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Trucking The wrong back road😖😖

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I decided to cut through New Mexico on the 3well it was eventful trip I learned a lot and trips like this only make my driving skills better I'm up for the challenge of the love I love what I do and a lot of people can't say that
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Chad Mock (14 days ago)
Great road for a motorcycle ride. 😎. Or “The Hills Have Eyes” film location.
Outis (1 month ago)
Some crazy turns haha but why couldnt you use the engine brake?
Parteehard da trucker (1 month ago)
It's a autobot not a real engine brake dont hold for shit
Trucker B&B (4 months ago)
I learned from you don't take the shortcut.
harry alston (4 months ago)
I like that,LOL. Back in da 60's,and 70's, we were back there,because,we were overweight,and over length,to avoid the scales.js
Big Boy (4 months ago)
You ended up no truck i always look map before starting rolling!!
Big Boy (4 months ago)
I thought but nice video and be safe bru!! Have ever been US66 In Arizona?
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
DJ E 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️It’s not a no truck route I was empty and I knew where I was going damn just watch the video or keep it moving
michael betancourt (4 months ago)
LMAO 😂 it got to be this way I would hate to make the wrong turn
Shayne Cureton (4 months ago)
we aren't all bad in new mexico
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
I know Fam I enjoyed that back road love the scenery in New Mexico
Walterich Rice (4 months ago)
Sir, at least you were awake and not carrying a wide load.
Mad Trucka Max (4 months ago)
That looks very very dangerous you a G my dude wow...
Quantus Evans (4 months ago)
The reason why I asked that question was hoping to be going to truck in school very soon and May Trucking Company was a company I'll pick where they pick me you know pre-hire and they have an option lower 48 or the Western 11 and a lot of people say a western leather and has a lot of mountains and back roads and I was wondering would that be harder for me being a new trucker due to the mountains I live in Phoenix but I'm originally from the Midwest
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Quantus Evans No doubt Fam you got questions ask when I see it I always try to respond
Quantus Evans (4 months ago)
Thanks bro for paving the way for us new becoming truckers💪👌
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
It all depends on what you like the West has plenty mountains ⛰ ice and snow and a lot of long stretches with nothing but scenery if you like seeing more people and don’t want to run mountains all the time then you might like the lower 48
Jacqui Norwood (4 months ago)
We see you had to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.. just had to take the red pill...smh... that road looked like it was slinging and slanging you some of all over the mountainside....you got mangled dude,,, lol then the kid get in your way and have the nerves to wave,,, I bet you were thinking ,,, Get your lil ass out the way Dont yalll see I just came off this crazy mountain....lol really hard... I thought we were going to have to send out an SOS to the Mrs. ..... just know you did a fantastic job,,,, mad skills Truck Driver ... thats how you do that ish.... xo to you and Kee Dee Wee -
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Jacqui Norwood Appreciate that Fam
Nylotis Slaughter (4 months ago)
That was definitely a scary ride even for me I hope you made it back home safe How will I know will you let me know please just saying
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Nylotis Slaughter I made it home safe Fam thx
Lana Gallegos (4 months ago)
NM Hwy 3 connects Interstate 40 and 25, it is a collection of Spanish Villages. We are in a rural part of the state, the roads that lead off of it connect to ranches, farms and orchards. That road that scared you and many others is traveled everyday by men, women, teenagers and truckers like my husband and others that call El Valle home. The homes that you referred to are called ADOBE, and have been around longer than most of the folks commenting have been alive. The majority of people that live here have families that were here before this state was ever called New Mexico and others came directly from Spain. Still others have migrated from all over the United States. There is more to this area than your short video could ever possibly show. One place in particular is our state park, if you'd turned right at the intersection instead of left that's were you'd have ended up. It is because of that park and it's beauty that many people come here on purpose (not to see how intense the road maybe) to breath fresh air and get some peace. What causes them to come back is the people that they encounter at the Villanueva General Store, the Post office and Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. If you are ever brave enough to come back, stop in at one of the stores, heck I'll even take you on a tour of our church, it's over 150 years old and has a tapestry showing the history of the village of Villanueva< New Mexico.
