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Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jarek120 MORE DISAPPEARING MAN: http://tiny.cc/disappearCalen SUBSCRIBE: http://tiny.cc/subDisturbReality TWEET THIS VID: http://tiny.cc/tweetdisappear FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/disturbreality TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jarek120 Special thanks to Calen Morelli for conceptualizing this video Check out Calen Morelli: http://tiny.cc/subCalenMorelli Huge thanks to Shay Carl and Dj Sennet for making a cameo and filming Subscribe to Public Prank: http://tiny.cc/n28p1w Subscribe to ShayCarl: http://tiny.cc/n38p1w BEHIND THE SCENES: We dug a hole in the sand at Santa Monica Beach to create the illusion of a person disappearing within seconds. We hid in the hole while our subject was distracted and covered the hole with a towel stapled to cardboard. COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! 2ND CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/evancloyd WEBSITE: http://www.DisturbReality.com T-SHIRT: http://www.districtlines.com/howtodisturbreality E-Mail me at [email protected] ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (1503)
Ben Shippin (10 months ago)
I met this guys’ Mom at a garage sale today.
Gastly 忍 (1 year ago)
I’m not lying when I say this. I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as the one at 2:20 with the short blonde hair. 😍 I wanna make her my everything!
jrasicmark1 (1 year ago)
What happened to the couple from 4:10?
Oliver Klozov (1 year ago)
Hey guys, he conceptualized it.
lazaro valle (1 year ago)
at the beginning I thought he was pushing away a fart
Dylan Cooper (2 years ago)
This was so funny! Lol
Disciple of Pepe (2 years ago)
I came for ass and that's what I got.
L' Inquisition (2 years ago)
L'Inquisition tolère cette vidéo selon l'ordre mk40.000 85418541854
Tanya Sarkar (2 years ago)
good one dude🤗🤗🤗
Ajie Bayu (2 years ago)
2.14 is that elle fanning??
Kae Pugna (2 years ago)
2:20 my god she is gorgeous
Gastly 忍 (1 year ago)
Kae Pugna Too gorgeous.
NoiZY (2 years ago)
who came for the thumbnail?
Raúl Vázquez (2 years ago)
Ungegurkt (2 years ago)
i will cum in that asses hard rape
Roger Galbraith (2 years ago)
It would have been hard to do the disappearing trick at 1:50
mgc26133 (2 years ago)
2:55 busted. sooo busted!! xD
Travis Weathers (2 years ago)
ur wack
Sergei Zhak (2 years ago)
You know guys,it would be more funnier if members of the family/friends,whatever who they are,after "magician" jump in this little pit,would cover it with bandbox and then start to shout: Oh my god!Did you see that?That guy just disappeared!What the heck!??
_ Qu1ck_Sh0tz_AB (2 years ago)
David Wayne (2 years ago)
Background song name anyone ?
Aiden Yang (2 years ago)
2:08 shes cute. <3
Prabhdeep Singh (2 years ago)
Ladies 😍😍
Prabhdeep Singh (2 years ago)
Ladies 😍😍
Edge of Night (2 years ago)
StoopVital (2 years ago)
lightning 02 (2 years ago)
What is the first trick he did
BOSS-837 (2 years ago)
More like 1500,000
Velociraptor Brunetti (2 years ago)
wow! that's totally crikey awesome! Love it 😁
•gumdrops (2 years ago)
maybe there's a hole in there
Isaiah Mattox (2 years ago)
this nigga right here
•gumdrops (2 years ago)
Azore (2 years ago)
Dat ass!
abiszett09 (2 years ago)
What's the name of the song ?
David Wayne (2 years ago)
hoooly shit thanks so much man been searching this for like forever.. it's so awesome
Ayush Tomar (2 years ago)
song of name is - wake to the light by matthew sikora
Ayush Tomar (2 years ago)
David Wayne
David Wayne (2 years ago)
did you find it yet? Im searching too.. so awesome
Adauto Whitney Zimmer (2 years ago)
TALKINGtac0 (2 years ago)
You should do this, but with a girl dressed in white or somethin. That way its like shes a ghost.
DazaeminPro (2 years ago)
+TALKINGtac0 because why not?
TALKINGtac0 (2 years ago)
😂😂😂 why???
