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Aw, Women Who Think They're Better Than Men Can't Find Love

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The reason women end up alone, childless, and bitter, is because they're better than you. If you were as smart as them, you'd already know that. If you like my content, please consider donating. Every little helps; Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/6oodfella Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=75ZXPH7QYKJW4 Twitter: @6oldDigger Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4919208/The-women-clever-boyfriend.html Enjoy.
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Some dude (9 days ago)
Football is a benign subject?! As benign as love island and real housewives?! What’s wrong with somebody being fanatical about benign subjects? You can like benign subjects and still engage with some aspects of politics etc. How many football fans here think they could turn Natasha over in a debate?
Richyminero (18 days ago)
The feminised engineering: I took a MSc in engineering last year, 15yr after I finished my previous MSc. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, you know, like the ones I used to have! Nope! Piece of cake! It was so easy that I raised an official complaint for the crap we were receiving. I felt I was not receiving value for money!
shoved to the right? (1 month ago)
Poor little overly privileged princesses, why don't they climb down off their hobbie horses and get back down to earth! Maybe if women had something beyond a snatch to offer a man they would find one. However as every woman has a snatch it is hardly rare, so if you got nothing else to offer, like a personality or a sense of tradition, you don't stand a chance!
Petes F (1 month ago)
"intelligent women"?? What is that??!
Ben Cheevers (1 month ago)
Religion and Terrorism informed from university, a headful of information, lmao
Muzzy337 (1 month ago)
I have to tell you my experience- the relationship/dating arena has changed drastically. The most significant relationship of my life ended 17 months ago in a very painful way. It was horrible. In my efforts to crawl from the wreckage and the ashes of that smoldering scorched earth, I've worked on myself like never before. I actually started to feel like a desirable man again. I was gradually becoming more enthusiastic about finding a new love interest as I healed... until I entered the online dating sphere. It's been a few clicks beyond profoundly disappointing. I've never seen anything like it. It's nothing short of a one way street. Good God... you should see the ENDLESS supply of entitled mindset females/single mothers on Tinder, Bumble, etc. It's absolutely frightening. Hot and cold running single mommies who are absolutely resolute in demanding their Prince Charming... complete with ALL the prerequisites. They all claim to be "together" and looking for their "partner in crime", whatever the hell that means. Virtually every single one of them says the same exact thing... "NOT LOOKING FOR A HOOKUP." It's rather ironic when that statement is made on what is essentially a hookup site. After several months of wading through the hip-deep detritus, not a single one of them EVER said they learned about life, changed emotionally and grew personally from their train-wreck marriages/relationships so their next attempt at finding love would be better. They want what they want using the same recipe as before. Talk about unrealistic expectations!!! These women are still looking for a custom tailored fit on an off-the-rack world. No wonder why there is so much heartache out there. Most of them are pretty delusional in what they expect to find. Sad, really. The women without children use online dating to pump up their egos. What's the point in chasing someone who doesn't want to be caught? No problems matching with these women, but after quite a few dead end conversations and dates, I deleted all of my profiles and accounts. I'm done. I've never seen so many unrealistic women in my life. I call them "Free-range Rude." They start conversations only to disappear or they behave as if they are doing you a favor by chatting. They're "so busy". If a connection is started, it is superficial banter that lacks any substance. It's acting... best behavior, nonsensical stupidity. It's like going to a party where you don't know anyone. The icing on the cake was the several prostitutes I encountered using the dating apps to find "clients". You start a conversation with an attractive profile only to find that they "expect to be compensated for their time"... in other words, they are fucking whores. The entire experience turned me off in the most cynical way possible. I have shut down like a broken motor. Fuck this. No wonder why MGTOW has so much traction. I am no longer seeking anyone- it is an exercise in utter futility. What a fucking waste of time. What's the point... I'd rather be alone by myself than be alone with someone who is empty inside.
Muzzy337 (1 month ago)
@6oodfella Absolutely. Steer clear of letting some fucking computer algorithm choose for you. People are not disposable.
6oodfella (1 month ago)
I've never tried online dating, but you've just confirmed I'm right to avoid it.
