 we do not believe it specifically has special meaning. St. Patrick used it as an analogy in describing how the Holy Trinity can be 3 in 1.
he has pronunced things in the video horribly
Dead Man (1 year ago)
You must mention Conor McGregor in this List [He is a Legend].
rick keen (1 year ago)
leprechauns don,t exist in irish mythology there a victorian invention
ANK55 (1 year ago)
I'm from ireland
Cole Copeland (1 year ago)
is that Simon millers little brother
Christopher Santiago (1 year ago)
SaucyKev Gaming (1 year ago)
get your prenuciation right it's not afaie it's Aoife
Shannon Irwin (1 year ago)
BECKY BELLA (1 year ago)
Karin Scott (1 year ago)
I'm out of my depths in the comments section, sir. They're critiquing your pronunciation. I'm just a yank, these are hard core Irishmen & women. So I'll just say Cheers and back out of the room.
Patrick S. (1 year ago)
Karin Scott not before a drink ya don't! 😂🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺😂
Grant Thomas (1 year ago)
no cu chulainn
Cleo DeNile (1 year ago)
Patrick S. (1 year ago)
Cleo DeNile ❕
Stoner Leprechaun (1 year ago)
hey I made #1 and no you cant catch me! lol
Tim Drake (1 year ago)
Sean Heeney (1 year ago)
Aoife is pronounced E-Fa not Ayfee 🤦‍♂️
Pleasexxx (1 year ago)
Not accurate
Michelin man010 (1 year ago)
Love your vids (both channels) but there is (at least) 2 different versions of most Irish myths having had the majority co-oped and adapted by the christian monks. The Finn MacCool section is way off however as it was not him but his master who caught the Salmon of Knowledge and Finn was instructed to watch it as it cooked, a boil appeared on the fish and Finn indeed burst it with his thumb etc but the devil is indeed in the details. There is sooooo many omitted but 5 different entries for Faerie, The Hound of Ulster , Balor of the evil eye, The formorian sea deamons etc would all make another video :-D
Patrick S. (1 year ago)
Damien James O'Farrell I remember my French teacher was OBSESSED with the celts and she told us that the celts never wrote anything down. Everything was sung. So I guess it was like a huge game of telephone and because of that, the legends changed.
Brent Bren (1 year ago)
Where Is God Balor
I thought the leprechaun would either kill whoever stole their gold or bite off their finger at I wrong pleas help
David Grace (1 year ago)
this is insulting​
Jacob McInnes (1 year ago)
Is Simon Whistler an expert on like... anything? Or is he just a bald guy with a British accent? Someone from Britain should know that "the Celtics" is poor English. He would also probably know that the Earl of Atholl is a person. Atholl is a place. Also King James I of Scotland didn't die in Atholl he died in Perth. I could more easily forgive this if it weren't for the fact that EVERY video I have seen so far by this channel is rife with inaccuracy.
Senketsu (2 years ago)
The thing that really ticks me off is when people come to Ireland asking me.. "where can I find any leprechauns?" Or.. "how many leprechauns have you seen?"
Faeries are not malevolent creatures, they are simply set in their ways. faerie paths are a main cause of conflict; the fae would use these paths to get through forests or over mountains and glens. if anyone should build on these paths, they would suffer an awful racket of faerie gatherings every night until the next born child in the family was promised to them. a trick was to promise the child and never have any more, therefore the fae would leave off and you wouldn't owe them anything. an example of this is the tale of Joseph McPherson.
Willimations (2 years ago)
That is not even vaguely the most interesting story about Finn MacCool, what about the creation of the Giant's Causeway?
laura denieffe (2 years ago)
For heaven sake the Pokas 's' is silent. Also the Leprechaun is Scottish folklore not Irish, it's always mixed up.
shadow05 PW (2 years ago)
there are more then 27 legends in the world. unicorns are legends legend+27= legend 27 legend 27 comfirned
Faery Folklore (2 years ago)
A TRUE FAIRY ENCOUNTER - Watch this and tell me if it teleports you into the faerie realm. It did to me. ( use headphones for a marvelous experience!) https://youtu.be/Gs57_6xibK8
Creamer7HD (2 years ago)
And Finn macool its fionn machumhail
Creamer7HD (2 years ago)
Aify it's aoife
john mcananey (2 years ago)
not bad , but theirs allot better irish legends than these and the finn one was only half the story, good attempt though.
Brenda Murphy (2 years ago)
Please Do Scottish Highlands Myths and Legends
Brenda Murphy (2 years ago)
By the way, GWTW...Scarlett Never Believes That...I know the book from cover to cover
BarryJ Gallagher (2 years ago)
We are as crazy as it gets, but i wouldn't discount it all, you never know.
Panda Cake (2 years ago)
Actually what they mean " drove out the snakes " he drove out the badness of the people. I think, that's what I heard, if I'm wrong, tell me what's true please! ☺
Patrick S. (1 year ago)
Skye Brooks that's what they called the pagans and St. Patrick converted them. So yeah you could say that. Depends on your definition of "evil."
AlexDoesSomeStuff (2 years ago)
I'm sorry, but it's Fionn McCumhail not Finn MacCool (I couldn't help myself ;D)
Cara Halvey (2 years ago)
I'm Irish And i heard all these stories!🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮
Johann Sebastian Bach (2 years ago)
I'm Irish and my great grandmother had seen a banshee my grandfather told me the story one day my great grandmother Bella in the middle of world war 1 was up at a graveyard at white rock road (Belfast) when she turned around and seen an old woman she said hello to the woman the woman disappeared but the creepy part is that a few days later she got a telegraph saying that her husband had died.
Crawford DeLarge (2 years ago)
I'm Irish American Christian who believes the holy trinity of the sharock.
Aine Bolustrom (2 years ago)
Like 98% of this vid is inaccurate..the pronoun cations, most of the legends are only half right...I doubt all the other vids posted by top tens now...how on earth does an Irish person not no how to pronounce Aoifa.
Chris 1 (2 years ago)
Pooka is actully spelt púca

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