DazaeminPro (2 years ago)
+TALKINGtac0 bitch
TALKINGtac0 (2 years ago)
And she should be like, "my name is Angel". Idk, somethin. You guys are the geniuses, you come up with it.
KR Mau (2 years ago)
2:19 She looks better then most of girls
Baron Local (2 years ago)
pink 0:59
Random Kpop (2 years ago)
yay ShayCarl yay love his vids
Victor T (2 years ago)
its 2:21 am
Ruben Cervantes (2 years ago)
wtf my time is at 222 pm wtfff
Rosie’s life (3 years ago)
Lol lol
Lucky Luke (3 years ago)
2:21 so hot
OGKUSH 1 (3 years ago)
this was a waste of my time lame ass prank
Mark Baltazar (3 years ago)
all ladies are beautiful
Dantom (2 years ago)
+CrazyGamer And Killer kick your fucking nuts
Jeremy Alvarez (2 years ago)
+Imtheglitch deez nuts
Dantom (3 years ago)
+Mark Baltazar what about the fat one?
Joshua Benton (3 years ago)
I'm just happy to see that the majority of commenters here believe that the woman in the black shirt looks extremely pretty and she seems to take precedence over the girls in the bikinis :)
Andrei Rusu (3 years ago)
This video makes me happy. Not the video itself, but more the song that's in the background. I've seen this video a long time ago and instantly fell in love with the song, but for some reason couldn't find it's name or singer. Even after one year or so I STILL come here and watch this video every day or so, in hopes of finally finding the name of the song. It's a song I fell in love with from the first time hearing it, for no specific reason at all; I just enjoy it a lot even if it's really simple. Maybe it's the idea of the mystery of the song that makes me like this so much, and makes me come back here every so often. Maybe it's blind love and once I actually find it, the magic will be over. But I'm willing to bet my chances, so if anyone can please share the name of the song, I would greatly appreciate it and would love you from the bottom of my heart.
Jim Jonathan (3 years ago)
Richard Johnson (3 years ago)
omg shaytarss
Flying Sock (3 years ago)
Girl at 2:09 was fucking banging mate
Puncakez GT (3 years ago)
Where is shay arks family....... He lied to us SHAY WHYYYY :( also that scared me
Freshy (3 years ago)
2:55 lol EPIC FAIL!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trí Nguyễn Đình (3 years ago)
The black-shirt girl is cute.
Subuthi Ahamed (3 years ago)
alfredo roldan jr. (3 years ago)
Tq u frank gr8tings frm phil...have a merry x-mass and happy new year to come .....more power to u and the guys...good luck,,,
Balpreet Singh (3 years ago)
Why don't these guys follow the guy's footsteps on the sand....
alceushunterx (3 years ago)
+Balpreet Singh cus it'll be mixed up with the other footsteps. But smart thinking.
FwanPie (3 years ago)
Shaycarl :O😮😀
Cj Asa (3 years ago)
2:19 she cute.
Yakob (2 years ago)
v Frisk stfu everyone has different opinions
v Frisk (2 years ago)
+Pikachu Man u never seen beautiful girl...
MatthewMossa (2 years ago)
Cj Asa no she not UGLY AF
+Saifty shes like someone from an anime
leadpunch 84 (3 years ago)
Kids are not easily fooled.
alceushunterx (3 years ago)
+octavio moreno oops sorry thanks for correcting me. It's like saying all black guys are killers.
Freshy (3 years ago)
+alceushunterx SOME kids aren't
alceushunterx (3 years ago)
+leadpunch 84 they are...
Will Pandora (3 years ago)
That looks like the beach in gta5
TALKINGtac0 (2 years ago)
Its a beach in the city of Los Angeles. Los Santos from GTA V is a copy of Los Angeles. You should look it up :)
francesco mauri (3 years ago)
Filthy (3 years ago)
TTJOKER4 (3 years ago)
who else paused the video at 0:45
dfhowes (3 years ago)
+TTJOKER4 Everyone with a penis (and approximately 1.5% of those that don't)
Nguyen Manh (3 years ago)
yes 2:10 she is very pretty.love her
TALKINGtac0 (2 years ago)
You do not love her
Leon Jodedor (3 years ago)
nice pussys everywhere.!!
SOPER MERIO (3 years ago)
There was no pussy in this vid kid
In Awe (3 years ago)
Good way to get a number huh.