Madison williams (2 months ago)
6oodfella YOU ROCK my good man!...awesome videos..and you soo properly explain and describe bitches VERY WELL!..and what guys really like!...thanks for making this video!..you rock my friend!!
Madison williams (2 months ago)
@6oodfella i save and download all of your videos!! :-)
6oodfella (2 months ago)
Thank you very much.
banana snapper (2 months ago)
trevor93015 (2 months ago)
Her project is a great investment, instead of putting it towards things that have actual tangible results, like new technologies like renewable energy or something important and useful
George Seefoo (2 months ago)
Women fell for yet again another scam played on them by men. The governments want you to think your smarter so you can belittle the new generation of men. Also they want you in so much debt because you know for a fact that free money is like catnip. To bad you have to pay it back.
Just Me inside you! (3 months ago)
Many men get more attractive with age women don't! Older men like me are just not willing to put up with BS, Drama or fat women!
soco13466 (3 months ago)
Educated women with degrees in grievance studies aren't educated to be useful, but to be insufferable, angry cunts. I've met many educated people, who are basically stupid. So they got a pass in school, so what? What if the curriculum is dumbed down to the level of dullards? A large proportion of colleges are just there for the money. Worthless degrees for worthless idiots.
Robert Ferreiro (3 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha.. Taking the piss...
socksumi (4 months ago)
It's not ntelligence or education that turns men off, it's arrogance and sense of entitlement.
jim nickles (4 months ago)
Them: I have a Ph.D! Me: Okay, but do you know how to Can Beans? Milk a Cow? Change Out the Battery in a car? Make Biscuits and gravy from Scratch? Them: No! Me: Then your Ph.D. stands for Piled Higher and Deeper. Good Luck, you're gonna NEED it.
Robert Callaghan (5 months ago)
*Fembots Run Deep State Military Industrial Complex* Think Rachael Madcow. Young lefties say race and sex are just social constructs so they can hate what they deny is real -- white males. I'm told masculinity is toxic but... 4 of the top 5 defense contractor CEOs are women. The 3 CIA top dogs are women. The Pentagon's top weapons buyer and the chief overseer of the nation's nuclear stockpile now join other women in some of the most influential national security posts, such as the nation's top arms control negotiator and the secretary of the Air Force. Socialism, capitalism and communism do not work. Our addictions to these ideologies are 100 years old. They are useless in the context of emergency runaway hothouse mass extinction. It's like a dick measuring contest when the Titanic is sinking. *How Women Took Over The Military-Industrial Complex* (now imagine if Hillary won) https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/02/how-women-took-over-the-military-industrial-complex-1049860 *Sisterhood of spies: Women now hold the top positions at the CIA* https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/all-three-cia-directorates-will-now-be-headed-women-n954956 *Reporter Quits NBC Citing Network's Support For Endless War* https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/reporter-quits-nbc-citing-networks-support-for-endless-war-7d1ca15cd2fc Madeleine Albright and the Clintons starved to death half a million Iraqi kids of medicine and food during the 90s. Hillary Clinton and Obama destroyed Yemen, Libya and Syria with media collusion. Wake up wokesters. Obama and Clinton are bisexual. Why does that matter you ask? Because I'm constantly told by blacks, gays and women that I'm toxic. But I'm not raping kids in the name of equality. The matriarchy will kill us all. Toxic femininity indeed. *Queer Theory Pedophilia Jeopardy w/ Derrick Jensen* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u3hmZCsXoE Watch as a group of lefty femtards try to disrupt Jensen and accuse him of homophobia. We are conditioned by social media for acute and chronic addiction to ideology. Never trust physicists, priests or anybody you can't understand. Justin Trudeau is a pedo who put a boy love symbol on his Family Foundation's 2016 Annual Report. Bernie Sanders is a pedo who photographed himself at the pedo infamous Voodoo Donuts. The child coffin one. Jordan Peterson interviewed pedo celebrities Russell Brand and Stephen Fry, both who appear in *Pedophiles in Parliament* by Sonia Poulton. https://lokisrevengeblog.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/21st-century-schizoid-man/ https://lokisrevengeblog.wordpress.com/2018/12/29/unfinished-business/
FIDIRONU (5 months ago)
