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Trucking pay with yo boy Parteehard da trucker

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Big Dink (3 months ago)
That’s only a 1000 a week when you break it down ph is funny boi lol thought he was gon say like 3500
Rome Tha Trucker (3 months ago)
Parteehard Da Trucker (3 months ago)
It Fitz Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Ima be like you when I grow up. Start trucking career tomorrow. OTR BANDIT4LIFE
Cassandra Davis (7 months ago)
Guspatrino Jones (8 months ago)
KING QAAIM (11 months ago)
O 808 (2 years ago)
yooo my Boy you took a County Jail beard trimmers🤣🤣yoooo stop it...lol
O 808 (2 years ago)
i relate i did 10 flat ... summer, Cheshire, Corrigan, McDougal. trust me fan i relate but you right some peoples wont never understand ...stay strong one.
Parteehard Da Trucker (2 years ago)
+PHANTOM 808 I did a lot of time and everyday I want to remember why I do what I do everyday you may not understand but it's not my job to make everyone understand or relate
P. Livingston III (2 years ago)
push them up with the pen inside 💯💯💯
David Sanders (2 years ago)
say dude i appreciate you coming out here showing the newbies how it's suppose to go i been with one job for over 15 year at one company man and i wish they had this back then to make a long story short due you and dont change anything
Parteehard Da Trucker (2 years ago)
+David Sanders I appreciate that bruh your feedback is important
Parteehard Da Trucker (2 years ago)
appreciate the support bruh
BmoRe BoneZ (2 years ago)
ready be right out there witcha... real words yo stay down till you come up... nothing but love from Baltimore
Rakie Taylor (2 years ago)
keepin it real bro with the trimmers! lol! Gotta have em! Appreciate the videos bro, I been on the road otr bout 5 months now! Your vids keep me pushin yo!
Rakie Taylor (2 years ago)
Damion Green (2 years ago)
i fuck with you bro im going to school on mon
Parteehard Da Trucker (2 years ago)
+Damion Green congrats bruh get that money
FatBoy (2 years ago)
Que paso Parteehard!! Just subscribed and been watching some of your vids, Keep up bro! Stack you chips bro!
Parteehard Da Trucker (2 years ago)
+144 V4P3R Appreciate the support bruh
Anthony Gray (2 years ago)
Bxbred DaTTrucker (2 years ago)
What's good bro... Just subscribed to your page. Good video.
Bxbred DaTTrucker (2 years ago)
+Parteehard da trucker no doubt!
Parteehard Da Trucker (2 years ago)
I appreciate the support bruh
Parteehard Da Trucker (3 years ago)
Yeah bruh keep me posted
Earnest Wildy (3 years ago)
What's good bra I'm thinking about taking my show on da road as well I got 7 felonies all sales but it's good iMovie driving went to school but it was b.s didn't get my Cdl because dude faked on me now I got to report his ass and get my money back but keep doing u I'll keep u posted
David Shanks (3 years ago)
acts 17:26...
Jay's Music (3 years ago)
Get you some andis and a razor my nigga
Lol Status (3 years ago)
Cool trimmers!! I know bout them.
Parteehard Da Trucker (3 years ago)
Parteehard Da Trucker (3 years ago)
No problem bruh that's what I do this for
Daniel Kennedy (3 years ago)
you inspired the fuck out of me bro, i my five babies and going to a CDL school in may or june. thanks bro
Parteehard Da Trucker (3 years ago)
They sent the shower shoes home from a spot and some clothes when I got transferred they put the shower shoes in there😂😂😂 Tavonte come on out here bruh it's enough money for all of us
Tavonte Battles (3 years ago)
good to see you making good money man as rookie I'm so motivated keep grinding
dc Trucker (3 years ago)
why too go bro. you making the thing work for you.... I had too pair of clippers  one for cutting on the block the other for me ..I made a small fortune on stamps using them clippers! .....but  for real I had to leave the shower shoes!!! Keep up the grind bro..keep it real....see you on the road soon.

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