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Jermaine Dupri - Welcome To Atlanta (Coast 2 Coast Remix) (Dirty)

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(ft. Diddy, Murphy Lee, Snoop Dogg & Ludacris) After the party it's the Waffle House If you ever been here you know what I'm talkin about Where people don't dance all they do is this And after the original you know what it is [Ludacris] Welcome to Atlanta [Jermaine Dupri] Remix it had to go down I got somethin else to tell you 'bout the new Motown Where people don't visit, they move out here And ain't no tellin who you might see up in Lennox Square I don't know about you but I miss the freaknik Cause that's where my city use to be real slick People from other cities use to drive from miles Just to come to get a taste of this A.T.L style I'm the M.B.P., Most Ballin-ist Player Make my own moves, call me the mayor Monday night you know things change with time Magic City back lookin like eighty nine All the homies on the southside up in the Ritz Tuesday night, the Velvet Room same shit Wednesday Strokers I don't go no mo' Cause they don't know how to treat you when you come through the do' Thursday night, was Plush but we moved the fuel And I be up in the booth drunk actin a fool Friday night, at Kaya they still got love And the Sharkbar we poppin like it's a night club Saturday still off the heezy fo' sheezy You can find me up in One Tweezy Sunday gettin me some sleep please!!! I'm on my way to the deck then hittin Jazzy Tee's, holla!!! [P. Diddy] Ay yo I'm from New York man!!! Representin N.Y.C. to the fullest I pull it, Heads be duckin in New York be bussin Take that.... [P. Diddy] Welcome To New York mutha fuckas, where we don't play And out of towners get got like everyday And a gangstas a gangsta in every way Sittin on twenty two's this what long money do Now the don's on it, Diddy shine on it Tell Flex to run it back and drop a bomb on it Sunday we layin low and hay lo sippin cris and we straight Monday we go to Bungalow 8 Tuesday I'm in spa drunk doin the shake And for the rest of the week we just follow the freaks You can spot us out of town by the way that we walk The way that we talk, cocky the state of New York Hot now top down at the Rucker game New coup no roof playa what's my name? Now Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Uptown what now?! let's make it happen [P. Diddy Talkin] New York,if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere We still here!!! And we buildin four more new towers!!!! [Murphy Lee] Who say St. Louis ain't hip hop? Dirty we hop to what's hip I'm a lunatic with too much grip to let a slip I'm so St. Louis, ask my tatooist I was like the waterboy now they sayin you can do it I'm Baby Houie one of the best in the Louie Sip Louie smoke louie, dressed in Louie Home of back porches, chucks, and air forces Old school cars be trailblazin like Portland The girls are the best like Travis with fat asses I call 'em gimme girls they always tell me I can have it All got habits Marijuana exstatic By two cats and coats with automatics St. Louis is the truth like Sojourner Don't need a burner, we learned from Ike Turner I tried to told ya don't cross that bridge Without permission from those St. Lunatics [Jermaine Dupri Talking] Yo-yo-yo-yo Ladies and gentlemen, we got the big Snoop Dogg in the house tonight He just came from off tour And he wanna tell y'all little bit where he come from [Snoop Dogg] Palm trees bad bitches and wanna bees O.G.'s like me eatin on polyseeds Now laters, jellybeans, and wallabees Real niggas from the set I'm hardly ever seened Mostly heard us sell a bird off the cizzurb They movin yep, we hop and then we swizzurve Alot of homies like to wear there pizzerm Hair longer than hers short with the fizzurbs Doggy dizzog you know I like 'em dizzog Like Kobe to Shaq now take that (Jermaine Dupri: Take that take that) Long Beach is on the mother fuckin map And sittin by the sea, R.I.P. JD, you know about the L.B.C. Blood and stellas, cold hearted killas Real cop pillas, real shot fillas Ain't no squeelas, alot of dopes dealers Bang diggy dang dang dogg pound gangsta crip gang Yeah we do the damn thang Home of coroners, scoop, buck, cocaine Head to the church house to get a little workout Smoked out drink up, now put ya bank up It's all on me I got a scenery too stank up Crank up the beat, raise up the heat I'm thrownin a block party on two one streets, fo' sho [Jermaine Dupri] Welcome to Atlanta remix HEY!!! And we ride on dem thangs like ev-ery day Big beats, hit streets, see gangsters roamin And parties dont stop 'til eight in the mo'nin [Ludacris] Welcome to Atlanta where the players play And we ride on dem thangs like ev-ery day Big beats, hit streets, see gangsters roamin And parties don't stop 'til eight in the mo'nin
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Text Comments (5321)
Chrissy Nagi (2 hours ago)
Welcome to NY muthafuckas!
anthony de la rosa (12 hours ago)
not saying just cause i’m from the west but snoop had the best style
Truman Kwan (16 hours ago)
erbody killed it but damn..............if u didn't want to go west coast after snoop's verse? goddamn hahahaha
BEAT LA (20 hours ago)
Anyone here in 2019? Fuck Trump by the way.