I strongly disagree with you. Red pill men MUST understand that exactly as we men are attracted to pretty women, pretty women are attracted to successful guys. _There's nothing wrong with any of this._ Lambasting a girl for liking successful men is as dumb as feminists lambasting men for liking pretty women. 🙄 MGTOW who wish to pump and dump therefore should take the route of building up their resources. Then all they have to do is sit back and the women will come flocking. Good shoes. Look to spend at least £130. Brogues or smart casuals. Good watch. Name brand not necessary, but at least £150. *No bling!* unless you're going for the Chad look. Good attire: smart shirt and trousers, good blazer costing at least £80, but the more upmarket the better (unlike the shirt and trousers, which don't need to be super expensive). Wear clear glasses. If you don't need them, buy nonprescription glasses. *Most important advice of all:* Do NOT pursue them! *YOU* are the catch. They must pursue you. Don't be a jerk, cuz that's a turn off for them, but don't be a smiley-faced simp either. Bear in mind that what she says is irrelevant, and what she claims she wants is inconsequential (or probably a lie) and treat her like a nuisance your sister asked you to entertain for a while. Be honest! You're not looking for a long term relationship, why would you, you're happy with your life. You'd think that this would be a turn off, but amazingly, it makes you even more attractive. (I think it's because she knows you're not taken, and she thinks that she can change your mind, or maybe trap you with a child.)
Jhelpura (5 months ago)
Nora Roberts, lesbian women, went incognito as a man and described dating women as akin to a slow lobotomy.
David Bell (5 months ago)
With a sociology degree she can get an hourly rate at cost a (lot of )coffee.
David Bell (5 months ago)
One woman wasting her youth and beauty getting married and staying with her husband and kids are worth every moronic bint going to college.
01sanguinius (5 months ago)
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Muck006 (5 months ago)
If you expect to talk about psychology and literature with a guy you need to date psychologists because those are SPECIALIST SUBJECTS where 99% of the people havent got a clue what they are talking about ... OR they are pretentious idiots who just blabber on with buzzwords. Just remember that "ignorance is bliss" ... dumb people lead happier lives.
Morgan Johnson (5 months ago)
Natasha is "stunning in her size 8 body". Okay she is slender and has nice hair in her photo but that opinion is a female opinion. It is entirely possible that she is too short, flat-chested or has other obvious flaws that put most Alphas off the scent on first sight. So her list of "interesting topics of conversation" fails to impress. Let's understand why; because men who have jobs have to keep up with politics, government, and the economy ALL DAMNED DAY! Thus, when they are not at work they want to talk about things they do when they are trying to relax. Men do not want to go home to the SOS from work when they see their woman. He wants cuddling and snuggling, not a debate. Once again Feminism robs women of their best opportunities to find happiness through higher education.
SYSTEM ERROR (5 months ago)
16:50 Small point about anthropology: although it's ostensibly more respectable than the gender and cultural studies stuff, it is actually the source of a lot of the nonsense. Cultural anthropology is the original discipline that placed a lot of falsehoods at the foundations of many other academic disciplines. It is where the belief that human cultures are infinitely variable comes from, and a big part of it came from a feminist who studied Samoan tribes where the men were like ladies and the ladies were like men. This was a huge deal, she was basically an academic star from this research. Margaret Mead is her name. There is an anthropology award named after her, and a film festival. But alas, she was a fraud, and in fact the Samoan women were just taking the piss out of her and making up lies. However rather than suffer the embarrassment of facing up to this fraud, the academic establishment decided to carry on venerating her, and instead attacked and tried to silence the people who exposed the falsehoods. From wiki: After her death Mead's Samoan research was criticized by anthropologist Derek Freeman, who published a book that argued against many of Mead's conclusions.[55] Freeman argued that Mead had misunderstood Samoan culture when she argued that Samoan culture did not place many restrictions on youths' sexual explorations. Freeman argued instead that Samoan culture prized female chastity and virginity and that Mead had been misled by her female Samoan informants. Freeman's critique was met with a considerable backlash and harsh criticism from the anthropology community, whereas it was received enthusiastically by communities of scientists who believed that sexual mores were more or less universal across cultures.
White Chocolate (3 months ago)
I've heard of this before. Thanks for stating this.
David Bell (5 months ago)
Watch MrE game over.