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Lana Gallegos I love the back roads through western states this video wasn’t meant to disrespect the area and I took the road for the scenic views The road is fine I knew what I was getting into I got another video of the are
Christopher Torres (4 months ago)
Interesting perspective on someone from out of town driving through here. I'm from the area. Respect the driving skills. Job well done. It's got it ups and downs. Hope you enjoyed the rest lf the drive. It gets easier from there but there are several sharp curves, especially for a truck driver. "Clay castles" is an interesting term. A lot of the homes are very old. No natives out here really. Mostly Hispanic of Spanish ancestry.
Lila Baca (4 months ago)
Christopher Torres he does have some great driving skills.. lol member that hill in the snow with mom in the camero when we were lil.. ha ha ha
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Christopher Torres I like taking roads off the beaten path this was a good ride I enjoyed
Roger Markeson (4 months ago)
Good for you -- da--- one thing and just about the only thing that you tube does is show us old farts how little the new breed of so called truck drivers know. from an old fart of over 60 years over the road - - your headed in the right direction -- good luck and enjoy all that you do.
Lila Baca (4 months ago)
All our roads are like that
Lila Baca (4 months ago)
Welcome to our town dude
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Lila Baca no doubt Fam I got another video I shoot back there will post soon
Lila Baca (4 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker looks ruff.. but its actually very nice.. in a domestic vehicle you'd love it.. semi trucks are brought through here.. thanks for posting we loved it..
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Lila Baca Enjoyed the ride through the area
Cle Jons (4 months ago)
videos like this can never be too long. think documentary not vLog. driving through the town alone is worth all the video coverage. vLogs are short and I know some think that is all there should be, however, footage like that is priceless, all be it not so much to those that have driven for years. Videos like that show the WHY and the WHY NOT with respect to where to drive. Having an experienced driver dropping wisdom gives it added value.
Cle Jons (4 months ago)
thank You for the vLog. great video and lecture
Grateful Tread Trucking (4 months ago)
Video wasnt too long. I would have kept watching. You did great
Carlos Gallegos (4 months ago)
That was awesome, you passed my house and neighborhood. Good driving, I'm a truck driving instructor myself. I love watching trucks drive down that hill.
I'd hate to even think of driving this road at night!!!!
OUT THE MUD (4 months ago)
Imagine dat shit at night........ Fuckkkkk dat
The Gifted Prodigy (4 months ago)
I drove through something like this COLORADO! I know exactly what you are going through in this video... Mind you, i forgot to slide my tandems too!!! 😂😂😂 i had em all the way back! Rookie Move.
Trucker Erik JOURNEY'S (4 months ago)
Come out to Idaho I got a road for you see if ya can keep up lol
xyz 3 (4 months ago)
Why would they even put a truck on a route like that...that was so dangerous. You handled it like a pro but what scared me was there was no room for error.
DAMN!!! They broke the damn ford escape down didnt they! WOuldof thought you was in Newark, NJ. LMAO
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Trucking With LoShawn Parks 😂🤣😂Exactly bruh
tevaughn walters (4 months ago)
next time honk your horn around curve and use engine brake
S dubHolder585 (4 months ago)
Beautiful clip.. Well done P.. God speed 😂
Big Daddy (4 months ago)
Wow that look like some Hills Have Eyes type shit . Glad to see you made it stay safe !
Truckin Guy (4 months ago)
Man i went the wrong way to mountain city tn. 471 I'll never forget. On the side of the mountain. Stopping cars and making them back up so i can fit through lol.
Gary Buster (4 months ago)
What's going on and how is the little one coming along?
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Gary Buster baby doing good Fam thx for asking
Johnathon Chavis (4 months ago)
Holy shit. Lawd dat look bad.
Quantus Evans (4 months ago)
Say could u have went another way? I'm just trying to learn about this life style.
