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PSY 싸이- Gangnam Style 강남스타일 Ukulele Cover by Royal Pirates

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Hey guys, since today's my birthday I thought I'd post a video of me singing Gangnam style by PSY with a Ukulele. Actually I learned ukulele for the first time today and thought it'd be fun to do a cover with it. Psy - Gangnam Style Click to TWEET: http://clicktotweet.com/3CkBc Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/royalpirates https://www.facebook.com/RoyalPiratesMoon Twitter: https://twitter.com/royalpirates https://twitter.com/moonchul YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/fadingfromdawn
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Salty Snake (3 months ago)
its 2018 and im currently jamming like a crazy person to this i love royal pirates so much you wouldnt even understand
LunarCyborg (2 months ago)
Salty Snake Omg same, I thought I was the only one. I miss them so much 😭💕 anyways, I'm happy there's still people who support them 💕
Princess Ciara (2 years ago)
Cuteness overload I cant handle it
Ninisw33t (2 years ago)
this is crazy amazing
Heart Be-be-beat (2 years ago)
On repeat. :) Moon is way handsome without the make up.
TeaTime4 Akane (2 years ago)
It's possible. Once you master a string instrument, it's not that difficult to play another one. I.w. guitar, ukelele, banjo etc.
conie faderanga (2 years ago)
oh God you are so talented.
Chihiro Ogino (3 years ago)
better than the original all the way♥
becKjmndharsSlandia (3 years ago)
"Actually I learned ukulele for the first time today and thought it'd be fun to do a cover with it" ...wait what?? that was your FIRST DAY of playing ukulele???? t.a.l.e.n.t...... *cries in corner*
Ferenc Csenkey (1 year ago)
becKjmndharsSlandia not really, you can do good things with a skill after 20 hours of practice. Also if you had practice with guitar it's not a hard thing to use the ukulele.
Kimberly Adams (3 years ago)
Wait, they have two channels? Also, Moon, I don't want to believe that you learned ukelele for the first time that day. That seems a little too impressive.
eyl1123 (3 years ago)
so cuteeee hahaha
challengechloe (3 years ago)
Roanna Green (3 years ago)
This actually sounds better than the original song
Sara H (3 years ago)
If someone ever told me that there was a ukulele cover of gangnam style out there, I would've thought, "well that sounds lame." But after seeing this, it's actually the most adorable cover of any song I've ever seen! ^-^ lol just look at his cute wittle face!!  :D <3
KaiKai (3 years ago)
The deep voice.... the singing.... HIS SMILE..... yes.
vhopeloverforlife :33 (3 years ago)
I have that same wicker furniture lol XD he did awesome
Jessica Le (3 years ago)
Wow Moon, just wow. <33
Erik Speigel (3 years ago)
wow that kind weird
Kristine Joy (4 years ago)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON!!! And happy two years to this video!!
godlove6980 (4 years ago)
Did Moon get doublefold eyelid surgery??
Eileen Momo (3 years ago)
no lol. u can find him all the way to his older videos and he had his double eyelids. i think it's all due to the angle problem since he's viewing down towards the camera. 
literal_BTS_trash (4 years ago)
This is awesome! I love it so much better than the original (:
Imelda Yulivia (4 years ago)
xox102 (4 years ago)
That smile at the end... Kill me hard.
Shannon Fairywalker (4 years ago)
OMG that was amazing.
Arina Azizah (4 years ago)
that was intense
Nicky jang (4 years ago)
*blank/shock face *mouth left open for years how can someone be so talented and cute at the same time, MoonChul?! *fans myself Royal Pirate fan for life. Here for the music. Your the Best!
GoldenCH (4 years ago)
I keep coming back to this. This is awesome! I really love that Ukulele part at 0:58 in electric guitar style~  "Oppa Gangnam Style~" Breaks into awesome guitar-er I mean Ukulele solo~ Love you Moon~ ^-^
GoldenCH (4 years ago)
Oh my gosh this is so much better than the original for me~ Can't believe I found this so late. Sorry Royal Pirates for finding you late~ But I'm a fan~
Rinda967880 (3 years ago)
+GoldenCH No problem :)
GoldenCH (3 years ago)
oh!!! I see lol wow I did not know that. thanks for taking the time to explain :)
Rinda967880 (3 years ago)
+GoldenCH For example in germany you write www. (Something).de The "de" is for germany and the "ch" for Switzerland (sorry for my english , it's not my first language) :/ I hope it's understandable.