Christian J. (5 months ago)
The bitches are deliberately stopping men to becoming teachers because of the false rape or sexual assault threat. Bitches don’t give a fuck about our sex. Name one female speaking out against those nasty toxic manatees and land whales. Dumb as fuck..
Guy Skillen (5 months ago)
PE every day? I don't think so Tim. They have lunch, recess to play and after school activities are the responsibility of parents. Yes, kids need to exercise more, but not at the expense of Science!!
Dennis Ferguson (5 months ago)
I got mine to get in to College to be a therapist. I don't want to tell her that most the people she will talk to are gonna be women.
Andy Macrae (5 months ago)
Sounds like their just trying to punch above their weight in the dating game and blaming men when they can't pull it off.
K Slammer (5 months ago)
Great video man👍👌👍👌👍
hooterville2 (5 months ago)
we aren't intimidated by her communications, media, sociology, or liberal arts degree ..but we are uninterested and unimpressed by it.
NullifiedMinecraft (5 months ago)
I think when a woman is acting intelligent, I think they are just trying to mess with you because the love you :3
Truthful Chap (6 months ago)
Dr John Gottman describes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of relationships being critisism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt with the latter being the the most likely to result in relationship breakdown. These guys are smart and are dodging a bullet by seeing contempt from the word go. Great video.
Truthful Chap (6 months ago)
Great channel, but (and this is a big but) the social science peer reviewed literature suggests that there is no difference in IQ between men and women so the big brain thing is not really appropriate (unless you are being tongue in cheek about the position of a certain religion).
J0hNF_UK (6 months ago)
This is nothing more than an excuse for why they can't find a man who'll put up with their conceited, narcissistic, entitled, self-righteous, sanctimonious opinion they have about themselves. 'No man is good enough for them.' Ok, fine. Live a lonely, solitary life, then with no company other than your cats. I doubt any of the men who you claim aren't good enough for you, mind too much, as they find other women who aren't such perfectionists when it comes to finding a partner to settle down with. They label it as men being, 'intimidated by their intelligence', but I doubt even they believe that for a single second. And, I doubt it's just the men who she encounters who consider her boring, either. I'm willing to bet there's a number of other women who she hangs around with who also think she's as dull as ditch water because all she ever wants to rattle on about is politics and the, 'oppression', of black women. Who can blame any of them? Any men who are unfortunate enough to go out with her are charitable enough to try and change the topic of conversation to something other than herself and her interests, but that's obviously not good enough for her. And, she wonders why no-one in her circle of people want to date her? You really can't help some people. 'Disability Studies?' That sounds about right. The only reason more women are going to university is due to the enforced quota system, where they can get degrees in all manner of useless subjects that give those stupid enough to take them the delusion that it makes them more, 'intelligent', but actually offers them absolutely zero job prospects. The universities don't mind, though. They still get their fees paid by their women who end up being in debt in order to prove to themselves that they're better than men because they've managed to spend the equivalent of a second mortgage on degrees which aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Really clever, that! Then, they expect some, 'lowly man', to come along, who's actually got a career that pays well to bail her out. Any man with any sense will steer clear of these pseudo-intellectual women with a superiority complex going on. You pay off your own loan for the Mickey Mouse degrees in paperclip management or whatever other useless subject you got conned into taking that was the only thing you were sufficiently qualified to take at the time. Then, when it goes all tits-up because they can't find a good position with a decent wage, they blame men and claim they're, 'oppressed', because they're not earning as much, calling it a, 'wage gap.' Something they brought on themselves, but have to blame someone for it, and so it's men, especially those who took degrees in something useful that lead to a decent job with a good wage.
Leon Hostad (6 months ago)
@ 9:33, even many with useful degrees are fucking idiots, I used to work for a guy with a mechanical engineering degree, that couldn't understand basic business or mechanical engineering principles, and many times I had to spoon feed him a mechanical solution to a problem, and I come from an electronics engineering background, so if those solutions were obvious to me why weren't they to him? It started getting annoying and I felt embarrassed for him, and it lead to a real loss of respect, and guess what, he was a minority, and the only conclusion I could come to was that he got on his course because of affirmative action. So yeah, there are those out there with useful degrees that are none the less, idiots. Often times, having a degree is a sign of a LACK of intelligence, because it soon becomes apparent that the more intelligent option for them would be to have saved their money.