Pooh K. (1 day ago)
Itsa Vibe (1 day ago)
Bang Diggy Dang Dang
King (1 day ago)
Free Mac Minister
Natalia Marie (1 day ago)
Lischa (1 day ago)
Yall see that left eye shirt??????????????
Michael Boyce (1 day ago)
And aco is a dumb bitch
Michael Garcia (2 days ago)
these niggas are the Best.Co,mming from the BEST
Michael Garcia (2 days ago)
Yovanna Carbajal (3 days ago)
Yovanna Carbajal (3 days ago)
Dommy dagreat (3 days ago)
Bow wow got his moves from JD
mikeel23 (3 days ago)
Easily one of my favorite Snoop verses of all time. I still to this day don’t understand why Jermaine Dupri allowed Snoop’s verse on the remix with that sneak diss on him 😂😂😂
Botime242 i (4 days ago)
I used to hate Diddy 😂😂😂
Big Daddy in da Caddy (3 days ago)
Stella Mensah (4 days ago)
when rap was rap
David Borhi (4 days ago)
take that, take that! lol p diddy kills me snoop killing this track though
Adam siano (4 days ago)
The jd ton of people,puffy ton of people,snoop ton of people,Lee 6 people lol
Bugune 1000Shukur (5 days ago)
Mike Young (5 days ago)
Made us look bad JD should have took they part off an put J-Kwon on this mf r Chingy them they would have had the city on this bitch
Mike Young (5 days ago)
Man fuck Nelly everybody got they city out on here the city should have been out on here
trenton gassner (5 days ago)
Back when snoop was still relevant!
LAM 84 (5 days ago)
That beat is still 🥶✌
AllGoldboi Gaming (5 days ago)
😩if biggie could of did NY
Larry Dennis (6 days ago)
Murphy Lee is probably one of the most slept on MC of that era...Dude REALLY had bars....Coldest dude in that clique....
Matthew Aguirre (7 days ago)
Why isn’t I can’t stop playing this song for snoop dogg!
Dick Holster (7 days ago)
Imagine being Ludacris and watching these dudes making money by biting your style and ripping off your song
MrRedwhite12 (7 days ago)
This is old school! WHAT!!!
Peter Felt (7 days ago)
I'm from new York 🗽
Maxilo Caminero (7 days ago)
Take me back to these times and just pause it forever!!!!!!!!
pariah9000 (8 days ago)
Make my own rules, bitch call me the mayor!
foremanblessed (8 days ago)
Sharita Martin (8 days ago)
Sergio Borini (9 days ago)
Murphy Lee bodied this!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bostic Reiva (9 days ago)
When music made sense
LeeLee Cruz (9 days ago)
Yup, all on this track and run it back to back! Ha😜
Chance Ussery (9 days ago)
Snoop always shines
Neiko Berry (9 days ago)
Though I know Diddy write that verse NY’s verse is hard af. You know what time it is when you see that Empire State Building! 🗽
Kristal Price (9 days ago)
Still jamming these in. 2019 🙋🕺💃🎻🎤🎧📻🎸🎷
Ronnie Moore (10 days ago)
That LEFT EYE JERSEY just The Truth!! You just can't take your eyes off it!!!
3:30 snoops uncle
Aldo ncy (10 days ago)
Ain't nothing more satisfying rep where you from☺
Headshots 3x (10 days ago)
Im so st louis ask my tattooist. Blues won the cup boysss
Shaundra Lee (10 days ago)
Let's Go Blues!
Yeti Kid (10 days ago)
Well done St.Louis (Stanley cup)
Amanda M (11 days ago)
It's that lisa Lopez in JD shirt??? Cool
John Clements (11 days ago)
Was that Ludacris at the end
edu martin (11 days ago)
Jermaine dupri.WELCOME to ATLANTA .COAST. .2. COAST . Snoop dogg el amo polifacético...$$
roni cee (11 days ago)
🏆 shoutsout to st louis for winning the stanley cup today 🏆 (murphy lee verse was 🔥🔥🔥)
Ben Eyer (11 days ago)
“We still here, and we building 4 more new towers you mother fuckers” goosebumps all the way down to my ball sack
Snoop murder this shit!!!! Then I saw Nipsey cuz Snoop was about 31 here. Sighhhhh. #ripnip
brickcityguy (9 days ago)
I wanna see
yellward (12 days ago)
What year was this
Tonya Mercado (12 days ago)
Why am I just now knowing of this remix??? Whole thing straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jaythe90skyd (12 days ago)
If you wanna be a great lyricist not just rapper (because anyone can call themselves a rapper these days and not write shit) take notes from the greats.
