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Jermaine Dupri - Welcome To Atlanta (Coast 2 Coast Remix) (Dirty)

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(ft. Diddy, Murphy Lee, Snoop Dogg & Ludacris) After the party it's the Waffle House If you ever been here you know what I'm talkin about Where people don't dance all they do is this And after the original you know what it is [Ludacris] Welcome to Atlanta [Jermaine Dupri] Remix it had to go down I got somethin else to tell you 'bout the new Motown Where people don't visit, they move out here And ain't no tellin who you might see up in Lennox Square I don't know about you but I miss the freaknik Cause that's where my city use to be real slick People from other cities use to drive from miles Just to come to get a taste of this A.T.L style I'm the M.B.P., Most Ballin-ist Player Make my own moves, call me the mayor Monday night you know things change with time Magic City back lookin like eighty nine All the homies on the southside up in the Ritz Tuesday night, the Velvet Room same shit Wednesday Strokers I don't go no mo' Cause they don't know how to treat you when you come through the do' Thursday night, was Plush but we moved the fuel And I be up in the booth drunk actin a fool Friday night, at Kaya they still got love And the Sharkbar we poppin like it's a night club Saturday still off the heezy fo' sheezy You can find me up in One Tweezy Sunday gettin me some sleep please!!! I'm on my way to the deck then hittin Jazzy Tee's, holla!!! [P. Diddy] Ay yo I'm from New York man!!! Representin N.Y.C. to the fullest I pull it, Heads be duckin in New York be bussin Take that.... [P. Diddy] Welcome To New York mutha fuckas, where we don't play And out of towners get got like everyday And a gangstas a gangsta in every way Sittin on twenty two's this what long money do Now the don's on it, Diddy shine on it Tell Flex to run it back and drop a bomb on it Sunday we layin low and hay lo sippin cris and we straight Monday we go to Bungalow 8 Tuesday I'm in spa drunk doin the shake And for the rest of the week we just follow the freaks You can spot us out of town by the way that we walk The way that we talk, cocky the state of New York Hot now top down at the Rucker game New coup no roof playa what's my name? Now Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Uptown what now?! let's make it happen [P. Diddy Talkin] New York,if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere We still here!!! And we buildin four more new towers!!!! [Murphy Lee] Who say St. Louis ain't hip hop? Dirty we hop to what's hip I'm a lunatic with too much grip to let a slip I'm so St. Louis, ask my tatooist I was like the waterboy now they sayin you can do it I'm Baby Houie one of the best in the Louie Sip Louie smoke louie, dressed in Louie Home of back porches, chucks, and air forces Old school cars be trailblazin like Portland The girls are the best like Travis with fat asses I call 'em gimme girls they always tell me I can have it All got habits Marijuana exstatic By two cats and coats with automatics St. Louis is the truth like Sojourner Don't need a burner, we learned from Ike Turner I tried to told ya don't cross that bridge Without permission from those St. Lunatics [Jermaine Dupri Talking] Yo-yo-yo-yo Ladies and gentlemen, we got the big Snoop Dogg in the house tonight He just came from off tour And he wanna tell y'all little bit where he come from [Snoop Dogg] Palm trees bad bitches and wanna bees O.G.'s like me eatin on polyseeds Now laters, jellybeans, and wallabees Real niggas from the set I'm hardly ever seened Mostly heard us sell a bird off the cizzurb They movin yep, we hop and then we swizzurve Alot of homies like to wear there pizzerm Hair longer than hers short with the fizzurbs Doggy dizzog you know I like 'em dizzog Like Kobe to Shaq now take that (Jermaine Dupri: Take that take that) Long Beach is on the mother fuckin map And sittin by the sea, R.I.P. JD, you know about the L.B.C. Blood and stellas, cold hearted killas Real cop pillas, real shot fillas Ain't no squeelas, alot of dopes dealers Bang diggy dang dang dogg pound gangsta crip gang Yeah we do the damn thang Home of coroners, scoop, buck, cocaine Head to the church house to get a little workout Smoked out drink up, now put ya bank up It's all on me I got a scenery too stank up Crank up the beat, raise up the heat I'm thrownin a block party on two one streets, fo' sho [Jermaine Dupri] Welcome to Atlanta remix HEY!!! And we ride on dem thangs like ev-ery day Big beats, hit streets, see gangsters roamin And parties dont stop 'til eight in the mo'nin [Ludacris] Welcome to Atlanta where the players play And we ride on dem thangs like ev-ery day Big beats, hit streets, see gangsters roamin And parties don't stop 'til eight in the mo'nin
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Text Comments (5007)
ImCaliKidOfficial (3 hours ago)
Classic, Long Beach Stand Up
T C (6 hours ago)
They need to perform this at superbowl festivities
Marcus Smith (6 hours ago)
imagine if Marky Mark came back to Rep Boston
zach bell (10 hours ago)
2018 almost 15 years later this shit still bangs
jeffery price (1 day ago)
Murphy Lee still had the dopest part
Los Castillo (2 days ago)
Cobb county repping
Lori Mabee (2 days ago)
The tics had the best intro
chris pannerz (2 days ago)
its about to be 2019 and im still here
Justin Tinsley (2 days ago)
Representing all spots....