David Bell (6 months ago)
Just long enough for him to service her engine eh
David Bell (6 months ago)
Jesus more in sufferable bitches God save from these cuntd
JONNY CRASH (6 months ago)
ok ladies, ill explain this to you. if you claim you are intelligent then prove it. you see this chick is far from "intelligent". she is smart sure, thats clear, she has obtained plenty knowledge. however "intelligent" is the ability to obtained said knowledge and the ability to apply it. you see she failed the last qualifying aspect. and its a natural ability. you can BECOME smart, anyone can. you can not BECOME intelligent. period. idiocy is idiocy, you will never over come that. the village idiot will aways be the village idiot.
Oscar Jones (3 months ago)
The comedy movie Idiocracy© is not a comedy....  It's a documentary.
dark druid log (6 months ago)
Women keep going on about only they can multi task, Okay put this quote to this simple test. Tell them to shut the fuck up and listen. I bet they fail.
brian bouf (6 months ago)
You no true Scottish man.
Grambling 88 (6 months ago)
6oodfella, not to worry....winter is coming and a lot of these heffas will not no shelter.
freeskoomaforyou (6 months ago)
"Durrrr where are the intelligent men durr" They all took one look at your face and walked the other way.
jim nickles (6 months ago)
An INTELLIGENT Woman has a Degree in Astrophysics, or Medicine, or Law. I would never Date a Lawyer, cause they're all Crooks. Probably not a Doctor, because I'm More on INFLICTING Wounds, rather than Healing them. Now, the Astrophysicist? Oh HELL YEAH! A lovely girl who CAN EXPLAIN String Theory? And Fill Me In on Quantum Mechanics? Come HERE, Sweetheart, let me LOVE on you!
Doug Scullery (6 months ago)
Hilarious, very entertaining ...subbed.
mllClam (7 months ago)
A media studies degree qualifies as ‘highly educated’? Laughable.
mllClam (7 months ago)
She’s 22 and a student. In ten years she won’t even remember the topics she thinks so desperately important now.
jonathan bacon (7 months ago)
And the left thinks their “progressive” policies have made society happier and better organized. Bollocks!!!
"High brow occupation" Bitch you write paragraph long clickbait articles for buzzfad.
blackrave404 (8 months ago)
goes on a date plans to talk about comrade Corbynchev wonders why date went bad still claims she's smart BRILLIANT!!!
john c (9 months ago)
Damn 6oodfella, I can on occasion make savage comments here and there, but how do you run a train of savage comments for a whole hour? lol The only remains of this poor girl are bits & pieces of flesh.
TheBlackiwid (9 months ago)
Sorry have to site with her on this, people that talk about reality tv are retards, I am sorry I can't make me lie about it and say the opposite. I mean you could say, "I saw this reality tv shit, and gosh that sucks, why do they do such horrible formats" in that way it would be a ok topic, but not when somebody talks about that in a positive way or even mistakes it for real reality what sadly many people do.
John Brown (10 months ago)
Women have a. Imbalance its called crazy or greedy they want the world blah blah you really just a piece of ass after that you can go
flydye45 (10 months ago)
I wanted to point out this correction before I forget it. SHE (Natasha) is blowing the MEN off! Because she is 23 years old, she is young and hot and she can. The men will put up with quite a bit of nonsense if they can just nail her including to listen to her blather on about Corbin and Labor. But she has her 'Corbin' test for men to get into her panties...and they fail at being Socialist Pretentious (hi earning) twits...which seems to be her target demographic. There are a lot of overly educated pretentious male twits in University...but they are not well dressed, they are not high earning, and they are generally Socialist Twit Soy Boys. She...doesn't want them. So yes, hypothetically, if I got to nail her, I'd put up with listening to Labor blather for a while. At some point, she WILL shed her pretentiousness...but she will be 33 and NOT pulling down the attention she gets at 23. At that point, men won't pick her out. The other two slags aren't attractive or young enough to put up with their personalities.
flydye45 (10 months ago)
An addendum to this: I think Natasha doesn't put out. She's gone out with these men, but she makes them listen to her blather...but she never does her share by putting out. At some point, even the hottest girl isn't worth the effort if the relationship is always one way.
banana snapper (11 months ago)
did the guy get a good piece of arse out of her before she left?????????????/
banana snapper (11 months ago)
Robber Baroness (11 months ago)
What about this woman I knew in London who was busy with sex all the time.., basically a bimbo. She was dumped when her boyfriend went to Oxford and met a fellow studemt. His parting shot to the bimbo was " "You're fat and over sexed and really should developed your mind." So....it depends what the guy is lpoking for , I guess.
