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Daily Street Magic: Day 9

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Daily Street Magic: Day 9 🐰🎩SUBSCRIBE👑💔 http://bit.ly/SUB2DISTURBREALITY • YESTERDAY'S STREET MAGIC►https://youtu.be/573Xl_6svGY Effect is "French Kiss" by Wayne Houchin: https://store.theory11.com/products/french-kiss-wayne-houchin TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS TO SEE THE MAGIC 🐺Follow Jarek 1:20 on Social Media 🐺 INSTAGRAM: (@jarek120) http://www.instagram.com/jarek120 TWITTER: (@jarek120) http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/jarek120fans TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/jarek120 SNAPCHAT: (@jarek120) https://snapchat.com/add/jarek120 T-SHIRT: http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/jarek120 MUSIC BY JOEY GIAMANCO: https://soundcloud.com/joeygiamanco ♥♣Other Channels♦♠ Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/SubBESTLIFE Gaming + Wrestling Channel: http://youtube.com/jarek120 COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Business Inquires: [email protected] ---------------------- Aspire to Inspire ♥️️♣️️Rise Above♦️️♠️️
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Text Comments (90)
Disturb Reality (1 year ago)
Which trick should I do for tomorrow?
william Cooper (1 year ago)
Luca Koch (1 year ago)
Lets go ambitious card
Nathan Goldberg (1 year ago)
Something technically insane. Like Raise Rise or some DPS’ for a Card to Pocket
James Fabulous Magic (1 year ago)
When I first started doing magic 6 years ago your tutorial videos on the DL & pass were the first things I learnt from. I’m now a professional magician working in Barcelona. Thank you so much for everything Evan massive big ups. In answer to your question I would love to see how your ambitious is nowadays!
Joseph Litman (1 year ago)
Invisible deck
Joshua Lesch (8 months ago)
WOW shout out my idol Sheng Le who won Americas got Talent. Beautiful.
Luckky One (1 year ago)
Evan Almighty
Grey Emano (1 year ago)
2:22 little did he know
Koen Vialle (1 year ago)
*Can you make a video with a list of the best tricks to learn/buy?*
Wil Kiley Magic (1 year ago)
Chris angel over here
PLATIPLE (1 year ago)
Jarek do you mind if i ask you to follow me on instagram
Ben Gelfuso (1 year ago)
“Put your spit in my mouth”
Simon Lado (1 year ago)
Jesus doing Magic Tricks in the Street
Wolf Behind Screen (1 year ago)
fuck david fuck criss angel lol!
MZAAO (1 year ago)
haha awesome man
Spades. jrayz (1 year ago)
You look like Jesus of Magic
Tan Yan Zhong (1 year ago)
Jarek, would love to see you do some magic/deck reviews too. Keep up the great work though, loving it!!! #roadto1mil
Metin İbrahim (1 year ago)
French french french kiss kiss kiss ...
kingtone k5 magic (1 year ago)
perform some color changes!
kingtone k5 magic (1 year ago)
bro you look like jesus!! LOL
Boltek (1 year ago)
HAH Evan all mighty
Kent Canedo (1 year ago)
this is one of my favorite trick.. gets an amazing reaction,at the same time you get the girl
FatPasta (1 year ago)
That redhead wanted ya so bad
Lightman 3D (1 year ago)
Love the content you're posting these days, keep going!
phil mcguire (1 year ago)
Amazing performance and good reactions! love you man keep the vids coming! soooo good to have you back! I think you should do some levitation! float something without loops!
armon Prodigy (1 year ago)
What a horrid crowd, I didn't even see the baby applaud you.
Disturb Reality (1 year ago)
Considering it's a baby that can't even speak yet or use the bathroom to it's own devices, it would've been pretty miraculous for the baby to applaud me.
The Cryptid Hunters (1 year ago)
A lot of people say this trick is stupid, but this is one of my favorites, and I still do it. I do it to girls, guys, dosent matter, it just freaks people out really badly and I love that
Murilo Augusto (1 year ago)
Thor? Is that you?
Not The Norm (1 year ago)
Could you link us where you buy your invisible thread please thanks player.
- - (1 year ago)
That hashtag in the top left corner is inspired from WWE, right?
Disturb Reality (1 year ago)
Yes, straight ripped it.