Omar Herrera (3 days ago)
Would love to see a new mix with Cole, Kendrick, meek, Gucci
P.Diddy is a gangster disciple, or a crip. He's secret. Not like Suge Knight who don't give a F.
Love it.
Drax B (3 days ago)
3:01 Spider-Man!
Emma Munn (3 days ago)
90s rnb and hip hop will always be the best!!!
Hervé Maliki (3 days ago)
James Dingle (3 days ago)
Snoop dogg went in
DJK (5 days ago)
Now we wear fucking Skinny jeans and tight shirts
Mike Friday (6 days ago)
murphy lee went ape shit!!!
Franck Valsaint (6 days ago)
The same song with Jermain D, Snoop, Notorious & Tu Pac
andia hewitt (6 days ago)
Amp BBug Kelly (6 days ago)
Trick Daddy would've kill this for Miami
joseph jones lv (6 days ago)
Murphy Lee killed this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 2018 😜😜😜😜
Eugene Watson (7 days ago)
Huh AL
6CMCKINNON 2018 (8 days ago)
so good
Sherry Yarbour (8 days ago)
I just love a fuckin 🤬 remix where they say the towns name where I'm at! 😘 Btw...I take it as a shout out 2 me specifically. 💃
Chooga Fantastic (9 days ago)
this joint still hot but... 17 years later im still wondering... WHY WASNT LUDA ON THE REMIX???? its damn near 2019 still rocking this joint tho
kraken FR-S (9 days ago)
vin wiki gang
George M (10 days ago)
Snoop representing the West coast!! Take me back to when hip-hop was great. Not its decent not gangster like old days.
TiLi D (10 days ago)
When remixes were better than the original
Perry King (11 days ago)
That nigga beside diddy at 1:31 is a killa for real. A thurl head. Ol school killer. Shit is real
Nylon Python (11 days ago)
It's like the director said "You can't be in the front if you aren't the same height as JD, we can't let people know how short he is". That's why all the celebrity appearances are cutaways.
LAW ISTRUTH (11 days ago)
Can't get enough of this beat! The 90s music era is irreplaceable!
Armando Ruvalcaba (12 days ago)
Hip hop Snoop Dogg
I'm a cat? Stop lying. (12 days ago)
STL killed it.
holiday styles (12 days ago)
Who here in 2019
carlos andrews (12 days ago)
I wanna go back to those days now smh
Michael Garhartt (12 days ago)
2018 baby going into 2019
Lataya Rolle (13 days ago)
Pulling Up To Work😘
Tyler Wilson (13 days ago)
Who else here from vin wiki ?😂😂
TheMrAndrews (14 days ago)
This is pure lyrical perfection. All versus were sick as hell.
Darrell Bell (14 days ago)
Swear this song made me wanna be from all these cities ! To this day I still want that Left Eye shirt! 😍
Agk Agk (17 days ago)
SNOOP DAMN West never fails to deliver
ramza675 (17 days ago)
the traffic here sucks
Reuben McClendon (19 days ago)
Those FUBU city series jerseys were so damn ill
Jay Mantai (20 days ago)
Dj GT KING (20 days ago)
Man!!! Murphy lee and snoop I'll rate Murphy lee verse a 98.9 and snoop a 99. it was that close.