GoldenCH (4 years ago)
oh what is the CH supposed to stand for if I was from Switzerland?
Saran Chan (4 years ago)
+GoldenCH Because of the CH at the end of your name :)
Alexandra (4 years ago)
lol. this guy is awesome !
Zhenya Strizheus (4 years ago)
MOON. Ahh my feels !!!!!!
이재큥 (4 years ago)
OwO his smile at the end is so adorable :D
nemuritai (4 years ago)
it's amazing how he counted "1,2,3,4' in his deep voice and the next second he immediately sings in a higher pitch <3 moon's voice is just super duper lovely <333
GoldenCH (4 years ago)
oh my gosh lol when I read your comment, I thought about some other band's vocalist lol Yun from Lunafly~ lol sorry I am so obessesed with Lunafly but I am discovering Royal Pirates' talents~ I think I'm liking Moon as well~~^-^
JKH1408 (4 years ago)
'I learned ukulele for the first time today' How the heck Moon?!
Alex E (4 years ago)
Guitar > Ukelele transition.. not that hard if you're musically inclined. That, and Moon is just awesome. :)
JKH1408 (4 years ago)
Too some of the people who probably don't know, he's a part of a korean band called Royal Pirates now ^^ Go check out their mv for Drawing The Line or look it up in english :D
Amanda Xiong (4 years ago)
I'm undeniably in love with you, Moonchul. <3 Please continue making more amazing covers and singles! <3
Sumi Elmi (4 years ago)
He's so cute! 
Weronika Żurowska (4 years ago)
It... took my breath away... so it surprised me xD    You're really, really good... I can say "great"! :D Good luck and thank you for it ! ♥ ^ ^
emily (4 years ago)
totally awesome and absolutely hilarious at the same time. one of the best gangnam style covers out there! xD
Krystal Lee (4 years ago)
Just learning about Royal Pirates!! Definitely a fan already :)
Deanna Ko (4 years ago)
Wow, that's impressive. After a day? You're hell talented. (And I just bought your band's autographed album on Soompi! Already got me hooked and running around to all the covers done by your band. I love your voice and I really hope Royal Pirates could come around to the east coast (NYC!) someday. That would be the best-and I'm wishing you guys all the best too.
Talissa (4 years ago)
<3 so amazing 
VIXXtoria (4 years ago)
You're so amazing!
GogolOingoBoingo (4 years ago)
...Wow, this was so amazing, seriously. I'm just now learning about Royal Pirates :)
Natalie Phay (4 years ago)
THIS WAS AWESOME. Also, I have to say, you look darn cute without eyeliner.
Apollo-milkchocolate (4 years ago)
wow great rendition
Jessica Quach (4 years ago)
Word. This is a cool cover. It ranks on scale with jayesslee for me. Two different approaches but both equally catchy. (Happy super late birthday!)
Cherrix GamerGirl (4 years ago)
This is the first time I seen any of your videos and this is so amazing!
TheSuper3Flowers2 (4 years ago)
Beautiful cover! ^^ And we really like your voice! <3
thatgirlintherain (5 years ago)
can you stop being so talented
Kaa Mari (5 years ago)
Holy mother of all that is ukulele goodness 0_0
Tarenina Max (5 years ago)
waaaahhhh, you just made a new fan!:DD
marieltan9 (5 years ago)
I love how he pursed his lips at the oppan gangnam style part xD
Cerulean bird (5 years ago)
You're so adorable! :D and talented!!!