Saviour Okusenogu (1 year ago)
I did this trick to a lady just minutes ago! WTF I'm freaked out... We connected bruv!
MrTheRapi (1 year ago)
Hi Evan, do you sometimes get rejected by poeple who don't want to see magic tricks ? if so, could you make a video where you deal if that ? thank you for your videos !
Gildas Dollo (1 year ago)
A great trick, greatly perform. Keep it up.
DocToRFakE (1 year ago)
4:03 you really wanted to die right ? :D
Anime OPX (1 year ago)
Keep going jarek i like the daily magic tricks 🙏🏻❤️👍🏻👌🏻
Anime OPX (1 year ago)
She is going crazy 😂😂😂😂
BartekHCOL (1 year ago)
Classic. Epic. :D
Miguel Rodriguez (1 year ago)
“Wait put your spit in ma mouth” LOL
The Great Emu (1 year ago)
Broo you asked us what trick you wanted us to do in your videos and I suggested the french kiss. Few days later, here you are performing it! Blessed today🙏
Jason Irelan (1 year ago)
Do you ever do anything besides cards? Take care. God loves you.
bhumesh patel (1 year ago)
Gud one 👍
Treinstein (1 year ago)
Love it, you should be a YouTube busker haha
TheSuperMango (1 year ago)
"I know what a french kiss is, but I have no idea what kind of kiss that was " LOL
Brotin Saha (1 year ago)
Tri Monster (1 year ago)
No longer Evan Cloyd, now he's Evan Almighty
Bruno lorenzetti (1 year ago)
This dude is the modern day jesus christ!!!
Bilal Khan (1 year ago)
Nice vid👍👍👍 You should try doing iphone magic like unlocking it and stuff.
poopooondafloo (1 year ago)
fuck David Blaine fuck Criss Angel!! hahaha I love the street magic
david choi (1 year ago)
Loving the content but could you switch it up a bit do a trick involving some fire or something similar. peoples reactions to ordinary card tricks arent as great as it use to be sadly
david choi (1 year ago)
i meant about you specifically but i get that, thanks.
Disturb Reality (1 year ago)
We did a money trick yesterday and a ring trick the day before that
Fake (1 year ago)
man, i'm rally realy glad your back, love your videos
Thomas - (1 year ago)
"I know what a french kiss is but i dunno what this is" It's the french kiss :^)
Blake Jones (1 year ago)
“Is my spit still my spit?”
Ethan Thomson (1 year ago)
"im not normal"
vijay thakkar (1 year ago)
I order u to perform the biddle trick tomorrow! Just kidding. Love ur videos
Yskiller (1 year ago)
Jacob Thomas (1 year ago)
He messed up a trick and they were still amazed! Great job playing off a simple, but crucial mistake to maintain the illusion
TheElitesnake1 (1 year ago)
Jacob Thomas how
PSYCHOPATHRIK (1 year ago)
AN MEDIA. (1 year ago)
Do moreeeee
AN MEDIA. (1 year ago)
Is my spit still my spit 😂😂
Chris Gomez (1 year ago)
Lmao she said Evan Almighty 😂
KING TERRIFY (1 year ago)
You put me up to this bitch! Lmao
Bruno Franco Sentis (1 year ago)
hahhahaha niceone
Austin Chubak (1 year ago)
Love your hair man!
Dontray Carpenter (1 year ago)
Great videos, awesome inspiration. It's great to see you back doing magic.
lengers powor (1 year ago)
I just got the feeling wanna to punch your ice cold face. Jk love your videos man.
WrestleBase (1 year ago)
Evan if you got signed to wwe would you use your magic gimmick on nxt
SIMON HAZARIKA (1 year ago)
That's cool buddy
Mukul Rawat (1 year ago)
Awesome 😍😍
Vacum Cocumber (1 year ago)
Enrique Mellet (1 year ago)
Yo Evan Really glad your back And these daily magic vids are a great idea Your awesome man
Timoteo Ada (1 year ago)
First comment , first view, nice video im a fan of your channel! :)
the jokerbat (1 year ago)
Nice vid brooo
Am3thist (1 year ago)
Day 9 #NotificationSquad
Matthew Kamlot (1 year ago)
Awesome vid !!

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