Blazeyice (3 years ago)
What's the song I need to know!
David Wayne (2 years ago)
Wake To The Light - Matthew Sikora (Instrumental)
Jim Jonathan (3 years ago)
Bence warlock (3 years ago)
you didn't disappear you went under that towel
Anthony Ibarra (3 years ago)
2:20 she legit seems really happy & she's really beautiful
Francis Watterson (3 years ago)
0:50 dat ASS
badr eddine el fejer (3 years ago)
2:21 that's a TRULY beautiful girl... a pretty face beats everything
TALKINGtac0 (2 years ago)
It even beats getting to know someone? How awful....
Sergio Specalsiki (3 years ago)
Just LOVE it
Schleep (3 years ago)
I only came here for booty...
Carlitos Gonzalez (3 years ago)
same lol😏😂
Ground Pounders Place (3 years ago)
HAHA, the ones that caught him were like. what the? LOL
Wildtard (3 years ago)
Adailton Amory (3 years ago)
+Wildtard your name explains a lot. so..... yeah.
kylene (3 years ago)
Dommus Confidemus (3 years ago)
my niggas catch you kkkkkkkkk XD duuuummmmbbbbb for youuu
‎ ‎ (3 years ago)
hd asses <3
Alina (3 years ago)
Taps random video. Sees ShayCarl. OMGGGG
jam12giaco (3 years ago)
give us the fucking name of the song ! :p tried to find it a half hour  please
Yuri Guimaraes (3 years ago)
The songs name. Pleasee
Ruger Manzer (4 years ago)
It would have been great to tell them a story about a ghost who lives on the beach, and if you look hard enough at certain times of the day, you can see him. Point out into the water, vanish, and watch them freak out!
TALKINGtac0 (2 years ago)
I just wrote a comment about that. They should have a girl dressed in white be like "hi, my name is Angel. Did you here about what happened here recently?" and so on.
Harvey Vlogs (4 years ago)
What IS the music name pls tell me ?!?!
EAST COASTING (4 years ago)
the instrumental used in the background is from what song?
EAST COASTING (2 years ago)
Thanks bro
David Wayne (2 years ago)
Wake To The Light - Matthew Sikora
Hengky Gunawan (2 years ago)
darude, sandstorm
Lee (4 years ago)
That shit fucking sucked
RamboJRV (4 years ago)
Damn I miss the summer!
Abidin KILIÇ (4 years ago)
gisselle (4 years ago)
Hey guess what? I met him!
Solr Frost (4 years ago)
Solr Frost (4 years ago)
HOW DID U! 0_0
seth Jim (4 years ago)
that moment when they land on there card and you disappear   
Alexis Ozlem (4 years ago)
Noah Taylor (4 years ago)
I enjoyed the ad more than your video.
castro (4 years ago)
They should stop eating their underwear with their butts.
Samnold Telfort (4 years ago)
lol he aint fool the black kid.
amok more amok (4 years ago)
Really stupid prank but the girls are fucking hot.
Abraham Wences (4 years ago)
Music selection sucks
Raphael Saunders (4 years ago)
2:23 Girl so cute! I'm in love * - * kkkkk
Sweet Lemons (4 years ago)
I need Jesus (4 years ago)
Loay Oraby (4 years ago)
Aldo Quipuzcoa (2 years ago)
+Jeff Treseder yeah lol wtf
Loay Oraby (4 years ago)
+Jeff Treseder hahahaha
Dr. Knockers (4 years ago)
+Loay Oraby It's like she was looking to see if he was hiding behind her HUGE BEHIND!  HAHAHAHAAAAA
Erekle Erekle (4 years ago)
cool that was cool
Sondaze! (4 years ago)
2:20 Does she work for life support? Because I've fallen and I can't get up.
TheMightyKinkle (4 years ago)
Yeah, she was probably the best looking in my opinion. She looks like Rachel Riley
Nicholas W. (4 years ago)
life alert mate life alert
Thesaveone 1 (4 years ago)
That was so gay!!! What a shot prank!!!
ANTHONY SOPRANO (4 years ago)
Is this the Nickelodeon Mr Wizard soundtrack
Luke Hayes (4 years ago)
That is so funny, that's the best
HALO INSTINCTS (4 years ago)

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