Jazmine Harris (12 days ago)
Lol but lowkey i love him though
Jazmine Harris (12 days ago)
Mane fuck sean p diddy
Sergio Payan (13 days ago)
Who TF told Murphy Lee he could rap?? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ronnie Moore (10 days ago)
You joking right!? You really don't think he didn't rip & rep this??
Pat Andrew (13 days ago)
mbp most ballinest player
Shawn Williams (13 days ago)
Murphy Lee use to body tracks back then
Haxor Helo (14 days ago)
Rubicon'04 Rooftop-Access with Walk-out VIP executive second-floor room, "extended balcony" above the conference room itself ;). heh. Wafflehouse post-Three-day RubiCon with spoonm_, and shuttled friend from transformers movie opening flight to ATL airport w milspec dell airborne-designated construction (light). ;) . Banking Protocol docs "exchanged" er,Validated ;). Hackerzz
MrSmiles1977 (14 days ago)
word to biggie... and a suburban..... r.i.b just sayn
Eric Enloe (14 days ago)
Fernando Vina! Only player in history to hit two grand slams in the same inning
Beatrice Desire (14 days ago)
Best remix everyone representing with mad respect!now that's how it used to be!!!!represent respect and make that paper!
JJ Williams (14 days ago)
They should’ve gave Method Man diddy spot
EFEofficial1 (15 days ago)
3:44 is that tyler the creator?😂😅
Mokey Harris (15 days ago)
Hello lady black
bkzcrazyb0y (15 days ago)
Good times
Kwame kwame (15 days ago)
When can this fashion come back
Joao Ueferson (16 days ago)
Brazil 2019
Jason Voorhees (16 days ago)
Imagine if Eminem verse for Detroit
Lote M (10 days ago)
Steven Palmer (16 days ago)
Diddy reppin ny? SMH
Life As Layyy (17 days ago)
FN Anderson (17 days ago)
I dig how nelly stepped back and let murphy lee shine on this one. Respect. And btw i just farted
chango's strikefirst (17 days ago)
Snoop is the only gangster here, But this track and the original has always been dope i bump the hell out of it.!
elljay81 (18 days ago)
2:42 “what’s with the pinkie? That’s not gangsta”
TheLTLiveShow (18 days ago)
Snoop and Diddy was in their early 30s...
D. Mena (18 days ago)
Dnt fuks wit da "a" they savages cnt do bizz smh
Sebastian Demers (18 days ago)
Trailblazing like Portland
E Laurole (18 days ago)
Damn now a days you can't tell of the rapper is from east, west , or the south everybody got the same swag in the booth smh
Mario Castro (18 days ago)
Snoop Dogg the best in the microphone..
polo stewart (19 days ago)
When am dead and gone this shit still be bumping yep? 2100 century we had fun keep it playing.
Purtisha Wood (20 days ago)
No more real estates
Purtisha Wood (20 days ago)
Country club
GWAP shad (21 days ago)
Unko Snoop bang Gang on em
Melvin Mansoor (21 days ago)
Omg. This video....more memories than are in my brain!!!!
Jr A.K.A Trosky (22 days ago)
Angola 🇦🇴 in the building...
Mike Nor (22 days ago)
Out of all the great NY emcee's they had to ruin the entire song with punk ass Diddy,Puffy,Diddy Puffy or whatever the fuck he was calling himself
JK number5 (22 days ago)
I'm so St. Louis ask my tattooist.. Hair longer then hers. All verses I still remember till this day
Michaela Davis (22 days ago)
Oooooo I used to love me some Murphy Lee baby😍
Manila Bry (23 days ago)
Well you can tel JD wrote diddys verse...
K!nG MiDas (23 days ago)
The buildup before Snoop laid it down 🔥
K!nG MiDas (23 days ago)
This mothafucka still bangs!
Lanre Lagos (23 days ago)
tsuyayaka1 (23 days ago)
I like his Left Eye shirt.
RealG4L El jefe (23 days ago)
One of my favorite beat here dammn good times, NY in the house yeahhh
I Am That I Am (24 days ago)
Let's go Golden State!
99loj (24 days ago)
Puff even killed it😎✌
Tierra Roundtree (24 days ago)
I just love B2K always been a fan!
chan hunang (24 days ago)
Really nice Track thanks to Mister Dupri, best Part was and came from Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg. Say Loon thats for his Part in I need a Girl Part II. Best regrads from Germany. Timur

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