John M. (11 months ago)
1) Accept that you won't ever start a family and have kids. 2) Do not date women. Just see the ones who are willing to come to your place on the first night. 3) Always wear a condom 4) Never give them any sort of importance 5) Be happy
bcgentt (1 year ago)
females should be beaten into submission. their purpose is to cook,clean and fuck. the only time you open your mouth is to put my cock in it. problem solved. end of story.
Polly's Shore (1 year ago)
I can see the validity of bringing up the fact that less men are getting degrees when you pair it with the fact that many aren’t making it out of high school. I’ve never been a fan of the push to demonize trade school and only promote 4 year degrees. That’s probably got a lot to do with where I grew up. I see nothing wrong with learning a trade. People can make good money at it. My generation (yours too... Gen X )was the first Gen to really get a chance to go to college, outside of a rare few, and many didn’t or couldn’t go that route. I live in a working class area that has office job options but it’s not the majority, and not the majority for a lot of men. I do have several friends that didn’t make it out of high school and that bothers me, especially considering that several of my guy friends were pushed out. My first serious boyfriend was hounded out at 15. I watched him go to work at 5 am and put in a 12-14 hour day when he was still a kid. As far as I know he still does it. He was exposed to a substantial amount of drug use on job sites and his life did not turn out the best. He’s now got 2 kids with a cheating meth whore he can’t stand. I’m not sure if his life would have turned out extremely differently had he remained in high school but I wonder if he would have been a bit older and possibly wiser. Perhaps he could have avoided some of the traps. It’s a common story, and now you have 20% of boys being put on medication we don’t know the long term effects of, and often to combat perfectly normal boy behaviors that have been demonized for years. (5 of my guy friends, including my first serious bf, were demonized as Satanists during the panics for wearing black concert t-shirts and listened to punk & metal so I know a bit about the demonization of boys) That said, I can’t stand people like the one who wrote the article. I never got a degree myself. I tried. I went into 3 programs at a tech school that were all canceled one year in during the early - mid 1990s recession. Screw that! I was not wasting any more money. I don’t understand their mind set and to be honest I hate their kind. I am usually puzzled by guys who have been around this mindset for awhile, too. I ran into several when I spent time with with my first BFF who moved outside of Washington DC, with her rich Aunt and Uncle, when we were in high school. I did not adjust well to getting into a car with the teenage boys who proceeded to run down all the features on their BMW as if it was a script they had memorized. It was bizarre and unnatural, and things progressively became more awkward and strange as I continued to visit over the years.
BlyndSDragon (5 months ago)
Your first serious boyfriend? Good one... So serious you are still with him.
Polly's Shore (1 year ago)
SpeakDahTruth And? Though I don’t know how you get crazy out of a ramble about the treatment of boys in schools and preprogrammed Stepford Son’s
Negan (1 year ago)
Polly's Shore bitch you’re crazy
Harley Herbert (1 year ago)
Telling someone you're intelligent is like telling a person you're funny - you don't actually need to tell everyone you see about it, people can find out easily just from the things you say and do. People who make it a habit to have to keep telling everyone they're funny/intelligent are usually not so and either really don't like that fact or are too stupid and have their heads too far up their rear ends to realise.
John M. (1 year ago)
Women like her are just trying to not commit suicide
banana snapper (1 year ago)
People Struation (1 year ago)
Education != Wisdom.