2Ez (21 days ago)
Once Upon A Time.....
jessica christopher (21 days ago)
Delon Boston (21 days ago)
oh shit man
Manic Rhymes (21 days ago)
Yo this guy is a major bitch. Pretty much every mc has said it
Andre3000fan 123456 (21 days ago)
0:01 waffle House😍
Paulo Medeiros (22 days ago)
ilyas dadda (22 days ago)
2018 up in here
Thiasgo' Stark (22 days ago)
Tirulipa começando já de fora
rachel Hernandez (22 days ago)
Damn nelly fine af
Kamal F (23 days ago)
This the A i miss
Brandon H (23 days ago)
I was such a huge nelly fan back in the day the first time I seen this video and Murphy lee started rappin I was mad as hell 😂😂😂
t yuichiro (24 days ago)
Carlos Hernandez (24 days ago)
Puffy was never hood at all fake wangsta...
Jdm 2000 (22 days ago)
Bullshit. That mentality got a lot of niggas killed. Puffy is clever.
Ceystal Nicodemus (24 days ago)
Not your fricking you so no sep hor man your nayd I not fricking interested aney of you people up town nayd go home take a shower and I have grils and women go tow your fricking Richard horde jr palce not me heat your nayd puyss grils friends I heat your dick smells bad uot town I dount wunt your dick dount gave a fricking bout aney of your car nayd driy. Car s not you pimm's in car hor
hi there (25 days ago)
2018...word up
Donna Skipper (25 days ago)
P diddy is the best
Playstation player (25 days ago)
👍🏻New York 👍🏻 😎
Leslie Jarach (26 days ago)
They should've had a chicago verse
adreonna matthew (26 days ago)
Nathan Coarsey (26 days ago)
ATL is the empire state of the SOUTH! FUCK YOU DIDDY! Eminem said so!
Man this is music right here ..! Good ole hip hop
melinated gimini (27 days ago)
Im from long Beach
Becca Simons (27 days ago)
Still the Cut💯💯💯
Lina _ (27 days ago)
I must be the only one that liked P diddy verse 🤷🏻‍♀️
Like4 Like (28 days ago)
Hahahaha. Now that’s musicccccccc. 90s and early 2000s. Straight killed it back then. Now it’s gay
koi tuipulotu (29 days ago)
whos here 2019///
jay pee (29 days ago)
I like how Nelly let Murphy Lee Shine
Juan Cardona (29 days ago)
First Of All God Bless Everything
Juan Cardona (29 days ago)
Mad UrkeL?
Hold My Balls (1 month ago)
The golden era of Hip Hop and RnB
Aaron TheGreat (1 month ago)
For this beat to be so basic, it’s too damn hard frl! 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾
SlimSlugga713 (1 month ago)
How come luda just at the outro?
Royallamonique nelly (1 month ago)
Ballers halo
Royallamonique nelly (1 month ago)
Lit no lukewarm
Royallamonique nelly (1 month ago)
By outter towners the weakest link flexibility 4 done can't spell so the pouring my spirit n wrath .Earth spin correctly
Royallamonique nelly (1 month ago)
4 balls 4 corners hold it downspell can't spell so I put aliah on tht
Tracy Sadekoski (1 month ago)
The Universe Galaxy (1 month ago)
weird clothes then weird clothes now
Onkgopotse Toka (1 month ago)
I wanted to go to Atlanta because of JD back in the day 😂
ScottfromBKLYN (1 month ago)
So weird seeing Fernando Vina in the vid
Michael Burton (1 month ago)
Pac and big on this shit too would kill it
bxkid16 (1 month ago)
Murphy is a goat
Fadzlan Shawal (1 month ago)
I believe Snoop freestyle on this
Embcii Bee (1 month ago)
When Hip Hop shows different styles and art...... THROWBACK!
Jdm 2000 (1 month ago)
Snoop is an accomplice to a murder.
Carmen G (1 month ago)
Oh my god i find this old shit childhood we play this song again and again don't forget the gold digger'$
Sindre Tørfoss (1 month ago)
"Drunk, acting a fool". Then shows Lil Jon haha. Appropriate!
Russell Mills (1 month ago)
I like this song and everyone did there thing on this track and I miss this type of music because music today sucks. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell mills may 22,2017and watch and leave a like or a comment or subscribe.
Mike Polychuk (1 month ago)
JD's shirt is epic
Ronald Sands (1 month ago)
I've always felt like they should've had Trick repping for miami. I mean they had punk ass diddy.
Angela Mcgill (1 month ago)
brentie2007 (1 month ago)
When music was HOT!!!!
Mohci Rc (1 month ago)
*Noooooooo...* this like shit without *Lodacris*
Samuel Waithera (1 month ago)
Where's 254 in the house I'm in

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