Bruna Parentes (5 years ago)
GGRTB EBIEURB HOW DID YOU LEARN UKULELE IN ONE DAY. But omg you are so cute an i love your voice! New fan ^^
SteffiTan (5 years ago)
Hey guys, since today's my birthday I thought I'd post a video of me singing Gangnam style by PSY with a Ukulele. Actually I learned ukulele for the first time today and thought it'd be fun to do a cover Actually I learned ukulele for the first time today and thought it'd be fun to do a cover ACTUALLY I LEARNED UKULELE FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY
judge of paradox (5 years ago)
i honestly didnt think his voice was that deep
Kayla Michelle (5 years ago)
Pretty sure I just fell in love. //dies happily♥
cheeze1016 (5 years ago)
Gosh darn I wish I would of found them sooner, his voice is like the voice of an angel kekeke
Since I just read the description, Happy Belated Birthday, Moon Chul!!!^^ Keke it was two days ago, isn't it??●▪● Lol I love your voice, so Royal Pirates Fighting!!!! XD
Jasmyn Pseudonymous (5 years ago)
FAN. NEW FAN. GAINED. I am 9000% to lose my mind, thank you <3
lemon (5 years ago)
how do you learn that in a day? ._. haha amazing...
Lili Rose (5 years ago)
A day of ukulele? I've been playing a year and I can't play like that.
reemix a (5 years ago)
wow , I love it 3
kkxyy (5 years ago)
i love it <3 been following them for a 5 years and loving every cover they make <3
U.WEN Diep (5 years ago)
Woah you learn the ukulele that fast?
bubohseven (5 years ago)
love it! one of my favorite covers of the song :)
Nathaly Campoblanco (5 years ago)
me gusta (: !
Nicole Wang (5 years ago)
fattie8701 (5 years ago)
woah...this is really really good!
purplepianist92 (5 years ago)
Skills! :)
chan찬 (5 years ago)
I love his voice♥
caroline møller (5 years ago)
The song is actually amazing, i just don't like the way PSY was doing it.. Lol, just realized!
bdx96 (5 years ago)
The video is mirrored
jesskidng (5 years ago)
Great now do gentleman! lol when I watched the mv I immediately thought of this videos...
hastyteenflick (5 years ago)
Nicole Baterina (5 years ago)
that was actually better than what I was expecting.
Takichiiii (5 years ago)
WOW!!!! +he's cute & sexy *-*
KPOPBRASIL S2 (5 years ago)
You did it so well. : D
Min Wang (5 years ago)
soooooooooo late! but... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! thank you for your cover! you did BEAUTIFUL!!! i LOVE it!!! AMAZING job!!!!!!
Robert Barreto (5 years ago)
japa muito loko chapado de mais!!! kkkkk
Sullivan Vilayvong (5 years ago)
thats so cool!!!!! btw what are the chords/tabs?
mei -yun (5 years ago)
Woooow this is a so goooodd ! :D
Charmaine Cruz (5 years ago)
Lol. The random clap at the end~ XD
Jicia Lim (5 years ago)
Great voice but u holded it the wrong way it should be the other way
Chance Ang (5 years ago)
Dude. That is so sick on so many levels. So funky... good stuff.
Daraling (5 years ago)
Wow *-*
Tammer Kon (5 years ago)
The_Carnage_Joker (5 years ago)
This is awesome! *mind blown*
K226 (5 years ago)
That was totally wicked!!!
pennylicious99 (5 years ago)
Omggg prefer this much !! more Better than the -.- original song! Go!
Jacquelyn Lopez (5 years ago)
Ur good
ZelDAxLoVeR333 (5 years ago)
This is beyond legit
kenzie scott (5 years ago)
this is even better than the original
Kyla Kervin (5 years ago)
That was amazing! great job
cuteaspuke (5 years ago)
HIS HAIR.....IT LOOKS SO SOFT.... I WANNA TOUCH IT... :D the cover was GREATTT!!!!
Macie2001 (5 years ago)
omg! i was not expecting that! that was awesome! :)
Sahara Jade (5 years ago)
dranzers619 (5 years ago)
mahayo sun (5 years ago)
죽을때까지 널 사랑해
dranzers619 (5 years ago)
your voice is AMAZING
dranzers619 (5 years ago)
this sounds better than gangnam style KEEP IT UP!!!!

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