Stew Pidasso (1 year ago)
I love Scotish accent, funny stuff sounds infinitely more funnier lmao
cslcojoco (1 year ago)
Love your vids. I have no idea what you’re saying, but I could listen to you say it in that accent all day. 😂. As to, it’s not true that men are intimidated by intelligent women, some are. I have seen men fall for the trick of a woman playing dumb. I assume that’s what these guys were falling for because I couldn’t see any other particular attraction of the woman in question. (Interestingly, all the women I knew who knew this particular woman couldn’t stand her because of the dumb blonde act. And yes, it was an act. But it definitely worked on a percentage of the male population.). So, some men are intimidated by intelligent women. Insecure, dumb men. Yeah, most men want to feel smarter or stronger or more capable than their women. Good! As an intelligent woman, I’d want a guy I think is smarter than me. MGTOWs complain about hypergamy, but truth be acknowledged, both sexes want to keep it that way. Men want to be looked up to, and women want to look up to them. It’s not a bad thing. Women thinking they’re so much superior to all the men around them is the problem. Usually, it’s not that hard to find someone smarter.
junoguten (1 year ago)
So when she says smart, she means high status, right?
Hanze Brix (1 year ago)
She hasn't considered that we took these dull jobs because of women or children we support. I wonder if her dad worked a dull job to pay for her degree so she can be better than him.
Hanze Brix (1 year ago)
They haven't considered the ratio of women with no college degrees to women with college degrees and guess which women will live in little apartments and which ones will live in a house with a yard and have a husband to got dinner with long into their gray years.
Hanze Brix (1 year ago)
If she has to ask who is taking time off, how intelligent is she?
Hanze Brix (1 year ago)
"her communication and media degree"... BWAAHAAAAHAAAHAAA! "I feel like I am hitting a brick wall" Wait for it. Wait for it.... BWAAHAAAAHAAAHAAA! I think she figured me out. When I see dogshit and avoid stepping in dogshit, it's totally because I am driven by inadequacy.
i would listen to you talk for hours your accent is wonderful (dont mean to be offesnive because some guy is gonna be offended)
lavaman233 (1 year ago)
SJW and feminazis should all just fuck themselves with a cactus vibrator.
Adonan the Stoic (1 year ago)
There actually is a WGTOW, "movement" now, but its just a copy thing. Women saw guys going their own way and thought, "Hey, that looks fun. Let's do that, that'll show men we don't need them." Women have nothing to go their own way from, they just like to copy or invade male spaces. That's why girls are now being accepted into the Boy Scouts; the horny, naive Boy Scouts.
Frika Frikov (1 year ago)
'And only 20 or 30 years ago a man wanted his female partner to be smart because the assumption was that she would be primary carer, staying at home to raise their children, who would then absorb her intellect.' O_O What the fuck did i just read? O_O Its like someone took an idea that made sense ate it then vomited then ate it again and called it a brilliant idea! If what you said above was true why would you not study rocket science instead of communication degree? So you took a degree not to find a job but to get pregnant and have kids and teach them those things you have been thought? Soooo what do we need universities for if you are going to teach your children communication degree? Why not make the child study how to be a brain surgian since his birth instead of feeding him your knowledge in communication degree? Also how are you feeding the child that knowledge? Are you cutting parts of your body and force feeding it or through blood transfusion or what scientific method are you using? This woman is intellectual? Hell calling her boring is a huge fucking compliment she is as dumb as a sack of shit! OMG The level of fucking stupidity is off the charts here. You literally made a grow man cry from laughing at her comments.
Frika Frikov (1 year ago)
So when going on a date you have to have what the woman likes, agree what she agrees with and share all of her opinions and believes otherwise you are not mr. right! Gotcha! I bet you a life of savings that this is the same person that supports 'Diversity is our strength!' Women like that are dumb boring cunts and no normal self respecting men will ever marry you because you are (and focus on this one for a second) MENTAL!!! You think an 8 male doesn't have other options? HAHAHAHAHA! He is just going to pick up another whore who is less mental then you! Congratz you won now take your shitty attitude out of here thot! ;)
911nomad (1 year ago)
6oodfella did almost an hour of man spalining 😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
houdini (1 year ago)
it sounds like someone wants to push men into debt slavery with all this women are doing well or they falling behind crap
Abstract Angel Artist (1 year ago)
haahhaa... 'he said a bad word. OMG' hahaha.. fucking hell.... they have pussefied men... and warped women. Feminism... the biggest social engineering project of the last 100 fucking years.