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Quantus Evans I could have I wanted to try it out
Joshua Esters (4 months ago)
That's called driving bra! All that matters is you got through it.
New Life Trucking (4 months ago)
That's fucking insane
jb ent (4 months ago)
Damm where the hell are you my brother 🤔🧐🇯🇲
Payne Killer (4 months ago)
I thought you was in Bolivia for a minute haha
outlaw68 outlaw68 (4 months ago)
What doesn't kill ya only makes ya Stronger PH, yea no one else coming thru because they know betta stay safe and sucker free PH
757 Trucker (4 months ago)
Route 219 thru West Virginia is a tight one 10 mph around the curves. Never again
Bernard Wilkinson (4 months ago)
Brandon Layton (4 months ago)
Lol thats normal
Devan (4 months ago)
New Mexico has a lot of skinny mountain routes. Try to stay off of the state numbered routes as much as possible, especially on the mountains haha.
June Bug (4 months ago)
Great video. WOW, that view though. Nail biter is an understatement. @ 6:50 had me ROFL. Great job, truck hard and safe.
Herbert Chow (4 months ago)
U dont have a truck gps. Or your truck gps told u to take this road🤔
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
I decided to cut through to the 25 knew it was tight but I knew I could make it
18Wills (4 months ago)
UnforsakenAssassin (4 months ago)
@5:51 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 as SOON as they can get to it. They wasn't playing
UnforsakenAssassin (5 months ago)
That's a dangerous road but a beautiful one. Thanks for recording it and I'm glad you stayed safe out there bruh
Kevin Fitts (5 months ago)
Looks like you in New Mexico. Ain't no joke.
18Wills (4 months ago)
Kevin Fitts lol
Trucker Extraordinaire (5 months ago)
My balls drawd up in my stomach just looking at the video😖😖
Mr. BeeKay N.Y.C. (5 months ago)
The fucking scenery tho..... You can't beat it. To bad you can't enjoy it because you busy watching the road......
solomon grundy (5 months ago)
I still peeped 5-0 in the cut...jake always lurking
Always Informed (5 months ago)
Bruh keep these videos coming because they are inspiring as hell to say the least. I look at these trucking videos and I question why am I not doing more with myself.
Cory OTR (5 months ago)
Now you know next time lol
JudahMourneth (5 months ago)
The natives were robbed of their land and resources by the Devil.
Lila Baca (4 months ago)
It's a joke... no one really knows an area unless they live in it Lana.. ♡ love you sissy.. ♡
Lana Gallegos (4 months ago)
For your information, the people here in our valley are the decedents of Native Americans and Spanish settlers. The white folks that are here are married to decedents or recently moved here. There are also black folks here like me and even a few Asian Americans. You might want to ask local folks about their history before you start assuming. The people here are more than happy to tell folks about the rich history of the villages, their own history and there is even a tapestry documenting it. My husband's family is very proud of all their ancestors.
The Gifted Prodigy (4 months ago)
JudahMourneth preeeeeach!
Sherman Jack (5 months ago)
Hold it in the road PH
Lucratyve Media (5 months ago)
Casinos grow everywhere 😭
Slow lane Trucker (5 months ago)
That's a long way from Phili, New Jersey, and New York.
Reggie James (5 months ago)
Becarefull bro I see you out there
Denard Drew (5 months ago)
Man you be rollin! you were just in NJ the other day. Running hard and gettin paid.
Jarvis Thomas (5 months ago)
Stay positive stay safe big bruh. Great scenery
Devin Jackson (5 months ago)
Lol u funny with da commentary bruh, got sum ruff terrain on ya hands..
Che Cash Tv (5 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker (5 months ago)
Che Cash Tv New Mexico
the highway runner (5 months ago)
Oh shit that's a dangerous ass road you driving on bruh.
Ronnie GrindS (5 months ago)
Tight spot pimp lol..have a good one bro
Ray David (5 months ago)
That definitely out there ....dam .

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