Muck006 (1 year ago)
_Corbyn is "entertaining" on a personal level (who doesnt like people who take pictures of drain covers as a hobby ... if only as a source of laughter and to acknowledge his "geekiness" ;) ) but his politics are stupid (communism/socialism always is)._ That is all you need to say about Corbyn ... no need to spend 90 minutes on him.
TheNew Pav (1 year ago)
Doesn't understand why men aren't interested in her when she does nothing but talk about herself for hours on end... Bwahahahahhahahahahhaha.
FATBINK (1 year ago)
Not all hit the wall. A lot of them will become old and bitter.
Nathan W (1 year ago)
I'd quite like to go on a date that involves a discussion about Jeremy Corbin. If she could withstand my diatribe against communists, I'd be well up for banging her.
Totally not an NPC (1 year ago)
How is it possible for a human to be so severely lacking in self-awareness like these women?
Alexis Salmon (1 year ago)
the one's saying the quality they have are commonly lacking theses ones or self confidence^^
Hank J. Wimbleton (1 year ago)
it just reminds me of the now-dead meme where theres a panel comic, ending with a guy curled into a fetal position going "oh god what have I done?" Woman turns down a guy whos well dressed and well spoken because he likes soccer. Oh god what have i done?
deadmanwalking971 (1 year ago)
It doesn't help that feminists push men out of degrees, because muh patriarchy rape culture. (Update) Men are stigmatized from becoming teachers, nurses. etcetera, because the feminist notion of "The're clearly doing these child/elderly focused jobs because they are perverts/pedophiles"...even though the left endorses "pedosexuality".
Eleven : Eleven (1 year ago)
Having just returned from Thailand I can safely say that I am done with Western fat balls and their attitudes.
Bamboo Acrobat (1 year ago)
They've taken a page from the Ana Kasparian school of comportment.
TomatoBreadOrgasm (1 year ago)
That's funny, I was under the impression that there are a lot of male geniuses walking around. Maybe these bints are just insufferable. As for me, I really do find women more attractive if they're intelligent and funny. Stupid, humorless women are distinctly unattractive.
Alexis Salmon (1 year ago)
no one wants to live with pretentious stupid people. I had to said that even if it's just basic.
Kaoss Comkaoss (1 year ago)
Thank you for all your content. Your video is being chopped up I cannot watch it in its full length without endless chops
jason kennedy (1 year ago)
Some of the most intelligent people in the world have been the biggest wankers you could ever meet. This is the same for woman as well. And a degree in gender studies or all this other crap doesn't help anyone in life, it just costs tax payers more. Get a trade and in turn a real job. Bet the stupid intelligent so called woman would suck up to the High school dropout and dyslexic Richard Branson.
jonnbravo119806 (1 year ago)
Most of us are clueless, when it comes to the opposite sex. The difference is, men are willing to admit it. This chick has the body of a 12 year old boy.
ChampionMarauder (1 year ago)
I wonder what she would be saying if he did know who Corbyn was and had opinions that differed from hers?
ItsColour (1 year ago)
who the hell is jeremy corbyn? did i spell that right?
ligerpride (1 year ago)
"When I tried to start an informed discussion about religion or terrorism for example".....on a date...............hahaha.....superb! What a great video.
timelike01 (1 year ago)
This is top-notch BULLSHIT!! A major reason why I'm still single is because I CAN'T FIND any women smart enough for me! And I'm a college dropout! I say these entitled bitches are not as smart as they think they are!
Becky Twigg (1 year ago)
This rant is so funny because it is so true. :D
My mom was a constant student. She's got a degree in accounting and computer science (or something like that), she went to nursing school and was aRN, And she went to school and got real estate license. She's educated but dingy as hell. I love my mom but even she will tell you that quite often she just doesn't get what ppl are talking abt. Will never understand why ppl assume some one with a degree is smart. Formal education does not equal intelligence.
Outlaw American (1 year ago)
Learning is the achievement to these women because they never actually achieve anything.
Alexis Salmon (1 year ago)
it would be an achievement for them if they started thinking they were the problem instead of thinking than it come from the guys they meet. Some people just want to spread there existence into everything even if there are meaningless

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